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John Bjarne Grover

There are reasons to believe that the 'lapis philosophorum' has been the target of attempts to make it more secret and mystic than it was and that freemasonish international secret intelligence services had planned to use it as the proof of their legitimacy in power construction. Adolf Hitler could have been the classic example - and when his government seems to have been based on the names on the map of the railway line from Hegyeshalom to Györ (Kimle = Himmler, Györ = Göring etc) in Hungary, that was because it was thought that transgressing the border between Austria and Hungary by rail was to transgress the border of a HYMEN - hungarian language could then have been considered 'gibberish' with a maniac attention to this HYMEN. In the austrian Staatsvertrag of 1955 Artikel 10 there is the mention of 'gesetzgeberischen und administrativen Maßnahmen' - and this could - on behalf of western interests - even have been a part of the reason for alleged 'Liquidierung der Überreste des Naziregimes' on MAß-names in Syria which has had the 'meaning' of 75% - interpreted to mean the leftovers of Hitler's government beyond the border of Hegyeshalom. Which, that would mean, could have been a western interest of enhancing the anglophonic rationality in the concept of hungarian HYMEN.

However, what was the reason for this interest in the hungarian HYMEN? It seems that the 'lapis philosophorum' with the character who either points towards own hymen or is clutching a male phallus has been the mystic 'explanation' that should carry the whole historic rationale - and it may have been discovered quite early that this area of the stone has a reflex in the egyptian hieroglyphic OWL, such as described in this article. The peak of mysticism would then have been reached when it (probably) was decided to use Euler's constant e = 2,7182818... to define the unit of centimetre as the length of the stone measured along the diagonal - 2,7182818... cm. By this, the magic was achieved that EULErs (OWLers) constant held the whole magic mystery of Hitler's HYMEN-based government in his hand.

It is likely that all this tragic quasi-mysticism is a result of a mixmax of two very different things which have no real mutual relevance - and as soon as this is realized, the whole Hitler program dissolves and the ideas of repeating the program can be put aside.

The two independent facts are these:

1) It is a fact of the blue metre discovered by me in 2010 that the socalled line 1 function allows for an explanation to why the anglophonic world believes that hungarian is maniacally occupied with HYMEN: Take a hungarian word, find its year of first attested occurrence, compute the interval between this year and the year 2009 of writing of my blue PEB, multiply this number with 0.366 and round off upwards - and there you have the number of a poem in my book PEB of 14 lines in english language: Take the first line, rewrite the beginning of it to the hungarian word, rewrite the rest of the line back again by the corresponding phonological counter-rewrites - and there you have a lexical definition in english language of the hungarian word in the beginning of the line which lends to it quite a mock value of HYMEN. See this article for details. It must be noticed that it is the anglophony and only that which is the cause of this mock value - a puzzling phenomenon indeed. It is likely that this phenomenon - on basis of Hitler's government and the world wars - has been the basis for the anglophonic world control since WWII. One guesses that this is the reason why the 'magyar' language is called 'hungarian' - doing the same on polish, one finds cosmic judaist definitions, in italian it gets christian etc. These have served to consolidate the faith in this mystic HYMEN - and the persecution of jews in the polish regions under Hitler and the era of Mussolini could have been for just that reason of consolidating the mock value of hungarian seen from an anglophonic viewpoint. On a totally intuitive basis, that would have been, since it is not likely that this line 1 function of the PEB was known before I completed my book in 2010.

2) The alleged legitimacy of this HYMEN possession was culturally and politically justified by the mid character on the white stone and its relation to the hieroglyphic OWL. However, as this article has shown, there seems to be nothing special about the hieroglyphic owl relative to the white stone compared with other hieroglyphic signs except that it indexes the ambiguity of gender. When 'gender' seems to have attained a special status in recent decades, that could even be due to the wish to make as much as possible out of this Hitler propaganda.

There is no reason therefore to continue making mythos out of the life and person of Euler, who may have been assigned somewhat mystic or mythological status due to his NAME taking the place of erroneous explanation of what the blue PEB probably better explains.

With my blue PEB it seems that the entire basis for a european program on a repeat of Hitler falls away - and it is time to find a new course. The world of the secret intelligence services are probably not the right basis for the future of Europe. In particular, if there are plans for a MECCA (= NSA-CIA?) of intelligence in central Europe to control the global development on basis of this very central european HYMEN, this can be packed down and the fields of study they seem to have occupied through decades and centuries can be returned to the people - mysticism, religion, poetry etc etc.

Added on 26 november 2017:

I published this article along with the article "Egyptian hieroglyphs, lapis philosophorum and 'Stillhetens åndedrag'" in the morning 24 november 2017. Later in the day there was an attack by militants on a mosque in Bir-al-Abd in Egypt (it left more than 300 dead). Could be the purpose was to imitate the title to my article for pretending that the author had been 'masturbating', for example in the sense of 'shooting out particles in the direction of targeted people' by way of manipulating the 'lapis' in a 'philosophical' way, which could mean pretending that I had worked for the 'International Secret Intelligence Services' (news told that the gunmen in Egypt came from ISIS) when I wrote the article, in the sense that I had gotten the material from them, which of course I had not. Some time ago there was a polish bus with number 5AI 2354 parked on my way to the post office, after which I was addressed by a woman coming from behind me in the street who appeared to be quite interested (should it be expected to consider it 'höflich' to show similar interest back?), and ideas that I recognized the structure of the bus number could have been only my way of thinking, of course, and it was probably after I started writing the material on the egyptian hieroglyphs on 17 november that another two polish buses with numbers 3AP 1064 and 6AE 081 (in reverse order, cp. the 'dueslag' of my writing of 'Stillheten') parked on the same place. (Clearly these three buses could have had decent and ordinary errands there). I found that these numbers could combine somewhat to the name of Aung San Suu Kyi in burmese script. I had been working on some material which related my 'Stillheten' to TEQ book 15 called 'Gentlemen' but eventually put this material aside and published only the above version of "Egyptian hieroglyphs, lapis philosophorum and 'Stillhetens åndedrag'". The readers of the article must not believe that I am the 'masturbator' - the EULER - who turns around on the young female, but it may be that the 'international services' want the reader to believe so - and that the reader can draw the conclusion that the material has been made by them. This is somewhat relevant to the Rohingya crisis of Burma which - if international intrigue organized by more or less the same interests - could have its origins in my handwriting of that 'Gentlemen' book in 2004-2005, which was long before I wrote the blue metre PEB in the years 2008-2010. At hindsight it looks that 'Rohingya' could be target of such interests because of the matrix Rohingya, Rotinga, Röminga (='the refugees'), Rohlinga (in german 'Rohling' means an unused CD or a bullish person) = HTML, the internet language that has not tabulator - in contrast to the line 6 function of my blue PEB. It seems that my discovery of a possible 'tabulator' in the line 6 function of PEB was from about october or september 2015 - I was not aware of any Rohingya crisis before this but of course there could have been looming tensions before I wrote my article in 2015 - although it is of course possible that modern news publishing could have tried to maximize the earlier tensions for such reasons. If HTML is taken to be an abbreviation of HITLER/HIMMLER, the news from the Rohingya crisis could serve to direct focus also on the HYMEN role in the railway line from Hegyeshalom to Györ - with stations 'Kimle' = 'Himmler' and 'Lébény Mosonszentmiklós', a living doll of 'A-doll Filter' type it can mean. The line 6 function is surprising in the association of genetic relationship with names, and the 'tabulator' could be telling of such a surprising function (if, that is, this analysis of line 6 is right) - but the real name-function is line 4 which tells of constitutional governmental power that relates names to names all over the world. The story of terror could perhaps be seen to be the attempt to shift this name-based constitutional governmental power from line 4 down on line 1 by way of the name of EULER for telling of that ambiguous 'masturbator' in the mid position of the white stone. One of the tricks for obtaining this illusion could be just a Rohingya crisis which tells by way of the HYMEN function on the railway from Hegyeshalom to Györ that there is no tabulator - which could serve to mean that that surprising name-function falls down from line 6 to line 1. I would believe that this could be the real interest in the attack in Egypt.

I refer also to the aircrash of the entire top polish leadership in Smolensk not long after I had written the title 'POLAKK English Bloggi' to my book in 2010.

Does there exist certain and unchangeable biometrics? If the heart rate is controlled by the brain and cannot be changed however many organs are replaced on a person's body, there should have been available simple tools for getting the heart rate of a person and standardized procedures for converting this into a unique 16- or 20-digit number or code, like a sort of car number which you can append to your letters, have on your business card or whatever. The PM has it on the chest pocket when occurring on TV and so it is easy to check if the PM has been replaced overnight. Why is there no such safe biometric procedures available? Probably because the 'International Secret Intelligence Services' do not want it. "We are your security", they probably say. A pity if the attack in Egypt is their way of expression.

There are no clocks around any longer. 10-20 years ago you would not have to walk many metres in a town for spotting a 'public timepiece' but those no longer exist and you can walk for hours for finding it if you have no wristwatch. What is the conclusion? Could be it is 'trust the webmaster' - who can give you the right time on your mobile. But he can also give you the wrong time.

There have been ideas around that it was John F.Kennedy himself who was present for masturbating a clot of sperm on my cortex in july 1957 when I lived as newborn in Sandveien 4 in Molde. This could in principle have been a part of a 1-2-3 including rape at 6 months and horror chemicals in the blood at 18 months, such as on 20 january 1959 - the names of the three Kennedy brothers John, Robert and Ted. It is therefore possible that it really is the name function that invokes the idea of Kennedy for this Sandveien 4, but one can notice also that he had married Jacqueline Bouvier whose name indeed invokes associations to such a 'jack' in Sandveien 4. (A house on sand is a sort of 'limbo'?) In sum, at least qua idea, one could speculate if there were a CD car parked outside the house one afternoon in the summer 1957 - for american 'bullyish' behaviour. But, tells the Rohingya crisis perhaps, the CD had not been used - so there was no car outside the house. This strategic association of my person with JFK could be more extensive. Is there an idea around that JFK had little real education - and that his years of youth were spent with 'drinking and whoring' ('FYLL & HOR') before he suddenly became president? He wrote a book which was accepted for a degree in political science at Harvard, but the political journalist Arthur Bernard Krock had given it a final 'finish' and it is not immediately clear how extensive that was. This story could, though, in principle have been exaggerated for lending more punch to the rejection of my PhD in 1998. Or was it vice versa - that the rejection of my PhD dissertation (my brainwork) served to lend more punch to a similarity with a 'masturbator'?

Gstaltmeyrgasse near Johnstrasse in Vienna (up the street here) seems to be the 'mercury' of the Bermuda triangle (along with the incombustible sulphur of 'Wurmsergasse' and the salt of 'Selzergasse') - for the planned opening of this to a Bermuda rectangle including Hütteldorferstrasse for a new Hitler-Adolf. It is a recent theory of mine that the professional indexation of Franz Gstaltmeyr as 'Seelsorger, Dechant und Pfarrer' could have been the secret of the original and possibly new names of the 8 females of the 'octogon'. I notice that the poetic lines of the poets Sylvia Plath ('dekk-anus'?) and Anne Sexton (sort of quasi 'Pfarrer'?) could be seen to be rewrites of the names of two of the octogon females. If so, this half of a FYLL & HOR strategy (it was in '75 that my life met obstacles that could have been suggestive of the idea of participation in the 'project') could in theory have been made for precisely the Bermuda effect for making a new Hitler. But I have never been informed about this and still live in Zinckgasse (in a cloud of airy theories) - and the very fact of just precisely this, if the cloudy theories have some rooting in reality, could mean that the secret aim of those International Secret Intelligence Services could be to make a new Hitler. Nobody wants that - except perhaps they themselves in order to enhance their own power - but that is likely to be the EULER story which could be perhaps 2-300 years old.

The norwegian artist 'Jacob Weidemann' could be a name of some interest, in particular in relation to 'Jacob Widemann'. As far as I know, Weidemann was blind on one of his eyes - if that were not only for telling of some potential relation to EULER with his constant 'e'. It was the artist Magne Rudjord who told me that it was told of Weidemann in his youth that the children ran around shouting 'fudlemann i gadå' ('drunk man in the street' = 'FYLL & HOR'?) when he came around. A 'pullmann' in the street is not the same. Vagus nervus, nagus vervus, nabo svær buss, Lockerbie, landlocked, knock-kneed etc. Ja-kopp Fide-mann, Yemen Edde[r]kopp etc. Could be this is a complex which is hard to guess - unless it is only coincidences of my life.

20 january 1959 could in principle have been a day of chemicals in the blood in Hammerfest - I do not remember anything such, even if I remember back to the age of 8 months, but the custody parents have told that I swallowed a nut which I found on the floor in Hammerfest and that I nearly died from the allergic reaction. See also Celan's "Meridian" lecture from 1961. This day 20 january 1959 was 75% through Eisenhower's presidency, in the middle of his second period. If 'Sjusjøen' (the 'Sevensea') is used as symbol of such a condition (cp. 'suiciding', such as by swallowing own nut-finding), 'Sjusjødan' would mean 'the day of Sjusjøen' in that sense of it. It is pronounced as if the form 'Sjøsjudan' would be pronounced 'Sør-Sudan' = 'South Sudan'. The liberation of South Sudan from North Sudan could also be seen as part of such a story, if one wants, in parallel with the Rohingya crisis and in the aftermath of my PEB. One notices that the PEB has the potential for a great revolution in many or even all fields of science - but the potentially great mock in organizing this as 5 'revolutions' of 2010-2011 (Kyrgyztan, Egypt, Tunesia, Libya and Syria) would be a great loss indeed and could, if these 'revolutions' (organized in the time of the presidency of Obama) were organized by the same 'International Secret Intelligence Services', be just another attempt to make my work look like it were done on behalf of those 'services'. What a revolution - Syria destroyed on its placenames of 75% followed up by 'Sør-Sudan'. Of course many could have felt that the revolutions 'meant' just that authentic knowledge-revolution and freedom from manipulating intrigue when they participated in the revolutions, but it is also possible that those could have been pulled by the nose of just those 'international intelligences'. It is extremely important that the revolution in knowledge for a new millenium can lead to a new and better cultural level and not those jungles of intrigue which that sort of terrorist interpretation of my work can lead to.

It seems that the 'services' could be interested in associating with my work - but I emphasize that I am in no form of relation to them and do my work lonely and I certainly do not support terrorism or intrigue of any kind. I have not masturbated on the 'johng' so there is no reason to use that as pretext for driving me to forced treatment in a psychiatric hospital ('sykehus') once again.

It must be understood how lonely this problem is: I cannot send a book to peer review at a publisher simply because a rejection would be such a massive success for the terrorists (a la Egypt recently) and 'nazis' that it could take me many years to get over it. The telephone from the 'services' to the publisher would tell that 'the book must be rejected for security reasons but one cannot present this reason to he himself so you must find a reviewer who can reject it for reasons of 'not goodenough'". With the grandiose control of those services, I have little in support of my own rejection of such an evaluation except for my own knowledge and expertise - and that was not officially endorsed by the committee who rejected my PhD dissertation - followed (while I was writing my appeal) by the bombing under Clinton of US embassies in Africa and of Omagh. Therefore I am totally dependent on the publisher to contact me for permission to publish my work - I cannot even contact the publisher suggestively first without that massive rejection machine starting up again - as in Egypt recently. Therefore I have no other choice than to put this article out on the internet - I cannot send it to a publisher and hope for a positive response. But of course the relevant publisher can contact me. Hopefully the post functions - hopefully there are no secret agents inbetween who pick the letter out on its way. My official role as 'worthless krepper' could be of much importance for the plans on me in the construction by the International Secret Intelligence Services of a new Hitler-machine.

I add the theory that there could have been a political project on assigning to me the role of the 'beast of terror' (and the bullets in the mosque in Egypt for the my scriptures on egyptian hieroglyphs could be about the same). For contact there is normally post, telephone and a few other options - most of which could have been 'plugged' for the informational encapsulation of my person. In the years 1986-88 I was bothered by silent telephones that rang without anybody being there, and since the last of these could be predicted on basis of the theory that it was Ragna Gröver who called, I could not avoid the theory. Then I was without telephone for years untill I tried again in Vilnius - where there soon came a phone from somebody who said a few words probably from my own novel 'The dreamer' (then totally unpublished) and then the contact was broken - and later in the day came the news that bitish military attache Stephen Saunders had been shot in Athens around the same time. My younger sister Tone Helene Gröver was born 9 months and 1 day after the world's biggest earthquake at Concepzion in Chile which happened few minutes after the arrest of Adolf Eichmann had been announced for Knesset, which could make for the theory that she was my 'offspring', and if the (absurd) theory later was made that the one who shot Indira Gandhi really was Tone Helene Gröver rebuilt to look like the trusted security guard whose offspring in the gallows took place not long after the last silent telephone (ultimata to the responsibles to confess in time?), then one can make the theory that the Gandhi assassination even had that purpose of making a 'beast of terror' out of me not the least by such things as 'athen-tate' on Stephen Saunders = the offspringer, or the one who watched the clutch of rope take hold on the 'nervus vagus' etc. Such things make it unpleasant to have a phone attached. Then there is the post which still is a chance, if it functions, but letters from Ragna Gröver are let through and cause such problems that it is barely endurable. Clearly it is under such very special circumstances almost impossible to take a rejection when it is powered by the forces behind the 'beast of terror'.

Why isnt there a group of politically minded people who work for my interests? Could be they would ask in the 'intelligence services' and they can inform them that 'he is a nazi' or 'he is working for our interests - we can take care of these things'. Or they say that 'he is the flagship of the US democrat party and they can help him'? Many people probably believe that the US democrat party is the defenders of the weak and poor and the first to stand up against terror - and so the confusion gets too deep and people just give up understanding anything of it. It is well possible that international terrorism is not much more than the US democrat party trying in vain (and they could have struggled for this for some 2-300 years) to get the name of EULER into line 1 of the blue metre (the blue metre and its line 1 are my theoretic concepts).

For a rewrite of NSA-CIA into MECCA there is the address on Hitler's postcard ('Eugene Paisseau' = 'you jump S over S/A' etc) and then there is the ScHIA [of] islam (about the inheritance to the leadership after Muhammed) which could be recognized in the address 'Rue de la Folie Regnault' and it rewrites to CCA which could be about a possible 'caca' of 'Frankreich' (or would this have been after modern laws of marriage were introduced?). However, 'SKIA' is norwegian (pronounced ScHIA) which means 'the skis', and there was the story from the '60-s in Molde - when Ragna Gröver went skiing with the children and fell down on her ski which then turned 90 degrees and went up in the 'caca' region, of the 'after' (the attack in Egypt was in the socalled 'Al Rawda Mosque'), while she was hanging with hands in the straps of the ski sticks. I have earlier analyzed this incidence as being potentially related to the death of Paul Antschel (Celan) in 1970 - could be also Adorno and Szondi - if the idea of the inheritance to the leadership after Muhammed be decisive for ScHIA islam, it could have been about Paul Celan as my jewish-genetic father. But the incidence was arguably a trifle indeed so it may be that it should not be assigned too much importance.

It is important that my books be published now and not only 'after' my life. Ideas of 'Firma' and things like that are not relevant to my person or work. I have no plans of exiting now and if I should be exited then the 'services' can probably inform the people that 'he had got it all from us and it is written by another person', which would be a lie, or if there should come an affe he would probably be easy to take as the swindler he would be. Clearly these problems should be avoided and that is also a reason for having my work published.

What is the proof they could present that 'he is a nazi'? Ah, he hasnt sent his books around to enough publishers for their 'consideration' - and that is a proof for the services that I want them to use the manuscripts for installing them into administration, business, media, plagiarisms etc: I write a book and self-publish it with sweat hands in a humble number of copies, say 20-30, and then the bizzevovs say that 'the book is already published so the problem is solved' and then it is just to help themselves with bits and pieces of the 'published book' into their activities. That is a terrible lie of course, if they say that I have made my work available for such purposes, and it is raw abuse of my work and I hope the police can stop the abusers and plagiarists and I have never endorsed or agreed to any form of abuse of my work. It is particularly not made for 'everybody else to do the same'.

Such a great tragedy it is for me to see my work vibrating uncredited through other activities or works - in particular if it be about a manuscript of mine which is totally unpublished. As usual, it is hard to find handsolid 'proof' of such - all things resemble all things however little - but the circumstances could allow for some suspicion.

Has anybody said that 'if the police tracked down the plagiarists and abusers of his work and squeezed economic compensation for the abuse out of them, he would have been the richest man on earth'? I dont think I have heard those words - but maybe they will surface one day. Hopefully it is not as bad as that, though.

Are aspects of 'Windows 10' based on my 'The Endmorgan Quartet'? That could be enough for butchering the whole Microsoft monopoly - or at least their licence. Does Microsoft hope to get the rights from the services 'after'-wards? But why do the politically minded folks leave it to me to contact a lawyer and handle these problems myself? Little me against the rest of the world? There could be many such problems which are a burden to the global community but are left untouched - could be the international 'services' manage to turn the roles by way of 'the beast of terror' and things like that? I dont know if Windows 10 resembles my work beyond the surface screen, but others will know about it - but could be there is a myth around that my work is 'public domain'? It is not public domain and I have so far never given the copyright to anybody - and certainly there is nobody who has the right to hand it out to anybody. The work should be published as printed on paper and sold via bookshops. There could be many electronic copies around, for all I know - clearly it could help a lot for public conscience if those who have illegal electronic copies get a chance to buy it on paper. It does not help to call it 'intelligence/surveillance data' - my work is intellectual property which is protected by the copyright law however much they could exist as 'intelligence/surveillance data'.

I was coming home for a walk one afternoon in the summer 2013 when I found this moth on the asphalt outside the house. It looked at me before it died, like that horned beetle on my desk. Could be one could call it a 'philosopher' (cp. also the 'biceps' look of the wing) who met the 'lapis' - but it is also possible that it served to tell that 'the services are a dead-end road': The 'lapis philosophorum' is not the piece of cake for international terrorism or vice versa.

Added on 27 november 2017:

I had written (handwritten) a poetry manuscript that had accumulated through a couple of years and it got a certain completion in the course of the summer. I transcribed it into computer - a little now and then - the manuscript was completed on my computer on 26 september 2017, according to my computer data. (Could be it is partwise 'perfect', so to speak). I registered it for copyright in Budapest on 24 october 2017. I have no plans of publication of this for the time being and hope that it can remain unused and unabused untill I publish it. Any abuse of it should be stopped very efficiently.

Added on 27-28 november 2017:

I ask that I be allowed to walk in and out of the house I live in without having to relate to (or being greeted by or talked to) the washingman. It used to be a female profession?

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