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The following is based on own experience and ideas and speculations - I do not have it from other sources and do not claim to be right. For more material on PTRSIM PIK, see these articles.

PTRSIM PIK is essentially a principle of scapegoating. It is said to be the concordance for a 'technical Messiah' discovered possibly by Eusebius and it has been active in history ever since, and particularly since Henry VIII's brexit from the Vatican with the formation of the anglican church has it been used for 'bridging the gap' - by way of the magic aura lent to it via its highly mystical qualities in bridging the gap from the old to the new testament. However, all this is but a principle of fog on the landscape - and it can be very essentially compared with the following construction:

Some countries oppose the bad behaviour of NATO, e.g. in Kosovo, and declare their unwillingness to accept such behaviour. But in order to 'bridge the gap', one has constructed a poor person who is called NATO by name - and so those countries who oppose NATO are invited to reject the person called NATO and invite the NATO countries to maintain good diplomatic relations - since one can dump the blame on the person called NATO. "But it is but a cheap trick on the name", tell the young activists in his support. The answer from the intrigue-makers comes: It is not a cheap trick on the name - the fact is that this person is NATO. For once, his mother was a famous triangulista who maintained two tri-ums at the same time and was an expert in lifting values from the one to the other, hence a 'natrium-2' = Na2. His father came from a family who suffered from noctural flatulences, socalled 'night-O's, and some even claim that it was a family only in the sense that the wooden corks that were in use were genetically related, not the people themselves. (This is also said to be the innermost mystery in the third secret of Fatima, tells this version). An uncle of his claimed to have been an explorer to the north pole, while others say that he only been for a trip to northern Poland, hence a 'N-hat-O' chap it was, even if he had received a prize for his daring exploration. The family is full of such stories and therefore it is no exaggeration to say that he is NATO. Some say even that he necessarily is the deepest cause of the problems created by the defence alliance - and hence there is a very good although hidden reason for this identity. - And could we get those reasons? ask his supporters. - No, it is very secret, is the answer - a very deep mystery it is.

Nonsense, of course.

And so the NATO countries can keep up good bilateral relations with those countries who oppose the bad behaviour of NATO - while mobbing the person called NATO because of all the problems he has created, as they say. Strangely, the diplomatic secrets are so secret that even the person NATO himself had not heard about it and was somewhat disappointed with his miserable career and the world in general.

Is this a smart system? Of course it is not. It is only a trick for making it possible to conduct bad behaviour while blaming others for it. A trick of scapegoating.

In short, there is no reason to continue the PTRSIM PIK (= 'NATO') program. Some countries say that 'we cannot downgrade it - that only leads to war' - but clearly that is no reason, in particular when its current function seems to be to make it possible to construct a new Adolf Hitler while blaming PTRSIM PIK for it. It is probably far more justified to say that 'we have to downgrade it - otherwise it leads to war'.

All the garbage that 'PTRSIM PIK' is a holy mystery is only nonsense - like that wooden cork of the third secret of Fatima.

The only problem is that history looks not so good if this cover is removed.

England recently brexited again, as it has done before, and covid-19 broke out. It is likely that covid-19 could be caused by that deplorable gap between the program of PTRSIM PIK and what is called 'historic truth'.

Italy, Hungary and other countries seem to be lukewarmly accepting the PTRSIM PIK program and seem to use their 'secret intelligence' for conducting it - possibly including some mobbing of me. I have guessed that the Visegrad Group is such a political union of countries opposing this international problem called PTRSIM PIK: With this they mean the anglophonic problem but in the practical reality they have to vestige it in some mobbing of me. The house I bought in Szolnok in Hungary seem to have water pipes inside the adobe walls and the water can apparently be released by a 'secret intelligence' from some other location and the whole house can then probably collapse, as seems to be the case. It is a looming threat against PTRSIM PIK in the sense of the Adolf Hitler construction - but only via me as the scapegoat while upholding good diplomatic relations with Austria, England, USA, Norway etc.

But Hungary and Italy are among the hardest hit by the covid-19 pandemic - looking apart from the top Gibraltar and San Marino, Hungary and Italy are on place 6 and 7 in the world in deaths per million inhabitant (following Czechia, Belgium, Slovenia, UK and Montenegro) - and it is likely that covid-19 could be nothing but this breathtaking gap between truth and politics. It is not certain that vaccines really will help (although the israeli data look promising so far).

There could be some reasons to guess that the joke of NATO as a heuristic parallel to PTRSIM PIK is perhaps more than a joke: In the article on the logic of the new technology I refer to the area around 'Gryfice' in northern Poland - and in fact there are some puzzling redundancies around the place-name 'Natolewice' and the 'WHO-piano' ('Lopianow') - these are on either side of 'Rotnowo' - cp. 'Rottweiler' for me as 'dirty beast'. Hence NATO and WHO form around the 'Rotnowo' the following - which could be a sort of 8-gon-looking power-propeller on a small airplane, Charles Lindbergh type:

Orzeszkowo could then be telling of e.g. 'øre-brusk-owo', cp. also the norwegian PM Bratteli (at the time of 'Bøverdals-guttene' - there were in my childhood history a family called 'Prytz' and one called 'Bø'). Now there are some reasons to guess that my two official parents could have had aspects of life which could have added to ideas of this 'NATO-le-wice': The official mother told that she had some 'relation' (= triangle story?) - while the official father could have disliked this. He died officially on the day 160 years after the Madonna in Paris. (Cp. the 'cork' on top of the Notre Dame that unfortunately was 'down-graded' some time ago?). The combination could perhaps have lent to me the role of an 'explorer' of 'N-hat-O' type?

I an only guessing, though.

The construction principle could then in principle have been 180 degrees different types on both sides of the 'Rotnowo'. Like Goethe's 'West-östlicher Divan'? Or like Vermeer's portrait of a woman including its own 180 degrees?

Or like the two american parties?

The whole polish top administration officially aircrashed in Smolensk. On the map around Gryfice there is a 'Smolecin' - with 'Wicimice' (= 'Lab-råten'?) on the other side.

However, as I have discussed somewhat in e.g. this file, see also this study, the real reasons for Gryfice would not really be in these silly jokes - but rather in a higher level of signification - could be about to develop in these times. Of course Gryfice could have been discovered long ago for such reasons - but there is no reason to continue the deplorable jokes that otherwise could be the only reason to continue hooking activities and studies onto these regions on the map.

17 march 2021: It looks arguably like this construction around Gryfice perhaps could be recognized in terms of indexes in the socalled 'Klipra connection'. The propeller could tell that those who are not with them are against them and that is about the same - if the two wings of the propeller are 180 degrees but spin around the same nave - and so the whole world can in principle be brought into one spinning activity. Alas, it is possible that this is but a terrible propeller spreading 'fundamental' excremental pieces (as could be some redundancy phenomenon) all over the world as the foundations of our new world. A deplorable culture could seem to have come out if - cp. e.g. the story of the mystery holes found in Siberia - what a pitiful response that could be to this poetic work, so far unpublished beyond a few dozen books.

When then ÖVP chief Michael Spindlegger resigned as vice chancellor (see detail - these photos are excerpts from the austrian newspaper Österreich for 27 august 2014) in Austria after 1223 days exactly, one could speculate that it could be about (or be seen in reference to) just this spinning propeller chopping off onsets like John Grover --> Onr Over, or Ichael Pindlegger and Call Indlegger etc - but matched onto my identity in the 1223 relative to the data in The New Yorker - as if it were me who were the innermost spider in the network organizing e.g. a 'Black Sea Loop'. It may be that the role of the nave in a spinning propeller be associated with me, but I certainly do not collaborate on that and certainly do not agree to any such politics - and I very strongly protest against being associated with such politics. There could perhaps even be reasons to speculate that this complex could have contributed to the 'covid-19' crisis? But, again, I am only guessing on basis of little empirical data.


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