The curve of covid-19

John Bjarne Grover

What happened with my epidemiologial theory?

The conclusion I have reached, or at least a conclusion that seems worth considering, is that results of the first experiments in WHO (assumed to have been conducted soon after I published my theory) were a success and seemed very promising - and a medication against virus a la penicillin against bacillae could perhaps be constructed on basis of my theory - but Trump rather immediately pulled USA out of WHO - could be in order to prevent that I came to be credited with such a grandiose discovery.

This seems rather counterintuitive on basis of the idea that the US republicans should be my good friends and that the party even could have been established in the 1850's as part of a strategy to stop slavery, including the abuse of the PTRSIM PIKs. Then why should the republican president want to stop that I - as a PTRSIM PIK - came to be credited with such a discovery?

The only sensible answer to such a mystery would be that the US republican party tries to rescue my work from the abyss by way of a strategy called a controlled curve - a gradual and slow lifting of it from the shadows of abuse but in such a slow and gradual progress that it never comes to constitute a major challenge to the abusers but nevertheless can lead to a lasting published presence in the collective historic consciousness. The proof of the validity of this strategy should be in Wittgenstein - never has the world seen a more massive rejection of his work than Hitler and his secret-intelligence comrades (assuming the holocaust to have its sole or main impetus in the first rejection of his 'Logisch-Philosophische Abhandlung' by Jahoda & Siegel) but the strategy of the curve - which even could have been a US republican program - managed to rescue him from this massive abuse-machine. The secret of this strategy, tells this logic, is that the launch is gradual and slow and consists not only in a lower bottom of success but even more importantly in an upper ceiling to it: The idea would be that it is this upper and gradually rising ceiling that is the rescue for a PTRSIM PIK - contrary to the enormous rejection machine of the secret-intelligences who in my case could have been using such strategies as terror in Syria from 2011 onwards for 'folding the banknote' for the idea of a 'folded Austria' in the sense of a controlled imitation of a lapis philosophorum in an - at least theoretic - abuse of the 'perverse madonna's custody authority of the PTRSIM PIK. Therefore the Trump strategy - tells this interpretation of the recent history - with refusing me from being credited with the epidemiological theory which could have led to such a massive breakthrough in medicine - it would have been in order to follow the curve and its 'upper ceiling' precisely in order to rescue my work from the complete suppression, rather than the opposite.

However, there is a problem which then could have been the reason why he lost the re-election.

For once, it is possible that such a 'curve' is the same as the human immunity system - the only thing of true value against diseases and catastrophes of various kinds. It would have been this immunity system which my theory added to. A strategy which tries to guarantee a slowly rising floor of the curve is sensible, but if it is based on an additional slowly rising upper ceiling as well, then it must be in imitation of some particular aspect of the human existence relative to history - like the pressure in a water hose for watering the garden - and that is likely to be just the immunity function - by the logic in the distributional semantics of the 'rainbow' (Genesis 9:13). When combined with the in-mun-ity 'self-suck'? Is that how the republicans hold the power and control the royalists and child-openers thereby - when they control the curve of the waterhose? And is that the reason why Trump pulled out of WHO?

Secondly, the idea that the secret-intelligences will continue to expand their power by way of organized suppression of a PTRSIM PIK is based on the assumption that the PTRSIM PIK will continue to be a high secret. That is far from certain - on the contrary, it is very probable that the whole project will have to be dismantled and then the 'curve' will suddenly look like nothing but a suppression machine against the person who had the unfortunate role as PTRSIM PIK.

Why will the PTRSIM PIK secret strategy necessarily come to be dismantled? That is because it is essentially based on nothing but my fundamental theorem of linguistics - and it has served the historic role of suppressing this theorem because it serves to reduce religion to psychology - a 'technical Messiah' - and thereby 'secularize' religion under the umbrella of pale 'ecumenic interests'. The construction of PTRSIM PIK serves to counterbalance the 'secularization' by dressing the poor person up in quasi-Jesus clothes - a technical Messiah for political abuse. This problem interprets the anglican brexit from the catholic church - could be under the claim that the bread of the holy communion is nothing but a lapis philosophorum which can be made by a mystic.

It is the high secrecy on this PTRSIM PIK which still keeps it going. For example, if the italian policy is to reject 'PTRSIM PIK' because it is a top Buckingham-Kennedy 'anglican' program (then assuming that the catholic Kennedys were only so for keeping the disguise and its strategic confusion up and going), thereby rejecting the 'role of me' because it 'means' rejecting England's upper hand against Italy without having to go into clashes with England, then it functions all and only because it is a high secret which is not even touched upon in open political discussion - since otherwise they would be rejecting me and favour England. The alarming corollary to this would be that they could reject the PTRSIM PIK in me because it is an inherent part of me which I cannot escape, as if I were Satan or possessed with Satan qua anglican brexit - but this strategy is of course inherently racist. But of course this is to give in to a primitive aspect of 'faith'. But it is I who reject the PTRSIM PIK program and therefore I try to find an escape in Italy from the persecution.

Why wont it go down - this strange problem?

That is probably because PTRSIM PIK still is a high secret in politics. If it were not, then the apparent italian paradox would dissolve.

But PTRSIM PIK cannot continue as a political program for the simple reason that it serves to suppress important progress in science. It is probably all and only that role - to protect oldfashioned religious 'feelings' from the 'secularization' which itself it is the most important motor for - and therefore it has to be a high secret otherwise the illusion disappears.

Were the covid-19 vaccines developed in record time because they used my method - without crediting the source? I dont know how the normally time-consuming development goes on but would believe that a method for constructing a molecule that slows down or outright stops the multiplication of viruses will have to be closely akin to the immunological principles in a vaccine. If limitations in the constitution of the human reality thereby leads to ridicule of my 'semantic pulver' in order to keep my presence off recognition, that could be all the more alarming if the socalled 'curve' gets its rationale from the very principles of immunity in the selfsame human constitution. But clearly this is a very touchy matter - in particular if the pandemic covid-19 speeds up when I am inside the left-right borders of Austria and slows down when I am outside.

The human faculty of faith is a necessary part of the constitution of the human reality. Faith is probably necessary for consciousness. The faith creates the reality - and therefore ill faith is very tragic. Therefore the world religions have been constructed - they offer solutions which you can believe in and thereby reach the goals they postulate: It is possible to get into heaven if you believe in christianity quite simply because faith creates the reality and christianity is a creed which it is possible to turn into reality by way of faith. A normal 'psychology' cannot do that. Therefore it is important to bring an end to the secrecy of PTRSIM PIK in order to prevent that it be turned into an empire of evil by way of the human faculty of faith. The 'perverse madonna' is a particularly tragic aspect - which cannot survive daylight. A part of this is the phenomenon that if I write something interesting on my home computer or in my private notebook, it is all over in the media world rather quickly - and my ideas seem to be stolen and abused without credits to me (the virus story could be an example) - and it is difficult to have that stopped as long as PTRSIM PIK remains a secret. It is precisely this which creates a new Hitler.

It is even hard (for me) to find somebody who can attest that the work I am doing is important quality work and not worthless garbage. I must therefore say it myself (auto-tell-at-you) that it is possible that my poetry is too important (example 1, example 2, example 3) to let it be allowded to be transformed into hatred and violence of nazism when I live inside Austria (with the 1223 foldover role including assumed puberty rape and terror in Syria etc) - while the plan could be to credit me with the problems that follow from such terror-driven politics - and that is covid-19.

Then it is a touchy matter indeed if covid-19 is precisely this relation of my work to these aspects of faith in the immunological function that can have been turned into a 'curve' program.

Covid-19 started in Wuhan in Hubei in China (see map) - which is 'isomorphic' with Wien (see map) in Austria in EU (see map) - and it can even be suggested that the isomorphy applies to my PO Box in Vienna (which recently was subjected to a 'putsch' even if I had sent money): In this PO Box there should have been a happy letter telling that I had been granted an apology with much reparation money (norwegian NOK = 'koronas') - but, alas, there came a lot of 'coronas' in Wuhan instead. The western 'Jungholz' and eastern 'Pamhagen' borders of Austria could have been designed on basis of the 'pimple' of rejection of Wittgenstein's 'philoso-Fische' Abhandlung in 'Jahoda & Siegel' (who may have rejected his book submission because they would sell more books in total thereby) which led to Hitler's holocaust - and the idea of having me living in Austria would have been for precisely the reason of giving them the chance to repair that damage - but that seems to have gone wrong way and may be too late now. Could be november-december 2019 was when it was too late.

PTRSIM PIK is likely to be an attempt to turn people's faith in a world religion into people's faith in politicians - including Hitler.

Briefly: If important work which I have done is stolen and recognized as others, and if this eventually leads to the curve going downwards instead of upwards, then of course the whole story could come out as the worst thinkable. That Trump failed re-election could be a sign of just this.

I mean, only my blue PEB could be a revolution in many fields of study and should have been published since long.

And I am rather exhausted from over-quoting my own work and explaining the things and it leads to nothing.

PS If the coup in Burma on 1 february 2021 (only 4 days after I had been into the housing office in Venice, and only a few days before the global corona curve - that had been diving plank-steeply down for several weeks - suddenly changed its mind and went up again for a third wave, such as I understood that I would have to do - change my mind and go up again to Vienna) is for helping me, for example by offering support from violence (against 'My-L-anmar-K' = 'Ragna Landmark') 'instead of' apology and reparation money from Norway e.g. due to possible drugged rapes of me in my youth, could be for lending rationale to the strategy of letting me work in Austria for letting the work be turned into political power-by-violence, I hope that the coup be ended and democratic power be returned to Aung San Suu Kyi. Also, I cannot afford to pay for the 'help' I could get by such a coup. It is also possible that violence in Burma 'means' koronas to me via my PO Box - and this paradox could even have been the third corona wave which started a couple of weeks after the putsch in Burma.

The sailor had been to sea for months and when he came home he had some money. This was spent on celebrations with friends and he was soon broke and had to go to sea again. And so it goes.

15/4-21: Italian news (Il Messaggero, Il Mattino) today report on an article published recently that research at 'Tor Vergata' in Rome has shown a correlation of the protein Herv-W Env with a progressed state of covid-19. I dont know how complex this protein is but clearly it could be interesting to correlate its structure against distributional data from virus multiplications in search of optimization principles.

Here is the research paper
The article in EBioMedicine

The news from Nova Scotia could suggest 'ova cotia' = 'oh how horny I am' against my name 'John Grover'. (A chapter in my poetry book 'SNEEFT COEIL' is called 'Ich ginge aus zu Breleon', cp. also the Jungholz 'pimple'). What could the reason be? If a medication against viruses generally be found, much biological weapons (cp. those 'ova cotia' news - my books are only self-published in a very small number of copies) could lose their force. But clearly the world cannot stop the development for such reasons.

16/4-21: See also the 'Botticelli' phenomenon with the fallen tree in Vilnius, showing the woman with the documents and the ('horny') man ejaculating a la a water hose - including the respiratory aspects of the rising sun. (There was also an eruption of a volcano at Geldingadalur on Iceland only 17 days after I had returned to Austria - clearly it is not my poetry which is so 'eruptive' - it is a matter of nature or divine forces). It must be realized that humans feel that biological weapons is a real problem - and when this is associated with Botticelli, there is a short circuitry somewhere. Where is the short circuitry? Could be it is only normal angst which looks like this and this (quoted from this source) - suggesting that it is love if it/there is no[t] terror (a la the bomb in the 'Sursock' district of Beirut, or the terror at lower Rotenturmstrasse in Vienna on 2 november 2020). In fact it is told that Botticelli was pressed on the point himself and during a moral purge of Savonarola he had to admit that some women on some of his artworks were perhaps a little too naked and therefore he had to throw some artworks on the moral "Bonfire of the Vanities".

It is the angst which is the problem and phenomena ex nihilo could give an expression to this - but it may be an error to say that 'we dont want ex nihilo' - of course it is the angst and the problems it derives from which people do not want.

Some of the problems could be about the role of Shijing and the idea of Kennedy 1957 (if it were him) borrowing the water hose of the newborn quasi 'Messiah' for winning the election. If my residence in Austria fuels an 'Auschwitz machine' which only gnaws my own work down while it is assumed that it can be pumped up again (like some barbara) at a later time, it is not so certain that it can be done. Covid-19 could be telling of something like that. Wouldnt it be wiser to help me with some resources so that I could live in another country which makes the world less vulnerable to such old 'Auschwitz' constructions? For all I know, I could be the only one who is not informed about a new 'semantic pulver' which could have been constructed on basis of my theory. It is far from certain that the US republicans will have enough control to be able to pump the doll up again at a later stage - in particular if covid-19 is only the beginning.

The apparent problem of abuse of surveillance data from my private work and life could also be about such borrowing of the water hose - could be on basis of the pretext that it is 'PTRSIM PIK'.

Evening: Some time in march I needed to make some holes and screw in some screws and found - in these lockdown times - an electric drill/screwdriver of type FERREX in a Hofer supermarket - it cost only 29 euros. That was cheap and I considered buying it - but dropped it since it could wait. Now today I wanted to give it another try, if the offer was still there, and indeed it was and I bought it. Coming home it turned out that there was no akku to it and no connection for electricity so I went back to ask what it was. You buy the akku separately, they said, and since it cost only another 15 euros (hm) I bought it. Having come home and tried it, I found that there was no way to reload the akku - one needed a special socket with plug to an outlet that could be bought separately. But I dropped that for the time being - there was a little el left in the akku so it would suffice hopefully for my few holes. I looked in the manual - here is the last and first page of it - and found a formulation in the essential part called 'Akku laden und Ladezustand prüfen': Here is the page in the manual, and here is a detail from that page. This apparently unfortunate formulation or translation reminded me of the apparent campaign against that essential line 'in offene[n] See stechen' from my SNEEFT COEIL poem 10 'Der Seemann' (his boat will soon leave the harbour and go for the open sea) which I think I recognized as being the theme in the possible campaign. I have speculated if a 'campaign' tries to create the idea of blur of the reader's reading of the poem.

Clearly this is a page in the akku manual which a buyer will consult (for running the drill). I dont know if it is possible to buy extra gear for reloading the akku - the apparatus pack contains also a 'service guarantee' which lasts for 2 years (probably not for reloading). There is a button that can be pressed and three signal lamps: If all of them lights the akku is well loaded, if 2 it is far less and if only 1 it is nearly empty. When I opened the pack there were 2 lamps glowing when I pressed the check button - but of course these can at any time drop down on 1.

I have earlier told the story of the client of Ragna Grøver about whom she leaked the professional secret that he suffered from a blood bulb in his brain that could burst at any time. I also met him some time later, and then some time later again I was told that he was dead: The bulb had probably burst open. [17-4/21: His name was 'Edgar' - and 'ergative' is a grammatical category that professional linguists sometimes 'work with', but when did socalled linguist Mr.Grover work with it last?]

After all this in the afternoon 16 april 2021 I switched on the news and saw the story from the Fedex building in Indianapolis (here Indian Express, and China Daily). I had seen some news earlier today but then these news from Indianapolis were not on. The story tells that the Fedex incident happened around 05:00 this morning Vienna time. I hope I am not contained in a 'bulb' of information - including controlled post etc.

I add that I yesterday (well before the reported shooting in Indianapolis) made an addition to this file - what is in small types towards the end of the section '10. A waist of time': "In the last analysis, the theoretic formulation is probably going to look like this, corresponding to the order of writing of the poetic works: // Book 1 - The Endmorgan Quartet (TEQ) / Book 2 - The blue metre (PEB) / Book 3 - The red metre (Anna) / Book 4 - The yellow metre (DDS) / Book 5 - The white metre (SA, RT)". I thought of it today - ah, I had forgotten to add the SNEEFT COEIL to the yellow metre - which hence should contain the entry (DDS, SC) - I planned to do that later today. But now the story with the Ferrex product and these Fedex news came inbetween. 'Hoved-oppgave' is norwegian for 'master thesis' - the doctorate dissertation was rejected in 1998. Herman Ruge Jervell (cp. the 'Herv-W Env' above) was in the committee that accepted the thesis and gave some advices for the master thesis.

If the news from Indianapolis are not fake news added just after I had bought the Ferrex tool in the afternoon today, it could have related to the moment when I looked at it in the shop some weeks ago but dropped it. Fedex is a post distribution system.

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