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John Bjarne Grover

It is still an open question for me whether the state of Norway is based on principles of systematic child abuse (intended for a 1-2-3-4 post-syrian system which luckily never came about) and whether this abuse factor applies to me.

In 1965 Norway got a new PM called Per Borten - he entered his government in circumstances that indexed Paul Celan and ended it in circumstances indexing Nelly Sachs - he resigned on a day which left my 11th birthday in the exact mid - and Celan died on Hitler's birthday and Sachs on my official mother's birthday in 1970.

I left by own decision the norwegian protestant state church in the autumn 1973, having turned 16.

Later attempts to enter the catholic church stranded on the deplorable theory that the attempt on the pope in 1978 related to my person.

I have later understood that active engagement in social life really is out of reach for my person. Neither will I enter a christian church for getting the chance to throw stones on other religions.

Judaism is close to my heart.

In 2002 I applied for political asylum in France. Having little money, I slept much of the time behind the garbage bins of a friendly social organisation in Paris which I think was the same as the current 'gilet jauns'. I did not get the asylum which would have freed me from the old dependency relations to Norway (I am still a norwegian citizen), but I got a pension which made it possible for me to stay outside of Norway, making an overt asylum superfluous.

In 2014 a pensions reform in Norway turned 'disability pension' into 'benefit' = 'på trygd'. The name 'Grover' can then be manipulated by turning the first knuckled 'r' around to a '7' - for a resulting 'ergative over' - the useless and fruitless person. On the annual printout, though, the income is called 'disability pension' and is taxed with 15% withhold tax, such as only pensions and not benefits are.

In the periods 2004-2008 and 2009-2018 I lived in Austria, a country which apparently has some similar problems in their understructure (secret administration). Both countries seem to have tapped and possibly extensively abused (never mind how much that could have been 'in behalf of' bigger powers) work from my workdesk, something which creates an unsolvable dependency which should not be solved by elimination of the creative subject.

There should not follow a tough negation of this self-evident idea.

For example, I have never had any affiliations with secret intelligence or anything similar, and when (or if) my work is tapped and abused, that is of course strictly against my will and authority. If those secret intelligences should claim that I worked for them or that it was an 'agreement' when or if they lifted info from my workdesk, that is an outright lie. Neither is my work useless and fruitless.

I hope the solution from France 2002 still applies.

When I now 'flee' from all these problems and hope to find a rooting in a new country, that means that I hope that representatives from these dependencies will not be allowed to interact with my new environment in a hope of extending their unfortunate dependencies. I would not recommend listening to all too winding words.

I have been seriously ill for some time but wonderful help and treatment have rescued my life.

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 31 december 2018