21 september 2021: The volcano of La Palma

John Bjarne Grover

I went to Szolnok in the morning on 8 september 2021 (and it was this morning that I observed the 'Marccain' video ad in the U-Bahn on the way out of Vienna) and back again the following day. As I came to Keleti PU for the railjet to Vienna, the train was waiting at the platform but info on track number had not yet been put up on the information board and lots of people stood there waiting for the information which track it would be leaving from. I bought a piece of pizza (for 'rekvika-ment') and went into the platform - a man was standing at the end of the train and another had taken up position with a video camera and in the moment when I went into the platform, they started filming. Then the info came up on the information board and people flushed into the platform. As we had crossed the border to Austria, there suddenly came a strong and noisy beeping - reminding me of the signal from my egg-boiler telling that the eggs are ready - in the loudspeaker over me - I dont know if it were only there or if other loudspeakers told it as well - but the disturbing beeps were followed by a short message ending in "...150 euro Geldbusse" or something like that - I understood that it would be a punishment of up to 150 euro if something happened. This was thrice the number told on the U-Bahn in Vienna after I had forgotten my rucksack in the Barnabiten church in the summer 2019 - when I some time later went into an U-Bahn station there was the message on the loudspeaker telling that if you forgot something in public space, there could be a fine of 50 euros for removal of the garbage. As I came home, I switched on the main fuse which I had detached and another fuse went out, then I switched this on again and yet another fuse went out with a very audible KNALL from over the kitchenbench, about the place of the double outlet which I had associated with the double-crater of the Geldingadalur volcano on Iceland on my return in march. This was in the late afternoon 9 september. On 19 september I went in the morning down to Westbahnhof to take a photo of two ads - the IKEA ad with two people on a bicycle and the socalled 'Marccain' ad. As I passed the platform for U6, there came up on the video screen the news that there were now 22000 homeless people ('Obdachlose') in Austria. This was in the morning 19 september - and it happened thrice that I passed probably homeless singular males (age 20-30 or so) in the course of about one day, each or them looking as if they had been sleeping outdoors for some time, being equipped with a sleeping bag and plastic bags for personal belongings. It is otherwise long since I saw anything like that in Vienna - and I had to make the thought that this looked far beyond any average relative to the newspiece on the 22000 presented on the U-Bahn display. The next day I read the news that a volcano had erupted on La Palma, the wellknown 'Cumbre Vieja' volcano which last erupted in 1971, now on 19 september 2021, told the news. The volcano eruption is about 1823 km from Madrid, the administrative center - more specifically it seems to be the distance to the suburban railway station 'Humanes de Madrid' - or the outskirts of 'Mostoles'. Information told also that the eruption which came on 19 september at about 15:15 UTC had been preceded by 22000 tremors or seismic events from about 11-12 september. It is in fact the same number as was told about the homeless people in the morning news before the news, and it is about the number of 'poetic articulations' (separate lines) in my 'The Endmorgan Quartet'. (As I now looked over it, there are some 21000 plus lines if linebreak is ignored and some 23000 lines if linebreak counts as separate lines). This earthquake site tells of a good number of seismic events of magnitude above Richter 1 on the Canary Islands in the week before the eruption but nothing like more than a few dozens - I dont know if 22000 is a realistic number if minor seismic events of Richter 0,1-0,2 etc are included. The fact that 22000 was on the display in the U-Bahn station when I looked at it - before the eruption later in the day - is perhaps not so telling since the news tell that the Canary Islands authorities had started evacuating people in the days before the eruption since seismic reports told that an eruption was highly probable within short time. But the number on 22000 homeless people are something nevertheless since the eruption that followed some hours later could probably well have been delayed for yet some hours, thereby causing the number of seismic events to run into yet some thousand tremors beyond 22000 - in which case the correlation with alleged number of homeless in Austria would have been lost. However, there are perhaps reasons to see the connections as being 'beyond normal coincidence level':

1) The reported volcanic eruption on La Palma was just south of the central town 'El Paso' which also was the name of the mexican-US border town where a shooting spree in 'Walmart' started about the moment when I entered the church on my return in search of the forgotten rucksack. When 'El Paso' was on 'La Palma' it could be suggestive of 'masturbation' in light of the Walmart shooting spree in 2019 - cp. also the potential 'wall-marts' of the austrian situation described in this file under 'Marccain'.

2) The name of the volcano is 'Cumbre Vieja', Canary Islands, which associates with the norwegian expression 'hummer & kanari' which means 'this and that', all sorts of things, norwegian 'ditt & datt'. (There was a norwegian 'motkultur' poetry pamphlet magazine called 'Dikt & Datt' in the 70-80's - Petter Enok Skau Jakobsen and I wrote a poem and sent it to them and it was printed, as far as I remember. I think it ended with the melancholic lines "høl i huet, / høl i gittarn, / høl i dass" (= 'hole in the head / hole in the guittar / hole in the toilet') - which even could be seen today as a reflex of a '1-2-3' (or '1223'?) childhood trauma? But clearly even if this poem was printed, in however humble format, it is still not an impressive career in poetry).

3) The number 22000 can be seen to be the number of i) lines in TEQ, ii) the announced number of homeless in Austria and iii) the number of tremors before the eruption on La Palma just south of El Paso.

In short, combined with the 'Knall' in the air above the kitchen bench (or, rather, from inside the wall at the double outlet over the kitchen bench) on my return from Hungary, there are many redundancies relative to the Geldingadalur volcano on Iceland on 19 march 2021 - after my return from Italy - that was 15 days after the main fuse had been repaired on 4 march and 17 days after my return on 2 march.

In short, if such a Palma volcano can be provoked artificially somehow, it looks like a play on the couplet mentioned in my article 'Logical order' (which also could be the reference contained in the 'Marccain ad'):

Es ist die Dunkelheit der Kamera
mit der Geschichte Licht-Drama

The first line would tell of the event on the platform in Budapest, while the second tells of the 'drama' with 'Knall' and electric outlet in the wall plus the following Geschichte with volcanic eruption.

This happened while I was studying the relation between Caravaggio's work and my own DDS part 2, a relation which could be even more interesting than the one of part 3 (told of towards the end of this file). It was on 13 september I found that Caravaggio's 'St.Francis in meditation' (1606) - St.Francis holding a skull in his hands - contains a pair of apparent shadow eyes in the upper lefthand corner, as if just above and behind the back of the saint - here enhanced from Schütze p.182 for heuristic purposes along with the relevant excerpt from my photo #5:

- that I suddenly recognized this from my own Danube Island photo #5 - but there it is in the upper righthand corner - narrow stripes of eyes - and an apparent 'bush' in the middle of the photo with what looks like a skull hidden inside it - as a comment on Caravaggio's skull in the hands of the meditating St.Francis. However, it was when the volcano erupted that this correlation got its full support - in the form of the landscape shown on the satellite map of Google surrounding the volcano showing shadows of a kind invoking associations to just the narrow eyes of Caravaggio and my photo #5 (the eruption is indicated on the excerpt):

(See also this file for the excerpt "Das ist die tiefere Intention: / Zu sehn über eigenen Schultern").

However, the really strong evidence is in the fact that the alignment I had found of my DDS part 2 with this Caravaggio artwork was in poem #11 - following immediately after the two last lines of poem #10 quoted above ("Es ist die Dunkelheit der Kamera / mit der Geschichte Licht-Drama") - after which follows the first lines of poem 11:

Des Rotes zwei
und des Lichtes Spucken -
es kommt entweder
auf Abend-Hucken

oder es kommt
auf der Lichter Grün

'Hucke' is a burden carried on the back (say, like a rucksack), just like the narrow shadow eyes on Caravaggio's artwork is an apparent burden on St.Francis' back, or it can mean 'Hocke' which can be 'sheaves' (like constellations of stars on the winter sky, as some poet put it?) or 'fascies' ('Getreidegarbe') resting up against each other in the field for drying - while the word can also mean 'squat' or a body posture in the sense of resting with bent knees and upright spine with weight on the toes - also rather similar to Caravaggio's work with an apparently kneeling St.Francis. In sum, the connection to my stanza of DDS II:11 is quite strong - in particular when the spanish word 'cumbre vieja' means 'old mountain ridge' (or 'old mountain peak'). The volcano seems to tell "yes, John, you are right there".

The two last lines of poem 11 (of DDS part 2) are these:

Und die Illusionen
sind Haus-Funktionen.

It is probable that the 'Knall' in the air when I twice reattached the fuses ('des Rotes zwei') could be quite simply 'des Lichtes Spucken'.

If a volcanic eruption of this type can be provoked, then one could perhaps wonder i) whether the number 22000 of tremors really is a part of reality, and ii) whether the 'El Paso' volcano would have been a part of this 'Marccain' advertisement campaign.

In particular, if the state of Austria is about to be dissolved due to problems with reality as far as coincidences are concerned, there could perhaps be reasons to worry if disappointments thereby are credited with me - as if the state should be endangered because I still live in Austria and have not moved out of the country in spite of the '1223' relations with ÖVP. Are there plans of an 'Entrümpelung' eruption of my home when I am outdoors? Of course, if the coronavirus mortality goes up and down by my residence here or there, and if this be related to the '1223' relation to ÖVP, then of course the problem must be solved by the party being dissolved and not by me moving away - I mean, if the coronavirus mortality goes up and down internationally because a political party abuses a single private person who is not involved at all - then it must be the party that dissolves (or at least changes its policy sufficiently) and not the private person moving away.

It could be about a problem with reality constitution if the state of Austria feels its territorial rights strengthened by an increased number of coincidences telling of a divine reality inside the territory of the state - even if the state is not allowed to have military defence of its borders. Cp. the phenomenon that lasted for some time that the top mortality of covid-19 globally was packed around just Austria - I think 5 of the 8 neighbour countries were among the global top 13 in mortality - search this file for the word 'Slovenia' - (Hungary had in fact the world's top mortality per million inhabitants for quite a while) - that could tell of some 'panic' in terms of extreme 'mortality' along the vulnerable austrian border. (Cp. also the phenomenon of 'El Paso' being the centre-most town of La Palma - far away from the bordering ocean - but the mexican-US border town where the shooting erupted in 'wall-marts' when I re-entered the church in search of my rucksack was just on the border itself). That could be a dangerous situation if this feeling of vulnerability of the territorial security normally is solved by increasing the number of coincidences in the state for engineering an artificial 'divine'-feeling state - which thereby will secure the borders and the inland territory (in spite of lacking military defence) due to the 'Schenkungs-Urkunde' in the Ostarrichi document with its 'zidalweidun' peculiarity.

The previous volcano of Geldingadalur was on 'Island', now it is on the 'Canary Island'. The icelandic volcano was described by the locals as 'a cute little volcano' - this time it is not so harmless, though.

Of course they should not blame me - that could be a 'service' strategy - and of course if the state has problems it is not because of some 'evil curse' on me but because of some political factors which are not due to me. I hope there wont come any Entrümpelung of my belongings while I am outdoors or on a travel - and of course it would be very wrong to drive me homeless (as #22001?) even if there could come a temporary calming of political nerves thereby: It cannot really help if the problem is political. But it is true that I hope for some help to be able to find a permanent home in a state with less '1223'.


Schütze, Sebastian: Caravaggio - L'opera completa'. Diretto e prodotto da Benedikt Taschen. Taschen GMBH, Köln 2015. www.taschen.com.

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 21 september 2021