John Bjarne Grover

In the ex nihilo piece of gold there is the scene in the shadows of the lower part which seems to show either 1) a Paganini violin master with an enthusiastic applauding audience person, or 2) a shot at a person on close/short range - reminiscent of the famous scene of Goya:

The idea that it could be 'Paga-nini' = 'page 99' is from the alternative naive idea of a '69' origins of the Vollkornbrot which could have had a dominating role to play in history - for example, Norway could have been separated from Denmark in 1814 for reasons of the butted versus pointed end of the parallelogram - for turning the Vollkornbrot around, so to speak - and 'Cola Light' could be conceived as the lightbeams that come down from the Kola peninsula. It is possible that most or all popular soft drinks can be assigned a function as modern 'wine' to the bread of the holy communion. ('Coca' was the drug of mexican indians, was it?) But this is when the two lapises face each other in '69' style. What if one tries a '99'? Then it comes as out as follows - and the difference between male and female gender (cp. also a sort of 'short-range' version) depends on a slight displacement of the one relative to the other:

It is of course not really a '99' but more like a heart shape with the first '9' turned backwards - hence it is one 'paga-9' plus one '9' - a 'Paganini'. (What would 'Bhaga-vad-gita' mean in this context?)

My guess - although I know little of this - is that if some political interests or 'services' try to get males into traditional female workspaces (groceries, apothecaries etc), this male chauvinism, as it could be called, could take its pretext from this 'Paganini' being better, after all, than the terror of short range gunfire.

But this pretext could be only for hiding the real interests of the same political orientation - to swap traditional gender which could be for various political reasons.

But if the purpose or pretext is to avoid gunfire from the shadows, it could possibly - rather than putting males into female workspaces - be better to put a strong beam of searchlight onto the activities of those 'services' who organize this - enough to make shady activities or intentions fade away.

Of course there is no real (sexual) '69' associations in the Vollkornbrot - the 'lapis philosophorum' is likely to be a materialized form of the human psyche and to put up two psyches like this has probably nothing to do with human bodies in comparable formation. Rather, if such ideas be invoked, it could be more about tasteless associations to 'J-kiss X-touch' (via the Vollkornbrot of the holy communion) - and one cannot ignore the possibility that males in traditional female workspaces also enhance the effect of this irrelevant association - which certainly, if it appears, could be unsuitable in public spaces and hurt some people's feelings. I would doubt that 'security' is not really to be obtained from such gender swap.

I dont know if the 'lapis philosophorum', the Vollkornbrot or the piece of gold - all of which I have made myself - are standard ex nihilo forms. If they are, and there are some reasons to believe that they are, then one can perhaps draw important conclusions from the double-lapises I have shown here and in the article on the 'Vollkornbrot' - otherwise conclusions can be more difficult. Downgrade the stone, is apparently the conclusion. Put searchlight on those archives.

John Bjarne Grover
On the web 7 august 2018