Why is it so difficult for me to find a place to live?

John Bjarne Grover

Why is it so difficult for me to find a place to live? The answer can probably be made simple and short: It is because I have been assigned the role of PTRSIM PIK in the sense of the american indian resurrected after the american pogroms - thereby having a natural right to the territory but this 'application for housing' cannot be met since the americans cannot go back to Europe. The PTRSIM PIK program serves to lift this territorial right onto the US president - and the general conclusion that the application for a homeland that cannot be met is lifted onto the american indians.

It is well established that the american continent was populated by socalled 'indians' before the arrival of the europeans. How many such indians were exterminated in massive pogroms is probably a known albeit not published number. The official number tells 'some thousand' but it is probable that when they had inhabited the vast continent for thousands of years, they would have been millions. The great majority of these have been exterminated - probably in cruel and systematic pogroms - and it is doubtful whether the invading europeans have legal territorial rights to the continent. Strictly speaking they should have given the country back to the indians and gone back to Europe - but this is considered unrealistic today - and whatever the views on judicial rights, the problem of weak territorial rights - that is, right to be there at all - is naturally a pressing political issue in USA. Could be many people believe that this problem is the heart of american state tendency to expand and spread their political views all over the world - could be in the hope that the rights one day will be considered as settled and the history of extermination (genocide) be forgotten.

How do they construct quasi territorial rights? What is the philosophical basis?

The theory probably goes that the temple of Jerusalem was destroyed and the jews were driven from their homeland around AD 70 because an important prophet (Jesus) had been so unfortunately treated. This is perhaps a standard western-christian explanation to the dispersion.

Therefore, tells this theory, the same must have been the reason why the american indians were driven from their homeland when the european immigrants invaded the american continent: There must have been some important prophet among the indians who had been so badly mistreated that the indians lost their goodwill among the divines - and the immigrants from Europe came and shot the indians dead and took their country in punishment for this misdeed.

If this be the story, then the americans can perhaps feel that they can manage to establish a reasonably good conscience about living in USA, since it must have been 'right' by divine justice (and isnt that what territorial rights are about as well?) - otherwise they have perhaps not really the right to be there.

The PTRSIM PIK program could have been constructed for this problem. PTRSIM PIK is probably supposed to be that resurrected indian prophet, like a Jesus risen from the dead, but on the other side of the ocean, in Europe, and if the US presidential candidate wins the election, then it seems to be with this PTRSIM PIK 'on the other side'. The US presidential candidate is therefore in the role of some sort of 'indian Jesus/Messiah' - and the organizers of this intrigue can feel somewhat concerned with keeping the person who is in the role of the PTRSIM PIK secret and unexposed for the public - therefore lots of strategies including resistance and mock can come to take place in order to prevent that the person surfaces. The persecution of my authorship - rejected doctorate, book submissions, plagiarisms - is probably an example of this. The ideal PTRSIM PIK from that intrigue point of view is probably the alcoholic who is bowed down under a lot of bad conscience.

But since this US president elected by monkey business on the PTRSIM PIK cannot really pretend to be a Messiah, at best he can be a Messiah mocker since he had stolen the role (and a true Messiah wouldnt do that), therefore his role turns inevitably blasphemic and he makes perhaps claims that the child he stole the role from is the 'beast of blasphemy' described in the Revelation (chapter 13). This turbulence could perhaps be akin to the socalled 'Kennedy curse'.

Example of a theory of a 'Kennedy curse': If the official mother were rebuilt to 'trans' for rape of me 1970-71, it could have been done with my own penis contents transplanted from me onto the rapist, for a smart blaming of me thereby. The school dentist 'Aulie' drilled holes in my healthy teeth - and if my own behind which were being subjected to the rape could be called 'oldie', the blame for the rape could be turbulently assigned to me vi the school dentistry. And, if so, whose penis (contents) did I get? The purpose with the 'octogon' could seemingly have been to blame me for all sorts of evil by recourse to the moral insufficiency in marital infidelity - but it is also clear that I could have come to reason about the stories and found that there were too many coincidences there and, indeed, it looked 'organized' - which could mean 8 couples being paid for organizing me to be the intruder between them. "But then it looks the opposite" I would say: "Isnt it rather they who had intruded into my life - and they should apologize to me?" That could be true, but that is just when the answer to the intriguing question could be given: Whose penis did I get? Ah, of course, I could have gotten the contents of the man who organized the octogon - and so I would be blamed for the octogon after all! And who could that have been? Ah, of course, it could have been Kennedy's penis contents I got transplanted in 1970 - if he organized it. That would mean 8 marital infidelities and 8 Kennedy siblings transferred onto me who would have been planned to carry the blame. And with the proper turn-around effect that this entailed, I could be blamed for even 8 cases of child abuse against myself in the years up to 18. With all this turbulent turnaround and doubleblame - that could have been the background of the socalled 'Kennedy curse'. One notices also a suggestive idea of this turbulent 'Kennedy curse' in the sense of 'Heimskringla'. All this turbulence sounds admittedly not probable, rather it could have been a product of attempts to construct explanations - and indeed I do not have much reason to believe or memories suggestive of the idea that my penis contents could have been replaced around 1970. (There are two 'oldies' in 'the muppet show' - I dont know if this TV show is constructed on basis of such a 'Kennedy curse' turbulence - that is, a show about my 'mobbet' genitals - a show for the american territorial feelings?) I should of course have had more empirical data to present as basis for such speculations.

A theory then tells that for making this US Messiah president as a counterpoint to the indian prophet PTRSIM PIK in Europe, Hitler organized the holocaust against the 6 million jews who were murdered in Europe (as a counterpoint to the pogroms against the american indians) followed by me as jewish-genetic PTRSIM PIK in the role of the resurrected indian - in a butterfly (or 'heimskringle'?) with the US president of american genetics following after the pogroms against the indians. To the extent that I count as that indian prophet, the US president will then count as the resurrected Messiah Christ - because of Hitler's holocaust. To the extent that the abuse of me is considered 'permitted', the american immigrants will feel that they have territorial rights to their homeland (because of Hitler's work). That is possibly the purpose with this PTRSIM PIK construction - and the reason why the world is so unwilling to repair for the abuse of my work and person. A pity that is - that the world accepts such easy bribe.

Example of hypothetical account of Hitler's work for making this PTRSIM PIK: Assume that the custody mother of mine were rebuilt to 'trans' in 1970 and that I was raped in drugged condition - with a sanitary towel soaked with her own menstrual blood pressed against my mouth and nose while it was going on - according to the scheme of 'Kennedy curse'. The french mathematician Evariste Galois had perhaps not been into her vagina (some fumbling and kissing perhaps) but the young mathematician died in a duel nevertheless. This could perhaps be called 'duel schentistry' - the story (although probably packed with mythos) tells that he was shot in his abdomen - hence I was told to read modern math in the school Aula next to school dentist Aulie for this 'school dentistry' being the reason why I looked like a used 'floorcloth' - cp. the ideas of a used sanitary towel against respiration channel. But the story tells that it wasnt me who was the floorcloth - that was the US president - rather the story assigns to me the role of 'chlor-floth' (because 'gewehr is jealous'?): Then Hitler's concentration camp called 'Flossenbürg' could have been for that Floth, while the Chlor gas would have been for the GRINI ('chlor' = 'green'). Then Floth or Flossenbürg = Falstad-Mysen - the 'flåte' = RAFT which Odysseus was allowed to build after the memorable night with Calypso in her cave - he gave in after long time's pressure (and 'signed the contract'?). Thereafter he was allowed to fell the trees and build the raft needed for leaving Calypso's concentration cave behind and drift out on the ocean in the hope of being tossed around by Poseidon untill he - after having stranded like a bottle mail at Nausikaa and her parents - eventually reached his home and his dear Penelope. It is told in the Odyssey how he resisted the beauty goddess Calypso night after night for a long time, and sat at the waterside weeping and thinking of his Penelope at daytime. Sobibor, Treblinka and Belcez would be that story of how he came out from her concentation cave - the sobibor of the last night, the treblinka of the felled trees, the bow-jets (?) of his raft - the story of his longing for the homeland. This is a possible background of the chlor gas attacks in Syria while Obama was US president. It could have enhanced the feeling of having a homeland in USA. This story tells that it is not impossible that Hitler made the concentration camp 'Flossenbürg' for the purpose of this future story with me - but it must be told that I do not have much reason to believe that there were neither rapes nor sanitary towel at work - but I remember well my 'floorcloth' condition from the school dentistry. I dared not tell about it at home - could be because I suspected that they knew about it anyhow. But it is not impossible that Hitler made this concentration camp for this single reason of the future role of mine - which could have been relative to the US president.

28/2-21: A little piece of 'evidence' exists, though: A series of 8 danish films with erotic themes called 'Sengekant' = 'Bedside/Bedroom' films were launched in the years 1970-1976, the first ('Bedroom mazurka') premiere on 31 august 1970 which was soon after school had started. 'Ole Søltoft' played the main male role in most of them. 'Ole' = 'Aulie', 'søl[v]' = 'silver', 'toft' = what you sit on in a boat when you row backwards. 'Annie Birgit Garde' is a name suggesting 'he in the (binary-numbered) teeth' - she played in all the films. 'Axel Strøbye' is a name which could suggest an ejaculating penis - the first film tells that he needs to find a replacement for his rector job because he is going to be part of the new government. The second in the series was 'Bedroom dentist' (1971) etc. I remember well that people talked of these films, e.g. in the schoolyard.

Now the historic issue is the homeland of the indians. What should happen if I in this role of PTRSIM PIK (= the resurrected indian 'Jesus' prophet) should try and find a new place to live?

Then, to the extent that my person and work are abused all over in the media, business, culture (for the time being it seems that words I write in my poetry notebook are tapped by surveillance and sent to some newspaper source who perhaps suppresses me as the source but functions as a 'mythos maker' for modern times), it could come to look 'from the other side' as if the indians suddenly are in need of getting their homeland back again and is planning to do that - like Israel did in 1948.

Panic: Does that mean that the americans must return to Europe? Or would they get a chance to rent a piece of land from the indians?

For the time being I am trying to find a place to live outside Austria - but if there is systematic resistance to this on a high political level, that could be precisely for the purpose of pretending that my application for a new homeland constitutes a threat against the american territory. Which of course it does not.

The whole story with covid-19 could be the panic that Mr.Grover must have a place to live outside Austria, but the world in its deep collective subconsciousness believes that this means that the US population of 333 million people must go in the boats and travel seasickly on the undulating waves of the ocean back to Europe - and we cannot allow for that. Covid-19 would then arise from this complex - the despair when this simple issue isnt solved easily.

It could be for preventing this that USA seems to be indulging in plagiarizing my authorship. Every Hollywood film which is based on material from my life and work without crediting me as the source could therefore have the function of calming the american nerves: "Yes, you do have a homeland".

If there were rapes of me in my puberty age, these rapes could have made it much easier to rape my authorship today. 'It looks and feels so right' - and hence the once invasion of the land of the indians looks and feels right and just.

This may have been the purpose with the PTRSIM PIKs since the early 19th century - and the US republicans could have been formed in 1854 for counterbalancing the abuse.

Therefore, tells this analysis, I have such big problems with finding a place to live - the global resistance is enormous because the world will not ask the americans to go back to Europe even if the indians have the right to the country.

England wanted Israel to be re-established in 1948 - that could give them some power in USA.

Since 2009 I had not made any applications (and therefore I had got the chance to work concentrated) but the problems had been accumulating until I had to find a housing solution in another country, and I applied for housing in Italy in an application dated late october 2018 - and soon (from 17 december 2018) ended in hospital for nearly 47 days, with diagnoses which matched the four parts of the address to which I sent the application (I had planned the application through some weeks):

Direzione Coesione Sociale = burst urine channel (after retention that started 9 days before application)
Citt� di Venezia = digestion problems (stomach ulcers)
Servizi alla Persona e Benessere di Comunit� = trombosis in the left leg (at the hip)
Servizi per la Residenza= acute anemia (I got 13 bags of fresh blood)


It is seen that those who join the program of abusing me and my things, that is all those who use ideas and texts from my workdesk without crediting the source by my name, contribute to the suppression of the american indians for an enhanced US comfort on the territorial rights issue. I made some speculations above on 'the muppet show', popular in USA hypothetically also for these 'rights' feelings. Does New York Times indulge in regular and systematic mobbing of my private handwritten notes? I have speculated on basis of a very few cases I have observed (I do not read that paper but have occasionally spotted it a few times exhibited in newspaper stands) that they in principle could have a detail from my recent handwriting blown up to an article (of 'special' type) on their front page every day. It is easy to understand what that could be if the above account is the case: It would have been because it quasi 'tastes well' to mob the PTRSIM PIK because that makes the average american feel less threatened by the territorial rights of the indians. Successful mobbing of the jewish genetics would then make USA feel more at home in America. But it is perhaps not impossible that the indians one day will succeed in claiming the country back: Therefore the newspaper could sell more if there is such mobbing on the front page - since it could calm the nerves of the average american.

This would be in the continuation of the work of Adolf Hitler - and Kennedy and (as it seems generally) the US democrat party apparently being based on the principles of the PTRSIM PIK program.

There are some reasons to speculate that Obama in his presidency invested some efforts into politics that would swap me with Hitler - which means that continued suppression of me - that means also of the american indians, for an enhanced feeling of territorial rights in USA - would be disguised under the pretext of being a suppression of Adolf Hitler and his work. It means that the program of Obama, if this be the case, would be to pretend persecution of Adolf Hitler (while in actual fact it would mean persecution of me) which also means persecution of the american indians.

Did Norway grant political asylum to Hitler's government in 1945? On behalf of the interests of 'the allieds', or, say, USA? It is possible that the history of the state of Norway - established with an explicitly antisemitic constitution in 1814, jews had no access to the country - is somewhat in parallel with or even correlated with this PTRSIM PIK program. I dont know when Hitler was planned.

This would then serve to complete the full program since the start of the PTRSIM PIK program of establishing quasi territorial rights in USA - in spite of the obvious lack of such. How many million indians were murdered in the attempted genocide? It is probable that the number is not really public yet.

When I try to find a place to live, that could meet general resistance under the pretext that 'we dont want nazis' - driven by the feeling that 'the americans cannot go back to Europe'.

It is really (as far as I know) only Austria - and to some extent Germany - who have a housing politics which makes it possible for me to find a stable home - with my special problems (due to the political history) and with my budget economy and general problems with earning money beyond the pension. I have speculated that housing politics in Europe after 1945 could have been finetuned against just this theme.

Many would perhaps say that the indians do no longer constitute a threat against american territorial rights - but the 'judicial principles' could make the nerves uneasy nevertheless. Could be all this is anachronistic reasoning, though - and what is left of it is only that it provides a pale pretext for abusive politics. I dont know about this. But there is no reason to mistake my housing needs for a threat from the american indians against the american people's housing needs.

Is my genetics jewish or not? Of course, if my genetics is jewish, the above explanation means that the US president elected by the PTRSIM PIK program will appear to the american people as the resurrected indian prophet. And that is when he gets the votes - because people are not informed about PTRSIM PIK. But people must be informed about this.

24/2-21: England may have brexited instead of finding a new housing for me in another continental country. That is when they aspire to the label 'nazis'.

It is seen that the US democrat party seems to have its political function based rather much on abuse of one single person (me). This should count as a goodenough reason to outlaw the party. 'Duel schentistry' - it is called 'nazi science' when the historic account of the reality is adjusted to the political needs. The biographies of the PTRSIM PIKs likewise seem to be of that kind: Wittgenstein is described as a murderer, homo, pedo, lots of vices which probably are outright lies. Tschaikovsky and Rimbaud homo? Probably totally nonsense - made for constructing that 'power sausage' which fuels the US democrat party. It has happened all too often in my life that the tragic quasi 'intelligence services' try and go inbetween me and the 'real world'. If I order a thing in a shop and come back the next day, there is such a service person standing there. It probably means that they are totally unable to be considered responsible and cannot endure a millimetre of confidence without starting making intrigue - and there are probably reasons for that. I once bought a train ticket from Vienna to Paris one full week in advance and had a bad time inbetween since of course I could not expect that the 'services' could keep their fingers off such a temptation - and indeed that is just what happened: When I arrived the wagons had been scrambled and replaced and I got a new couchette with a special travel mate and it was supposed to look coincidental. It was the orient express and I think this could have been some time after this that it no longer went in to Paris but has stopped in Strasbourg since then.

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