The J.Gonda and J.Touzard data

John Bjarne Grover

I do not know if this Leseübung from J.Gonda's 'Kurze Elementar-Grammatik der Sanskrit-Sprache' is of any interest - but bring it for reasons of having observed some peculiarities that could be of interest. Did Thatcher have a stradivarius when Indira Gandhi died (line 6)? Where all the Gandhi murders for reasons of this Gonda? I notice also a possible 'Jasz of Magyar' at the turning of the page - as if a J.Touzard could be inserted into the page turn. That is hopefully not the reason for the crisis in Syria - in some 'review' sense of it.

Gonda front page
Leseübung page 1
Leseübung page 2

In addition to J.Gonda, it seems that comparable 'Leseübungs' from J.Touzard's "Grammaire hébraique abrégée" (first edition 1905) can be in use as a shared grid for terror- and homo-orientated western politics - by 'garbage reading' of all sorts. The 'Leseübungs' in hebrew are at the end of the book and can also be found in a normal hebrew Old Testament:

1 - Le prophète en Israël = Deut., xviii, 9-22
2 - La prière de Salomon = I Reg., iii, 5-14
3 - Le Roi juste et pacifique = Is., xi, 1-8

I notice that the mid one of these can be associated with a concept on 'Erste Rege iii, 5-14' = 'Ösz, Tel, Rege, Vasgereben' utcas. There could also be a certain 'modern' in the 'I Regum' (hebrew reads from right to left) in addition to the 'language' of the 'broom' of iii, 5-14.

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