'Islambic terror' turns the republican-royalist axis around

John Bjarne Grover

Trump surprisingly was not re-elected and I have a theory that he had problems with the integrity after having accepted too many surveillance files from my workdesk and therefore could not mention my name before the election. If he had been elected in 2016 on the program of bringing me as PTRSIM PIK to the surface, everybody would have waited for my books to be published soon after the election but when four years had passed and there were still not the slightest sign of my identity surfacing from behind all the strange media attention, the voters quite simply did not take the chance on a repeat of this and could not vote for Trump as the one who should make it in the next four years. Had he mentioned my name as part of his program - 'to bring John Grover's authorship to publication' - the voters would have been convinced of his sincerity. But the absence of anything such may have been convincing the other way.

Trump could have been a moral exemplary for his people - including businesses and Hollywood and all sorts of things - and paid me reparation money for the illegal surveillance files from my life and copyrighted work from my workdesk which he could have read - then he would have had his integrity intact and not become vague and withdrawn before the election when it came closer to my things. He may have lost the election because of this problem.

Could be the 'semantic pulver' against viruses which I had suggested was a problem? Trump pulled USA out of WHO in the course of very short time after the publication of this article - possibly because attention in WHO to my theory and a means against viruses developed thereby could come to bring much attention to my person and hence also possibly my PTRSIM PIK status - however, it could also be that Trump had been misled by Fauci who had told him about 'all those ridiculous semantic theories' which always come around - means against 'mal aria' because the 'aria' is 'mal' when there are viruses there or the castellos are in aria in Italy or whatever. These are old trotters, just forget about it - and Trump pulled USA out of WHO because of such reasons. But Fauci would have been badly mistaken there since a normal 'semantic theory' can only handle fantasies on the border to the metaphysics while mine is much more total on the entire psyche - a good example is told in this file on the 'arbitrary lamb' - precisely about this distributional semantics of my 'function 14' - which politics likewise could have maltreated badly since I made and generously published the photos in 2012: Concepts like 'is-lamb-ic terrorism' could have been glued to it and launched against the jewish quarter in lower Rothenturmstasse of 2 november 2020 in Vienna on the evening before the election day in USA. 'Fejzulai Kujtim' was the name of the shooter - 'face you like uten' could mean 'face you like the human bottom' (with its coordinate system) = the 'islambic' face of the lamb of arbitrarity at Gryfice. The political thinking of this 'arbitrarity' in 'semantics' would probably have come out very wrong - but nobody has mentioned this for me with a single word and it is only today that I discover that this lamb of mine on photo 2 could have been the background of e.g. Enrico Letta as PM in Italy with the Patellas around Rome on my photo. It is my intellectual property and my copyright but nobody says a word to me about these things - thereby a protective buffering campaign starts which aims at bringing the poetic logic into political terms.

It could have been a very big mistake to pull USA out of WHO if my theory and the suggested medication made sense - indeed nobody has so far said a word to me about this (incredible, isnt it?) - and if the theory of mine should be of significance for the development of medications against viruses such as covid-19 (my theory is not standard - it is standard that languages change not so fast), it is clear that the pullout would have looked like a desperate attempt to continue hiding my identity from the public - and that could have been catastrophic for Trump if he had been elected for the public's wish to see an end to all this PTRSIM PIK nonsense and get USA down to earth again.

There is also the possible explanation that it was the other way round - that WHO immediately planned to launch a huge campaign around my ideas and lots of klingklang in the air about all this but without mentioning my name - because it is PTRSIM PIK. But since the public could not decide on this - even I cannot, since nobody has said a word about the empirical validity of my theory (incredible, is it?) - the problems of Trump with not being able to come to the name could have been catastrophic.

Why should the mention of my identity as PTRSIM PIK be so important?

To give the answer right away: There is the danger that top politics has agreed to or cannot defend themselves against the intrigue from the intelligence services who try to turn me into a 'mystic source of knowledge' whose identity will remain hidden like a 'deus absconditus' for use in manipulation of the masses in government and mock religion.

Then it is totally vital that the top political authority does not agree to this but come out with the name and the story right away. People do not want all that stockmarket crash and new world war for the total control with the mock religion: They want USA down to earth again and have the truth and not more manipulation - and all those destructive service intrigues are very dangerous. If Trump could not tell the name, then the people suspected that he would not come out with it at all - and then the game could be over. The voters could not take the chance on that.

The name is easy to tell and the fundamental fact even easier: It is that Mr.Grover has absolutely nothing to do with all that nazi nonsense called PTRSIM PIK.

The fact is easy to tell: It is that there now is a crisis developing in post and electronic communications because those transport CARTONS and those cardboard boxes mean the CARTOONs of The New Yorker and Auschwitz was made for that and Pentagon constructed on basis of it and Kennedy must down from the pedestal. It is this which Trump was elected for coming out with in 2016 but in 2020 the people did not longer believe that.

See this file for the CARTONs of the post crisis. The coup in Burma on 1 feburary could have been for the coup of the BURMs of PO Boxes and cartons going through the post to some recipient box.

All this for making a new Hitler. Trump would have had to come out with this and if he could not tell the truth of Kennedy and Pentagon and all that, the game could be lost and dark centuries of mock religion could follow. People do not want that.

This article tells of me as a potentially 'mystic source of knowledge' in US politics and the urgent need for coming out with the truth of history.

If Enrico Letta was PM in Italy for a year or so after I had published my 23 photos on the internet, it could have been about 'ender i ku' = 'PATTe', hence the PATELLA is the name, but since the lamb is rather young, it could be about 'ender i ko-T-letta' = 'ends in the cutlets' instead. This could be for turning the PTRSIM PIK around. But they are very mistaken if they believe that this lamb is british because the relevant photo 2 seems to show PTRSIM PIK as the Beachy Head landslide into the canal. And the landslide of Beachy Head seems to have been adopted by Buckingham interests and british politics in extension from my TEQ described in this article: It seemed that the coastline with the white cliffs of Dover/Dovre (the very Klipra connection) fell out when I was about to send my book with the quoted lines 'As mirror mixes time and frequency' etc to the Poetry Society in London. See photo on front page of The Times 12 january 1999, the text telling of it with details of how it happened. The striking similarity of this rockfall / landslide with the detail from my photo #2 from the Danube Island could be the reason why it seems that Buckingham has regained priority to this story and hence Italy has not got a proper foothold on the lamb's legs after all. It could be that they do not consider it settled that the Beachy Head is not about british royal volition (= 'majesty'?) after all.

'Forenklet fårelegg' ('simplified lambs/sheeps calf' - a category of mild and simplified punishment for errors in traffic etc - the word is really 'forelegg' = some suggestion put before you on the table for an easy solution) could have been the theme.

But the 23 photos are my intellectual property - and politics cannot continue using me for their purposes without crediting the source - even if or just because I should be a PTRSIM PIK for political purposes. The alarm should go off here: Is this [my person] supposed to be an unknown deus absconditus mystic source for the overall cultural and political landscape? They have no right to behave like that: It is my intellectual property! Then they start getting problems with the integrity. And then 'forenklet fårelegg' is the perfect name for Rome.

The 'problem' is perhaps that my work solves a lot of their problems. The lamb is a solution to the italian problem since Henry VIII - but why cant they admit this and pay reparation money to me for all the breach of copyright instead? Then they would be exemplary models for their societies and would not need to turn it around with smart tricks - and that is when they get the rights to the solution - when they are exemplary models who pay reparation money for such extensive copyright breaches - instead of struggling with problems all the time.

"How many breaches of copyright were there really?" - they ask perhaps in the 'intelligence services'.

"Oh, one or two perhaps, not more", tell the services and add an uncredited quote from me from this morning's fresh file - for turning it 'funny' and 'we all laugh at this norwegian' and 'we dont need his things, it is all for the fun' etc. That could be on basis of norwegian cultural problems that arose before I left the country in 2000.

A surveillance printout from a file of mine - such as the present one before it came to be published and which perhaps goes around electronically in the administrations who some of them go out in the media for answering to the deus absconditus, the very mystic source - is a breach of copyright which demolishes the integrity of those who accept this bribe and shifts the power onto the 'international secret intelligence services' who come around with them. The politicians must pay for it - it is a crime - but maybe 'forenklet fårelegg' will do: It means that the crime is not serious and the problem can be solved with paying a fine. But wasnt it the administration who should pay the fine to me? With some money I could buy a place - but if all my chances for earning money beyond the pension are stopped by politics (such as this 'semantic pulver' or my books?), I havent got a chance to find a housing solution that does not function as a propel for a new Hitler. When in the mid of february I understood that I had to give up the attempt to find a new foothold in Italy, the global covid-19 curve started turning upwards again.

They have not paid for the breach of the copyright, this means. The curve was plank-straight downwards probably due to vaccination programs - but decided to take another round upwards nevertheless. In Italy the curve for deaths per day (averaged over a week) had been constantly downwards for a longer time - but turned and started going upwards again on the day 2 march when I travelled back to Vienna and it has been constantly rising since then.

Some reasons.

Covid-19 should not be a 'forenklet forelegg' as fine for breach of copyrights.

A news photo from Piazza San Marco showed three doves on the pavement but otherwise it was totally empty. Could well be it is just this problem. The tourist businesses tell of 4 trillion euros or dollars in losses. But that does not help me - if this is how they want to pay the fine.

A poet is a contribution to the health and economy of a country and the world. If the poet's contributions be suppressed and abused, it goes the wrong way. That is perhaps precisely what has happened in Austria - that the contributions be lifted over in 'cartons' (I mean, on the assumption of a validity of the theory on the story with ÖVP and me since 1957) - and that is why it could be critical for me to get out of the country.

To read the surveillance files of a private person or author is to make an insult which thereby gives you a chance to understand the author - like a rapist gets the chance to understand the way of thinking and living of the victim. Pederasts are probably - or 'almost' - convinced that the children love them. It could enhance the feeling of enhanced authority and 'grips on economy and health matters' - but only like that famous example of peeing in the pants for keeping warm on a cold winter day. (Cp the humid pants of covid-19). But that is a misunderstood conception of the poet's contribution to the global health and economy. The politicians must say thanks to the contributions from poetry, not feel compromised by the 'competition' which they cannot easily get under control. The bribe from the 'intelligence' is that they can get this contribution under their own authority by way of breach of copyright - 'read through this file' - and thereby the 'intelligence' swings itself up in power - and that makes the intelligence compete with the constitutional power and that makes them look like the poet.

Here it is.

Since 2004 I have published on the internet what should or could have been of interest in my work and life for the administrations - and then the need for reading surveillance data should go down. Many thousand pages it is. This would have contributed to a solution to this problem - but it is a massive burden for a poet with such thousands and thousands of prose pages on the internet.

The intelligences offer a bribe to the politicians - 'read through this file and you have got a better grip on the health and economy of today's situation' - since otherwise the impact on these could feel like a competition - and when the bribe is accepted, it is easy game for the 'intelligences' to get accept in the government and parliament for their need for 'extended authorities' - to go inbetween in the society's communications an open 'cartons' and inspect their contents and replace the contents with refreshed versions. The cartoon crisis is complete.

The solution to the problem of integrity in administration is to help the poet. But to wait for the poet to launch an application is a mistake - that application is doomed to fail for just such reasons. The same obtains for applications for renewed or extended housing contracts - if the poet is in a vulnerable position with much bribes accepted in politics. (In addition, I was also in Norway during unemployment forced to launch hundreds of applications that failed). It helps not to grant more extended authorities to the intelligence services - who could use these e.g. for stopping my letter with money from Venice to Vienna and thereby 7 months of post was lost. It means a 'crisis in the post' (who send these cartons around here and there) because of these extended authorities.

In the spring 2019 I was released from the hospital and tried to find help to find a place to live - but everywhere a termin was needed and that could be done only by telephone and all telephones where I lifted the receiver went out of order (this time I was in Venice I often passed a public phone and nearly every time I passed it in a distance of less than a metre or two it gave off a beeping signal telling 'hello John, there is automatic surveillance control here), so I had to give up and go back to Vienna - whereto I stayed untill covid-19 broke out.

The scandal is total that I have never been told a word about this. There can be one and only one reason for that - and that is in the plans of turning me into a 'mystic source of knowledge' for a new swindle religion.

The alarm is that this is in top politics.

It is obvious that this is in the interest field of 'secret intelligence business' - but they have bribed the top politicians with illegal data for so many years that they can drill them around the finger nowadays and even top politics seem to be prone to accept the dirty plans of making a swindle religion by way of the 'mystic source of knowledge' - which could have been the playground of intelligence intrigues for centuries.

That is when there comes an 'intelligence revolution' for a new swindle religion - and that may already have started now as tells perhaps the putsch of Burma.

It is extremely important that I can move out of Austria - not the least for not seeing the whole republican party go down the drain - but for that I need money. Why wont they come out with the money needed for rescueing the world from the dark ages and covid-19 and all that? Because if I got some help to move out then I would 'know something' and then the 'mystic source of knowledge' is not longer so mystic.

Swindle that can be called called: They are on the tracks of constructing a swindle religion for cheating the people into believing false myths from the archives of the secret intelligence as revelations from heaven. But that is when the intelligences could be running boys for a 'majesty' constructed from quasi divine will. And would you believe that the mystic PTRSIM PIK was a murderer, a homo, a pedo, drinking adulterer and all sorts of vices?

It is all this 'power by lies' that people do not want.

That is when even the republicans go right down the drain if they cannot stop this. Nobody will vote for that.

The trick of terror and insult is probably only that the 'intelligence' opens/rapes the victim of surveillance - because that makes them look with the eyes of the victim and think with its mind. It could be called called howdoyoudo(it) 'intelligence' and could be used even as pretext for terror. If the insult is sufficient, the info flies over from the victim to the surveyor and that is intelligence who then sees the things in a new way.

This is why it lowers the integrity of those who accept the bribes.

Why shouldnt they tell the truth about PTRSIM PIK since at least 200 years - could be back to Henry VIII? There is no reason in the world why they should not. But there are every reason why they must.

Of utmost importance is also that the police must not accept this functionality - but must stop the intelligence from exercising 'extended authorities' (inspecting carto[o]ns in the post etc) before new howdoyoudo nazism breaks out again.

They probably have thousands of kilometres of tape recordings of my life since my childhood and plan to construct a new world mock religion on basis of it. Stop that madness! Come out with the language!

The whole story may be rooted in the single point that poetry can be a major factor in the constitution of a healthy global economy - and if important poetry that should have been published be suppressed, such as seems to be the case with mine, the covid-19 with following recession and looming collapse could follow. The politicians may have been used to accept the bribes and enhance their authority for the election by way of that which should have gone into the thriving economy instead - and if this authority crumbles when it comes to the identity, that is when the 'intelligence power' has an easy game with controlling the situation into new crises for the construction of that new 'dirty world mock religion' which could be the plan.

It is probably very easy to solve the problems: It is just to tell the truth.

If the account I have presented here makes sense, it could mean that 'islam[b]ic terror' in Syria an elsewhere prevented re-election of Trump - due to the factors explained here. The republicans must tell the truth.

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 29 march 2021