State of the art 24 february 2021

John Bjarne Grover

I lived in Venice 2008-2009 and had a normal PO Box with key in the central post office. There were many such boxes and much traffic there. After I moved back to Vienna in late 2009, this central post office was sold or closed somehow and there is currently no PO Boxes available in Venice centro storico. There is the option called 'casella postale aperta' which corresponds to a normal 'poste restante' (the only difference being that one pays 100 euros per year for it). The normal 'casella postale' (as a box) exists and that is a normal PO Box, but the post office told that it is available only in the post office at San Marco. I went there and think I saw 3-4 such boxes in a corner. Where are all the busy customers from 2009 going now? Could be they have to use the 'aperta'. However, it seems that it is only Venice centro storico who has this problem - in other municipalities it seems that normal PO Boxes are available, as before. This problem concerns the issue of thermometres in the post offices: It seems that Venice centro storico is the only place where one has to face such a thermometre if one wants to look up the post in a PO Box.

On 6 january 2021, I think it was, Il Messaggero and possibly other papers had on their web edition front page a quote from then PM Giuseppe Conte's Facebook account: "Una premessa imprescindibile è rafforzare la coesione della maggioranza, e, quindi, la solidità alla squadra di governo". As far as I recall, it also showed a photo of him apparently reading something from the internet - and I believed maybe it was about my story with the application for housing from the Ufficio Coesione Sociale - could be on background of my article on the internet on that same day 6 january 2021 - including the comments on the christmas terror/tragedies with 1) earthquakes in Croatia, 2) landslide in Gjerdrum, Ask, Romerike (= Hospitality, Ask, The Roman Empire), 3) bomb in Aden as possibly related to my attempt to get in contact with the municipal housing system just before christmas - and after I had published a letter to the Ufficio Coesione Sociale - then changed into 'Agenzia Coesione Sociale' with a new location between Piazza Margherita and San Pantalon - on 11 december 2020. (I dont know just when the thermometres were installed in the post offices - but it could have been after this 11 december 2020). The story with my former application to this same office is told several times before on this page but can be told once again:

Since 2009 I had not made any applications (and therefore I had got the chance to work concentrated) but the problems had been accumulating until I had to find a housing solution in another country, and I applied for housing in Italy in an application dated late october 2018 - and soon (from 17 december 2018) ended in hospital for nearly 47 days, with diagnoses which matched the four parts of the address to which I sent the application (I had planned the application through some weeks):

Direzione Coesione Sociale = burst urine channel (after retention that started 9 days before application)
Città di Venezia = digestion problems (stomach ulcers)
Servizi alla Persona e Benessere di Comunità = trombosis in the left leg (at the hip)
Servizi per la Residenza= acute anemia (I got 13 bags of fresh blood)

When on 6 january I read the news on Conte's Facebook comment with that magic word 'coesione', I naturally thought that, well, maybe this means that the Agenzia will send me a positive letter outlining what are the possibilities. Should I contact them? I should wait and see, since it appeared from the news that my article on the internet on that day 6 january 2021 probably had been noticed by relevant authorities.

I waited for some days but nothing happened - and on 25 january 2021 I went into the new Agenzia Coesione Sociale with a paper with some relevant URLs to my web page, thereby closing the open question whether they had been made aware of my article there or not. This paper told also that it probably would be safer to respond to me by email since I looked up email anywhere but could not guarantee that I would get the chance to look up the 'casella postale aperta' here in Venice. The next day, 26 january at 11:31 AM, there arrived an email from the Agenzia telling politely that since I was not registered as resident, they communicated a green telephone number which could be used in case I would be in need of a reference (which of course looked friendly and optimistic). In the same morning, an hour or maybe two before this email arrived, I had read the news that Conte would resign - and, told the news, he had made the decision the day before. Later in the day I looked for the email again - but it was gone: Some hacker had deleted it and thrown it in the 'trash' directory - from which I fished it up again and put it back in the Inbox. This story, which resembled the story from 12 january 2019 when there was an explosion in a french bakery in Rue de Trevise in Paris, could tell that even if I had told on the paper that email would be better than normal mail, this story with the hacker told that maybe it would not - so I would have to look for a potential answer in the 'casella postale aperta' in the post office - behind the thermometer. However, the covid curve is turning - and will it lead to a portuguese third wave? I think only very few italians are vaccinated so far. It should be possible to produce vaccines on licence and carry out mass vaccinations of the entire population in the course of very few weeks if there were a political wish to do it. It is not medical authority that shall be injected - it is just a small amount of fluid under the skin and that anybody can do themselves or a sanitary person standing there - it should not have to take more than 20 seconds if the syringes with a 5mm tip are prefilled. I hope of course it is not for continuing the 'post office thermometre' story that it takes a long time with the vaccinations.

There seems possibly to be an unfortunate link between the xylophone (around 13 october 2020) at the institute of linguistics at Giardino Ca'Bembo and the death of professor Porto in the house just next to it (if his death were not entirely normal, that is) - rather immediately before the thermometres were installed in the post offices where they sell the postage stamps ('porto'). It is very possible that the probably recordable xylophone sound which occurred when I was there could be a result of my poetry and semiotic studies - that it were 'hallucinations' which could be recorded: If so, that could be a very important study on precisely the border between metaphysical and physical reality - closely related to my 'fundamental theorem of linguistics'. It is very unfortunate if such studies only open for new power struggle in a 'Landnámatid' - rather than positive support to me and my work. It is not impossible that such studies are felt like a power vacuum opening up - in which case only civilization can make for the needed preconditions for deeper studies. What is needed is that some restraint is exercised - that 'services' do not storm into the new field opening up - for making a 'go' out of it before somebody else comes and takes it first and thereby gets an upper hand. It is probable that not anybody can do this research.

I made a brief recording recently - it is of course possible that the instruments one hears vaguely in the background are normal instruments from some window - or even had been preinstalled for the case of my arrival - but I would believe that it is 'ex nihilo': Here are the brief sounds (see this file for the "geheim' Oboe"). These are rather small sounds compared with the october xylophone music in Giardino Ca'Bembo, though. In the end of january I made another such minimal recording - tonality resembling this new one.

Antonio Catricalà was found dead in his apartment in Rome on 24 february, no, on 21 february, tell the news. It is possible that this URL will not open here on my account because it contains a strange character in the end. The post offices have often queues outside - and just inside the door there is the thermometer. Is this about a 'third man' symbolism (one drugged asleep, second rapes him, third shoots the rapist dead in the moment of ejaculation) in the queues in to the post offices? Then it could sort of converge all of it onto that single thing. Cp. the christmas terror. Or is there a comment on 'my car, wrong key' in the name?

There have been beggars outside the Agenzia since I came in july-august.

Chiesa di San Lazzaro dei Mendicanti

As it appears from this file, I am very tired of administrative focus on my person and want to be without that. All too much of my life was spent with battling it off - and for the time being I have not even the needed facilities for my work.

25/2-21: A more or less frequent theme in the substructures seems to be the house where the water pipes contain that magic powder which makes the hair and beard fall off. 'RAS'-ering is norwegian for 'vandalizing' or 'avalanching', german for 'shaving'. The italian mountaineer 'Cala' Cimenti died in an avalanche a few days ago, on 8 february 2021. Now Antonio Catricalà could have added another 'cala' som days later?

There exists the theory that I could have been subjected to a 'third man' rape in drugged condition in the 1980's - an 'intelligence project' with a 'sporty' agent sacrificing himself a la oldtime shipsdog - for the sake of transference of the booty to the shooter. I have no idea if this really could have happened but the idea could be around - and the reason why it apparently would have left little traces in the mental condition would be that the criminal rapist got his welldeserved punishment very immediately. On this account it would be not the 'residence' which is the problem but rather the 'completion/termination' of it. If even vaccinations are going slow for this simple test of body temperature in all post offices in Italy, and the corona curve is rising again, it could resemble the idea that the national italian debt was rising from the end of 2009 onwards, that is, after I (as PTRSIM PIK) 'pulled out' (not 'bullet-in' of intelligence) of Italy when moving from Venice to Vienna in the end of 2009. The 'debt bullet' was going for years thereafter - and will the country survive as more than a 'floorcloth'? There could perhaps be philosophies on 'hijacking' (the earthquake of 'Port-au-Prince' on Haiti took place when I was in the process of moving from Venice to Vienna) the US authority in Europe via 'Pentagon-Pamhagen' and the associated my-authorship/Bam/Banda-Ache as a 1-2-3 thereby. Hopefully there are no unhealthy ideas of 'Intrak & Formco' qua Jesus being 'hijacked' by 'Wan Ata(n)' = Manhattan 2001 in the story. The Apenes murder in Norway at the same time as Aldo Moro in Italy could be about Tintoretto's Pilate arwork in Scuola Grande in Venice. If you ask me, my opinion is that all such tumult and turbulence could be for the one and only purpose of shifting the whole interest over from art and intellectualism to the field of quasi 'politics' and construction of new mythos for the 'intelligence' circus and control - including the idea that catholic eschatology (?) resembles this 'shipsdog' story. But I must admit that I do not understand these matters well.

26/2-21: It may be that the whole story is that PTRSIM PIK is a dominating factor everywhere and it is not permitted even to mention it as official explanation - and therefore the trivial explanation is that people have a bad conscience towards me but cannot find a way to solve this problem. Of course the world cannot continue with all this PTRSIM PIK nonsense.

27/2-21: It seems that there could be some 'intelligence mobbing' of me - not only on the internet where 'odd characters' (such as norwegian "Š = æ, ° = ø, ň = å") through a few years have come up as strange symbols when I have been using internet in Italy and Hungary: Formerly, e.g. in Austria, I could type these letters in the HTML code and they showed up right on the screen, but in Hungary and Italy they started showing strange forms on the screen if I had edited the files from a local computer. I have twice discussed the matter with the yahoo provider but they have not been able to detect the error. The problem is a little bad - if I have taken a file up in the onscreen editor and saved it again, all such odd characters are now turned into one and the same graphic symbol only (one cannot find out if it is an Š = æ, ° = ø or ň = å) and a meticulous rework can be needed for restoring the original. There have also been errors on the telephone answerer in the norwegian bank - I call for buttoning in my own account number to check what is on the account and it responds 'wrong account number' even if it is typed right: I have guessed that in both these cases there could be something 'wrong' just close to the writing/reading head of the server - like that shipsdog story. This sort of programming close to the foundations of the network (isnt there some 6-7-8 giant disks - with reading/writing heads - holding the whole internet? I think I read something like that once) can perhaps be done only by an engineer with access to the lowest levels - could be that is a rare access not available to the yahoo chatter. Etc - the whole shipsdog concept cluster. It has so far been without catastrophes - and I hope it will not come to the point where the pension is sent off to some other bank account number. I have sent an email to the bank about it (in addition to those sent before) and hope it did not go somewhere else. It can be noticed that the 1-2-3 of my manuscript registration in 2002, the Bam earthquake in 2003 and the Banda Aceh quake in 2004 could be for just that shipsdog symbolism by Bam = Pam-hagen and Banda Aceh = Pentagon.

'Challenger' seems to be a concept on me as PTRSIM PIK. I am no challenger and I think that sort of thing is bad behaviour only: The winner takes the half, the rest is often lost, or little remains of it. It may be that the thermometres installed in the post offices since about 12 december 2020 get a 'challenger' function? It must be recalled that I am not involved in the political story at all. There was a US military attack on Deir Ezzor in Syria a day or two ago. 'Their Effort/Aperta'? There was also yet another landslide in Norway, in Halden, so they may perhaps start getting nervous there.

It is sometimes said that the american indians succumbed to the 'fire-water' (alcohol) - which could mean just 'horizontal fire' or even the shipsdog fate (combined water+fire).

If the locus of the respiration/self moves, is that the covid-19? Everybody have BandaAceh before their breaths and clean their Palms frequently?

Is the philosophy that there is no other solution so we do not have a choice? There is another solution - that is to tell the whole story to the public. What is PTRSIM PIK etc. Then it is likely that the magic glory of politics goes somewhat down but the spiritual (and 'respirational'?) life of the society could go up.

28/2-21: It is noticed that a certain relevance can be observed for the 'shipsdog' symbolism in the three leading italian names of recent weeks - in particular when labial/dental is considered: 1. Giuseppe Conte (cp. also 'Giuseppe Verdi'), 2. Mario Draghi and 3. Sergio Mattarella. Somewhat interesting is also the relation of these names to the three first entries on the chronological list of counts/earls in Sweden: 1. Brahe, 2. Lewenhaupt (Leijonhufvud), 3. De la Gardie. It may be that meanings and forms reorder these 1-2-3 into 3-1-2 (2 down, 1 down, 3 over). I dont know why some URLs are so slow to open up these days. I found the list when I searched for norwegian 'hildring' = 'fata morgana', Luftspiegelung' (the word 'hildring' possibly derived from 'hjell' = wooden racks for drying hung-up fish, cp. 'gjeld' = 'debt') in german (search 'hild*') but found only 'gardi'. 'Hildring' is said to mean ''å rage opp'' = 'to reach high up', 'be tall' - cp. also 'rake' which can mean 'rake', 'shave', 'concern'. Of course, if somebody should be so unfortunate as to go to 'h[...]ell', say, because of a weak 'j' (an octogon?), that will not turn the 'gjeld' = 'debt' into 'Geld' - but some demagogic program could perhaps be based thereupon. A sensible economic program it cannot be, though. 'Deutsche Mark' = 'the eczema R/K' = 'det er skjema R/K'? (This eczema of 2014 followed after I smeared on a salve called 'Sensicutan' - cp. 'sensirutan' = 'TV', 'sensiruvan' = 'ecz-KR-ema').

There could be an alphabetic adjacency function in extension from the principle of logical ordering being the same as semantic assignment in the 'fundamental theorem of linguistics' = PTRSIM PIK.

Italy looks itself like a 'J' - cp 'Gjeld' vs 'Hjell'
Cova da Iria (of the Fatima revelation) - Ova da Kiria - Ova da Liria = LIRE, not Deutsche Mark, cp. Bishop of Leiria, Fatima

PO Box
BO Pox
Cowboy - shirts have sometimes no breastpocket
Post office / Cost office = PORTO

Patella, Qatella = Catholic
Lamm, Mamm = Madonna, Matella, Matarella
Their MAMM eater? Purkinje, Qurkinje/Kirken[j]e: Evidence of the Purkinje effect could perhaps be seen when a ranunculus is held up against the chin of a child and yellow light is emitted towards the skin (my uncle Per showed me this trick in the 1960's) - cp. the 'ranunculus' face of the lamb (what can be recognized in Rilke's line 'das Lamm mit dem redenden Blatt') in the area around northern Germany/Poland - cp. The Real Historical Grip of 'Gryfice/Natolewice' near the Germany-Poland border. The 'patella' is "in the spark of our 'twice'". And the dog - could be that 'PIK' which England - or is it the english language in which the poem is written - holds in its 'real historical grip'. (The river Rega is running through Gryfice = Greifenberg and there is a watermill on a small island there).

Italy may fear another 'anglican' challenge by 'brexit' - could be Covid-19. (Pst - I am not heir to the british throne). The three italian political names mentioned above could spoon to Dar-es-Salaam, Nairobi, Omagh - cp. the rejection of my 'doctorate degree'.

(Footballers - cp. Rilke's poem - such as Pele, Eusebio, Maradona etc could be telling of PTRSIM PIK).

Conclusion: PTRSIM PIK must be published and made available to rational science such as my 'fundamental theorem of linguistics'.

3/3-21: Returning to Vienna yesterday 2 march 2021 for a 5-10 days quarantine, I was allowed by the border police to stop by my PO Box on the way home to check its contents. It turned out to have a new lock which I could not open. In my home postbox there was an undated letter to Bjarne Grover John ('Sehr geehrter Herr Bjarne') from the post office with einladung to renewal of the PO Box in 2021 if I were interested. I had sent money and explanation in december but maybe the letter did not arrive. In my home in Zinckgasse the main fuse was kaputt so it seems that I must spend the quarantine without el. I notice the PO Box problems with APERTA in Venice and the new government there (Matarella-Draghi = LADR AG3?).

My computer-akku is almost empty.

5 march 2021: As I was coming home to Vienna from Venice on 2 march to start the 10 days quarantine, I found the main fuse was gone (it was in order when I left) and the flat was without electricity. I had some rice which I had planned to live from during the quarantine - but how could I get it digested if I only had cold or some (lukewarm) hot water from the tap? I had studied the border crossing regulations which listed those people who were free of any restrictions - testing, quarantine etc - which were transporters, urgent matters, ambulances etc - plus one puzzling category: People who travelled to Vomp-Hinterriss, Mittelberg (Kleinwalsertal) or Jungholz could just skip testing and quarantine. But isnt that my name? These small places probably come from the border setting of 1919 - could be the border-setters tried to turn 'Österreich' into a 'Westerreich'. By way of those names? I sent an inquiry to the relevant authorities and referred to this article: Should I skip the quarantine? [They have by 5 march not answered the inquiry]. Then I hurried off to have a test which was negative - it was shown as a distinct stripe across a 'nail'-looking surface - like the stripes that developed on my nails in the context of my hospital stay in Venice where I was rescued in 2018-2019. Such stripes, at least if they are more distinct than mine, are a symptom of arsenic poisoning. I dont think arsenic was my condition, though, but the world is suffering from coronavirus for the time being. Returning to my home again, I opened the fridge that had been off for many months - it is right under the main fuse - and there I found a solid lump of probably ex nihilo brown amorphous but odourless substance on the glass surface and what looked like brown rice apparently exploded all over inside the fridge (except for the bottom of it, I think). Had it been an onion or tomato I had forgotten, it would not have been that amorphous. If it were animal eggs around, they looked too big and most of it was in the ceiling and walls, and I dont think animals could get in there. I would photograph it and took first one unclear photo of the 'rice' in the dim light, then I switched on the flash for photographing the lump of substance but then the camera battery went empty before I got the chance to take the photo. The el was really going out - the akku of my computer which could be used for getting in contact with the outer world was also alarmingly low - but luckily an electrician arrived 47 hours after the test had been done and I was rescued.

Was it my name that had been 'tested' into the 'quarantine' of the fridgebox? Is this the 'brexit'? But I am not 'brexit' even if history should have squeezed my name into it.


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