Comments to some of the photos

John Bjarne Grover

I have earlier speculated if there could have been a burglary of the hard-disk on my computer - and then one could speculate that it could have been for abuse in publishing etc.

I have noticed some similarities in recent phenomena. First I must notice that the below photo of girl and dog was an ad for Bank Austria in 2005 or 2006, I think it was, when I photographed it - very large format on a tram stop near or within Simmering. In late 2011 I came across a garbage bin that had been opened - the bottom lid hung down and I photographed what was exposed. It had interesting similarities with the photo from some years earlier. The garbage bin was in the lower Rotenthurmstrasse in Vienna, but I would doubt that it had been arranged for the intended similarity when I came up the street.

The photo of the 'Concorde', a small backpacked animal I photographed on a sidewalk not far from the same place on Simmering or near to it, has some similarities with the front page of an 'Erotica Universalis' book (by Gilles Neret) exposed in bookshops nowadays. Whether it is of same type of similarity as the first one I don't know. (I don't know what sort of animal it was - it was walking slowly up towards the grocer's there with its impressive backpack).

Likewise, the grocer's shop Billa are advertising with lip-looking beef nowadays - perhaps not so unsimilar to the red photo I took at Praterkai, not so far from Simmering.

These three photos were from the same time period - when I lived in Ehamgasse in Simmering. I don't know if this could be a more widespread phenomenon - I have discovered it quite recently, and of course these could be coincidences.

If there is abuse of my work, with uncredited borrowing, it must of course be stopped.

John Bjarne Grover
On the web 16 december 2013