Why doesnt the covid-19 go down?

John Bjarne Grover

Preamble (this paragraph was initially at the end of the article 'Tintoretto's 'Scuola Grande' and 'Stillhetens Śndedrag''): There was on 1 february 2021 a military putsch in Myanmar (or Burma) against Aung San Suu Kyi. That is unfortunate. It is now more than 35 years since I was in Italy first. Will a young sends you key? The putsch seems to have happened early in the morning (probably before I published the above). 'Gry-tidlig' could be the norwegian word? (I looked up information.dk some days ago and the next time I looked it up it was closed for me. The third time it was open again and had poets as top news). I once was to a concert at the Mátyástemplom on Szentháromság Tér in Budapest (Magyarország). It was pitch dark outside. (Why the linguistics institute later was there I dont know). In those days the music of Zelenka could have been classified as secret for being the hope that triumphed in the end - via Kennedy warfare in Vietnam etc. There are some phonological 'KRYS' in my 'Stillhetens åndedrag'. (Why did Moses smash the tablet? Were it 'gulv-kalt'?) Poem #7 'Elegy' in my TEQ has the lines towards the end: "You TABBA seert fortresses of a cat. / That is impossible. / Sorry. // Zwei Wochen later ([etc])". 'Sette kryss i taket' is an expression which is hard to understand today, like 'bordet fanger'. ÖVP angrer? Grys Vei doesnt exist, but Gros vei does. Krøttertråkket: It may have been Mette Krøtøe who told me around 1975 or so that she somehow knew about the two boys who went amok in Bøverdalen around 1974 or 1975 (or even 1976?) and shot towards people. They allegedly had some connections with the nearby Gros Vei, if I remember right. It was around the time when Gro Harlem Brundtland entered the government, or a little later. I think somebody told something like that. Brundtland was then minister of the environment. Gros Vei was quite nearby to Labråten 58 where I lived then at the Grøvers. Gros Vei = Ragna Landmark (who resembled GHB, sort of), my Lanmar-k etc? See also this article with mention of Aung San and his daughter. Vis-a-vis 'Gerds Vei': 'My high school biology teacher Tore Lauvstad told in a lesson that he had written his MA thesis on TEGEr'. Bøverdalsguttene: In 1960 (when I could have been visited by Celan before he wrote his 'Meridian' speech) I lived in Odda and had some friends in the neighbouring house - one or two brothers called with the family name Bø - hence Bøguttene. (Not SP&Ö-guttene! - or 'the Eidsvig brothers').

The global covid-19 curve has started diving steeply down since 11-12 january 2021, probably because of vaccinations starting on 27 december 2020, but the global curve of deaths has been rising constantly since that 27 december untill it turned around now recently on 28 january. However, it is still far beyond the number of deaths per day when the vaccinations began. The vaccinations are still going all too slowly, it seems. One guesses that there could be elaborate procedures with Vereinbarung, prenotazione, appointment - hang your coat here and wait till your name is shouted out - for sitting down by some medical authority with diploma on the wall and who can inject the magic with sufficient ceremonials etc. Then there are a few hundred vaccinated per day? If so, then the third covid wave could have knocked out everything before they are half way through. It is said in the news that Italy has got 240 million doses to its 60 million people, while it is also said that elderly and sanitary workers must go first in the queue, so it can take some time. I tried to find out if I could have a chance but it is nowhere to find data on that - how, when etc.

It should be easy to vaccinate 30.000 people per day in a town like Venice - one can vaccinate as many as go to vote on an election day. In principle the whole country could be vaccinated in the course of two days. It is only to let people do it themselves - and 95% of people can do that. The remaining 5% can get assistance from some bystander who has been instructed how to do it - or those who cannot handle the situation can wait for ordinary procedures. If there are 10 schools in Venice, people can line up in queues without prenotazione outside the gym halls. While they wait in the queue they get a paper with instruction how to do it: Coming in you hold your ID (passport, health card or whatever) under a camera which clicks it in no time and if it is recognized you can go to the table with plastic bags with the equipment - you yourself choose a pouch among the 100 or so that has been laid out on the table - and hence you get one which has not been specially prepared with poison for you by preappointment and termin (with such a safe system, many people would hurry up to get a vaccine). People can sit down on benches in the gym hall - there is space for 100-200 folks in the gym hall and some bystanders can observe and assist if needed. In the pouch there is a glass with a dose and a 0,7-1,0 cm syringe and an antiseptic cloth. You hold the dose upside down and suck as much as you can out of it with the 0,7-1,0 cm syringe, pull it out of the glass, take care that there is no air left in it (you pull it a little out, then carefully in again with tip in the air untill a small droplet appears) and inject it resolutely to the bottom of the needle on the belly after having cleaned the skin with the cloth, with which you can wipe over afterwards. There is no need for magic which medical authorities can add: It is just to get the fluid under the skin and that's it - like dropping a ballot in a ballot box. If the equipment falls on the floor in your clumsy handling you can get a new one. The used gear is thrown in a barrel on the way out. Surveillance cameras check that it has been injected in the body and not in the handkerchief and on the way out you put the same ID under a new scanner (there are perhaps 10 of them) and if the automated surveillance in the computer finds it is okay you get a certificate stamped out automatically - name, ID number, time, place, 1st or 2nd or 3rd vaccination. It takes max 15 seconds per person at the entrance and hence there are some 5 in the minute, that is 300 per hour and easily 3000 per day. With 10 schools that is 30.000 per day. Then the KO goes the other way (in fact the italian curve is currently hesitating a little, as if it contemplates a third wave) and the schools can soon open again. Anybody who goes by - any tourist or traveller from EU or anywhere in the world - can get a vaccine if the computer recognizes the ID. If a person has got too many vaccines already, it is not allowed. Airports tell that the machines can recognize folks from all over the world, so it should be possible. Then 95% of the population could be vaccinated in the course of a few days or weeks. This system would put the responsibility for the choice on the people themselves - and those who will not can wait for normal procedures. It is essential that such efficiency gets priority before the craving for power there could be in waving a syringe before a termin-arriving client. It is the option of choosing the plastic pouch yourself - from a table of 100-200 choices - which makes it safe and which makes people want to be vaccinated, not the medical authority of employees who hand them out for you specially.

But maybe the authorities are not totally certain what the effect of quick mass vaccinations can be yet?

Israel has now vaccinated more than a third of the population but the curves for infections and deaths are still far beyond what it was when the vaccinations began.

It seems that a big Eichmann program is a piece of swindle on my person - and that is likely to be why covid-19 is around. Swindlers could want the people to believe that the disease is because of me - and they play with unhealthy Madonna ideas: Frau Grøver could be launched as the new Madonna in the mythos while in actual fact it is Aung San Suu Kyi whom people believe to be the mythological Frau Grøver from Labråten. It is possible that Frau Grøver abused me rather systematically through my childhood and that could be the 'reason' for the recent coup and general problems in Myanmar (Burma) - to stop the bad abuse etc. It could be this mixmax Madonna which is a part of the high death rates in Italy. In the worst case, the high italian state debt which accumulated in the years after I had lived in Venice 2008-2009 could have been an attempt to guard off this PTRSIM PIK problem 'on the other side'. The loss of post offices likewise - I had a PO Box in the main office building in Venice and had sent a letter to Aung San Suu Kyi - and if she had answered (but she was soon put under house arrest) her letter could have reached me if I had the box there still. The temporary 'camp' feeling in the scattered post offices nowadays could be an aftereffect of this story. The main post office seems to have been sold off. Could be it is the same story all over Europe? They are constructing the pitiful mythos - only for going in the trap? It is paradoxical - since internet shopping should only have made the post more important than ever.

It is high time to come to the facts and not postpone the truth untill it is too late:

1) If England put the covid-19 in circulation as part of brexit, of course they have to pay for the damage to the world economy and that could mean that other countries should terminate trade and diplomacy with England, otherwise they all soon have to start paying 'protection money' to them.

2) It is high time to get the facts of the Klipra connection up in daylight and not wait any further. If the italian state debt is getting too high because they cannot tell the facts of Eichmann publically, then the same principle obtains: They have to pay 'protection money' because they have not got the truth out in time.

Covid-19 is a goodenough reason for telling the truth. Could be that is why they wont give up the covid-19 in Italy. But then it is urgent to hurry up with the facts.

To buffer off 'on the other side' against my person would be only to go in the trap.

Covid-19 could be felt as a friend of Italy because it is a goodenough reason to tell the truth about the Klipra connection - and this truth could thereby relieve them of the terrible state debt burden. Is that why the vaccinations are going so slowly?

To find a place for me to live is not to pay protection money to me or the Klipra connection. The secret intelligence may have created this version of me as protection money man since long and it can take a long time to get that version out of the system.

This phenomenon can be common in many countries. To accept classified information is to get involved in the underworld.

Israel ran a case in court against Eichmann in Jerusalem - he was found guilty and hanged. But it is well possible that the real Eichmann was thriving up in Norway. What happened in the meeting of Trump and Netanjahu? It may be that it is all rooted in that possible public lie about Eichmann and his daughter - who currently could be presented in disguise as national hero Aung San and his daughter. There could even be allegations that Frau Grøver is the original heir to the british throne. However, that should only make it more urgent to get to the points of both 1) and 2).

If it all stopped there - on Netanjahu being unable to admit publically that they sentenced and hung a dummy in order to allow the western world to create the modern mythos machine - that tells how urgently important it is to get the truth out to the public.

This could include the truths about the PTRSIM PIK program. It is extremely important that the nature of the PTRSIM PIK program be published in its historic details since it started. Was it the reason for the brexit of Henry VIII from the catholic church? Could be USA could agree to sacrifice the Kennedy glory if the Kennedys really were constructed around Wittgenstein's 'Wörterbuch' (with 'attila-stempel' from the ministry of education).

Conclusion: Some countries could want covid-19 because it is a goodenough reason to tell the truth of the Klipra connection which burdens them, and therefore they do not want to let that chance go. However, if the same covid-19 has been put in circulation by England (that is, the Klipra connection) as part of brexit, it tells that the factual purpose with brexit could be to prevent that the truth leaks out. This makes it all the more urgent to get to the facts.

'Modern' = norwegian for 'the mother'. 'Modern Language Review' could then mean 'the mother's landswitch review' - cp. the 'My-L-anmar-[k]' and the role of Ragna Landmark. If the periodical - which started some months after the birth of Laura Devold in 1905 - is used for the purposes of responsibility claim on terror, then the world could ask that the periodical be closed. The same could obtain for the cartoon department of The New Yorker - which seems to be that 'USA-witz' which really was about 'Auschwitz' = 'Visthouse', owned by Bjarne Eidsvig - who could be Adolf Eichmann - during the war.

SWIX is the traditional norwegian ski 'grease', a sort of horn, britt, buffals for skis. Is it about 'the eid-SWIX'?

It could be that Bjarne Eidsvig = Adolf Eichmann is a fact known to political parties all over the world and you can get it by becoming member of a political party. But that does not help much. If it should be in the history books in school that Eichmann and Hitler fled to Norway after the war and lived there for decades thereafters, that is quite a difference. That would probably help also against covid-19.

PS 20/2-21: Of course a vaccination should take only 10 seconds: On the way in you get a desinfection cloth (or you bring one yourself from the super) and when it is your turn you point on a prefilled syringe with a 5-7 mm needle on the table (a machine has prefilled these from bottles or container). The nurse takes it, you pull the shirt up from the belt and wipe your belly on a point and the nurse pushes it quickly in there and you wipe over it yourself. Then you can put an ID under a scanner which prints out a certificate - a copy of the ID plus vaccination date and type etc. If the computer finds that you have done it too often before you must pay a fine for having cheated. This is the solution if there are enough doses. But any country can probably build production units themselves and invite the experts from the vaccine producers to come and supervise the production of the needed millions of doses (which even can be such prefilled syringes with 5-7 mm tip), and the patent holder gets the money they would otherwise have earned.

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On the web 8 february 2021
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