Why PTRSIM PIK = the intelligence business

John Bjarne Grover

The prime minister cannot bicycle around town for fetching the information himself - he is dependent on getting it from others - that is why the intelligence service is established.

But since the intelligence service cannot tell to the prime minister everything that has happened, they have to make a selection and that means that they inescapably get some power because the selection cannot be perfect. This means, they say perhaps, that their work necessarily has to be 'political': They cannot avoid that.

The more biased or 'political' the selection, the more power they get.

It may be that it is not possible to be the perfect parent: Every parent makes mistakes - but that does not mean that it is permitted to beat up the children.

PTRSIM PIK is a political program based on the principle of child abuse. They abuse the child more than 'necessary'. In addition, they claim that this program is the foundation of our culture since it is 'the principle of Jesus as God'.

Therefore, they say, power accumulation in the 'intelligence business' cannot be avoided and it has to go by way of terror.

Therefore, they say, the intelligence based power is the foundation of our culture and we cannot do without it.

Alas, this soon develops into a new international mafia who aims at controlling the governments. They telephone around to the people they want to control and say that "we are the government's intelligence" - and that sounds very impressive indeed: They are the best brains in the country, that means.

But clearly there must be an error somewhere in this reasoning.

Where is it?

It is very simple: It is in the fact that the fact that nobody's perfect parent is not a reason for abusing the children. That is the christian foundation of our culture - not that other one.

Mengenlehre and logic was used for beating up the children: If you have an ocean of green water and let down one single drop of red fluid into it, then it is no longer green. Hence it is red, tells Cantor's diagonal proof. Could be that is why Josef Mengele has a role in the 'intelligence mythos'.

Of course this reasoning is not valid for the empirical reality.

The role of religion

Is it outworn mythos to believe in Our Father in heaven? The old man with the white beard?

Humans cannot avoid religions because human reality is redundant and limited and these redundancies create the causalities and 'laws of nature' that create the human reasoning. Without religion the ship you are navigating will run into invisible titanic icebergs and the head will clang into something invisible in the air. Covid-19 is not so easy to battle. Religion is to be not naive.

To prove political supremacy of the intelligence business by way of PTRSIM PIK and Mengenlehre and logic - and hence we cannot do without terror, tells this reasoning - is, though, to reason with the redundancies and limitations that create the human reality. That is to be naive.

It is probable that the foundation of such PTRSIM PIK logic is in the natural fear of what could be hiding in the unknown outside human reality. Fear of doom, that means.

PTRSIM PIK as a political program is based on this fear.

The idea that I should be a divine PTRSIM PIK is based on naive confidence in the faith that the riddle why Jesus was divine is solved by the 'tabula smaragdina' in this PTRSIM PIK condordance. A part of the reason why this faith has remained a stubborn challenge to healthy reasoning can be seen in the fact that the principles of distributional semantics in my 'function 14' can lead to the proof (or 'indication') that the 'british supremacy' based on the 'royal' basis for the Gryfice program (by the mid point between Riga and Nassau) is based on false pretexts - that the lamb of arbitrarity which also contains the 'purkinje' mystery is rooted in principles very different from this Gryfice phenomenon (even if it lands on the same place on the map). If this PTRSIM PIK - qua such 'stubborn challenge' - is launched by England themselves, that means that they prove their own insufficiency, and if this PTRSIM PIK proof is rooted in the role of Buckingham, it tells that they reject their own supremacy and thereby they gain it.

But since they cannot reject themselves they have to go via an 'agency factor' - and that means that agency is something closely affiliated with the 'intelligence business' qua the PTRSIM PIK program. It is likely that this is the NATO-lewice program as a 'heuristic' parallel.

If this story is the basis for Henry VIII's brexit, it could be at the root of the story since then. Is that the real 'Gryfice'? (If 'Hen' = 'G', then 'Hen-ry-VIII's is the riddle?) Is that why they call it 'the bottom' - because that is where it 'folds' (on the mid point) so that 'what is below is like what is above'. Gryfice could be this 'unique miracle'.

Then it is without a lie, certain and very true, tells the tabula.

See also the role of the undertabula limbs of Caravaggio's 'Calling of Matthew' - and its relation to my lapis philosophorum (see the discussion towards the end of this article, just before the 'Concluding remark on the historic reflexes').

It seems that this could be the philosophical basis for 'anglophonic supremacy' in parallel with 'intelligence power'. It folds on the east-west global power balance.

It could be this east-west global power balance that is associated with PTRSIM PIK as a stubborn challenge to the human faculty of reasoning.

The PRTSIM PIK biographies

PTRSIM PIK seems to be a tradition that can be traced back (as I have guessed) for at least a couple of centuries, and it is possible that Norway was established in 1814 for reasons of this program. I have outlined some of this in the introduction to this website. But it is well possible that it goes back to Henry VIII and the story of Alexander Pope could be such a case.

Since it seems to be the role of 'intelligence power', the temptation is the chance to vestige the PTRSIM PIK with quasi divine attributes and then swap these over to the 'services', could be even for the purpose of enhancing the impression of 'majesty' in the royal constitution and its privileges - and dumping the problems and vices of the 'services' back on the PTRSIM PIK as a scapegoat. That is not morally acceptable or respectable behaviour.

But since the essence of this problem is called 'intelligence power', a paradox since the government's 'intelligence' should be maximally free of 'power' concerns but, alas, nobody's perfect and all parents make mistakes, it seems (as I have guessed) that there is a program up and running that aims at 'streamlining' the biographical conceptions of the PTRSIM PIKs in such a way that they all seem to appear as the one and same 'divine' person who also seems to be vestiged in the defining human weaknesses that constitute the basis for this 'intelligence power'.

Briefly, there seems to be a program that consists in conceiving all PTRSIM PIK persons as murderers, homos, pedos, drinking and whoring - all the weaknesses (conceived as moral deficiencies) that could be closely associated with the mechanisms of the socalled 'intelligence power'.

The best story first: It is well known that Wittgenstein (apparently a PTRSIM PIK) is said to have murdered a schoolboy ('Jörg Haidbauer') when he was a teacher. He murdered him, suggests the biography, with a hard blow of the hand called a 'box on the ear' ('Ohrfeige') - since corporal punishment of pupils was permitted in those days. This story is likely to be a 'stubborn challenge' - it is said that his influential family tried to cover the story and, of course, the philosopher did not like to talk about it. The story is that Austria (austrian publishers) had rejected his first book - the 'Logisch-Philosophische Abhandlung' - the first rejection was by 'Jahoda & Siegel' and therefore Hitler's sealed the fate of the jews in a holocaust - and therefore the 1919 eastern border to Hungary was settled in such a way that a Fischamend tooth came to constitute the Pamhagen border region - and therefore the US defence center built in 1943 (when Hitler was at the peak of his power) was called 'Pentagon' - because that was the rejection of the 'Logisch-Philoso-FISCHE'. Wittgenstein had inherited a big fortune and could easily have financed a publication of his book himself - but he did not want that 'self-inflated' career and therefore gave his fortune away and took an education as teacher for making a living. He then wrote a 'Wörterbuch für Volksschulen' (Hölder-Pichler-Tempsky, Wien 1926) which was accepted with quasi 'Attila-Stempel', that is, with official accept by the austrian ministry of education for publication and use in primary schools - and it may have been around the time (but the exact time point I have not found yet) when he got the printed book in hand that this unfortunate story with the death of the schoolboy took place - and he immediately resigned from his job and career as teacher. It is a story about 'publication' of his philosophy. It seems that the names of the Kennedys can be traced to the typography of this 'Wörterbuch', the printer's handicraft work, and since these Kennedys were born in the period 1917-1932, which means only partwise after the Wörterbuch was printed, and since it is not known whether Haidbauer died immediately or some time later, it is natural to guess that not only the Kennedys (or at least their names) could be an 'intelligence project' based on this 'Wörterbuch' and that it was the 'intelligence power' that murdered the schoolboy but the PTRSIM PIK was credited with this 'printer's handicraft skill'. The same 'intelligence power' (closely related also to 'Pentagon power', whether the US defence likes that or not?) could then also have created the false documents that today can be consulted as historic evidence.

Biographies also tell that Wittgenstein was homo and that he used to take a schoolboy with him home in the afternoons for dinner and reading greek. It is probably nonsense all of it - he was probably neither murderer, homo or pedo.

If Arthur Rimbaud was a PTRSIM PIK, the famous 'homo relation' with Verlaine is likewise also probably only a bunch of lies from the 'secret intelligence services'. The more they lie, the more power they get.

New studies tell that Tschaikovsky died from a homo attack. He is apparently also assumed to have been a peeper - although the real story could be that the later US president Knox Polk masturbated a 'Silberstrahl' on his newborn brain and since a Knox Polk is not a Fort Knox, he had to look in the half-open door to see if the lady were in need of help or what was it. But that is the name of the US president and probably not Tschaikovsky himself.

The plan seems to be to credit me with the Apenes murder in 1978, probably the same night as when Aldo Moro was murdered in Rome. Of course I did not murder Apenes. I am not a murderer, not homo, not pedo, not drinking or whoring. They made this 'octogon' story on me - I have guessed that it was an 'intelligence project' (could be involving famous rock stars and poets for enhancing the media spread) but have not had that verified. On Simmering in Vienna in 2005 I was stopped in Braunhubergasse by four police in a car who said that I had been accused by an apparent witness of 'talking to children', which then had to mean something criminal. That is not true, I said - I had once in the passing nodded a 'Guten Tag' to a young girl who stood outside a house and looked at me with big eyes when I was hurrying to the U-Bahn, but that was all. I had also once complained on piano sounds and asked if electronic piano with headset could be used - it is not impossible that some offspring had played on the piano and could hear my voice through the open door. It is possible that an 'intelligence project' had planned to have the papers stored well down into police archives for a later surprise finding that could allow for the conclusion that, ah, he was a pedo.

If the story of the shooting spree from Boulder in Colorado in USA were not about holy wrath, for example on basis of covid-19 being prompted by perscution of my person in Austria while not any single politician is able to help me move to another country because they prefer the comfortable solution of using me as a scapegoat for their own problems instead - it could have been an 'intelligence project' e.g. in response to my article Spindlegger and Kurz which I published a few days earlier. There was story from Bispengsgaten in Bergen (I wrote something about it) of a man-sized boulder being ejected from a mountainside at night, rumbling towards a housewall and starting the tour down a stairway where it was stopped mid way by redundancies. It was told in the newspapers and I went by a looked at the boulder in the stairway. This happened behind and a little up the street from the house where I lived - like what happened soon after I had completed the correlation of my TEQ book 16 with Midori Goto's recording of Bach and Bartok sonatas (this story is mentioned here): The news (which I saw in Belgrade, in fact) then told from 'Klipra' in Ålesund that a good slab of rock had in the morning of 26 march 2008 [12 years ago] around 0333 been ejected by magic forces and penetrated the ground floor of Fjelltunvegen 31 so that it had sort of dropped one storey down and 5 people on the lower floor died under it: The names of these 5 people corresponded to the 5 lines I wrote ("who combines / the only thing of interest? / But at the time when it was only executive, / I don't think it's dangerous, da, (/) of our dime") on the 2 days when Midori recorded the Bach solo sonata (22-23 august 2005) for this record. The fact seemed to remain that the rock had 'Just Bård Underetagen' (norwegian) - see also this study. The question was up that night whether the rock would spring even further out and crush the house of the Eidsvigs underneath - their 'camp' there. A second movement of the rock was apparently reported a little later in the night but it came to no more drama. Such a big stone or rock - a boulder - is called 'kampe-stein' in norwegian.

Of course it is possible that the problem they could suffer from in the 'intelligence services' could have spread also to other parts of administration and become a 'general problem'. I dont know much about that - but it could be true that many politicians may have got their integrity somewhat compromised by reading surveillance files on me and my work in progress (they would probably get such files from the 'intelligence services') and do not discover in time that they could come to get some gratis authority thereby - which then could have the secondary effect of making it more difficult for me to have my work published, could be my work then could appear to be of somewhat 'reduced authority'. This problem could be substantial - and it could be a part of the reason why administration do not so easily want to give up the PTRSIM PIK program. But clearly it looks as if there is some principled logic in the problems that could relate to the 'intelligences'.

Important conclusion

I am not an intelligence project. I would not be surprised to hear that the intelligence services consider me their 'intelligence project' and therefore they control my social and communicational interface, censor my mail (for preventing that he 'runs off' from them, like some daddy from the schoolboys) etc - but if that should be the case, the police must not hesitate for a moment with arresting the crooks and throwing them in jail. There cannot be any justification whatsoever for considering me an 'intelligence project' - but clearly it is very possible that there are chaps working in those 'services' who suffer from a lot of personal problems which they cannot have easily solved - not the least due to potentially work-related problems with being murderers, homos, pedos, peepers, drinking and whoring etc etc - there could be a long list of perversities and vices hiding under the veil of 'secrecy of intelligence work' that therefore do not come easily to the surface of public attention and therefore they have made this PTRSIM PIK program for finding ways to swipswap those problems off. That it could be about 'the government's intelligence' is no reason at all - on the contrary, that could be precisely the reason why the police must hurry up and arrest the bandits and throw them in jail. There should not be such elements working in the government's intelligence. And of course such moral deficiencies as could be the story should lead to an immediate withdrawal of all 'extended autorities' they could have been granted to interact with social and community functions. When I returned to Vienna from Italy after 7 months, I found that 7 months of post had been stolen - and pale-mumbled pretexts of 'not having paid the PO Box rent' (which is wrong: I had sent the needed money in time but maybe 'extended authorities' had derailed the letter on its way and manipulated the internet interface of mine for erasing potential contact possibilities) could have been justified by the false claims that 'this is our intelligence project and it has the highest priority in all western countries'. That would be a lie! I am not an intelligence project! I have no connections whatsoever with those 'intelligence services' and the problems they may be suffering from 'in all western countries'.

This file contains some further data from march 2021


Schulte, J.: Ludwig Wittgenstein. Suhrkamp BasisBiographie 2005.

Wittgenstein, L.: Wörterbuch für Volksschulen. Mit einer Einführung herausgegeben von Adolf Hübner - Werner und Elisabeth Leinfellner. Hölder-Pichler-Tempsky, Wien 1977.

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