All the shadows are good

John Bjarne Grover

TEQ poem #11 ( from 'The Endmorgan Quartet' book #1 'Hammerfest')

Luke 23:33   και οτε απηλθον επι τον τοπον τον καλουμενον κρανιον, εκει εσταυρωσαν αυτον

All the shadows are good.
Some, though at with no,
sailed in a ship, initiated
problem of the new Nigeria with working.
But he at least was at the village land
while I slept.

But, in the morning, or something like that,                     27.09.97
that would have been extended well before.
It's sometimes easier to find about
of any concerty group I'm giving.
Reading only a part,
I would experience never to walk alone.

Crucispace stab                                                             28.09.97

Comment: This is the poem I wrote in the immediate context of Midori Goto's concert in London in 1997 - I thereafter sent it to her but there came no answer, at least it did not reach me. Today I can recognize a reference to Solzhenitsyn's 'Archipelago GULag' in the 'village land' - on the form 'our keep her lag ho - make her yellow' - as if I had asked for it. If there is any correlation between the day of her birth and a significant event of my life, such as my first ejaculation (which is theoretically possible), then the temporal correlation could only be naturally explained with a caesarean incision in the birth - in which case the opened gap could have been the first thing she saw in her life, when she was 'extended well before'. But could it be evidenced later? If not, how could the poet know this? The name of the terrorist in the Oslo terror seems to tell of this phenomenon - the first thing Midori saw when she had opened the envelope from me in 1997, possibly with 'caesarean incision' - the gap in the envelope could be called 'bre[i]v-vik' and a dawning theory to explain the mystery could be called 'anders behring'. But that is not my fault! My 'village land' is of a more general poetic nature than the historic one of the russian 'pisatelj'. I add that a slight gynecomastie under my lefthand nipple occurred rather suddenly one morning in probably early 1971 (it could in principle have been the day when she was conceived) - but if it had been put under there manually there was no scar left after it. Today this is probably easily explained by modern medication which can heal a wound scarless in an hour or so - I dont know anything about this but have guessed that it must exist - but in 1971 that could have been a secret reserved for the initiateds in the 'services'. If this medication did exist in 1971, it would have left me with the idea that the gynecomastie was a product of my own body, of myself, while it really wasnt. I add also that the committee which rejected my PhD dissertation in 1998 - they did not want such theories? - was composed of Anders Holmberg, Jens Erik Fenstad and Jens Erland Braarwig - which simply could mean the 'itemslist' of my poem ('skum' = 'foam'). Anne Skundberg was a name of my first sexual experience in 1972 - and hence the complex I have outlined here could even derive from such correlations and possible coincidences as that. I add that of course my poem is not written with such perspectives in mind - it is a poem of a very general nature and without any form of intrigue interests and if there is any sort of connection to the concert event of 1997, it would have been to the music I heard - if at all.

The story continues under this article.

Added on 22 march 2018:

There seems to exist a myth telling that Josef Mengele first changed identity to John Jensen Gröver in 1945-46 and thereafter he changed again to pope Paul VI in the late 60's or early 70's. This myth tells that the Vatican cannot admit this publically but they do it quasily by way of the three first non-italian popes - John Paul II = John Gröver/'Mengele', Benedict = german 'nazi' (he had a membership in the nazi party in wartime Germany, which was obligatory for all german men), and Franciscus = a[r]gentiner. However, there exists a much better explanation to this series:

John Paul II = POLAKK
Benedict = English
Franciscus = Bloggi = Argentine on the map

The surprise is that the 'german nazi' was 'english'. But this is just what my study of PEB line 1 (= John Paul I) tells - that the redundancy of the hungarian HYMEN which led to Hitler's government is a peculiarity of the english language.

There seems to exist 'proof' also that Paul VI was replaced with a copy - in the evidence that could be attested by journalistic photos of his face - which seemed to show that the nose was distinctly shorter or was it longer from a certain day onwards. However, if in those days there existed already the 'CIA sort of medication' which could make a wound heal in a few minutes, it could have been possible for Gröver/'Mengele' to put breast tissue under my left side nipple by anaesthesia in the night and I could wake up next morning with a small bump but without any traces or scars. The only possible explanation would then have been that the body had done it on its own initiative. Similarly - the pope could have gone to bed in the evening and woken up next morning with a 'Pinocchio' nose - a little longer than normal, or was it shorter. How could this have come about? said the pope to himself - and looked once again at his nose in the mirror. Had the body really done this on its own initiative? Could be the journalistic evidence of a shorter or longer nose had just that purpose - to tell that such things were in fact possible in those days.

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