Moses Pergament and the refugee crisis

John Bjarne Grover

1. Moses Pergament

was a close swedish-jewish friend of Nelly Sachs. He was originally a violinist but an unfortunate event with a dog made his hand unable to play and turned his career over into composing and music criticism. He was a good composer - for example, his violin sonata is recorded and is very good music. He wrote also an opera on basis of her drama 'Eli'. I heard it in Stockholm (and noticed the outcry "pipan!"). It is a wellknown story that is told - and which I have always doubted, in particular after having heard the opera - that she heard the opera and had a nervous breakdown thereafter and it is told that she had expected another sort of music. This conception is probably based on her letter to Johannes Edfeldt of 24.3.59 - and it is likely that this is used as a basis for intrigues on the LIBA as the acoustic reality. She writes that 'dies alles war ertränkt mit Tönen' - which could be this idea of the wet clay in the adobe. She had expected, she writes, a form of spoken words with background music such as in Nono's work (and hence the premature death of Nono in 1990?) - which could be about the groaning voice in the context of the LIBA drilling rig. She mentions plans of a Stiftung in Dortmund under the names of hers and Albert Schweitzer's - which then could be taken to be about the LAPIS philosophorum. Furthermore she mentions the idea of humans suffering in their earthen existence - which then could have been misread by 'Labour interests' as taking it for her recommendation for that sort of fate for the young generation. Finally, she adds that "die Trauer, dass ich Moses habe weh tun müssen" - (with this criticism of hers) suggests that she thinks herself in the role of the dog that bit his hand and is very sorry for that. A close reading tells that she didnt really bite too hard. Clearly 'Moses Pergament' could be the contents of the 'opened testament' that paralyzed my left hand in 2002 - suggestive of the idea of a 'beam' on the brain, under the skull. To take Nelly Sachs' letter to Edfeldt as indicative of the idea that human suffering is recommendable is very mistaken. However, a laser beam - if that is what it was - could have been part of a plan to make it appear as if 'jewish genetics' is the origin and source of persecution horror against young people - and that could later be used as a pretext for new 'contra-persecution' against jews.

I notice that an octogon project against me could have its origins in the form 'jo, han er sæd-felt', 'yes, he is sperm-downed', the name Johannes Edfeldt. She was 'sæd' she had bit his hand. Cp. also the aircraft that was downed close to the ukrainian border soon after I had photographed in a church in Padova. If so, one notices the un-dudenish grammar in the line "die Trauer, dass ich Moses habe weh tun müssen". Here another two examples from Nelly Sachs' 'Eli' suggestive of un-dudenish syntax:

1) War denn der Michael nicht zur Stelle daß er hätte retten können den Eli?
2) Frage den Michael, ob er dir kann fortnehmen die Schritte.

Should be clear enough - and this syntax suggests a more intimate human relation than the administrative 'correct' one - "Frage den Michael, ob er dir die Schritte fortnehmen kann". If indeed modern german grammar is turning away from this syntax, if that is politically motivated, it could find its origin in this letter of Sachs with that essential line. Which could lend much potential political weight to it. About - as could be the political intrigue - a 'SOMA permagent'.

If new persecutions are planned against the 'mosaics', it could be that the same plans include a crediting of Nelly Sachs for that: "Die Trauer, dass ich Moses habe weh tun müssen".

2. The refugee crisis

There has been a sudden increase in the stream of refugees from Hungary to Austria causing a closing of the border at Hegyeshalom and refugee camps in Nickelsdorf. The news report that the bulk of these come from Syria.

It is well possible that the western powers do want the syrian crisis in order to create a stream of syrians from east to west over Hegyeshalom - which means for that Szigetközi area. Clearly if NATO or USA wanted, they could have stopped the rebels with their advanced weaponry - such as I apparently was hit by in 2002. ('Claudio Abbado' died while walking in the street - he suddenly fell down). So could probably Russia and maybe China as well, but the shootdown of the malaysian (= 'beam-laser'?) airplane over Ukraina close to the border and the following sanctions against Russia told that it would not be tolerated by the west. There was also a very similar disappearance of another malaysian airplane closer to China some time earlier. I dont know much about laser beam weaponry but suppose that it could include advanced mass targeting from satellite or at least airplane. Could be NATO in one single strike could hit lethally all leaders of the 'islamic state' forces with invisible laser beams if they wanted? I dont know about this but guess that the arms are quite advanced - could be the use of them is internationally illegal but the possibility nevertheless exists. It is not likely that the west wants an islamic state in Syria, unless it could be controlled from the west, of course, but they may perhaps want the syrian refugee crisis. Could be if the west could control the details they would have preferred to let the refugees travel over Turkey around the Black Sea towards Paris - for setting a Black Sea Loop going for a later 90 degrees turn of the swastika to let the loop run as underearth panic up Italy and create new irrational fascism there. It could be about an 'is lambic state' for the '15 LAMB-ic state' of the 15 LAPIS of GENESIS = hebrew BERESHIT = chinese CHUANG-SHÌ-JÌ.

Is-LAMIC - is-LAPIS - is LAMBIC - o-bama, o dama, o papa, o mama. 'Ruk' is norwegian for cow-dung - containing much grass, like that adobe. BhaBhaBhaBha = indian devanagari '4444'. Chinese JUAN can also mean 'book' - cp. also the Don Juan of the Octogon or Öttevény.

Hungarian for 'Nickelsdorf' is 'Mikloshalma', while 'halma' is norwegian for 'the straw' (probably mainly dry wheat stalks). German for 'Hegyeshalom' is 'Straß-Sommering' (cp straps etc - Chelmno nad Nerem).

Oxford's chinese dictionary brings the form 'xiaoyangrou' = 'XIAO John Grov'-er for the LAMB - I cannot find it in the chinese-german dictionary from Beijing but it seems that the XIAO means 'unimportant' - hence my official status? There is another XIAO which means 'Morgendämmerung' - the light from the east which could be the whole purpose with the LAPIS construction on Syria. MUSE is chinese for 'Abenddämmerung' - and if the evening star is the same as the morning star, there is the link from XIAO John Grover to MUSE-Spergament. Or even 'Sperm-Agent'? Gröver/'Mengele' was one year at Gudmund Harlem's (father of Gro Harlem Brundtland) institute SAO in Oslo in the year 1968-69, I think it was.

Margareta Holmqvist was another close friend of Nelly Sachs. 'Sparka rett a' = 'kicked right off'.

The LAPIS looks like a sleeping eagle, if it is not a sheep (hence Jesus the shepherd?), and if you turn the word LAPIS upside down you get something like 'SIdUT' = 'say-it-right-out', instead of 'Györ-det' = 'do-it'. This SIDUT could of course be taken to be 'Sziget Utca' - for 'Szigetközi' mid way between Hegyeshalom and Györ-[det].

It seems that hungarian laws (for the building type of my house) requires 4 meters from the border of the site to the house (as a prerequisite for building without asking for permission, that is - of course one can apply for permission even closer). It seems that there are 4.25 metres from the border to the housewall, but the roof extends a little out from the wall and there is a rain gutter at the end of this. It is likely that this rain gutter is more than 25 cm out - which means that this roof extension goes just beyond the border. I would guess that the authorities cannot really pull down the whole house for these centimeters but they can probably ask me to take the gutter down or move it in to reach the 4 meter border limit. The extension of the roof out over the wall is called 'tak-skjegg' = 'roof-beard' in norwegian - cp. the '4444' = devanagari for 'bhabhabhabha' ('Ba-Buk o-Ba-Ba'?) = 'barba of the papa', 'the pope's beard', the beard of the top of the church - and it is said that the christian church (the buildings?) is the body of Jesus - like that LAPIS? (Did Kennedy remove the top of my head in 1957?) I notice also Ali Acqa's attempt on the pope in 1981.

The rain gutter (at the end of the 'takskjegg') in norwegian is called 'tak-renna' - cp. also the name of 'Ronald Reagan'. I have earlier on this website told of the geographic mystery which is a sort of Bermuda tele triangle - the three placenames 'Tælavåg' ('telavaag') in Norway, 'Telaviv' in Israel and 'Telavi' in Georgia - constituting a TELE triangle on the map with exact mid point in - voila! - a small place in Belarus called TELEKHANY. It is quite small - I dont know if it could have been named after this triangle, in which case the mystery is less impressive, of course. It is about the american fascination with the PLACENAME mystery. Now the story from the war in the 1940's was that Josef Terboven, who was Hitler's Reichskommissar in Norway (and probably a joke on 'Doctor Verboten'), probably asked his security chief Heinrich Fehlis to retaliate on the village of 'Tælavåg' on Store Sotra at Bergen since there had been some uprising there. It is probably the only time in the history of 'Tælavåg' that something like that has happened. The order of Terboven ('Tela-boven'?) would have been 'ta grenda' = 'take the village', which sounds like 'tak-renna' = 'the rain gutter' on the roof. Fehlis so did - and it is possible to extend the story to the 'Bermuda' ('bereshit'?) triangle ('triumvirat') of not only Rilke, Mengele and Jensen (which seems to have been the theme of the two Gulf wars) but also of Kennedy, Mengele and Che Guevara ('skjegge[t] var a' - such as 'tak-skjegget'?) - whose wives were Jacqueline ('J-Acqa-Ali'), Irene Schönbein ('kjönnet' is norwegian for 'the gender', 'the genitals') and 'Aleida'. It could be this latter is recognized as an 'Al Qaida' - cp. also 'Ali Acqa' of 1981 - that is, that the illegal rain gutter that extends beyond the border of 4 metres can be recognized as the 1940's beginning of the terrorist organization and its affiliations with the 'islamic state' movement.

This could be about a play on forms of alphabetic letters (the Q, the q) and gender and water relations a la the LAPIS and the ALEF and the hebrew letters of the blue metre. The Sirene, the J etc.

The J-Acqa-Ali has a counterpart in the J.Gonda material - which again could be suggestive of countries from which refugees could be coming? I must tell that this is guesswork of mine only.

The american indians are said to have given in to the impact from the fire-water. Could be that means only the horizontal fire - from the guns, not from the rain gutters.

I have also told the story of how the titles in an issue of MLR in the first half of the 80's could be seen to preherald my 'heinrich fehlis' by iron tool (!) on a sofa in Budapest, leaving a 'J' mark on the surface of it. I am very sorry for this mistake - the 'fehlis' of my hand. By the way, it could have been that hand the control of which was hit by a laser beam in 2002. There was a frontal car crash just outside the window (in the 1980's) a few days earlier, if I remember right, on christmas eve (and the woman in the car that was hit was weeping so pitifully with her face in her hands - and not only the car but the christmas eve was spoiled as well), and there was what could have been a somewhat 'Eve' story (she also gave me a caramel, by the way, I mean, a christmas sweet, in the street outside the house) which in theory could have been connected, if it were the same year, which I think it was, could be some other 'coincidences' as well which could have contributed to that 'control' of the hand which seemed to have been preheralded in the MLR. Like that apparent laser beam in february 2002. The 'control of the iron tool' would have been the same as the 'Vas-gereben' street intersecting with Ösz, Tel, Rege and Sziget Utcas. 'Vas' = 'iron', 'gereben' could be 'the grip'. 'Gerely' ('gerej') = spear, lance, javelin - like a broom, while 'ben' is the normal suffix for 'in'. The lang-witch broom of the review? With jewish genetics 'in' it? Cp. 'Jacqueline' ('jack-iron', J-'Acqa-Ali') of the Kennedy-Rilke corner of the tele-triangle.

It is said in the news that the sudden increase in the stream of refugees to Hungary (after I bought the house with the extending 'tak-skjegg' in june?) seems to be due to organized 'Schleppers' who provide refugee travel assistance to Hungary and Europe, could be diffuse promises as well, to not the least syrian refugees. These 'Schleppers' are identified in the news as organized criminals.

The question is whether the further aim is to recognize my person as somehow associated with international terror - could be as the genetic son of Nelly Sachs with her 'Modern Language Review' ('modern' = 'the mother' in norwegian) of Pergament's opera. It could mean that jewish genetics - or GENESIS = BERESHIT - is credited with the international terror.

'Jesus Telavogen' as norwegian Reichskommissar under Hitler? I dont know if WRANDAs count like roof extensions relative to the border of the site.

There have been some Hangover films. A male gynaecomasty could also be considered a potential 'hangover'.

3. The limbsbutter

In the article Literaturhaus and potato balls I mention the phenomenon of 'lemmesmör', discussed more extensively in the article 'Lemmesmör' and Manhattan 2001. A 'grazing shot' could have landed some of the (theoretically Kennedy's) limbs-butter in a 'rain gutter' resting on the table - the top roof of the 'lamb'. The word 'lemmesmör' sounds a little disgusting, meaning 'limbs-butter', and derives from a reading of the hebrew form LMShMRT which occurs in Exodus 16:23 as well as 16:32-33-34. It means 'zur Verwahrung' = 'for deposit' and concerns the manna - the recursive matter in the desert. 'Mesmer' is the basic morph - cp. mesmerizing and occult theories. Consider the derivation:

lambe-smöret = the lambe-butter
et-lambe-smör = a lambe-butter
is lambic state

It means that the event on Manhattan 2001 could have been about a construction of an islamic state for these LAPIS interests.

If indeed this 'lemmesmör' is a part of the political construction, it is high time to realize that the philosophy has gone totally astray and that the real concept is about verifying the blue metre when one finds the 'hole' in the text and tests it against the surrounding areas - that is to 'test it around the hole' which politics (!) could have interpreted as 'the rumps-butter/smear'. "Search for the rump-hole!" - seems to be the motto of some politics. Isnt it soon time to understand that the blue metre is found and can be published? There is no need for driving millions away from their homes and destroying so much of Syria - only for seeing the need for finding the blue metre. But it is found! (not 'butter-isfounb'). Smolensk, Smörensk...

Could be 'politics' is nothing but this blue metre - beating around the bush.

4. American rebels?

Now the question is what was the meaning of the shootdown or disappearance of the two malaysian airplanes. If it means that the west wants the rebels of Syria to be allowed to take control with a part of the country without being stopped by laser beams from Russia or China, there is the additional possibility - an interpretation spurred by the incidences of what could look like a beginning civil war in USA after the shooting of some negros some time ago - that the intended rebels are not necessarily the syrian ones - it could be about american rebels in USA! Whom some want not to be stopped by russian or chinese laser beams. What sort of? Then it could be about rebels that do not respect the international copyright laws and conventions and want to be accepted in their violations of these. These american rebels would be the giants of the media world. What for? For beating around the bush and continue the battle against the blue metre, of course - could be because of an intended supremacy based on the peculiar role of the english language which they hope can give them enough authority to control the world. But if studies in the blue metre leads to the conclusion that there is nothing special or godgiven about the english language, then it may be that their reasons are not goodenough.

5. Puzzling observation

There are many riddles in politics and apparently many simple answers to them. The SOMA, the LAPIS, the hebrew-greek border at Hegyeshalom. Why doesnt politics publish all these details in a simple and easily comprehensible form - so that the public of democracy can understand them? That would be 'SI-DET ut-sa' instead of 'GYÖR-det'. Could be the plan is to leave that to the next 'Hitler' - to get the votes of the masses on the program of SI DET = say it right out! Get the truths of history on the table in the name of democracy! - and everybody could come to vote for just that. That could come to be his program like the previous Hitler ran a 'jewish revolution' and constructed the death camp program around the secrets of the acoustic reality of jewish mysticism. The americans should not be allowed to accept violations of the copyright law or to abuse surveillance data - certainly they will come to develop surveillance technology - and have perhaps already done so - that can read my handwritten manuscripts from my home desk and abuse them in plagiarisms without crediting the source long before I come to publish them myself. How can culture progress under such circumstances - of american 'rebel control'? The world must go in the other direction - towards a new millenium guided by a quest for truth and freedom and not a totalitarian control with anything that moves.

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 20 september 2015