Not 'med-ju-gor-je'

John Bjarne Grover

There are the Marian apparitions in Medjugorje which still seem to be going on. They are considered serious by the Vatican - and are often listed along with Fatima.

'Je gor ju med' [på det] = 'I do agree to it' in norwegian language.

'Je gor ju med' [potte på hodet] = 'I go around with a potty on the head' - which perhaps could have been about a person whose head was opened in early life and who remained a little naive.

Explicitly: I do not agree to let myself be replaced by a copy or to be sent in the chemicals. There could exist ideas that I had agreed to let myself be replaced by a copy person in order to have my books published - that is very untrue and I have never agreed to anything such and will never agree to it. Weird ideas that my books cannot be published as long as I am alive belong to the category of mental disease - clearly such ideas would be about protecting the integrity of 'political projects' based on the 'dirty beast' conception of the 666 of 'mouse-dung' and all that.

Downgrade the stone - and close all such 'political programs' - that solves the problem.

Ideas e.g. that the top chiefs of intelligence in Norway and Austria had consulted each other and the top secret been communicated that I had agreed to such a tragic fate (e.g. in order to have my books published) but could not admit it publically, would be bad lies all of it. I am a serious poet and would never agree to any such nonsense or clandestine theatre.

Of course if I were so unfortunate as to be replaced with a copy, an outright 'affe', he could after some time easily under my name confess that he had been an agent for many years and had written his books on basis of material he had got from the secret intelligence services and therefore was just glad to hand over to them all rights to the authorship - for their secret and exclusive use. That would have been a very bad and tragic coup and it must not happen and not be accepted if things should go as bad as that - which I certainly hope they will not. I am not an agent, I have worked independently and my work is not for the socalled 'intelligence' world with all its 'mouse-dung' and all that.

My work (also on the Burgenland power mystery) may have rescued the future of the state of Austria and they should not agree to let me go in the chemicals while an 'affe' takes my place. That would only have to mean that they do not want the state after all.

Maria Vassilakou is vice mayor and Stadträtin for traffic in Vienna - she declared some days before the election in Sweden (Sverige) that she would not run for re-election in july 2019. She is known for having turned Mariahilferstrasse into a pedestrian area and had a minor bicycle accident some time ago. 'Warum ich gehe' was the top news in many newspapers on 3 september 2018. She shares birthday with Tone Gröver. (Twin ta-over?)

At the time (a few days interval or so) when Strauss-Kahn paid 1,5 million dollars to the roommaid Nafissatu Diallou of the Sofitel hotel, whether he had gone in the trap or what it was, I got an SMS telling that I could claim 1,5 million dollars from a US couple who had won 90 millions in some lotto and wanted to share some of it with others. (An internet article told that there had been no such lotto win in that state that year, though). Since the email address for claims seemed to have got an extra T in the family name ('...ftamily@...'), and since one could have expected a letter from a lawyer if it were serious, I did not answer. (I think there were ideas around of somebody else offering 0,5 million as well).

I have never agreed to the apparently bad abuse of my things in public media - and I have hoped and still hope that somebody will take the initiative to have these things cleared out. I have never been told a word about it and it is always about a Gefühl and never about solid proof. The phenomenon cannot be used as a proof that I have agreed to the role of letting myself be abused. Maybe there is an ombudsmann or is it a Volksanwalt or something who could start unwinding the abuse - instead of waiting for me to pay the lawyer for expensive hours? It shall not be the public world who starts abusing a single person and then leave it to that person to stop them - it must be the public world who stops themselves - in particular if electronic format is the source - that can often be hard to discover by the single person.

It may be that the problem is high up in politics. It is of course possible that e.g. Kennedy spoke and acted a lot about my person - went to Mexico on my birthday etc - but never mentioned my name in his years in the White House - and therefore media took interest in 'data' on the same person. It could be this sort of problem - that it cannot continue but it feels easier to solve it by way of an 'affe' than by confessing the whole thing and then pay for it. But such an 'affe' is of course no real solution at all - and I certainly do not 'med-ju-gor-je'.

(In a file 'preamble.htm' in 2008 I mentioned that I had heard somebody dialling on a phone in a late night and associated with dialling the code of the US president's 'football').

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 18 september 2018