Why dont they help me find a place to live outside Austria?

John Bjarne Grover

The logic seems to be: He must move out on own initiative - and find the place and pay for the removal himself.

Why? The 'intelligence logic' tells that 'he has been so badly abused throughout 11 years that now they are him and vice versa and if somebody helps him out of Austria, it is only the abusers who are helped out and then it only continues. He must choose it on own initiative for making them fall off and then it stops.

Is this valid logic? Or is it only for preventing that I move elsewhere?

The answer is probably that Hitler made the holocaust because Austria by Jahoda & Siegel in 1919 did not publish Wittgenstein's book but rejected it for selling more of similar books instead. Therefore the borders in 1919 were set at Jungholz and Pamhagen for me to live in Austria later. Then one of two could happen: Either Austria would believe that I should live here for giving them the chance to swing themselves up to old heights a la Hitler (by terror-and-monkey-business, that could mean), that is, by abusing the authorship of the PTRSIM PIK, or I should live here for making the alternative possible - for for giving them the chance to repair the damage from the holocaust and WWII by not doing the same error over again.

Ah, but now they seem to have abused the authorship through 11 years and maybe it is now too late.

Then Austria says perhaps: "Of course, if we had known this, we would not have chosen this alternative. Why didn't you tell us?"

Ah, they had to choose it on own initiative.

But the intelligence business wants perhaps to believe that I am them and vice versa - and hence that my ideas are theirs - and then they feel that they do not have to pay for the illegal surveillance copies.

But it is possible that covid-19 broke out in the moment when it was too late. That is when I could get some help (economic or administrative - or, say, reparation money for the illegal surveillance copies) for finding a place outside Austria.

Could be Norway applies with a similar logic - and now has constructed an 'Auschwitz' signification by the county 'Viken' (via the little 'Mozart') around the day when covid-19 broke out - this 'Auschwitz' signification serves to reinforce the construction of 1223 from The New Yorker cartoons ('USA-witz') to 'ÖVP' in Austria - and hence my 43 years in Norway come on top of the 11+4 years in Austria.

My epidemiological theory is based on the idea that viruses reduplicate in order to fill in a missing gap in the sum of probabilities - when these sum to less than 1.0 there has to be ontological reduplication for filling in the distribution - by the 'ex nihilo' substance in viruses. My theory of Wittgenstein (and his 'business secret' on ex nihilo matter) is that he continued the theory untill he came to the innermost secret which he could not solve - as in the innermost wall of a long corridor in the lower parts of a Kheops pyramid - which was the truth table from FFFF to TTTT: In fact this table is symmetric and that is when it is a rainbow of my function 14 type. Some logicians will perhaps laugh at this: Of course it is symmetric - it is only permutations of symbols! But that is not true if the truth value goes from 0.0 to 1.0 - and there are half-truths inbetween: Then the vacuum pump will continue to multiply viruses untill symmetry is regained and equilibrium is restored on the border between physical and metaphysical reality. This suggests that covid-19 broke out when it could not continue any longer with the quasi-truth of 'intelligence copies' being their own intellectual property.

My function 14 is very exceptional linguistic data and it is reached by the distribution in the entire corpus of 'The Endmorgan Quartet' - 16 books of poetry, 1719 poems, more than 20.000 lines - which are written in 'dialogue' with the poetic articulation of the 'divine sources' of a prophetic language. Search this file for the word 'dialogue' - the excerpt from 'page 83 in vol.3' - and consider it relative to my fundamental theorem of linguistics - that could tell why 'havoc' ('hærverk' - cp. the protein 'Herv-W Env') ('Hærværk' is a novel by 'Tom Kristensen' - and a military putsch such as in Burma recently could perhaps also be called 'hær-verk') on such a dialogue perhaps could have contributed to trigger a virus pandemic. Writing is to create a referent with a meaning attached to it.

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 17 april 2021