The evidence of MacDonald's government

John Bjarne Grover

I went to a McDonald's restaurant for some french fries. Waiting in the queue, I felt amazingly ridiculous - a real 'sink in earth' feeling it was. How embarassing! Why? I quickly found it, though - in the name of the place:

Makt = germanium = #32 (in the periodic system)
Honour = gallium = #31 (in the periodic system)

Feeling ridiculous = sink earth-in = zinc/arsen = #30/33 (in the periodic system)

Hence the reason for the world's first Labour government of James Ramsey MacDonald starting in London in the early morning after Lenin's death the evening before - 1970 days after the attempt on him in 1918 - could have been Lenin's funeral = sinking him in the earth.

In addition, 'RAMSE' is norwegian for 'row' of symbols/words, could be it can be applied to columns as well - and hence the permutational diagram for the mystery code. J-aims = jihad of Syria 2011-2018?

The question of arsenic comes up on this background, considering its apparent presence in political intrigue since at least 1924. It is noteworthy that the fictional character 007 James Bond (many of the books written well before my birth) is amazingly close to my name Bjarne John, while 007 upside down is the LOO of John + Gr�ver. There could be a 'reverge not', 'on reverse' etc in the form. Bond's passion for fast cars and beautiful women could be about the 'drinking and whoring' of germanium and gallium. James Ramsey could be the unspooned James Bond - and even the 007 could be recognized in the role of row 7 = RAMSE 7 in the permutational diagram. Therefore it is well possible that 007 James Bond is an interpretation of this aspect of MacDonald's 1924 government - in relation to Lenin and the role of Russia in the Fatima revelations of 1917 - and that my name rather was made much later as a 'spoon' on the Bond character qua MacDonald interpretation. However, there are the two John Grover documents in British Library - from 1823 and 1843 - which then either could have been primary or they could have been antedated after MacDonald (there exists also a collection of poetry under the catalogue entry J.Grover: "Nature's melody. A selection of verse" from 1936). But there exists this possibility - if either 1823 or 1843 or both were authentic - that James Ramsey MacDonald were appointed to form his government immediately after Lenin's death because 1970 was planned to be the year of death of Nelly Sachs and Paul 'Celan' Antschel - since the attempt of 1918 could have served to tell the name of the parents, the father being not even born when his year of death was planned. If, therefore, Lenin's death served to tell the high secret of the name of my genetic father, it is possible that MacDonald's government and the fictional James Bond character were formed on basis of my planned person and name rather than the other way round. Even the attempt on the Papa in 1981 could have been about this - if the date 4 october 2018 should have served to tell the theoretic secret that Paul Antschel's penis was stolen from him in Tours (= '2000'?) before the war - in order to be transplanted over onto somebody else for the concept of 'genetic father' (say, by the date 4 october 2018) - but this is guesswork of mine only on basis of mythos redundancies.

James Bond is not a singular case of such exposition of indexes related to my person. If, therefore, the program was to expose me to 33 'arsenic' while I lived in 30 'zinc'-kgasse in such a way that it paralleled the terror in Syria, the global effect could have been considerable due to the massive indexation - which could have included the non-republicans Joe Biden + Obama = Johnbjarna. This is the reason why the question of 33 'arsenic' is of interest. Of course it does not mean that I had to be poisoned during the Syria crisis, when I lived in Zinckgasse - since the name of the nearby school and the zinc of the streetname could have been sufficient. Or could it? But the american president names should perhaps suffice.

The austrian presidents in the Obama period were Heinz Fischer and Alexander von der Bellen - the latter name could be seen to point to the permutational diagram with its 'Alexander' in the opposite direction of the columns 4-6, a barking dog in the 666 and 'von der' in the 111.

It seems that the four first points in the 'Oslo Report' likewise could conform to this pattern of the periodic system 30-33.

The conclusion is that my person seems to have been planned since at least Fatima 1917. What for? My recently completed vol.4 tells the reason - that the program of writing a 'divine revelation' around 2000 which had its 'semantic reference' in Fatima in 1917 is a grandiose task and work designed for the knowledge and technology of the third millenium. To fake such a work is easy - that is just to study the data from 1917 and then write something which could have been its source - but to write a work which gives space for a true divine revelation in such a way that it could be the source of Fatima is very difficult. It is possible that the chinese script is an essential aspect in this story - and that the russian revolution could be seen to be an integrated part of it - and that all the rumble around my person and name in politics and media and culture in the western world since 1918 was to be a counterpoint to this.

It is important to understand this - that all the massive ado around my person in the west (could be globally) is but a secondary thing - while the primary matter is the work I should do. That is something! It is the work in the four volumes:

Volume 1 = 1266 pages
The Dreamer (1994-1995) - a novel (some 630 pages)
POLAKK English Bloggi (2008-2010) - poetry (some 370 pages)
My mention e Anna (2010-2012) - poetry/prose (some 240 pages)

Volume 2 = 1881 pages
The Endmorgan Quartet (1997-2008) - poetry (1881 pages)

Volume 3 = 1264 pages
A waist of time (1992-1997) - scientific prose (some 610 pages)
Poetic semiosis (2012-2013) - scientific prose (some 650 pages)

Volume 4 = ca. 1300 pages
Part 1 = The poetry (some 900 pages)
Der Dornenstrauch ( 2010-2015) - german poetry
SNEEFT COEIL (2014-2018) - german poetry
Stillhetens �ndedrag (2016-2016) - norwegian poetry
Rosens triangel (2018) - norwegian poetry
Part 2 = The theory (some 400 pages)
Fatima and the fundamental theorem of linguistics

The blue and red metres are in vol.1 while the yellow (in german) and white (in norwegian) are in vol.4.

Clearly it can be difficult for political administration to admit that all the rumble in the hundred years 1918 to 2018 were only for providing a needed background for my work (there was some shooting in two mosques in Christchurch recently - if the point were to suggest that my postulated thoughts and their categories are associated with terror, that could be for the idea that my thoughts are 'radicals' in contrast to the others of the west who thereby look 'divine'), and therefore they have not even heard about him, as they may say - but clearly this cannot continue: The four volumes - which could have been the one and only purpose with all the political circus throughout the 100 years 1918-2018 - must of course be published and made available in legal format for the lay and professional readers - with my name on the front page - and it is also important that the copyright of the author be not too violated. (For example, those who have made illegal electronic copies should at least buy the paper edition as well, ideally in the same number of copies as there were electronic copies). The status of the rumble is not so important. It seems that political administration (Trump etc) aims at getting the rumble down, for a return to the real world, and that will be welcomed by all sensible people around the world. It is not so easy to understand this - after a hundred years of political circus. It was not for reasons of the security business around her that the Star came to town - and indeed it would look ridiculous after the concert with pages of reports in the local newspaper about all the successful security work - but not a word of mention of the concert itself! The world moves forwards, not backwards - it is not going to be under the iron heels of Hitler.

I quote from 'Fatima and the fundamental theorem of linguistics' - which is a chapter in my vol.4:

Between Fatima and TEQ there will arise - if TEQ is a revelation - a field of tension which conditions thought and behaviour and which can be called culture - but only for levels 3 and 4. It is the revelation [i.e., level 4 and not level 2] which makes the culture and which lifts it a level up. // The childish and immature resistance against the conditioning of thought and behaviour - which such culture-conditioning in the time of waiting from Fatima to TEQ can imply - cannot be justified by a 'struggle for freedom of thought and speech'. Such struggle for freedom makes more sense if it be an attempt of the subject and the people to liberate from the spiritual suppression of a level 2 propaganda, but the confusion of this justified struggle with a conditioning of thought and behaviour via a level 4 revelation can be the source of much demagogy. It is possible that there has been some of that problem in the gap between Fatima and TEQ.

PS - As to the shootings in Christchurch, I had a couple of days earlier (in Hungary) studied the chinese for 'parquet' which is 'pinhua diban' - with 'lenition' it becomes 'wenhua divan', with an obvious reference to PM Wen and president Hu, more or less 'divine'. This can be recognized also in the poem TEQ #198 signed 'The Endmorgan Quartet' (a sort of 'title poem' - written on 13 may 1998 - parallel text is the first part of Luke 22:61), the lines 'Mibedium and Ondetje / I never read fiction' = by medium and donation: I'm wenua divan (so to speak). A story from 2013 - my reason for studying the chinese 'parquet' - suggests that logical order and semantic assignment can behave this way (like the planklets of parquet springing up) and be an essential part of TEQ. This leads to a theory on the reading of this poem, starting with the fundamental theorem in line 1. It is in the afterwaves of the 100 years of rumble that this sort of semiotic research prompts terror a la Christchurch - what a sad wrong way the development has taken: Such discoveries should of course have led to progress in semiotic and poetic studies and not terror. This is a part of the reason why my work must be published. Hopefully not all administrations are soaked through with this problem and participate in this 'Christchurch project'. It must count as a very big shame to take part in that sort of activities. The problem of tacit accept of the terror for participation is a result of 100 years of 'rumble' - and it is extremely important that the world gets out of these bad habits and into the way of sensible studies for progress in truth. I add that the ethiopian airplane that fell down some days earlier was on the same day (10 march) as I wrote in my diary (whether before or after I dont know): "The quake in Norcia in Italy could likewise have been the same reason - even if the benedictines seem to have been in the focus of such attention for a long time (could be Stift Melk was the innermost cavity of Hitler's cabinet)". The word 'melk' occurs in the second last line of the same poem TEQ #198. It is likely that the coincidental chance for a double reference to this poem could have been the reason for the Christchurch terror - and the chance thereby to create the impression that this is what my poetry was written for. My poetry is certainly not for that sort of things - but it could perhaps be seen as somewhat 'conditioning of thought and behavior' in the field of tension between Fatima and TEQ. The terror in Christchurch could be an act of such 'childish and immature struggle for liberation' against the 'suppression' of this conditioning - a struggle which is based on mistaking level 2 for level 4 and vice versa. It is very urgently important to put the era of a hundred years of rumble behind and start building the new culture.

� John Bjarne Grover
On the web 17 march 2019