Introductory comment to the article on the egyptian hieroglyphs

John Bjarne Grover

The article ( gives a principled account of the forms of the basic hieroglyphs based on the form of the 'lapis philosophorum' which I myself made in 2014. It should be very interesting for egyptology. Critics will probably say that the validity of this account is all and only about the validity of the 'lapis philosophorum'. I do not have any data on the form of this traditional phenomenon - but have guessed that it went political a couple of hundred years ago with the formation of e.g. the US democrat party and the international secret intelligence power in extension from classic freemasonry and that evidence of the form of this white stone was purged from the publically available archives. My own opinion is that the white stone which I made in 2014 is of that type which has the characteristic of always having the same form - the human spirit struggles with liberation from the material world untill the dependency relation snaps and it collapses into that material shape which is the form of the human psyche - therefore the philosophers stone always has the same form. To find that egyptian hieroglyphs are present in these forms, more specifically in the critical points of ambiguities, is not surprising. The tragic event in history would have been the moment when it was decided to define the unit of the centimetre to be such that the diagonal of the stone would be precisely Euler's constant - that lent a shadow of 'magic' to the centimetre and the formation of Hitler immediately started as secret intelligence power based on the role of Euler. The dirty trick is that the stone looks like Euler's universal constant while the fact probably is that it is defined as such by some humans.

The problem is the lack of other evidence. I would guess that old drawings of the stone could exist but the political intrigue could perhaps have hunted down all copies of it. The jewish diaspora could have some copies of it - or was that the reason for the holocaust?

But there is no reason to despair - as long as there are humans the stone can always suddenly appear in your kitchenbench (Ouyang Xiu's 'western lake') and so it is impossible to wipe it out from public knowledge. It would be too much of a pity to erase the human species only for keeping it secret. My guess is that this esoteric cramp now has come to its end and that means a new era for such studies in a rational and sensible way.

There exists such 'evidence' as e.g. Caravaggio's 1601 Emmaus revelation artwork - unless that simply is corresponding art on the form of the human psyche. Do you think the british flag is based on the white stone? Could be - the britons are otherwise the only unmetric ones left - but even they are gradually turning metric. Could be the traditional sea pirate flag has a similar origin in the white stone? But when was that sea pirate emblem designed - if it 'means' the white philosopher's stone - as if it should be strictly illegal to sail under such a flag?

This also means that if evidence of the 'lapis philosophorum' exists in a small number of secret copies, say, at the tipetop level of secret intrigue, modern surveillance would have found them - and it should be possible to have these things downgraded and released to public or at least scholarly attention. Or at least it should be possible to have it verified whether the stone I made/found in 2014 has interest for these matters.

I should add that there seems to be much interest in the white stone in the construction of current political 'projects' - but these are certainly not the same as for my white stone - rather the opposite. The white stone is traditionally considered as composed of (incombustible) sulphur, mercury and salt, three elements which can be recognized in the streetnames of Wurmsergasse, Gstaltmeyrgasse and Selzergasse, a sort of 'Bermuda triangle' not far from the house where I am living in Vienna. It is my theory that Adolf Hitler was made under similar circumstances a century ago by way of these three streetnames plus the intersecting Hütteldorferstrasse, which means an Adolf Hitler strasse when the Bermuda triangle opens up to a Bermuda rectangle. It is well possible that this is the reason for the 'homo wave' - an attempt to make people open up for the Adolf Hitler by opening up for the Johnstrasse region. This political or perhaps rather 'intelligence service' construction could thereby be aiming at constructing a new Hitler by way of the form of the white stone - but that is exactly the opposite of my interests: I find it important to publish the details of the white stone for increasing the public understanding of it, while such political interests could be interested in keeping it secret in order to make it possible to cheat people to believe that things are the opposite of what they really are. This sitution - that my work could come to be considered as contributing to a Hitler program - could of course have led to a more or less acute need of mine to make such a stone myself, a stone the details of which thereby could be published - but that is not the same politics as the construction of a new Hitler - it is very the opposite. In german and austrian postwar constitutions it is forbidden to make a new Hitler, and if the austrian administration or austrian political interests should be caught in the act of screwing a new Hitler together again, the state could be gravely endangered. I certainly do not want a new Hitler - and I do not want to be blamed for a new Hitler. This could be a part of a rather desperate need to find it - in order to avoid a new Hitler - but I nevertheless do not believe that it is the political construction or intrigue which has produced my white stone - it is rather my literary work which produced the stone which I have. However, it should be noticed that the circumstances could be vibrating with such a philosophy - without stone, though. If, therefore, the 'information services' should tell you that 'this is a part of our project', that is not true. If the 'services' should have a white stone or empirical data about it in their possession, they should of course (as is my opinion) publish these data - not the least in order to avoid a new Hitler and thereby rescue the state.

Therefore, if anybody should tell you that it is not recommendable to credit me as the source of an idea or to mention my name in public, then it is likely that the real reason for this is that they want to retain me as an unknown factor that later can be blamed for the rise of a new Hitler - while, as one can easily understand, the real reason for such a Hitler rather is to be found in those who come with such recommendations. And now with my discovery of the phonological anglophonic basis for the political phenomenon of the hungarian 'hymen', it is not likely that any new Hitler will come to develop at all.

With best wishes,

John Bjarne Grover
1152 Vienna

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 6 december 2017