Political history is now changed

John Bjarne Grover

Political history is now changed - from the autumn 2017: Everything in political history was changed from that day when I made the discovery of the reason for the hungarian HYMEN in line 1 of the blue metre. It was on 6 october 2017 that I put this article out on the internet - and that was the Big Day when political history was changed and there will be no more Adolf Hitler or terror generally.

The reason for the role of the hungarian HYMEN has not been known before my recent discovery - it was believed through centuries that the reason for this odd factor in politics was in the ambiguity of the hand of the mid character of the white stone: If it is a female, then she is pointing towards her own HYMEN, if it is a male, then he is clutching his own phallus.

It was believed that the role of the hungarian HYMEN in political history was in this ambiguity of the ex nihilo white stone called 'lapis philosophorum' - and it was believed that the white stone could be a variant of Jesus Christ.

Caravaggio has depicted the differences in his two Emmaus artworks. It means that the mid character has the role of Christ in the holy communion - the 1601 version shows Christ a little feminine, in the 1606 version he is more masculine. The white stone has been taken to be the same as the bread of the holy communion - and the crisis of the modern western world was rooted in the medieval discovery of a strange parallelism between Rigveda and Moses: If Moses had copied from Rigveda, that vedic SOMA could have been the reason for the role of the white stone in christian holy communion - and then the Bible could have been all a lot of falsification and lies. This was the horror idea that arose in imagination since the middle ages - that Moses and therefore also Christ could have been a piece of fiction based on hindu philosophy.

This led to Martin Luther and his criticism of the catholic faith in Christ as a revelation that continues going like a tsunami through history - Luther probably believed that if the Bible is a piece of fraud, then Christ was perhaps not a holy divine revelation in history and then we cannot take the chance of believing in it like the catholics do - but we have the Bible, the scriptures, which is a good book whoever wrote it - and so Luther said we must trust the scriptures and not a dubious revelation in history.

But wasnt that very paradoxical? Why should we believe in the scriptures if the crisis could be just that the scriptures were fraud?

The truth is likely to be that the theme of the disagreement was not really the scriptures but rather the status of the bread of communion - did it transubstantiate to Christ's body when it went down the gullet or is it only a normal albeit consecrated biscuit? This essential disagreement - which is taken to be the essential difference - only means that it was the white stone which was the theme - as tells Caravaggio as well - and the paradox of believing in a potentially false text is really the ambiguity of the white stone: Is it a man or a woman who is the Christ of the mid character? Is she pointing towards her HYMEN (proof of purity etc) or is it a man clutching his phallus?

This was tacitly taken to be the origin of the political role of the hungarian HYMEN - since the english-speaking Henry VIII broke out of the catholic church and made his own english-language church.

Then the international secret intelligence services probably started to hunt down all copies, drawings, evidences that existed of the white stone - for leaving it to history to believe that the conflict of lutheranism vs catholicism was in the nature of the swallowing of the bread of the communion - as it passed by the glottal opening, a sort of HYMEN comparable to the 'after' in the other end. Much tragic philosophy seems to have been made for explaining this.

This led to Adolf Hitler and the world wars and the fundamentally deep confusion in political history and philosophy. This Deep Confusion lasted for at least 2-3 centuries untill 6 october 2017 when I published my study of the anglophonic basis for the hungarian HYMEN: That day the real reason was found and that brought an end to all those tragic centuries.

It is important to understand how complete this revolution (of my blue metre) is going to be.

For several years already the world has been busy with making a new Hitler (for the 21st century) on basis of the insertion of the male phallus into own mouth for interpreting the Mysteries of the 'bread' thereby. It is likely that nearly every little shopowner is busy with making it - and post offices, bakers, groceries, apothecaries have fired their old females and employed new males instead - without really understanding what it is. All this will now be brought to an end: There is no reason to continue the tragic cultural suicide.

The reason is now found - EUREKA! - and there is no reason to continue the madness.

Administrations and political parties have been working till late night for years with screwing together the plans for the coming century and centuries on basis of the new Hitler era and the inevitable world crises - millions of people have worked with it and made far-reaching plans and they will do this and that and the president in 50 years from now will have a name which lets the fluids pass down the gullet because otherwise we cannot make that other component function. There is an enormous lot of work done and preparations and budgets are full of it - please understand that all this will be a waste of time and resources.

So, it is time to find a publisher for the blue book. It is a good book. Can somebody please help me find one? Carl Winter - are they interested - if they are still a serious publishing house? It must be understood that the other way (plagiarisms of my work etc) is a dead-end road - even if it could feel like rescueing some debris from all the plans.

Clearly the blue PEB can sell in millions - so it should be possible to have it published.

I wrote above: "It was believed that the role of the hungarian HYMEN in political history was in this ambiguity of the white stone". But, you may think, the people do not know about this role of the HYMEN - it is only on a high level of politics that one knows how important this hungarian HYMEN is.

That is another Big Thing here: The reason why only few people know it is that it is not the truth after all - it is only the hidden reason for the big confusion - but one had no other explanation available. It is likely that this problem of state secrets also will come to an end. Political power need no longer be irrational and fear attacks from unknown reasons - but can be based on rational deliberation and return the joy of creative life to the people.

PS On this background, it may be that one should not consider me too much of a 'worthless krepper'. For example, continued efforts to turn my gender or make me 'homo' for making that new Hitler cannot be smart. (The egyptian massacre recently could even have 'meant' 'sjöv-eien tid Lind, ja').

I add that no computer could have made the blue metre needed to solve the problem. To solve it, I worked first 11 years (every day without holiday) with The Endmorgan Quartet to reach the peak of the Mount of Transfiguration - before I started the walk down again which lasted for some 8 years for the 4 metres which get their formalisms from the downhill movement. The two first years I spent with the blue metre.

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