Shadows and Black Sea Loop

John Bjarne Grover

See this poem "All the shadows are good" with commentary underneath as background of this article.

Gro Harlem Brundtland was prime minister in Norway 1981-1996. Two of her foreign ministers died on their post: Knut Frydenlund was found dead in the toilet cabinet during an official dinner on 26/2-1987 while Johan Jřrgen Holst was shot by an intruder into his bedroom in late 1993. I recall norwegian news telling that he got out of bed and grabbed for his 'gullpistol' = 'golden pistol' but was not quick enough and was shot in the head. The intruder disappeared. He was transferred to Sunaas Sykehus (where there worked as doctor the former husband of Jette Rĺboe Larsen, one of the names in the 'octogon', if I got her right) but died of his wounds on the day when, according to another website, a 'cable' was pulled from Rwanda to UN (the peacekeeping mission under Kofi Annan) that the genocide would go as planned unless they were stopped then - but since nothing happened it went according to the plans. The name of Knut Frydenlund could mean Holst in bed while the name of Holst could perhaps mean Frydenlund in the cabinet: The idea that he had consumed laxatives ('Wohnungsauflösung'?) in the dinner and had to hurry to the loo and there conspirators had sawed out a little window in the rear wall and shot him from behind in the moment when the excrement went out. (I dont remember with certainty whether these newspieces were presented explicitly in the news or if I only came to understand them via news forms). This would be the exact counterpoint to Holst in bed - if one takes it that the story of the shot imitates self-sucking which means that he was shot in the head (from the front) in the moment when the genetics went out - as a form of 'pisatelj'? (The human body is so constructed that self-sucking should be quite difficult without the use of technology such as shoe-laces, however quick you are when grabbing for the 'golden gear'). My first ejaculation (at least in conscious condition) - in the autumn 1971 - was by self-sucking, and it seems that this could have been preplanned through many years - notably the story of the throw-out from the film room vis-a-vis the school dentist in the school basement in the school year 1970-71 - when teacher Robert Zimmermann should open the film room where we had been the hour before and while he fumbled with the keys he told the students to go and get chairs in another room. I stood there waiting next to my friend and classmate Roy Andersen, who was rather short of body length in those days, and I told the fumbling Zimmermann that there were chairs in there - we had been there in the previous lesson. No there isnt, he said, go get chairs. I repeated what I knew - the door went up and the room was full of chairs - and Zimmermann lost his temper and grabbed my neck, held my head down to hip height while he led me down the corridor and threw me out the basement school door. I peed in my pants on the way down the corridor and had to bicycle quickly home in the film lesson to change. I am fairly certain that the name of Zimmermann was Robert, and then it is permitted to observe the role of Robert Allen Zimmermann whose artist name is Bob Dylan. Who it was that was not 'Allen' could be the story - or at least idea? The 'moon landings' of the late 60's could also be about the 'jumparounds' with 'munn landings' = 'mouth landings'. It is likely that this element could have been planned as a part of a later 'octogon'. Also, the school dentistry - the dentist Aulie drilled and filled 'tramlines' into my jaws (and plastic in the front teeth) - he said he had filled 31 holes with 52 'flater', I think was the word, could be for 'plater' (Sylvia Flath?), but the matter of fact was that he had destroyed most of my teeth.

Now this story with the foreign ministers finds a very strong correlate in the two end intersecting roads to Berzsányi Daniel Utca in Szolnok: In the one end there is Ifjuság Utca = Youth Street, while 'if you sag ut sa' = 'if you saw it out said' would be the cabinet rear wall window of Frydenlund while 'Szanto Körut' would be the story of Holst. In the intersection of 'Szanto Körut' there used to be two small adobe houses, a family with schoolchildren and rabbit on the lawn, but one day I passed it excavators were brutally pulling down and removing the old houses - I hope the families had got the chance to get out in time - and now a car wash center has come up instead. The water spurts up. The question of Frydenlund found dead in the cabinet could also elicit the question: Had he swallowed 'something himself'? I add that Bersani is a wellknown italian politician.

This story from Szolnok is strongly suggestive of the idea that it is perhaps not a coincidence that I am the owner of the house in Sziget Utca - the short street ends in Berzsányi Daniel Utca - although I had no info about anything such in advance and was happy to have found a place which I believed was chemically free of political intrigue when I had bought it in 2015. I had struggled in the west of Hungary with finding a place which my humble economy could make but it was very hard to find something, and if a chance came up there also came problems up, and I eventually decided to look further east - the national estate offers in a paper told that it was much cheaper east and I decided to go and look for something near Miskolc. To get there I had to change train in Szolnok and had an hour extra there - I strolled down the main street to look for estate agents to see what was the price level but did not believe that I had any chance since the town is among the bigger in Hungary - at the first estate agent I found, a young man hung around my presence when I looked in the windows and I naively thought, well, I should try the next and went on. There I photographed some offers in the window, an employee came out and said I should not take photos of them but could come inside and look at their offers, we searched the database for what I could pay and there were in fact many chances - I picked out the three which looked best for me and got addresses and went to look at them. The one I chose was cheap enough for me to have extra money and it was central and very romantic-poetic (only water in a tap in the garden, though) and I had no chance to guess that there could be intrigue in it. 'Sziget Utca' sounds very un-alarming. It was only later that I discovered the addresses around - and today I consider it possible that the purpose of the long story is for me to live in or at least own this place is to install in history the fact that one tries to keep secret that Eisenhower (who was chief of Germany after the surrender) had allowed Hitler to escape to Norway to change identity with the uncle of 'Eidsvig Ragna' = 'Aktion Reinhard' - the three death camps that claimed 2 million jewish lives and which index strongly this address and the names of the three children of 'Eidsvig Ragna' - my name being that 'jump-jarnegg-grover' of the axe that the forester swings to mark a tree to be cut down - which can be called 'Treblinka' in norwegian language.

'Dur onkel' could be the name of that uncle? There was a flooding of refugees from mainly the middle east (Syria) into Europe in the summer 2015. When is the world going to end this 'Theatre of Pretences' and return to reality?

The intrigue around Berzsányi Daniel Utca, with the two foreign ministers, years before I came to the place, is strongly indicative of the idea that my happiness of having found a place free of any political intrigue was based on an illusion. It could have been planned since Hitler that I should buy the place and that this would serve as a proof that Hitler had been 'accepted' by the western powers.

The explanation to this is in that phenomenon of the hungarian HYMEN which I have described the reason for in terms of anglophony.

There is the additional possibility that the plans of a Black Sea Loop from the Van Sea or even Batman in Turkey around the Black Sea toward Paris could have been included in those plans already then - it could have been the theme of the Wannsee conference under Adolf Eichmann. Such a Black Sea Loop would be the worst thinkable horror - with people pulled out from their houses and driven off in vans to chemical horror. Nobody would want it, of course, but the powermaniacs could believe that this would be the ultimate form of 'power' - an underearth chain of panic running around the Black Sea towards Paris created by chaining of names that are struck by the chemical horror - in this way an underearth panic is set going like a tsunami through the population, and when the european swastika (with Norway and Italy as north and south arms) is turned 90 degrees, this under-earth panic of the eastern arm will run up through Italy from Sicily to the north - and this could have been the reason for Mussolini's fascism 100 years ago - symbolizing the 'fascies' = the bands that were binding the corn straws together (cp. also the phenomenon of 'adobe', which is a very harmonious and peaceful form of house) when harvesting for the bread = 'pane'. It would be the underearth panic of the eastern arm turning into an overearth pane-ic of the southern arm. It would be these 'fascies' which would constitute the chain joints of the loop as the one victim name would hook onto the other victim name in a phonological fashion that can be turned into efficient propaganda and name forms.

My impression is that it is the Labour movement which seem to represent this political program - on the pretext, now apparently somewhat outdated, that anything should be done to collect enough power on behalf of the working class to make them able to break the chains of exploitation from the rich capitalists. Today there seems to be little left of this once pretext and there could be mainly hollow power-rumble left of it. 'Utřya' is the summer camp place (on an island in a lake) of Young Labour in Norway - it seems to have been established in 1933 when Hitler took the power in Germany. In the worst case, it meant 'Sziget Utca' in Szolnok as early as that. 'Řy' is norwegian for hungarian 'sziget' - it means 'island'. 'Utřya' was the place where Anders Behring Breivik shot some dozen young people in the socalled 'Oslo terror'.

Via the apparent intrigue on Midori opening the letter from me in 1997, it can be said that the name of 'Anders Behring Breivik', which has come to be quite famous, in the political mythos means my name in that address in Sziget Utca in Szolnok - for that (Labour?) responsibility claim on Adolf Hitler - and could be even a Black Sea Loop.

Everything should be done to prevent the outbreak of such a Black Sea Loop horror program.

I notice the role of the name Jens Erland Braarwig in the committee which rejected my doctorate in 1998 - this name could also mean the metre readers who go around from house to house and have the right to get the door opened to inspect the metre.

There are many car wash facilities opened apparently recently in Szolnok - the one at Berzsányi Daniel Utca is one, another is next to Praktiker in the shopping centre south, another is in Thököly Út near the gas provider Tigáz which now seem to share premises with the new Nemzeti Közmüvek who claim the right to have the door opened. 'Sprakk tiger/Tigaz' is one possible reading of the car wash phenomenon in the other side of the city - another is my 'Caravaggio' study, a third is that 'carriage' of the typewriter Erika on which I wrote my first things - the typewriter fell down on an occasion and got a small damage in the carriage. It belonged to my official father John Grřver/'Mengele'.

I notice that there is one and only one element in this story which could have been the reason for my acquisition of the house in Sziget Utca - and that is my humble economy (a pension) plus the fact that I cannot take up a bank loan without risking to be totally squeezed by financial crises and intrigues internationally. If I do this, the interest rates go up, if I do that, they go down - and even a very small bank loan could turn out to be impossible for me. My only chance was such an adobe house in Hungary. Are even the house prices in Hungary fine-tuned to this story? Of course I could rent a flat somewhere else - but not-so-certain renewal of time-limited contract would be about as difficult and politically burdened as a bank loan would be and it seems that only Austria and Germany have time-unlimited house renting possibilities to offer.

My suggestion is that my books should be published and my person should interface with public attention in the form of published author and not as surveyed and 'secret' private person. That could lead to a much more healthy political development in Europe.

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 16 march 2018