István Örkény and the devanagari

John Bjarne Grover

It was in probably the mid 80's that I bought the collected dramas in three volumes of the hungarian author István Örkény. (He is currently up in Vienna with the play 'The family Toth' = 'Tóthék' or 'Tóték' - 'Tragikomedia két részben'). In norwegian this sounds like 'ist vann örken-i' = 'is water desert-in'. OASIS in norwegian is OASE, while BASE is the meaning of 'Al Qaida', who was credited with the 11 september 2001 attack on USA in four parts. There is not water in and out of my house in the street Sziget Utca, only a water tap from the public water provider, the tap being in the garden not far from the gate. Is water [in the] desert? If A/I alternation is a standard in politics, such as 'Indira Gandhi' = 'han der i Kina' = Mao', then 'Sziget Utca' turns into 'sage Tutsi' which could be seen as a term for the Rwanda genocide of 1994 - in particular if it leads to the idea of the concept of 'self-sucker' which seems to be one of the elements in an 'octogon' construction relative to my person. For this A/I, I notice also that two of Gro Harlem Brundtland's foreign ministers died on their post: Knut Frydenlund died while he was to the toilet under an official dinner on 26/2-1987, could be he was sitting there on the ring when he died, which could be seen to relate to the streetname 'Ifjusag Utca' with A/I (the street is not far from Sziget Utca), and Johan Jörgen Holst (cp. 'sage Tutsi') was shot in his head by an intruder in his bedroom and died on the day when the 'cable' was 'pulled' which has been credited as a 'go-ahead' of the Rwanda genocide. This could be linked to the streetname 'Szánto Körút' - and the two streets are conjoined with the street Berzsényi Daniel Utca which intersects with Sziget Utca. (The italian politician Bersani won the election but did not form government).

Hence there are reasons why I should mention even the following two trifles: I twice met a person in the neighbourhood of Sziget Utca who was probably not a twin of Oskar Lafontaine but could perhaps have been (I would guess it was not he himself). I think he said he was from the neighbourhood. I met him once in 2015 when he came biking and I was walking in Vasgereben ('iron-gereben' = 'iron grip'?) when he stopped and gave me a solid handshake, and once some weeks later when I was standing at the water tap looking at the gate (to Sziget Utca) which I considered changing (since it was a little worn) that he looked in through the slits in the gate and greeted me, adding the reason that he just verified me as me. It is not so much the correlation of these two incidents with the name of Lafontaine ('os-kar' as the one on the bike) but rather the idea that if the two incidents correlate also with the double handshake of the gas metre reader inside the fence, then there is also a potential correlation with the name of Gerhard Schröder - who was german chancellor from 27 october 1998 (Gröver/'Mengele's official birthday, not long after my PhD had been rejected) to 22 november 2005, which is not exactly the same as 11 september 2001.

Coutries in the European Union has agreed to a socalled FATCA which imposes on the banks the obligation to collect from their customers signatures that grant them their right to collect signatures and other interesting issues. If you do not fill in the form and sign it, then you can lose some of your rights as customer, but if you do fill in the form and sign it, then you can get some difficulties. (It is not a FATWA, though). I am not an agent.

The indian alphabet is called 'devanagari', while 'De har nabo, De' = 'you have a neighbour [you]'. The price 3,4 million forints which I paid for the house looks somewhat like the name 'Lambertsville' written in this alphabet.

There could have been ideas around of identifying me as 'Satan' due to intrigues on my person. If Obama's government could be seen to endorse or at least not protest against plagiarisms of my work, or at least his name in addition to his vice president Joe Biden resembles mine, then one could think of a political 'pump' that goes via the internalization of the handshakes (handwriting?) from the street outside the fence into the property inside the fence for a hijack there via an identity factor. 'Gerhard Schröder' could be a name adding to this.

'Devil-Neger-ja' - cp. the 'devanagari' alphabet. 'Sild i tönne' ('herring in barrel') a is a norwegian expression for 'very densely packed', like people in an overcrowded bus and things like that.

According to hungarian law, it is not permitted to have only a water tap in the garden and an oldfashioned outdoor loo if one lives permanently in a house (in which case water in and out must be installed), but it is permitted if the house is used only for 'Müntefering' (cheap holiday) purposes. So the water problem is not solvable?

The twin towers of Manhattan went down both of them and Pentagon and Lambertsville could be seen to go up. I ejaculated once in 2015 - some weeks after I had bought the house - and this was followed by a massive stream of refugees from mainly Syria - flooding Europe. This of course could suffice for reducing 'utterances' of this kind to 'Kleingeld' - such as the name of 'Franz Müntefering' could suggest. (I have - hopefully not rightly - speculated that they follow my penis head from second to second with infrared satellite microscope and try to compute how many fertile cells could escape it - and send just the same number from Syria or thereabout up in 'Euro[m]pa').

But clearly if all this be about my humble person in Sziget Utca in Szolnok from 2015 onwards, how could they have known that since at least 2000 or even earlier? I did not have the impression that the house was prepared for me especially. But if one should make such speculations, how could they know in advance that I would find it - without knowing about it? I have told it elsewhere how I came to find the house - and the farce goes that after I had bought it in the summer 2015, I was really happy to have found a place totally free of any sort of political intrigue. What a relief that was! I had never been to Szolnok before and had hardly even noticed the name of the town before, and I was really on my way to Miskolc when I had to change train in Szolnok and strolled around while waiting - I wanted to check the price level in town but dropped the first estate agent and stopped at the second and that is where I found it - from a list of alternatives printed out from the computer I picked out three, among them the one in Sziget Utca - a streetname which also sounded totally innocent to me. 'Sziget' = 'öy' in norwegian, 'island'. 'Ut-öy-ca'? The norwegian labour party has had their summer camp resort at 'Utöya' since about the time when Hitler came to power in Germany in 1933.

But nobody has ever told me about this place - nor that there could be any political intrigue connected with it.

Well, frankly, if one starts moving alphabetic letters around a little, there is no limit to what one can find - and nearly every street in Hungary is an 'Utca'.

My PhD was rejected by a 'Fenstad'.

Is 11 september 2001 about 'chemistry inside the fence' - plus a Rwanda genocide = the Wannsee conference = die Endlösung? Rwanda conference? That would clearly not be tempting - and certainly I would never have bought the place if I had been aware that any such associative connections could be seen as politically active - which hopefully they cannot. Could be the apparent informational encapulation of me (I have suspected that there could have been censorship of post, and telephone terror made telephone difficult) could have served precisely such interests.

If the intrigue had drafted a certain location in Hungary for me in advance, then it is of course well possible that my income has been held low and my social career miserable - and my books unpublished - through many years in order to make it my only chance, so to speak, to buy this house - without having been informed with a single word - since if I had been informed, then I would probably not have bought the place. The intrigue could even have been built up around elements which are favourable for a poet - in the mid 80's Hungary was an escape paradise for me whereto I could travel and live in the eastern side of Europe for up to 3 months, and here I now find in 2015 my old dreams fulfilled - even with the books I bought in those days - and Tóték would mean that point exactly 0.666 = 2/3 through Rilke's Duino elegies - the word 'der gärtnernde Tod' in the sixth Duino Elegy: "Helden vielleicht und den frühe Hinüberbestimmten, / denen der gärtnernde Tod anders die Adern verbiegt". What a perfect place for a poet! Were even the names of the males of the octogon telling of this Duino elegy phenomenon? I even had the money as savings from my humble pension and could buy it right away.

What was the reason for the name-similarity of Obama with my name? Do you think I was held under the surface of public attention, with a low career in most respects, in order to make it possible for Obama to run his presidency without media's finger-pointing towards my name? Do you think Syria was destroyed after I moved into Zinckgasse in order to force me to move out of Zinckgasse and down to Szolnok - also in order to rescue Syria? There exists an alternative explanation that is quite interesting - and this tells that the name of Obama means Bjarne as part of the 1955 constitution of Austria - and then 'Bjarne' is a name constructed from 'Bayern': This theory tells that if the jewish type of my person could live in Vienna without problems, without surveillance abuse, without plagiarisms, then the Staatsvertrag of 1955 could be settled and Austria's independence be rescued - but if not, the name of Obama would mean that Austria would have to be subsumed as a south-eastern 'Bjarne' substate under Germany, just east of 'Bayern' in the west. Therefore all the hooks apparently thrown out by Obama - such as this idea of the world's most powerful centre - the very Mecca! - of secret intelligence. Or the idea that 'Joe Biden' really means 'Joy Beiden' - for a new Austrian-Hungarian 'Doppelmonarchie' which can rise to new Empire powers again! When would the destruction of Syria come to an end? That would be when the surveillance (secret intelligence) abuse of my person and authorship comes to an end - either 1) because I move out of the country (in which case they could not make it - if that were the only possible solution - and then 'Bjarne' could come to be the new name) or 2) because the illegal surveillance came to an end due to their own decision, in which case they could make it. But if I would be forced to move out and down to Szolnok, the 'third man' rape of my authorship would find its turnaround counterpart in Golan - and to continue with an 'Endlösung' there would be no good idea.

Do you think the name of 'Donald John Trump' suggests 'prövetid' = 'a time of testing' for the austrian republic which was reopened in 1955 - but on certain conditions of paragraph 10 that had to be respected?

WIEN is likely to be taken to be the wine of the holy communion and therefore the LAPIS is the bread of the same - as much or even more materially transubstantiated than the ordinary catholic one. This problemshift is the heart of the story and even what drove Columbus out on his journey and what gave 'rationale' to the pogroms on the indians in America - and it is well possible that Mozart was murdered for being the Wurmsergasse that was moved over onto Salieri = Selzergasse - and some could perhaps be so tasteless as to suggest that this murder was the basis for the Doppelmonarchie and the extensive empire of Austria. A bad theory that is! It could be an old tradition with this LAPIS PHILOSOPHORUM due to the WIEN - a sort of SOMA of indian 'devanagari' scriptures. It is this problem which must be solved for politics (including american politics) to start moving forwards again - and that is solved when the austrians refrain from giving in to these temptations (some more Doppelmonarchie?) on own free will. It is certainly possible that this is the reason why I was 'forced' to move from Venice up to Vienna in 2009.

Have they passed the test?

There is an austrian gratispaper called Heute (which I think was started around the time when I came to Austria in 2004) which used to have more or less nude females on page 3. In the beginning they were breathtakingly naked but put on a little textile as time went by. After some time there started to appear males with chesty muscles on wednesdays. On wednesday 31 august I went out for a coffee - but wherever I went there were all and only males serving anywhere they sold a coffee over a counter. This happens happens from time to time. But even in the subwalk at Stephansplatz, which has been a safe place as far as gender is concerned so far, there were now only males selling behind the counters. The explanation - to these males in post offices and bakers shops - could be that the austrian society now and then has no choice but to accept the massage of 'male opening' into the people's faces - for imitating the mistaken understanding of the SOB of the SOBIBOR death camp of Adolf Hitler. That could be the counterpart to the two ups and two downs of 11 september 2001. I heard the SOB in Szolnok in 2015 - but to take it to be the sound of a face trying to enter into another's anal opening (with repeated pushes and breathings like a butterfly swimmer) is a perverse interpretation: It is too loud and too 'formal' for that - one hears that it is an articulation of an important aspect of the human semiotic constitution. But some may perhaps claim that such 'lundikingus' was the reason for the murder of Martin Luther King[us] - and hence that this 'art' is about controlling the german culture space. But isnt that quite 'nazi'?

I started writing this article a few days ago and I think it was in the mean time, after I had written about 'prövetid' and 'Salieri', that the two following ads came up (could be I am not so certain which was first - the Salieri ad or my writing - but I think my 'prövetid' was first) - these photos taken on 1 september 2017:


Had they tapped illegally my computer and abused the material for these ads? But that is not permitted! Or do you think that they were first and I saw the ads and wrote these things thereafter? "Is it like that with his entire authorship?"

I am not homo.

Of course it is easy demagogy or could be even 'service intrigue' to convince austrians that I am 'the problem' - and if only I move out of the country, then the problem is solved. But it seems to be the very opposite - as far as my person is concerned: If I can live and thrive in Austria without problems, then the independence of the country can be seen to be rescued.

Added on 7 september 2017:

There are some reasons to speculate that the new political landscape is not the traditional left vs right but rather a 'secret intelligence' formation vs traditional administrative power. The 'secret intelligence' tradition is the one based on aspects of the 'lapis philosophorum' - and it was this which led to Hitler - it is unconstitutional power which resembles a sort of mafia. Some may perhaps claim that all political problems in the world derive from the problem of weak territorial rights in USA - the 2-300 million people there cannot be sent back to Europe - and Hitler's rooting in the 'lapis' could have been for reasons of obtaining a 'mystic transformation' of the 'wine' = 'Wien' which leads to a 'mystic transformation' of the rights to the american territory - when the 'upper hand' of austrian catholicism as far as 'revelation in history' is concerned is successful in hijacking the german cultural foundations. Therefore some may think that Vienna is the capital of USA. But are these interests anything but the interests of the 'secret intelligences'? If this is a global phenomenon, the 'International Secret Intelligence Services' (ISIS?) could be out for 'mystic transformations' of more than just US territorial rights - and these globals could perhaps gladly sacrifice austrian independence (by violating paragraph 10 in the Staatsvertrag of 1955 in order to be successful in Germany) if only they obtain the goals they are after. There could be very fine borders between national 'Intelligence Service' (IS?) and 'International Secret Intelligence Services' (ISIS?) from this point of view. This could be the reason why Austria has the political phenomenon of the 'Freiheitlichen' - those who want to maintain austrian independence - in contrast to other political interests which could balance on the brink to not the traditional left vs right but rather a 'secret intelligence' formation vs traditional administrative power. If you take a look at the propaganda stands outside the university of Vienna, there is normally this slogan telling that the 'Freiheitlichen' are the same as Adolf Hitler - and these slogans are often forwarded with megaphone voices into which cue words of various sort could be mixed - and the students are called to put their names on lists of names.

It must be understood that the mystic 'lapis philosophorum' is everything the opposite of such unconstitutional power accumulation - and if Hitler be identified as 'lapis', that is bad abuse of the mysticism. Likewise, it may be that the 'services' want to keep my work off public attention in order to abuse it for their own interests - that would be very much against my interests and I would never agree to anything such. It may be that a power mafia does not respect the law at all and then it could be a matter of problem with storing things in libraries, archives etc. Those forces are clearly the reaction and not the future.

My work is intended for public knowledge and free and open science and arts - and anything resembling secret brotherhoods of power is totally alien to my things. Therefore it is of utmost importance that the work be published in normal ways - even if some 'services' could come to inform the authorities that 'he is an agent for our interests and does not want the books published' - that would be a terrible lie if they come around with such ideas. Likewise, I have not agreed to tapping of my computer for spread of the material on outdoor ads in Vienna. My view is that if there are systematic attempts to turn the conception of reality around, that could be for the interests of 'international' services who do not have austrian independence under the scope of their program.

The new political landscape of not the traditional left vs right but rather a 'secret intelligence' formation vs traditional administrative power is perhaps simply the american system taking over for the old european dimensionality - and then the 'secret intelligence' formation is likely to be the US democrats with a global interest scope against the traditional administrative power of the US republicans who struggle with keeping the country intact without civil wars and without outlawing the democrats.

Clearly this story could come to make ideas arise about a New World Order based on a new political dimensionality on an american template. Clearly it could be difficult to just discard these ideas as mere political 'hooks to bite'. Will a new centre of global power take shape - a new Mecca of intelligence power - or will it rather erode and break off from the iceberg like a new Donbass?

Put differently, if there exists a new political formation that can make austrian influences on german politics and culture be felt as seismic waves in the american political landscape, then it is not so certain that the americans are so happy about it. But some politicians or 'administrators' say perhaps that precisely this regulating force from central Europe is what could curb the global influence from the USA suffering from the aftermaths of the indian pogroms and the weak territorial rights thereafter. That is quite a temptation - a sort of David against the american Goliath? Or is it the other way round?

Added on 8 september 2017:

Those who say that the 'Freiheitliche' party is the same as Adolf Hitler are those who say that Austria and Vienna are the same as the philosopher's stone and that is has a magic influence on history that cannot be avoided - and therefore the state must be put under the administration of another state. Clearly the solution to all these problems of nazism is to publish all aspects of the 'lapis philosophorum' with detailed and sharp photos (my humble economic resources have not allowed for that). It is ridiculous to believe that it is legal to classify this 'lapis philosophorum' as secret - just as it is ridiculous to try and classify sausages as secret. Those who try to keep the white stone secret are those who want to be members of the secret brotherhood who want to gain all political powers in the world for their faith - and they use ridiculous pretexts for this by pointing to what looks like the erected penis of 'Eve' on the white stone - as a pretext for keeping the stone secret. But the 'lapis philosophorum' is not political power - it is mystic knowledge which also should be the new field of study for new science and arts - and a mystic who indulges in intrigues, manipulation, violence can never reach the mystic knowledge of the white stone. It is possible that the service-political intrigue on my person is to consider me as the 'lapis philosophorum' itself and that is the reason why they try to keep my work and person secret - I do not share those ideas with them. Trivially, every person is such a 'lapis' and so am I, of course, in that sense of it. Jesus Christ in the holy communion is often considered a correlate to the white stone in that sense of it which makes christianity a parallel to hinduism. Stop all this nonsense and get the details of the white stone published, is my view. 'Eve' or 'Mary' is not a trans-sexual or sodomite - ideas which could be around in the 'services' - it is only that she shares the penis with the sleeping 'sheepy' (whose head they share) and the occurrence of something like that on the stone only means that marriage is a part of the construction of the humans and that marriage is an institution which serves to protect the rights of the children. One can recognize the human and social nature in the stone. It is a good thing to have knowledge of - and then one can ignore the perverse propaganda from the 'services'.

Get the austrians down to earth as far as this 'lapis philosophorum' is concerned - if that is the problem (which it probably isnt - I would guess that it is a story of foreign propaganda interests because of the name of the place). The stone is not for politics, and I am not that stone (in any other sense than any other human), in particular not for politics. That probably means get the International Secret Intelligence Services down to earth.

But it is possible that the 'services' believe that I am born to the role of being that 'lapis philosophorum' - and therefore my post is censored? But wouldn't that be totally mythomaniacally insane? So I cannot believe that this is the case and explain the meagreness of post by the phenomenon that 'people do not write' - and that is certainly also the reason.

It means that the problem of political obsession with the philosopher's stone in Austria is not solved by me moving out of the country - it is solved by getting the whole problemshift of that white stone up in daylight.

Hungarian 'denevér' = 'dene-blood' could be that 'danish blood' which could have been the basis for the (artist?) name of 'Janis Joplin' - in particular if she died in 1970 for being considered (the double of) one of the females of the octogon - while the polish word 'nietoperz' = 'bat' could then be the basis for use of Örkény's "Egyperces novellák" - which could suggest (rightly or wrongly) that Örkény worked for the same more or less secret principles? And then the title 'Tothek' written in devanagari looking like 'BArTA' (or is it 'Bartok'?) = 'bata' in latin sript could add reason to these ideas. (Norwegian 'barta' means 'the moustaches'). But then - who would hide behind the BATMAN? Would it be 'John Fitzgerald Kennedy'? It is all this nonsense which must be packed down.

The 'services' have made it totally impossible for me to submit my work to peer review - and that could be a part of their strategy for keeping my person and work secret or at least unknown to the public - in order to run their gloomy 'lapis philosophorum' programs with me in a main role. But then the publishers must stretch themselves a little towards me instead - not the least for solving these fundamental problems of the modern political mythos jungle.

There was a film on 'BATMAN' released a few years ago - and during the premiere when the audience was seated for watching it in a US cinema a gunman stood up before them and shot into the audience. See this article. This could have been for imitating the 'he-Moses' with his 'holy land'. A 'holy Kau' zincking his teeth into the 'meatbones' seated there - a veritable 'jewish genetics'? It is not a lonely desperado who does it - if it is right that it seems to be based on rather advanced analyses of my blue metre book. The shooter had strongly coloured hair - possibly telling of Denver, Colorado.

It is high time to disqualify the 'services' (or the politicians responsible for them) due to 'gravely immature' behaviour - such as this gunman at the opening of the film INSTEAD OF finding a publisher for my work. It is they who should have tidied up in the mess of the stone - rather than me publishing yet another gratispaper on the internet.

Terror is often, it seems, associated with 'IS' or 'ISIS' - according to the news.

It must be understood that the 'services' apparently want to keep my work secret and reserved for their own studies - seemingly in order to turn it into terror a la the gunman at the BATMAN premiere in USA. Those are people who have gone very seriously astray - there does not exist any sort of legitimacy or justification (such as an 'enemy') for it. It is just mad people who have gotten hold of some guns and are a problem untill the society has managed to contain and disarm them. It is not the future.

Somebody in the 'services' may have been responsible for having organized the BATMAN shooting on basis of semiotic studies of my book. Will the police find those criminals in the 'services' and bring it to court in a case open to the public - bringing the whole rationale with my book and the story around it up into daylight?

Was the reason that the knowledge contained in my blue book is so groundbreaking and revolutionary that it must be brought to the public sphere and serious research - and the 'services' want to turn it into a piece of bait for the voters to bite in the elections - thereby securing e.g. 'democrat' victory? Well, then it resembles 'civil war' quite a lot. And that way of reaching serious scholarship is certainly not the right way - it would be just some madmen who had found a precious piece of something and wanted to use it for securing their own positions.

But how can you prove a link between e.g. John F. Kennedy and BATMAN? Well, that could be a piece of secret knowledge known only to the 'secret intelligence services' - and that is how they have the power. It seems to be this sort of terror-based power which constitutes a threat against the sensible power of normal administration and who could be planning to run Hitler once again - in order to expand and consolidate their positions.

Those who go for perverse interpretations of the 'lapis' will point to the shadow which looks like a 'rainbow' from the tip of the erect 'penis' or whatever it is down to the knee of the 'Eve' or is it the 'Madonna' mother of Jesus they are thinking of?

This bow could be associated with the name of the polish etymological linguist called 'Brückner' (whose etymological dictionary of 1927 is considered fundamental to those studies of polish language). This 'rainbow' could have been interpreted as the same as my 'rainbow' function 14 of TEQ - and that is precisely what the 'bat' in these languages seem to be telling of - when the line 1 of my blue book provides for the needed data relative to the polish word 'nietoperz'. It is very bad behaviour to abuse this sort of knowledge for that sort of terror propaganda. There were also some terror in London which could have been about associating these things with 'calming McLorry to truth' - just at the time when a 'Bruckner' firm was doing repair work in the house where I live. In this way the one piece of terror is piled up on the other in a consistent and coherent system - which clearly looks like the intellectual property of a 'Satan' - could be for adding a 'devil' to a 'negro' (here McLorry?) in the 'devanagari'.

This madness could have been going on since the book was completed in 2010. The madness is that no sensible person has found a publisher for me. I have said this over and over again that I cannot myself submit the book to peer review for the simple reason that a rejection will make me disabled for a long time and in the mean time the nazis will be in strong progress all over the world. The London terror left me with knee oedemas and aching legs for many days and I may still be suffering from it now and then.

It is all this which must be stopped. It is the 'services' who try to gain control with the democratic institutions. The solution is not that I move out of Austria but that the democratic institutions take those criminals. The voters should not bite the propaganda hook promising that Austria can come to be the world's most powerful nation if only this development be followed up.

Are there serious studies going on - based on my works? I suppose they would send me some friendly information about it if they find something interesting. But I have never heard a word so far. Could be the 'services' threaten the scholars with bad things if they do not keep me out of the story. They should not do that.

Added on 10 september 2017:

'Isten Orkány' means 'God in hurricane', a 'divine hurricane'. If I have understood it right, modern meteorology has come so far that it probably is possible to make artificially (by making turbulence on some hyper-computed point) such hurricanes as now and then devastate USA - punishing them because of their weak 'territorial rights'. The word 'meteorology' also resembles that name which encoded the concept of 'obama' rewritten into 'death'.

Interestingly, if you write the name 'István Örkény' in devanagari, it resembles the form 'Szolnok, Sziget Utca' (pronounced 'solnok siget utsa'). But the devanagari form also looks like 'Solnok Big Brother' - and that could have been the explanation to the two 'robbers' that followed after me into the entrance room and reached for my 'sold NOK'.

Hungarian law tells who is responsible for putting up the fence - in the case of my house, the one or the other neighbour is described relative to left of right of the fence 'az utról nézve' = left or right of the fence 'seen from the street', while the appropriate grammatical form, if it should mean standing in the street and looking into the two gardens, is 'az útról nézendö' = 'looking from the street'. But the latter form is getting a little stiff and unmodern, sliding gradually out of use as a productive affix, and it may be that laxity in grammatical Gefühl now has started to give way for the other form, even in the law. But 'left of the fence seen from the street' should mean 'left of the fence if you stand in the garden at the fence and face the street' - which then will be the opposite of 'left side of the fence if you stand in the street, looking from the street into the garden'. The two forms mean two different things, the one means the one neighbour, the other form means the other neighbour, and it may be that the wrong form is used in the law - if it is the other meaning which is intended.

In the early 1970's I played a little clarinet and had a teacher in Fredrikstad called Magne Nesöen - which sounds a little like 'the belly is nezendö' - as if it were a recorder I was playing, and the teacher played his recorder. The 'belly' ('bella'?) is watching? 'Berlin' is watching?

There is also a strange hungarian expression 'elnézest' which means 'sorry' - which then could allow for the word play

az útról nézve = 'seen from the street'
az UTRO elnézest = 'sorry for the marital infidelity' ('UTRO' is norwegian for 'marital infidel-ity').

But for the law, the difference will be 'nézve' vs. 'nézendö' - the latter suffix is called (by Tompa) an 'instant participle' and varies by vowel harmony between '-endö' and '-andó', while the other (a gerund) varies between '-ve' and '-va' - with likewise more and more outdated '-vén'/'-ván' - sliding out of use (restricted mainly to 'Kanzleisprache' etc) such as '-endö'/'-andó' is doing. Hence if 'István Örkény' is supposed to change into 'Isten Orkány' for those 'divine hurricanes' punishing the americans for their residence in American in spite of their weak territorial rights, as the conscience perhaps could be whispering in the american hearts, there is the drop of a 'v' and not only change of vowel - such that the associations will be 'Istvén'/'István' turning into 'Isten[dö]' rather than 'Istve'. 'Isten' = 'God'. 'Dörög' = 'thunder[clap]', 'ördög' = 'devil'. 'Dörögs' are perhaps not so normal in the fiercest hurricanes, but if hurricanes now can be made artificially, there could perhaps be some 'drögs' there? 'Isten'-drug could be that 'lapis philosophorum' in the sense of 'soma'.

In short, those hurricanes which now are battering the american coast from time to time could, due to some potential ambiguities in the hungarian law, be playing on this or that side of the fence, so to speak - like playing on a clar-i-net. If the two 'robbers' were real people and not only archetypal 'avatars', the purpose could have been to play on this ambiguity. Put up the fence! Foot up (to the 'belly'?) the penis! Hence if they were the legal claims on putting up the fence, they followed from outside to inside. Could it be about using natural catastrophes - more or less divine punishment of the americans - for 'government' by way of the human sexual drive ('foot up the penis' arising as a feeling inside the body) - and bad consciences due to infidelities etc?

Is the idea of Austria ruling USA and the rest of the world by way of the power of the 'lapis philosophorum' the same as Hitler's ideas of 'Das dritte Reich'? I dont know enough about this - but other people do and should explain it to the public.

I notice also that China on the map resembles somewhat the outlines of the 'lapis philosophorum' - that is, if Tibet and Mongolia are included. This could be the reason why Mongolia is 'included' into China by way of the syrian crisis which borders onto Israel at Golan - as for 'mon-Goli-a'.

Wasn't there a film also some years ago of dubious quality - a documentary or something? I notice the sink-drain potato peel filter that fell into my bathtub some years ago - and landed on the line between light and shadow in the tub - a meter or a half from the drain itself. That would be the real thing - and the unfortunate documentary a misunderstanding. I was writing about Saddam Hussein in the moment when the filter fell with a rumbling sound into my tub. The reportedly low-quality documentary (I have not seen it) could have been 'political' for the issue of 'brains' in and out of the map.

The eye of the sleeping lamb of the lapis would be appr at Ürümqi in China and the breast of the 'nymfen' female would be appr at 'Shanshan' - cp. 'the chance'. There is a lake called 'Bosten Hu' around the area of the tip of the erection - or thereabout. There were the rippings of my garbage bags in Szolnok which perhaps could be seen as related to this 'Bosten Hu' - and both Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton came from Boston.

Isnt it time to end all this secrecy game? Such things cannot have any value if they have to be kept secret - then it reduces to intrigue and that is not permitted in 'politics'.

I add the story of the 'coordinate system' on the map of the 4th line of the blue metre: When the Oslo terror of 2011 presented a big bomb in the centre of Oslo followed by the shooting on 'Utöya' where the Young Labour party had their summer camp (since 1933), it could have been a comment on my then future address in 'Sziget Utca' ('sziget' = 'öy') - that is, if this were planned already then or even after 2010, which I have no knowledge of - as if the 'coordinate system' on the map should be taken to mean a 'sight' ('sziget') on a gun. NATO is a sort of Big Gun. Hence one could speculate that plans quickly were made (on some high level) after the blue metre book was completed in 2010 to close it down under secrecy in order to prevent that the sensational discovery came to be known to the public - by pretending that the reason for the 'coordinate systems' or 'sights' on the map was that this were under full control by a central (although probably secret) administration - and that 'Sziget Utca' should be the proof thereof. ('Utsa' is norwegian for 'pronounced', 'said it'). That is nonsense - although of course it could have been under the control of some divine administration - it is my lonely pioneering work which I have written totally without any sources (except perhaps divine sources). Ah ja, politics cannot remain the same after this discovery and the politicians have to accept that and not blame the author - whose career has not progressed a millimetre since the book was completed in 2010.

Sándor Marai
Alf Pröysen
Arnljot Berg - cp. 'John Grover' and the 'Grim Reaper'

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