The magic of the history

John Bjarne Grover

It was while I completed the book 'Der Dornenstrauch' that I discovered the correlations between Rigveda and Moses. I had successfully applied the 366 first verses from Moses 1 in hebrew to my blue metre called 'POLAKK English Bloggi' in 2010, and when the new yellow metre book 'Der Dornenstrauch' (with 440 poems. written 2009-2015) was completed in 2015, I wanted to see if the probably even older book 'Rigveda', probably the oldest known document in the vedic (hindu) religion, existing in its sanskrit version from many centuries before Christ, would apply with some relevance to my new book. It was some birds who helped me discover the 'loops' or 'displacement principles' (see also the study of Nono's quarter displacement) which the chapter divisions of the book organize, and this provided for me the evidence I needed to see how it was relevant: When I had 5 such loops that each of them would assign a different verse from Rigveda to a poem of mine, I studied my own poem plus 4 of these verses in sanskrit in detail, and after I had completed the translation and commentary to my poem of the fourth of these verses, I took a break and listened to the 'afterthoughts' that came as an echo to what I had already written, which often happens when I sit working like that - and when I then after the break turned to the 5th verse in sanskrit, I found the echo thoughts articulated there! It meant that there was a logic that bridged from the 4 first verses to the 5th contained in the architecture of these loops which the birds had suggested. This happened several times, enough to convince me of the relevance of these loops for my own book.

I then turned to a comparable study of Moses (for the 'Dornenstrauch') and found that it applied in a one-to-one fashion to my book but not in the form of loops - in particular the 'echo' made no sense. It was easy to make a similar form of loop-scheme as for Rigveda but it did not make sense - only the first and undisplaced column was of any value. (I listed the 5 loops even of Moses in the edition I made of the 'Dornenstrauch' - for telling that the loops applied to the vedic but not to the hebrew - and the reader can check this by own studies.

Part 1 of my book, the 'catalogue of mysteries' (called 'Kinderhilfe'), tells of the metaphysical realm from which the historic reality is formed by the human semiotic constitution through the two 'coils' or 'loops' of parts 2 and 3 (I found the 'lapis philosophorum' after I had completed part 3 in 2014), and seemed to find some explanatory value in this. I mention the example that the chapters of Moses are always longer than the chapters of Rigveda - only one chapter is longer in Rigveda than in Moses - and that is the chapter 23 in Genesis wherein Abraham buries his wife Sarah - it has 20 verses while Rigveda 1 chapter 23 has 24. These verses 21-24 correspond to my poems 155, 155a, 156, 157 - which then take on a quite relevant 'metaphysical' interpretation of that burial - following Sarah across the metaphysical border. The mystery that is 'catalogued' here (in this 'Kinderhilfe') is thereby to be found in the interface between the structure of Rigveda 1 and the structure of Moses 1 (Genesis).

The conclusion was that Rigveda and Moses seem to be quite intervowen and mutually relevant because they share the same themes: Both of them are about the creation of the historic reality, such as my yellow-metre book "Der Dornenstrauch" is as well, and they can be seen to be 'parallels' in some sense of it - for precisely that reason - that the human semiotic constitution is the same in India as elsewhere in the world.

It was after I had concluded on this that I started to understand the history of the western world, which came to look like this:

The discovery that Moses was a 'parallel' to Rigveda was probably made early and soon landed like a bomb in christian Europe: If Moses was a parallel to Rigveda (the worst rumours could have said that it was an outright translation!), it meant in those days that either had Moses copied (or translated) from Rigveda or Rigveda had copied from Moses. If Moses was a mere copyist, it meant that his story was not authentic and then the historic basis for christianity was weak and dubious as well. Panic: It had thereby been proven that the christian creed could be swindle and a mere copy of an old hindu book, and then it was fully possible that the Bible was only a few decades or centuries old. The rumour spread like wildfire and the Vatican had to establish the Inquisition to quench it. This was in the 13th century. (It is my own theory, this, a recontruction of history on basis of my own findings).

The crisis was not easy to heal, though, since it had already thrown a shadow of ecumenism on the Absolute Devotion that a true christian lived in in those days - and it eventually led to protestantism: Martin Luther said that we cannot take the chance of the catholic faith that the historic revelation of Christ can be the foundation of our creed since there is convincing evidence avaible telling that it could be swindle, and so we have to focus on 'the only thing we really know for sure' and that is the book of the Bible on the table in front of us: Since it is a sensible book in any case and in addition also the foundation of our culture, we can concentrate our creed on the evidence in the book - and then our sense of truth cannot be totally misled by religious authority.

His father was called Hans Luder - and his birthname was really 'Martin Luder' - 'my art in agency': It was, told the name, fully possible that the Bible was written by 'agents' - and then one could not know with certainty which authority the agents worked for. That was the crisis which he threw his ink-bottle after. Protestantism could be called prostitutantism in that 'Luder' sense of it - that it tries to contain in its foundations the theoretic chance that the Bible is a piece of fraud from more recent centuries.

The historic truth in this said that one could not know which of the two documents - Rigveda or Moses - was original and which 'a mere copy'.

To rescue the christian culture, the european political authorities deviced a clever plan around those times of Luther: They would send out Christopher Columbus on a mission 'around the earth' to return from the other side, and on his way he would make a stopover in America and report that he had met the 'indians' there. (Certainly the Atlantic had been crossed many times before in those days and the europeans knew probably much about people living 'over there' - so Columbus wouldnt have been the first in that sense of it). On basis of this, Europe would start colonializing the american continent and war down the original inhabitants there - since they were assumed to be 'indians', that is, those of the Rigvedan origins, while the truth and nothing but the truth would be that they were not authentic indians at all, rather they were only 'monkey business indians' - mere copies! - and when Europe felt that they had got the divine aurhority to massacre all those, it meant that Heaven had signed the declaration that the 'indians' were mere copies and had not the authentic rights - which meant that Rigveda was the copy and Moses was the original and hence the christian creed was rescued, and that settled the issue. Puh! The massacres on the indians went on for decades and centuries untill not much was left of the nagging doubt that had threatened the european culture - and they felt safe in their holy quest towards the christian Heaven.

But that is what led to the 'justified holy wrath' of the nazis under the logo of the ancient indian swastika symbol - that they wanted to restore the truth of history and massacre jews instead of indians since Moses had to be the copyist - why should it otherwise have been necessary with all those indian pogroms? My guess is that the holocaust on the jews continued untill they had reached the same number as was estimated for America - which would mean that 6 million indians had been massacred and 6 million jews and then equilibrium should have been restored, told the nazis. Or maybe the number of indians were much higher? I think it is high time that USA comes out with the real number - there is no reason to believe that christianity will be threatened by that, rather on the contrary.

Hitler worked in protestant Germany - and it is likely that this story was the driving motor in nazism: His call for extermination or at least rejection of jews (in his election campaign in the early 1930's, if I have got it right) instead of indians meant that Martin Luther was right in his systematic doubt, since it meant that if Moses were a mere agent for some hidden authority, there was not much substance in the divine revelation which is the foundation of the catholic creed - and then the protestant germans were right after all, and that probably was the appeal which brought Hitler to the power in Germany.

Martin Luther is the weak point of the germans if catholicism turns out to be right after all. Adolf Hitler came from the catholic Austria and made his career in protestant Germany.

Today an ecumenic understanding is possible - that both hinduism and christianity are right and true creeds - but then there is not much left of the spirit which sent people out on crusades for christianizing the rest of the world. The little which there is left of that spirit could be found in the ideas of 'holy war' in islam or alleged islam. This is the theme of the 'civil war', as it has been called, of Syria.

Most people or politicians of today are probably inclined to understand this history in the sense that it is pretext pretext pretext only and that the drive for 'terror and monkey business' and the power therein which was the universal spirit behind the indian pogroms in USA. I dont know if the program of 'terror and monkey business' existed before this american history started - or if it is a phenomenon that came out of this history.

My book 'Der Dornenstrauch' tries to restore the real basis for the mystic spirit behind the religious creeds - and should be ideal for the german situation. I think the germans should not reject the book too much - that could be to ask for a new Hitler, sort of. I dont know why it seems to be the fact that the essentials of the correlations between Rigveda and Moses seem to correlate with grammatical errors in my book - there are many of those, in particular in part 1, the 'catalogue of mysteries' ('Kinderhilfe'). It is well possible that these points of correlations include grammatical errors that also seem to be at points where the vedic and hebrew concepts combine to an 'opening door'. It is possible that the long history since Luther has made the german language include the 'weak points' of the historic reality relative to the metaphysics.

(If the handwritten book manuscript to my 'Kinderhilfe' has been used for 'monkey business' in american administration, at the time of the war in Syria, this history could have been the reason. But I dont know if the manuscript has been abused).

My book may be an important contribution for preventing a new Hitler (and hence abuse of it could serve to propel a new Hitler to power). What would the new Hitler look like?

The philosophy could be that Columbus and Luther around 1500 were the correlate to the religious founders at the time of Buddha and Confucius one millenium earlier - only the opposite way of those peaceful 'nirvana proponents' - and that the philosophy is that cultural history goes in millenial cycles which turn the feature valuation to its opposite in each cycle - which means that the Creed of the new millenium would be the opposite of the previous. That means that Columbus and the indian pogroms would be the correlate to Buddha and Confucius - and hence that the new Jesus would be a sort of Satan which could be used for all practical purposes as an explanatory matrix. 'Silly jokes' is what I would call that philosophy.

It is likely that this is the Octogon on me - an attempt to make a sort of well-inclined and goodhearted Satan out of me: For each of the 8 crises through the period of dependency (the period of 'art in luther' of the parents), the culture would make it go 'the other way': Instead of keeping the skull on, the infant would have it lifted off soon after birth, instead of the critical bodily integrity at 6 months the infant would be raped etc etc. Each such developmental crisis going the wrong way, it would be a 'world of Satan', sort of.

It would probably, as is my guess, be the philosophy of the the 'International Secret Intelligence Services'. Could be the program of this 3rd millenium 'Satan' is the creed in 'power before truth' - the idea that a new world can be based on Power rather than Truth, thereby solving the problem of doubt in history: What is the truth of history really? Never mind, they say perhaps: If Power is the metric then Truth is not relevant. Most people probably do not agree with that satanic program, though.

It is easy to understand on this background why it is futile for me to send a book manuscript to publisher's 'peer review' under such circumstances. That 'service plan' would likely want that crisis (of the 'peer review') to go wrong way for me. (Could be some would say that Norway was established in 1814 and developed throughout the 19th century for being a world of wrong-way crises for such a global program - for 'rescueing christianity' and things like that - I dont know if that be the case or not - if there could have been such international interests trying to influence the establishment and development in Norway).

A pity indeed if this is the philosophical basis. Clearly that 'world of secret intelligence' cannot be right - whether they go for justifying christianity once by way of massacres on indians or they go for an alternative called Adolf Hitler. I have shown that a blue metre with millenial cycles does exist but that is because of the alphabetic technology as a part of the human semiotic constitution - and not anything about turning moral features to their opposite in the moment of millenial 'crisis'. (In Vienna there are still the 6 'Flachtürme' built by Hitler's nazis - 6 giant concrete towers spread over the town with the shared property of being exactly the same height above the ocean - which could mean that the world grows downwards from this level instead of upwards from the ground). The corollary to the discovery of the metres is that the human reality is limited and probably symmetrically structured - and hence that the reality which the laws of nature describe is limited. The corollary to this is that we must learn by humility how to understand a bigger reality.

I take my 'indian' illustration as example: It was in early 2014 that I looked into my bathtub and observed the white enamel when suddenly there appeared ex nihilo four black spots on it. One of them ran up the bathtub side inside a drop of water - it looked like a small spider. Another was next to the small wooden rod with textile rolled up on it that drifted ashore from some water left in the tub. A third I dont know what happened with. I scratched the dark substance off the fourth and smeared the mud-like stuff on a microscope glass and looked at it under optic magnification - and I photographed through the microscope this surface while it was still wet mud: The photos are the ex nihilo 'graphics' - the first of these being the cover to 'Der Dornenstrauch'. One of the other graphics seemed to show James Joyce with rollerskates (not James Bond!) reading in relaxed home environments, without being aware that he was surveyed by a camera - or 'under surveillance' there on the microscope glass. When I took the microscope glass up again several months later to check the details of this more closely, it turned out that the mud had dried up and all that was left of this original 'James Joyce' motive was the black-and-white 'indian':

The 90 degrees turning of the 'indian' shows what looks like his daughter and wife - the daughter having lost a milky tooth and her mother inspecting the scenery - could be they will have some prospects for income if they put this 'lapis philosophorum' in a glass of water.

The upright indian is the main title to my new book "Stillhetens åndedrag" ('The breathing of silence') - the stillness can be spotted in the Stradivarius neck of hair up from his head and the breathing can be seen in his fingers, while the 90 degrees turning to daughter and wife can be seen in the subtitle to the same book "Og lønn vi fikk avstanden fra" ('And wages we got the distance from').

Now this is probably no coincidence but a 'semiotic universal' in the limited human semiotic constitution that make up the historic reality with its laws of nature and spirit - and the evidence for this can be found in one of the last poems Nelly Sachs wrote, in her book "Teile dich Nacht" (published posthumously - here from her 'Suche nach Lebenden', Suhrkamp Verlag 1971) - the poem is the following:

Nicht sehn zwei dasselbe wenn sie aus dem Fenster sehn

1. Fensterstimme
          Der Mann an dieser hellen Ecke dort
          steht er am Höllenrand
          Er rauft sein Haar
          Es flammt aus seiner Schädelstätte
          Hat er die Welt verschluckt
          Speit er sie aus?

2. Fensterstimme
          dein Sehn
          schon ists Gedächtnis
          was sich dort hin und her bewegt
          ist nur sein Stock
          der Gras und Blumen köpft

Clearly 1. Fensterstimme (the first window voice) is the indian and 2. Fensterstimme are the daughter and wife - the 90 degrees turning of the picture. It means that if one indian and one european are asked to describe what they see from the same window, their descriptions will have to be similar because they are both the same human kind, although they will perhaps differ a little. The metaphysical origins of indians and europeans are the same, therefore Rigveda and Moses are parallels. It means that the main title is the same as the subtitle to my book - only a minor difference in the 90 degrees turning.

But wherefrom comes the entelechian intentionality in the black-and-white mud rub from? Why does it make sense for the poem of Sachs?

The 'Stock' is likely to be the tool I used for getting the mud off the bathtub enamel and onto the glass, not window glass but glass nevertheless. Or is it the scroll that drifted ashore? The second voice talks of the loops and coils of the sanskrit while the first sees the hebrew. Why are they similar? Wherefrom this correlation? I refer to the mystic metaphysics also of chinese poet Ouyang Xiu - one millenium ago - with that 'save-on-a-rola Stock' that drifted into the shore - no no no, wait a minute, I dont really believe in 'the meaning of names'. Do you? The theme is so old - even Plato wrote a dialogue 'Cratylus' on it.

The wheeling of James...

But how can the mud smeared on the microscope glass know about this? How can the dust on the book spines know what the books are about? That is the magic of history that is hard to explain. There could be an interface between the metaphysical and the physical reality called 'the human semiotic constitution'. Could be that is the reason for the similarities between Rigveda and Moses as well. In which case the correlations between Rigveda and Moses are a proof that both are authentic and not that one is a copy of the other. Which of course is the answer to that 'riddle' - and hence there is no reason to believe that the 3rd millenium will be 'satanic' or anything such. To use the correlations as pretext for terror is of course utterly wrong.

One can add the inference that if critical 'wrong way' is the power-beyond-truth which some go for, the 'homo' orientation can well be recognized as a part of that - an attempt to find something positive (as homos may feel it) even in the 'wrong way'. If traditional female work, such as selling bread in a bakers shop, suddenly is inundated with males, that could be for precisely this 'wrong-way' turning. It is possibly of urgent importance that one can avoid a future Hitler who with a lifted trembling finger calls for a unified front against 'satanic jews' - the church of Satan! Not the least for such reasons should the studies in Rigveda/Moses correlations be made publically available. It is so very easy to understand the whole history when one sees these factors - and clearly this version of the history should be obligatory school teaching - if it really is the fact, that is.

(I add that the account I have given of the history of the western world in the 2nd millenium is my own - on basis of own speculations - and I have it from my own work with 'Der Dornenstrauch' and not from any other sources. Is it still classified secrets - those correlations of Rigveda and Moses - in order to protect the faith of the christians? Then it is high time to have those historic facts published).

© John Bjarne Grover
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