The new logic

John Bjarne Grover

Any poet knows that there exists a 'phonological' or acoustic logic - you hear it on the sound of a line that it is right but cannot tell why. It is like a boy putting the foot on a branch when climbing a tree - he knows whether it can hold him or not but cannot tell why. The poetic line gives an echo which has a depth - and the depth tells of the truth therein. Later it turns out that the poetic logic was right and can lead much further into new knowledge than normal reasoning can.

TEQ function 14 tells that there is a phonological counterpoint to a semantic unit on the 'rainbow' - and that there is a principled reason for both of them. The logic goes down the functions 14, 13, 12... to function 1, probably. Like a tree throws the leaves off in the autumn - these fall to the ground and rise again to become new leaves the next spring - or some springs later - with some xylogisms inbetween.

The new logic is likely to be one which at least includes the phonological reasoning in addition to the semantically based. One can fancy that new syllogisms on this 'phonological' logic can be set up. This is a logic which will apply to quantum theory and mechanics. Could be the quantum leap is just there - the split into two reasonings, two causalities, two realities - when the semantic and phonologic logic suggest different ways of historic progress - but they have a shared root and explanation in the depth of the roots of the entire language (with the fundamental theorem), the entire and limited semiotics, the history and entire culture. Equipped with this new logic, humans on Earth can make exact computations on what is going on in remote parts of the universe - or beyond the border to the human semiotics. Therefore this new logic is of utmost importance.

It means that in order to understand the new logic, one must understand that there is a phonologically based logic on the other side of the rainbow relative to where the semantically based aristotelian syllogisms are.

Politics is sometimes misconceived as the art of 'taking the other way instead' - say, a western country makes enough errors to call for war against it - but the solution is found in a war against some other and smaller country, with less money and defence chances. Say, e.g. Norway should have released the history of the octogon power before the turn of the millenium but did not, and because of this grave error, Kosovo was bombed. That is to 'take the other way instead' - and there could even be quasi-phonological reasons for it. It is even possible that the Vietnam war was instead of a US war against Norway. Why should Norway have been so interesting? Because it 'means' 75% - on the nasal nose of the continent - and the new logic of TEQ functions running from function 14 down to function 1, like leaves falling from an autumn tree, seems to go essentially via this ratio of 75% - hence the TEQ is a quartet. But then it is the 75% which is the important observation - and not Norway that is so important. But the fact is that 'taking the other way instead' (such as Vietnam instead of Norway) means searching the new logic of the phonological counterpart rather than the syllogistic semantic part. But then to run warfare against Vietnam instead of Norway is to be mistaken - it should have been understood in the logic of poetic xylogisms rather than aristotelian syllogisms. It looks 'right' somehow - why? Because it feels right semiotically. But if it feels right even politically, paradoxically, that is only because politics does not want to give away the priority of understanding to the new logic.

For understanding the poetic logic you must be able to feel the depths in the acoustics - and that requires a certain purity of heart. It is likely that much warfare blunts this sense - and therefore war instead of poetic logic is a part of the resistance to the new logic.

Added on 27 october 2017:

As far as Norway with its whitestone nose- or beak-tip nasal functionality is concerned (see this file on the 'climb-on'), if the crisis on Norway is maximized sufficiently, it could come to be the conclusion that there is no other solution than to take Norway - and if Vietnam was one of the stages, Iraq could have been another. And then the evidence of Kursk & Cole leaves no doubt that Oslo swaps with Jerusalem like semantic form can swap with phonological form on the rainbow of function 14 in my TEQ - and this could have been the idea behind plans for an 'N-Lösung' - to hunt down every 'norwegian', that is 'jew' if Oslo = Jerusalem - because they had not let the 'octogon' power go by releasing it to public attention. Which also could mean that the jews had kept their religious and mystic-philosophical secrets too esoterically closed down.

This story is about the form of the new logic - going in zigzags of 75% or three quarters down the 'tree' from level 14 to level 1 in my conceptualization in The Endmorgan Quartet. There are those who believe that groundbreaking new knowledge has to be prepared by state-level politics and warfare, making the way through the new jungle possible (the Rwanda genocide?), but others say that the function of such warfare and genocide is just the opposite - a reactionary resistance against the new knowledge. Of course it cannot be the right solution to wipe out the stock of jews if those are precisely where this knowledge comes from - then it is more about pirating something valuable from them because one wants to have it instead of them having it. Therefore the idea that the new knowledge of poetic logic should be pre-modelled in the political space by 'taking the other one instead' (like punishing Kosovo instead of Norway) is likely to be just bad wolf politics dressed up in fine sheepy clothes. It is my impression that what is called 'International Secret Intelligence Service' is about that attempted pirating of the precious knowledge.

I would also believe that the attempts to downgrade homo coitus from perverse crime to legal sex is what for some political views could seem necessary if one wants to legalize the new Hitler in a 'Bermuda rectangle' - turning the ThIS = Vietnam-Iraq-Italy relative to Norway of the whitestone female pointing towards her genitals around to the other side, thereby solving the 'paradox' or problem which gender is at stake: If it is a man he curls his hand up to a clutching coil but if it is a woman she is pointing with her index finger towards the genitals - this could be the 'dirty trick' which cannot be solved without the white stone. And the knowledge of the white stone has - as far as I know - so far not been released to the public except on this web page - and I have made the white stone myself.

Homo coitus as 'the human race adrift' - the human raft adress[ed] - the wooden logs displayed - all that sort of turning it around to the other side by spoons of 'poetic logic' is probably not much more than nazi demagogy.

My Endmorgan Quartet and the other poetic metre works of mine (applying to this new logic) should be published - but don't ask me to submit them to peer review, rather, help me find a relevant publisher - and the story and principles of the octogon and the white stone should likewise be downgraded and made available to public attention.

If 75% is the secret of Norway, it could be that even the syrian crisis under Obama is about the same principles (a la Kosovo) of 75%. It may be that a majority of placenames in Syria tend to 'mean' 75%. Francois Hollande (!) introduced 75% top tax.

It is not impossible that the Trump presidency could be about a somewhat revolutionary new turn in US politics. His daughter and her husband are both jews and advisors to the president, which suggests quite clearly that it is not the 'End-Lösung' Trump is going for.

Is meteorological warfare used for quasi US civil war?

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