22 october 2017

John Bjarne Grover

It was in late november and early december 1997 that I came from London with my PhD dissertation manuscript in 5 parts which I copied at a copyshop (Allkopi) in Bergen and I gave the needed number of copies to the university for evaluation for the PhD degree. I also appointed with Allkopi and the university bookshop Studia that they could make and sell copies of the third part of the dissertation - called 'The theatre of the heart' (a book of 340 pages) and sell copies of them in the bookshop. (The book was about an exhibition of sculptures by art academy students that had been in Bergen and its correlations with Rilke's fourth elegy - so the town had provided this basis for my study and I let them buy the book in return). I should not have anything for this except for info from the bookshop on how many copies had been sold. It may be that the letter did not tell when this info should be given - but I would say that 'now and then' - or when a new set was printed - would be natural. It seems that I gave the university bookshop Studia permission for this in december 1997.

The dissertation was not accepted - it was rejected in a letter of late july 1998 followed by the twin bombings of the US embassies in Dar-es-Salaam and Nairobi plus the bombing of Omagh - in total 'rejected on a political basis' - while I was writing my appeal and hence in theory could have written this line myself - but I do not express myself in terror so it must have been somebody else who did it. After this things started going downwards and after some time in the ditch I got my disability pension in late 2002.

On 27 march 2009 I sent a letter to Studia from Venice telling that italian law required that VAT be paid by the publisher before the sale of the books - but I could not pay VAT for the books sold in Studia in Bergen. Since I had no control with the sales or production of the books, I would not be considered the publisher. The letter seemed to indicate that I had not been informed of how many copies had been sold - and I cannot remember having received info on how many copies they sold. My guess is that it could be a few dozens.

As the letter tells, I had also given them permission to make and sell copies of my book "Doktorgraden" = "The doctorate" (degree) which contained the evaluations from the committee who considered my dissertation - and my replies to this in the appeal I wrote. The book contains also the lecture in the theory of science which was supposed to be a part of the degree - this lecture was also rejected by a committee - and the book includes their evaluation and my reply to this. The overall impression is that both the lecture and the dissertation should have been accepted.

Then in 2010 I wrote to the norwegian authorities (the new ministry NAV) asking how much retire pension I would be qualified for, since it was confusing with new laws and how to count whether membership in the national health insurance system was decisive for this - I wrote that I paid 3% social fee for the social insurance and this was the same as members paid - and I received a letter from Lotte Brevik (who referred to my letter received by them on 21 april 2010) which seemed to tell that the pension would be as for normal membership conditions, which means that the 3% I paid would accumulate rights, which was my question, and she wrote that my inquiry and her letter would be sent over to the office NAV Pensjon.

Then on 22 may 2011 there was the Oslo terror by Breivik on the governmental area in the centre of Oslo and on Utöya young labour summer camp. It is only now that I discover that the Oslo terror could be seen to relate to the two addresses of the bookshop Studia which I had used in my letters:

Postal address:            
Parkveien 1, 5007 Bergen
Postboks 2638 Møhlenpris, 5026 Bergen

(if 'par-kveilen' = the governmental power). If so, then it is possible that even the twin bombings of Dar-es-Salaam and Nairobi in 1998 indexed this 'Studia' addresses = 'sto De, ja' (in the sense of erection?) - 'Dar-es-Salaam' = 'there is the salami' and 'Nairobi' = 'now it is up in it'.

Clearly if I sell the rights to a book of mine for 5 or 10 years to a publisher, if there are such mighty political interests in keeping me off public attention, then it is hard to avoid that the contract with the rights be sold on to another publisher - and the sales and transfers can be going for years without the book reaching public attention. (If 'Dar-es-Salaam' = 'there is the salami' and 'Nairobi' = 'now it is up in it', this can mean PUB-LICK - and if 'O-magh' means Nelly Sachs' Nobel prize - cp. the faulty 'O-Dichtung' of the Challenger disaster - from the '18', that could be the ATTENTION). Therefore a contract form by which the publisher buys the rights to a certain number of copies and this is renewed automatically, it is a much better system - but it has to be a decent publisher who does not cheat on number of copies sold.

I left Bergen for Vilnius in march 2000 and in theory it could perhaps have been natural or possible to expect some info by email or letter on how many copied had been sold in Bergen. That is, if they had printed new copies at all, which perhaps they had not. In theory, if I were hit in the brain by a laser beam on 23 february 2002 (and it may be that 'Ingrid Betancourt' could mean 'Postboks 2638 Møhlenpris' - and could be the date 23 february 2002 is contained in the postbox number?), this laser beam could in theory have contained the info on the sale in Bergen.

In march 2014 the university bookshop Akademika in Oslo was (according to info on the internet) bought by a publisher called 'Vigmostad & Bjørke' and in may 2014 the same publisher bought the university bookshop Studia in Bergen. And then there arrived the letter telling of a new benefit system taking over for the former disability pension which would start from 2015. The new system meant that the former 3% (which in the mean time had gone up to 4 and some) would be adjusted up to 8,1 or is it 8,3, sth like that, which is the fee for salaries and not for pensions.

(There was a slight potential ambiguity in the letter from Brevik - "Dine spørsmål vedrørende framtidig alderspensjon sendes til NAV Pensjon, med dette brevet som vedlagt kopi" - which can be noticed if the idea of 'scholastic ambiguity' is of importance - since I was a little confused whether I should send my letter there with copy of her letter included or if she would do it - but as I now understand it she wrote from the office which could decide on these matters and therefore the sending to NAV Pensjon was only for their orientation).

If a political party, say, the US democrat party, does not want public attention to their involvement in e.g. terror, it may be that they had hoped to use me as a scapegoat - and therefore try to prevent public attention to my person or authorship. But clearly this system cannot continue much longer.

Added later:

Vigmostad & Bjørke could mean my two titles 'The theatre of the heart' and 'Doktorgraden' - and these could combine to 'værelse' & kvist' --> 'Bjørke & Vigmostad' = 'kvist-værelse' = where Johan Halmrast died. (Cp. also the idea of 'kvis-tværelse').

Works of mine that can be seen as published beyond self-publishing are four:

1. 'The theatre of the heart' (1997) - 340 pages - available (or was available) at Studia, Bergen
2. 'Doktorgraden' (1998) - some 110-120 pages - available (or was available) at Studia, Bergen
3. Geirr Tveitt's 5th piano concerto - critical edition - 185 pages - Norsk Musikforlag 1989
4. 'A computer-oriented description of music notation' vol.1, vol.2, vol.3 - appr 300 pages - 3 research reports at the Institute of Informatics, University of Oslo 1989

In addition, my MA thesis was printed in a certain small number of copies and stored in probably the university library:

5. A model for a non-discrete grammar. MA thesis, 152 pages, Oslo 1992.

Clearly if even 11 sep 2001 in USA was about these two titles 1-2 in the twin towers, pre-indexed with the twin US embassies in Africa, to which can be added my critical edition of Geirr Tveitt's 5th piano concerto = PENTAGON and the 3 research reports on music notation - for Lambertsville = Lambertseterbanen up to Otto Sogns Vei where I lived with Kirsten Ribu for some weeks 1980-81 - then clearly the pressure from a rejection by a peer review of a manuscript submission is hardly endurable. It must be called totally impossible.

Even the death of Benazir Bhutto on 27 december 2007 could have been about the two addresses to Studia in Bergen - e.g. via Oslo terror some years later.

One can also speculate that my 1992 MA thesis 'A model for a non-discrete grammar' could have been a background of the Anne Orderud Paust case - which I think included the story element of 'odel' inheritance rights to the farm. Anne Orderud Paust had been personal secretary to a series of norwegian defence ministers since about 1985 untill her husband's death (Per Paust worked in the foreign ministry - cp. also the pair of US embassy bombings) the day before the NATO bombing of the chinese embassy in Belgrade on 7 may 1999 - it was, according to norwegian media in those days, if I remember right, allegedly a norwegian air force chief 'Per Bøthun' who was on duty for the NATO command of that bombing.

I was 14 when one autumn evening I climbed out the window without clothes and with erection on - for a brief walk in the garden and back again. The window sill was a little high and to get in again made it necessary with some leg manouvres that could have exposed my anus for a potential surveillance camera (with or without direct link to Washington) in some vicinity. (Could 'nazi c*nt' - cp. 'Bill Clinton' or even 'Bill C*nton' - have been the theme of the attack on 11 september 2001?) My intention would likely have been that even if I could not see any surveillance, it could have been felt nevertheless, and my 'space-walk' could have served to tell that if surveillance were to keep an eye on my creative work, it is likely that it would not come out as well as it could. But this understanding could have been a little too advanced for the surveillance - I dont know about that. However that be, the beak of the lamb or eagle on the white stone shows what looks like a person about to climb up on a higher structure - and this could have been contained in the fourth jet of 11 september 2001 on 'Lambertsville':

Clearly if the death in 1912 of Johan Halmrast is the contents of such massive rejection, it could even be about a HOMO program - since the text to the famous HYMN of his arguably is a little 'homo': "Jeg levende så ham i haven / og aldri så skjønn jeg ham så". Combining this with a HYMEN program on Hungary, there are every good reason to close down such rejection programs - that is, there is every good reason to find a publisher for my works - and not expect that I shall battle the massive rejections by submitting the books to peer review. (I may have the right to hope that a relevant publisher rather will contact me about publication of my books).

Who could have been behind these actions of terror-driven rejection? Of course islamic interests cannot find my humble publications much interesting, but if ISIS is to be understood as at least abbreviatively the same as International Secret Intelligence Services, then it is easier to understand it - in which case one understands that it be about interests for making a new Hitler - could even be on an antisemitic basis. 'Al Qaida' means 'the base' and that could mean Euler's natural exponential constant 'e' - which again could mean the philosopher's white stone. Has this been in the centre of interest for the US democat party since at least Kennedy?

If it is the US democrat party who want to have me as a scapegoat for terror they could be associated with, then it is easy to understand the reason for the rejection program - and that reason could be hypocritical indeed.

Notice also the 'Lundikingus' nosetip of the white stone lamb - in a position which the surveillance camera otherwise could have pointed to - and hence 'ideal' for turning the roles around. Martin Luther King could have fallen victim of such a 'luindikingus' strategy. The idea of 'massive rejection' could also come out a little ambiguously in view of that climb-on 'bill of the eagle'.

(The idea that "Jeg le-Wände så ham i haven" also could mean "I'm Avram Noam Chomsky" is not so very interesting).

On 10-12 november 2017 I add the following comments:

1) John F.Kennedy seems to have been a little lax in his educational career - he enrolled several times but seems to have rolled out again due to bad health but eventually made a batchelor of art in 'politics' with a thesis which later was published as a book. The thesis had received a 'finish' by the journalist Arthur Bernard Krock before it was published as a book, tells the story. How deep the finish was, I dont know. (When Ragna Gröver frontal crashed in 1981, the car had to be thrown away afterwards - it was not only a scratch in the surface). I have no ghost writer for my books, though - however much the 'services' could feel that they control people's thoughts etc. There was a 'supervisor' agreement to my PhD dissertation at the university in Bergen - but the supervision was not much more than acceptance of my regular reports. They have or had a contracted right to make copies for educational purposes within the framework of activities at the university - of material in the dissertation which I had written while receiving payment from them - without having to ask me for permission, but they do not have any rights to the intellectual property beyond this. There is no part of the text in the dissertation 'A waist of time' which I am not personally responsible for - but clearly it is not impossible that JFK wrote only a small part of the book or thesis while Krock wrote most of it - that he was educated 'lawyer', so to speak - but that does not apply to my work. I received a letter that I had got a pension in late november 2002.

2) As far as the Oslo terror on 22 may 2011 is concerned, I can refer also to my letter to the chinese embassy in Vienna of 20 april 2011. There did not arrive a reply letter so far - unless it was sent and never reached me.

My PEB was finished in 2010 but is not yet published in ordinary ways. It is not impossible that the 5 'revolutions' of 2010-2011 (Kyrgyztan, Egypt, Tunesia, Libya and Syria) were instead of a publication of my book - if, that is, the 'revolutions' were organized by International Secret Intelligence Services somehow - for couping the authority to the book.

Kyrgyztan, Egypt, Tunesia, Libya, Syria
.....gesetz -     geb- erischen   maß-nahmen

= from austrian Staatsvertrag 1955: Artikel 10. – Besondere Bestimmungen über die Gesetzgebung: "Österreich verpflichtet sich auf die Liquidierung der Überreste des Naziregimes" - 'gesetzgeberischen und administrativen Maßnahmen' - and then the question is whether a majority of MAP-names in Syria could 'mean' 75% or so.

There is a rewrite of 'NSA-CIA' into a 'MECCA' of intelligence (in Vienna?) that could resemble the address on Hitler's postcard - FIRMA, you jump S over A, and the idea of successive leadership in concepts of ScHIA islam. Modern law in Frankreich?

It may be that plans for a central european 'MECCA' of intelligence producing new turbulence in GERMAny could have lost much of its enthusiasm with my 2010 book - in particular when the Line 1 phenomenon of unconstitutional power thereby could have felt irrational but justified priority before the constitutional power of Line 4 of the PEB - but when the Line 1 phenomenon of HYMEN in the 'gibberish' hungarian language (as seen from an anglophonic viewpoint) gets its rational explanation, the air goes out of the irrational power balloon - and many plans could come to reduce to worthless status.

'Folkets Dagblad' was a swedish communist newspaper since 1916 - the name could have been norwegian as well and it means 'Peoples Daily' newspaper. The chinese 'Renmin Ribao' = 'Peoples Daily' was started in 1948 - it is the typical name of a communist newspaper for the people. 'Dolkets Fagblad' = 'the daggers Fachblatt' (or is it Bachflatt?), while 'Dolfets Kabla' in principle could have been the origin of the name of Engelbert Dollfuß. Whether this 'Dollfuß' could have been a part of the background of a concept of a 'gesetzgeberische' relation of Austria-Hungary with Habsburg origins as imposed onto the norwegian-swedish relation, I dont know. Clearly 'Renmin Ribao' could not have been pre-heralded by Dollfuß - but the name of Dollfuß could perhaps have been related to the swedish communist newspaper, for whatever reason. This means that, in theory, a strategy contained in the 5 'revolutions of 2010-2011 could have been to attenuate the effect of my blue PEB book by assigning magic power resources to the 'angelic doll-foot' (of the drill-and-sob phenomenon) as a line 1 - and this could have found a background even in the story of the norwegian Alexander Kielland oil drilling platform that ran aground and capsized in 1980 and the norwegian oil drilling platform 'Bravo' that had a blowout in 1977

I hope somebody can be helpful with finding a publisher who can contact me for permission to publish it - but care must be taken to ensure that the letter from the publisher reaches me and not somebody else.

Added on 13 november 2017:

The above is registered as published in most recent upate on my web account on 12 November 2017 at 02:15 pm, which then probably is 14:15.

A strong earthquake struck at 18:18:17 later in the same day in the border area of Iraq and Iran.

China Daily reports that the worst hit place was Kermanshah province - but adds: "The US Geological Survey said the quake measured magnitude 7.3. An Iraqi meteorology official put its magnitude at 6.5, with the epicentre in Penjwin in Sulaimaniyah province in the Kurdistan region, close to the main border crossing with Iran."

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