1 october 2021

John Bjarne Grover

The story of the man who was not a machine: 'Out of the head of an old man' - swedish original title 'I huvet på en gammal gubbe' - here excerpt 3 out of 8

Added 8 october 2021: See this story of a possible although strange E-error in the wall, leading to a KNALL in the wall on 9 september, 17 days before the election in Germany. The excerpt from the film:

00:00-00:17 - O-lauf Skola --> Olaf Scholz?
01:00 - 'Evert = elak' --> 'E-Wirt = E-Lack'? Kurz-Schluß?
00:45 - 'Evert Anschluß'?

I had not made the error - and I would not believe that the houseletter had done it either. If it should have been some 'prank' by some 'Evert', I hope it wont continue.

'Huvet' ('the head') is normally written 'huvudet'.

(There is also the swedish Evert Taube).

Added 10 october 2021: Excerpt 2 out of 8 of the same 1968 film (by Hans Alfredson & Tage Danielsson = 'Hasse & Tage') tells at 08:34 that the old man had learnt to read in 'by-skolan' by 'Fröken Kvist' = 'Ms.Twig'. 'Kviset' = norw. for 'pimpled' (not 'pinball' = 'flipper'), cp. the volcano Cumbre Vieja of La Palma of 19 september 2021. I dont know if such a volcano can be provoked (say, by 22000 'seismic events'). There were also the drillings in Mariahilferstrasse and Lindengasse in 2021 for the extension of U2 to 'Rathaus'. Of course I strongly protest against any such use of my authorship - if, say, the 22000 were in imitation of my TEQ as quasi 'eruptive poetry'. I notice that this file and this tell of the 'Savonarola' phenomenon of how I discovered the fundamental theorem etc - and in vol.4 certain aspects of cuneiform - and it goes via the function of the last stanza in poem 50 in 'Stillhetens åndedrag':

Og solsikkene sto i aldrende flor
på en kvist.
I togets kupé var det varmt - og jeg tror
for å bli bevisst.

And the sunflowers stood in an ageing blossom
on a twig.
In the train's compartment it was hot - and I believe
in order to get conscious.

It is this 'twig' which is the essential foldover which also could be a part of the xylophone in Venice etc. Of course if that essential foldover is recognized as 'Ms.Twig' (not the british model 'Twiggy' of the 1960's) from the 1968 film, it could create an uncomfortable feeling and certainly my poem and the folding twig therein has nothing to do with any political intrigue. Neither do I believe that the film was 'political' but this Twiggy relative to Ms.Twig in a volcano of La Palma could make it look like!

If such a volcano is provoked it is expensive terror. I certainly am not involved! If the volcano is provoked, it could be for pretending that my 22000 lines of inner poetic articulation in 'The Endmorgan Quartet' create such terror. Of course they do not!

Why is it only this sort of response to my poetry? I spend years and years with spadework (on this homepage - articles about nazipazi things in thousands of pages) for getting the 'politics' out from my work and then there can finally be a little breathinghole for another poem but it is soon filled with new intrigue. That sort of highly unwanted attention and abuse of my work must count as bad behavior - if, that is, it is organized by some political intrigue. Of course I have hoped for decades to see an end to all that intrigue. Of course I do not want the 'go' which such 'services' can offer. Of course I do not want my poetry to be a model for international terror.

Added 11 october 2021: From this account of the 'foldover' at 'sunflowers on a twig' it follows that 'by-skolan' (the 'town-school', or 'offer-school' - 'by' as noun = 'town' but as verb = 'to present an offer', say, a sum of money) with 'Fröken Kvist' = 'Ms.Twig' at 08:34 comes to signify the exact 'foldover' between excerpt 2 and 3 from the film. But this excerpt-making looks rather arbitrary and is made in recent years, probably. Is there a recent sign of this? Well, the names of the two Nobel peace prize winners (Maria Ressa, Dmitri Muratov) announced on friday 8 october could perhaps associate with 20 seconds from beginning and end of excerpt 3. If a book by me as PTRSIM PIK is the story, it could also be about the theory of possible rapes of me by the hypothetically trans-rebuilt custody mother in my 'kvise'-age puberty of 1970-71. The norwegian film "Norske Byggeklosser" from 1972 (made by Pål Bang-Hansen) exists likewise in such scissored-up forms on the internet - and 'Palmyra' could associate with the volcano on 'La Palma'. The bombing left the ruins of Palmyra 'rather arbitrary and is made in recent years'.

Etymologies (greek, latin) to 'LAP ALMA' - here from Walde-Hofmann's latin etymological dictionary: 'Almus' (fem. 'alma') - αλθαινω = 'to heal' - and one notices the 'Zeus & Poseidon' as well as the 'Hain' = 'Lund' cp. 'Lindengasse. 'LAP' (greek) seems to be associated with 'evacuation of the bowels', 'laxity'. 'Al[le]-ma[nn]' = norw. for 'everybody'. The combination 'lap alma' could thereby invoke unpleasant ideas of 'come on, everybody, let's empty the bowels in the head of the old man'. Should it mean 'freedom of expression'? In the head of the old 'Judenblut'?

The article in Walde-Hofmann opposite to 'almus' is 'alius'. One could speculate that the Orderud Paust case could have been about altering the version of the history from this map to this map - that is, making it a history about an ALIUS, not me. But it was me who wrote the poetry - it is not an 'intelligence project' and the administrations are of course not entitled to use my 22000 inner poetic articulations of TEQ or any other part of my work for making politics or terror or anything the like. In particular, I am not the volcano coming up from a 'basement' - e.g. released under 'intelligence' control of 22000 seismic events. A Kennedy (cp. the 'candy' at the end of excerpt 2) was reported to have disappeared on a canoe trip with her 8 year old child - seemingly in 2020. An airplane RF 94591 with parachutists on board fell down at Menzelinsky in Tatarstan in Russia yesterday. Here an excerpt from Vasmer on 'tatar' (cp. also 'tokaj', 'tochar') - cp. 'tatarka'/'mamarka' = 'buckwheat', hung. 'hajdina'. The film excerpts on youtube.com which I have referred to here seem to have been published by some 'blom9890', if that is what the annotation means.

William James Sidis was a famous genius boy who maybe did not understand the intrigues or style of the academic world and early fell out and seems to have made a living by selling typewriters. I read somewhere that he claimed to have discovered a hidden distributional system in streetcar transfer tickets or something like that (resembling perhaps my quest for the hidden mystery in the distribution of car numbers in my novel 'The Dreamer'). He also wrote 'The animate and the inanimate' about "the idea of the reversibility of everything in time; that is, that every type of process has its time-image, a corresponding process which is its exact reverse with respect to time". Could be, therefore, that light can be dated and virtual mirrors or lenses can be defined anywhere so that we can construct technologies for observing anything that happened in history by taking signals from the universe as mirroring human-psyche history via a format of typologizing along some scale (could be the typologizing reduction is the same as the idea of the sum of probabilities being more or less than 1.0 because it takes time to count the occurrences). Typologies can take the place of historic relatedness in the theoretic accounts of historical linguistics. If DNA is considered a balance organ between physics and metaphysics, human-psyche typology can be the balance organ between history and cosmos. Is this it - that the ideas of the typewriter-seller were installed by rigidity into an intrigue on 'streetcar transfer' station lift (animate = 'lifed') etc? Margareth That-share? I think I read a note of his somewhere that the latin construction 'Alma Venus' kept recurring to his mind over and over again. (Here is an old file I wrote on my then homepage in 2004). Sidis seems to have published his 'The animate and the inanimate' as an appendix to a book of his father, just like János Bólyai's non-euclidean geometry ('Bólyai' should be 'Bolyai'), and there could even be some priority dispute in Sidis' mention in the preface: "Since the manuscript was completed my attention was attracted by a quotation from a lecture by the great scientist, Lord Kelvin, in which a theory is suggested which is very similar to mine in its general outlines". This was apparently before his manuscript was published.

In the film excerpt 3 there is at 05:08 an incident with problems with the 'confirmation' due to pranks from 'Evert' - could be he even had to flee the place therefore. This year the call (from Oslo) for 'life certificate/attestation' for pensions and benefits was unusually strong. I hope my 'confirmation' arrived, and if, it should have been halted by some 'Evert', I hope their letter with renewed call is not stopped by further pranks - otherwise my pension/benefit payments are stopped. On my return from Venice in march this year, I found that seven months of post had been lost because my letter with payment for the PO Box fee for 2021 had allegedly not reached them - it must have been stopped by some 'Evert'. (A comparable letter to Hungary was not stopped). Sebastian Kurz announced the resignation from his chancellorship on 9 october, that is two days ago, and this 'Kurz-Schluß' could lend quite strong emphasis on this concept of relevance for this film. New chancellor Schallenberg started today.

Added 13 october 2021: It was 'Maeve Kennedy Townsend McKean' who reportedly died in april 2020, told the news.

See also this article with possible thematic relevance as far as concerns the (theory of a potentially provoked) volcano of La Palma in titles 2 and 4 of MLR july 2021. Of course if my poetic work is used for such terror it is extremely unwelcome. And it is not I who should pay for such terror, if that is what it is.

Added 14 october 2021: In 1995-97 I constructed in Oslo and Bergen a number of poems from various dictionary glosses and permutational algorithms - it would not help you much to laugh at those. They looked perhaps like the Meccano constructions I made in my childhood. I used cuneiform sumerian and other languages - and the poems looked often like the ('fruit soup') one in this file. In the spring 1997 I went to London and collected some of them in a pamphlet ('32 sonnets') I sent to Poetry Library - and they accepted them with thanks into their collection! That was a turning point in my career. Would the pamphlet be comparable to Wittgenstein's 'Wörterbuch'?

Added 15 october 2021: Some comments on the apparent terror on Kongsberg in Norway (also this article) on wednesday 13:10 (13 october) which started around 18:13 - hence '1823'? The name of the suspect was, according to news, 'Espen Andersen Bråthen' which resembles 'L.A.Bråthen' and could be some number and hence possibly 'Frau Grøver', in which case the name of 'Maeve Kennedy Townsend McKean' could invoke ideas of ownership to the authorship on basis of an empirically weak hypothesis of rapes in puberty times. Not my sort of logic. My work is not an intelligence project and has nothing to do with that sort of world. If Raphael's or Rafael's ΕΠ''ΟΓΛΟΩΝ or ΕΠ''ΟΓΚΟΩΝ (in his 'School of Athens') suggests Gogol's 'Sphongka' = 'Kennedy' ('raising up' etc), the arrows could suggest Euclid with geographic 1823 on the other side.


Vasmer, M.: Russisches Etymologisches Wörterbuch. (3 volumes). Carl Winter, Heidelberg 1953, 1979.

Walde, A.: Lateinisches etymologisches Wörterbuch. By J.B.Hofmann. Carl Winter Universitätsverlag, Heidelberg 1965.

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