3 june 2021

John Bjarne Grover

It seems that the program of having my books published has been postponed while waiting for the reaction to go down. However, it is possible that the reaction will never go down as long as my books are considered a political phenomenon and are made available by way of pirate copies from the intelligences. I am waiting for the day when a publisher can publish my books - even in a humble format and number of copies - so that at least one - 1 - legal copy can have been sold. That is the day when people who are interested in serious poetry and science can start taking interest in it and that is when the reaction starts going down. As long as it is a political event, the reaction probably never goes down.

In the mean time, it is observed that the number of copies available to the public is very small - mainly books I have made by own hand and donated to libraries - and those could be vulnerable to 'intelligence' interests and intrigues tempted by the human weakness of wanting to be the only one who has the secret.

My epidemiological theory, including this link and a later newspiece.
Hütteldorfer Station and Hütteldorfer Strasse.

Is it '1223' which is the reason for this? It is possible to stop such politics with the law.

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