Euler's constant 'e' in Böhme's conception

John Bjarne Grover

I quote from the previous article on Brexit and catalonian separatism: The question is whether the angel wording of 'è un ragazzo' is the essential trick for taking Italy as the third element in the 'triangle' relating to Norway:

1. Norway-Vietnam = 180 degrees around the globe
2. Norway-Iraq = 180 degrees around cognitively for the OTHER, rolandic fissure sort of
3. Norway-Italy = 180 degrees around human-angelic/divine

and then it is the angel's voice speaking ITALIAN when it says 'è un ragazzo': But when this means e = 2,7182818284... it tells of Euler's (!) constant 'e' as the length of the philosopher's white stone when measured in centimeters - and that is not the same as the british inches. The voice speaks angelic = english, but it recommends or strongly suggests a centimetric = non-english basis for the understanding of the mystic relation between humans and divine or angels - and that could be the essential trick for the construction of a new Hitler in concert with a new Mussolini.

The natural exponential constant 'e' as the length in centimetre of the diagonal line on the white philosopher's stone seems to be given on page 11 (page 15 in the following library online copy) in Jacob Böhme's "Kurze und deutliche Beschreibung des Steins der Weisen", Amsterdam 1747:

Es offenbaret sich eine jegliche Zahl selber in seinem Seculo, es hat keine Kreatur Gewalt darüber, sie zu offenbaren, denn auch der sie hat, darff nicht, er tritt sonst aus der magischen Ordnung, und wird dem Mysterio ein Eckel, §89. Darum haben die Propheten und auch Christus alle in Gleichnis geredet, auf Magische Art, und darf noch heute keiner, der des Mysterii fähig ist, anderst reden, es sey dann ein sonderlicher Fursak [or is it 'Fürsatz'] Gottes, da die Zahl muss offen stehen, als Daniel, der die Zeit Christi mit seiner Zahl klar deutet, der hatte es Befehl. Epist.47.§.31. Welches doch Gottes Kindern, in denen die Gnade ist offenbar worden, hart verbotten ist, das Perlein nicht für die Säue zu werfen bey ewiger Straffe.

It is this puzzling style, which serves to tell that one knows the number but will not tell it, but tells it nevertheless as riddle, which has grown into modern secret intelligence service.

The number is contained in Epist. 47.§.31 by way of 47,5531 in division with 17.5 (47 turned into 17, the paragraf-sign taken as a '5') which leaves approximately the magic number of Euler.

But why doesnt he tell it when it is clear that he tells it nevertheless? That is what modern politics is about as well - as it is controlled by the international secret intelligence services. "It is secret" - so it can only be leaked with eyebrow gymnastics and strange movements and pantomime.

The division leaves the querstrich of 4 when 1 is subtracted - hence FURSAK/FÜRSATZ GOTTES really tells E UN RAGAZZO - the word 'en ho eudókesa ' spoken by God (Matth.3,17) in the form of a dove and sound over the head of Christ when he stepped out from the water of the baptism.

e 1 2,7182...

What ridiculous behaviour - to tell it but only like releasing a flatulence in an open street where one believes that nobody will discover it but soon somebody comes crossing the street in rapid pace and discovers the FURSAK GOTTES. That is the modern International Secret Intelligence Services who are the last windmill-fighters on the earth.

The book claims to be published in 1747 Amsterdam - I notice the 17-47 and it is permitted to speculate if this was the real year of publication when 1747 Amsterdam = 17-47 Paragraf - for 47,5531 / 17,5 = e. The front page of the work also tells of a 'Schuß-Schrift seiner Schriften' that has been 'beygefügt' ('beygefügt eine Schuß-Schrift') - if that is supposed to mean '31', for Epist. 47§31 I don't know. I cannot find that 'Schuß' can mean anything but a 'shot' - while it seems that there should have been an 'L' in there for 'beygefügt Schluß-Schrift'. It seems that it is the number 'e' which is the 'meaning' of the front page in that page 11 sense of it.

Around that time of 1747, the unit of measurement in Europe was probably still of variable kind - one unit for measuring distances around the house and another for measuring distances at sea, length of fish etc - and one can guess that the secret brotherhoods found it opportune to find a unit which could contain the magic number in the white stone and therefore settled on a centimetre - one hundreth of a METER stored in X-shaped metalware in Paris - since 1889 - because that is what preserves Euler's constant as explanation to the white stone.

It seems that the unit of metre was developed internationally in the course of the 18th century - and Euler's constant and this 1747 treatise about Böhme's work could likewise have the metre and centimetre as secret theme.

It seems that the metre can be traced back to the story of England in the 13th century - and hence the theme itself could be what lends authority to England.

Böhme writes "in denen die Gnade ist offenbar worden" - postwar grammar requires "in denen die Gnade offenbar [ge]worden ist" - but that does not solve this problem of conspiratory secrets! Is it as simple as that - that the 'new' grammar after 1945 - wherein the 'finitte' of dependent 'claw-ses' has to be in the end - tells of this 'beygefügte Schuß' from the white stone - meaning the 'beuge-fugt' = homo coitus for the meaning of '3' as part of the '31' on page 11? Is that the reason why the germans have to speak 'backwards'? But then it is high time to pack down 'the world of secret intelligence'.

In norwegian language, the scene with the man who tries to climb into the bed of the woman for a 'Bei-Schlaf' can be called 'opp i senga' = 'up into the bed'. Could be that is taken to be the purpose with the 'epist' - that it means an e-pis with 'beygefügt Schuß' which leaves an 'L' or 'l' from the 'Schluß' to which the querstrich of 4 differing from 1 is added for a 't'. But that is not the level of a true mystic - it is the level of ridiculous rebuses and pantomimes - a true 'schlippery Schlub'.

Gnad e ist offenbar worden
Gnad epist 47§31 etc etc

for which the precious secret is kept esoterically hidden by way of the new grammar which requires the finitte 'ist' to be moved off from the 'Gnad-e' - to the end of the 'claws'. I hope that is not the reason for the 'ist-west' schism of the postwar world.

How sad it is if all that 'homo' perversion of modern times is only for the sake of that 'beygefügte Schuß'. For keeping the white stone secret while yet on everybody's lips.

It is possible that Jacob Böhme's "Kurze und deutliche Beschreibung des Steins der Weisen", Amsterdam 1747 - with its page 1 and page 11 - is the reason for the Kursk & Cole phenomenon.

I do not believe that all these rebuses are the world of Jacob Böhme - rather it is the world of International Secret Intelligence Services. Those could be the ones who want licence agreements in personal computer programs to be called EULAs - with claw-s on the wood - for continueing this ridiculous farce which stops all developments except for the art of hiding things away. Of course it should not have been called EULAs then - of course one should have found just any other name for it. The world of the International Secret Intelligence Services is not healthy - it seems to be more like an old gloomy perverse nightclub with a single lightbulb hanging from the ceiling - the world had better get out of it as quickly as possible.

In short, if the 'secret intelligence service' instructs the post office chief to put a male instead of the ordinary female in the counter which I have to consult, that could be for making new Hitler by way of a logic which could be not much more than this 'beygefügte Schuß' - while the same 'secret intelligence services' could explain to those involved that it is 'the other way round' (!) - that would be for hiding things away so that nobody except themselves understands what is going on. The post office should not follow such instructions. It may be that the parliament should withdraw all extended authorities to interact with society from the 'secret intelligence services'.

It is likely that most serious politicians hope to tune down or even bring a complete end to the unconstitutional power of the 'services'. It is likely that the two world wars were about just that - and that the Hitlerfans (of all that 'beygefügte Schuß' and the power in it) made quite a lot of progress. Modern terror is that power. It can take time to get that down again - hopefully is that what the world is concerned with.

The fact remains that in modern times probably quite few people seem to know the white stone - it is possibly what could be called International Secret Intelligence Services who have the precious knowledge and have been about to take over the control with the world power, and some people do perhaps would say that these are more or less the same as a gang of murderers - the world of secret agents and such 'beygefügte Schuß' on everybody's lips by way of terror and warfare. The goodhearted flock of nice and kind people do not know the white stone - while a gang of agents or murderers could be planning to use the precious knowledge to control and cheat the goodhearted ones - while all arts and sciences except for the art of codecracking and the science of surveillance technology stand still and wait for something to happen. That is all that comes out of secrecy. The old idea that secrecy was necessary to prevent that the evil-minded got hold of the precious knowledge has turned very wrong way.

PS Epist.47.§.31 could also be the hidden code of Hitler's postcard as a responsibility claim on the death of Lenin in 1924:

If FIRMA = 47, then 'Eugene Paisseau' could be 'you jump S over S' = the paragraph sign § - and then the interesting observation is that the intersection PELZ-gasse / Goldschlagstraße in Vienna could mean '31'. Leopold Zechner Schule (built in 1910) is near this intersection. Hitler lived in the nearby intersection Beingasse / Felberstrasse. PARIS = PELZ, Fol-iereg = Goldschlag - while norwegian 'strebe' = 'nå'. The new 'Ingrid Leodolter' Haus (a Pflegeheim) up the street could perhaps also be a name meaning 'Ingrid' = 'Firma' = '47' and 'Leodolter' = '31'. Could be even the Ingrid Betancourt case of 2002 could be seen to be related to the same idea or 'phenomenon'. Then only EPIST remains of the code - and that was the idea of a 'Gnad'-death of Lenin. (If I were hit by a laser beam on the day of 23 february 2002 just after having read the news of Betancourt, even that could have been an 'e-pist'). Notice also the big R - which could be the russian P needed in the E IST: R ist env.1924.

Zecher = drunkard. The Air Egypt plane that crashed outside New York - in the night before Clinton in 1999 went on the first official US presidential visit to Norway for many years (since the Kennedy assassination?) - described an 'N' in the air before it crashed at 0047 in the hour when summertime changed to wintertime. '47' is the telephone prefix for Norway. JFK jr aircrashed on nearly the same place in july 1999, some weeks or months earlier, and hence it could be seen as a sort of 'firma'. It is possible that Norway in the role of the global counterpoint to Vietnam, Iraq, Kosovo etc etc is nothing but this '47' in the sense of 'firma'.

I refer to my 'Stillhetens åndedrag' relative to Luigi Nono's string quartet - there one finds both 47 and 31 as defining numbers - but that is about the 'transfinite' harmonies and it has nothing to do with political intrigue. Rather, as one could say, these are metaphysical facts of a new harmony for a new millenium which the history of political intrigue has tried to shoot down, so to speak. They should not do that - it is new knowledge which the political reaction should not try to stop.

© John Bjarne Grover
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