The transfiguration on the mount

John Bjarne Grover

In 2008 I found Midori Goto's (and Robert McDonald's) record with Bach and Bartok sonatas - which was an obvious correlate to the 155 first poems of the poetry book (TEQ book 16) which I had completed the day before I found the record. It contained exactly 3535 seconds of recorded music - ending in the third Bartok movement that was appr 10:03 minutes = 603 seconds long.

When I now have found Luigi Nono's 'Fragmente - Stille, an Diotima' from 1980, recorded by LaSalle Quartet in 1983 and published on Deutsche Grammophon in 1986, the interesting observations is that the alignment with my new poetry book 'Stillhetens ĺndedrag' starts on my poem #17 - and that means that his part 1 and part 2 (in the 1983 recording) end on Adam (part 1) which is poem #47 and starts on Eve (part 2) which is poem #48. From Eve on poem 48 to the end of the work poem 64 there are - voila - 10:03 minutes = 603 seconds, same as Bartok movement 3 for Midori. It ends there on the title line of mine - which is 'Stillhetens ĺndedrag'.

On 10 june 2017 I travelled to Venice and went to the Archivio Luigi Nono and listened to his 'Fragmente', and travelled back to Vienna on 20 june - I then travelled in a bus up to Villach and photographed a mountain seen through the bus window - at the place of the broad and normally quite dried-out stream of 'azure' or 'turquoise' mountain water among white stones. It is only now that I see that the mountain looks like the black-and-white 'indian' (substrate of 'Joyce') turned 270 degrees around:


The real magic is that this mountain is photo #3535 on my camera card - the JPG file entitled IMG_3535. Having come home, I started the work with the alignment of Nono's 'Fragmente' with my new book - I had cracked the code already on the first listening there in the archive even if I had not my own book present - and had recognized the relevance of the 64 hexagrams of I Ching long before I went for the trip to Italy. I had understood that I Ching provided the evidence needed for the bit-conversion of the mid third in the enumeration of the poems - in the 64 poems enumerated from 000000 to 111111 take the mid third and convert the bits to their opposite - which is to turn the series front-back - and move it up to the place of the first third which is moved down to the second. This scrambles the order of the first two thirds of the 64 poems and the new order seems relevant to the hexagram of I Ching.

I had already in 2016 understood that Vermeer was important evidence for the reduction of the poems from 105 to 64.

I now could write in the postscript to the alignment study about HI and LO in Vermeer (such as for Caravaggio) that the LO lightbeam symbolized by the milk (of the milkmaid of my poem #1) running into the round pupil of the ceramic container of the milkjug could be lifted up to HI to become the airstream of Jesus playing the flute - like Krishna in hinduism - in my poem #7 ('Jesus plays the flute'). This principle of HI and LO (as for Caravaggio) seems to obtain also for Vermeer (in cycles of 6 - such as this #1-#7) relative to my book. I could then write in the postscript to the alignment study - on the time point 10:01 (which is at the end of the last poem #64, by 10:03) and the number 1001 which is not even binary, tells my poem #51 (I considered it 10:01 rather than 10:03):

I observe the end of my work aligned with Nono's part 2 at about duration point 1001 - and the end stanza of my poem #51. Clearly this would be more about the 10 fingers of the string players. I Ching sign 43 is the hexagram of one broken line on top and five unbroken below - reading bottom-up an unbroken as 0 and broken as 1 this means the number 000001 which in my bit-enumeration takes it to poem #23 'Language' and which can be taken to be about just this relation between light and 'milk' (the cake of the third last line is likely to be a placenta). Now I Ching 43 = 'guŕi' which, if I understand Matthews' dictionary right (his sign 3535), means 'parted', 'to fork', 'certain', as well as probably also 'secret signs made with the fingers' - those are the ten fingers of the string players in the quartet - who are supposed to 'sing' the Hölderlin quotes internally, tells Nono.

Here is that magic number 3535 again - the enumeration of my picture in the camera and the seconds of Midori! But this is just about enumerations and logical order therein - in particular this is just what the lightbeam in the face of the indian's young daughter sees - a chinese sign which could be YŮ = 'precious stone' or WÁNG = 'prince', 'royal' (radical #79 in the 188 system). Taking the downstroke (of the 'white field' in the face of the daughter) to be a rough calligraphic stroke it could be precisely the sign GUAI = Matthews #3535:

From Matthews' book         The GUAI sign magnified

It seems to be precisely what the indian girl sees - here the detail of the white cloth over her face turned and enhanced to make it look like the chinese GUAI sign:


Now searching for this in the photo of the mountain it turns out to be a reflection of light from the window - some sunrays and shadows lying on the window screen just a few centimetres in front of the camera lens - while the mountain itself is hundreds or thousands of metres away. My poem #23 'Language' is quite relevant to this.

The reflections in the window follow the white against the dark on the chinese sign - making it look like a classic 'lantern selfie':

Now I Ching #43 has a hexagram which is one broken line on top and 5 unbroken lines under it: I read bottom-up the unbroken as zero and the broken as one and that gives bit-number 000001 for I Ching #43 = 'GUAI', the symbol 3535 of Matthews. With normal bit-interpretation that gives poem #2 in my book = 'Identifisere Herrren' = 'To identify the Lorrd', but with the mid third (22-43) bit-converted and moved up to the top while the first third is moved down to the mid, the 000001 comes out as just poem #23 - which is as perfect as can be for this story of the chinese sign in the reflection of the window glass and in the face of the girl or neck of her father.

This suggests that I Ching is evidence in favour of my bit-enumeration - and hence also the reduction from 105 to 64.

The interesting part of Nono relative to my work is in the moment of 'calibration' at 01:40-01:45 in part 2 - that means 100-105 seconds. Does this mean the number 105 of poems which I wrote before I reduced them to 64? There was also the reduction from 77,3 poems to 64 poems in 'Der Dornenstrauch' part 3 - looking up these in part 2 one finds at 77,0-77,3 seconds the line "og A-relasjonene, men" which lasts up to 77,3 lines exactly with 'og A-' and then it is broken off and continues with 'relasjonene'. This is high precision. And what happens at 64 seconds? That is the end of a version of the title:

01:01,1         som svřmmer pĺ elvens drag
01:02,8         - en sypress!
01:04,5         Hah, visste de bare hvor lekkert

which means that it ends at 64 seconds = 01:04,0 on 'drag-en super' which could be 'ĺndedrag' = 'breathing'. Hence 'Stillheten' swims like a swan on the river.

I discovered this quasi-transfiguration of '3535' around 13 july 2017 or thereabout - the files on my computer with images etc are all dated 13 july. The first poem in TEQ was completed on 13 july 1997 - that was exactly 20 years earlier - and it contains the lines:

It's still the thirteenth of July,
a day with a mechanic sound
you think I can find. Hm?

Already on 14 july some terrorism caused the shooting to death of two israeli police on 'Temple Mount' in Jerusalem - and the subsequent days showed an escalation in the tension. It is hard to avoid the idea that some illegal surveillance in Austria could have tapped my work and contacted 'International Secret Intelligence Services' for organizing the terror on Temple Mount - not the least since my work with Nono seems to have taken away much of the theoretic rationale for antisemitic terror-orientation. If the terror-orientated politics or rather unconstitutional quasi-politics manages to whip up more tension and conflict on Temple Mount, that could be for weakening the peace-orientation in my work. It is said in the news that the shooting of the israeli police was 'islamistic', if I got it right - but it is difficult to understand why these should have any such interests. It is likely to have been caused by more general terror-orientated international interests for causing conflict by divide-and-conquer in Jerusalem.

The phenomenon is quite strange - that sort of thing - you pull a queue number and it is 3535 etc etc. Could be the world wants to be nice in return for my work - "this is called 'transfiguration' and it is supposed to be nice".

There is also the aspect of this 'tranfiguration' that it means that the enumeration applies to my black-and-white 'indian' image and I Ching (here by poem #23 fr I Ching #43) with this sort of transfiguration and not to the idea of 'Ös-ter-reich' being rewritten to 'Shtetls' via the role of a small populated place in Niger called 'Telemses' - as a counterpoint to 'Telekhany' in White-Russia - or anything the like. There is the 'Bermuda triangle' made of the placenames Telavĺg, Telavi and Tel Aviv - if you take this triangle and compute the exact mid point, you find a little place in Belarus = White Russia called Telekhany. What a coincidence! A fourth TELE in the middle of the triangle! But there exists apparently such a 'BERMUDA RECTANGLE' as well: There exist 3 places called BAMBLE: One in Norway, one in Finland ('Bamböle') ('Böler' is also a place in Oslo) and one in Burkina Faso ('Bamblé'). This at least in accordance with my computer map. If you compute the fourth corner for these three as a parallelogram you find a small place in Niger called 'Télemsčs'. Hah, the fourth TELE once again. This turns the features from WHITE = triangle to BLACK = rectangle - and it turns the black female Venus triangle into a 'white' rectangle in the behind.

In the region of Szolnok close to Sziget Utca there are the three parallel streets Ösz, Tél and Rege Utcas - that could make for an 'Ös-ter-reich' symbolism. 'Tél' means 'winter' and contains that WHITE in the TELE. 'Tél Utca' ('tel utsa') = 'Télemsčs' if russian 'T' = 'm' can be read. The three streetnames 'Ösz', 'Tél' and 'Rege' Utcas = 'Österreich' turn into a 'Retouschreich' if the mid is turned around and moved to the top, such as in my I Ching enumeration. If the same is done with 'Telemses' plus m = T one gets 'Shtetl[es]s' - not really Stateless perhaps but rather the Shtetl of traditional jewish diaspora (I think eastern Europe) culture.

Therefore one could suspect that the region could be more or less specially tailored for a program of turning a Bermuda triangle into a Bermuda rectangle, could be with a special role for jewish diaspora history. If so, how on earth did I find it? I had been searching in the region of Györ and hoped to find something there, and I was just about to buy a place when I got a message from a person - whose name could resemble that 'Temple Mount' name in comparable rewrite as for that 'Shtetls' - and after yet some time of searching I eventually decided to go further east. The story was of such a kind that I felt in fact very content and certain that I had not gone in a trap when I bought it - nobody could have guessed that I would go to Szolnok to look for a house, and there were many alternatives available for me.

But the place in Niger called 'Télemsčs' looks very small - it is called a 'populated place' and could be it is not much more than a few bamboo cottages in the jungle - which in actual fact could mean that the name could have been constructed - could be even after or on basis of Tél Utca in Szolnok. My computer map tells that Bamböle exists in Finland close to Stockholm - near Gottby and Hammarland at Mariehamn - but is hard to find. However, the earthquake of Bam in Iran could be indicative of a role for 'Bamble' - and the guess I have made here seems reasonable.

There has been an ad up in Austria for some time suggesting such a field of associations with that backround story. The question is whether 'International Secret Intelligence Services' are involved in the terror on Temple Mount.

China and Russia are just about (planned for some time, probably) to conduct a joint naval drill in the Baltic Sea at the Kaliningrad enclave.

Put differently, the history could have planned a long turn towards more 'service control' via the role of placenames - but my new book recognizes a different solution which makes the potential antisemitism therein ('shtetless') superfluous and anachronistic - and finds a new way via a new semiotics which here surfaces in the form of a 'transfiguration on the mount'.

Added on 24 july 2017: NASA designed in 1969-71 the series of 6 manned expeditions to the moon, followed on TV by the whole world - in norwegian this astronautic series could be called 'ROM-farts-REKKEN' which with only little rewrite goes into 'ROM-pesp-REKKEN' ('rompe-sprekken' = 'the rump slit'). It seems that the assassinations of Mao and Indira Gandhi could have been made for turning the 'farts' into 'pesp' - thereby holding the whole eastern hemisphere in a clamphold. If 'ROM-farts-REKKEN' somehow means the 'Bermuda triangle', 'ROM-pesp-REKKEN' could mean the 'Bermuda rectangle' - and hence emphasis on placenames. A/I-rewrite turns 'Indira Gandhi' into '[h]an der i Kina' = 'that man in China' = 'Mao'. The emphasis on 'self-sucking' ('Sylvi UP LATCH' etc?) tells of 'han der i kinna' = 'that man in the cheeks'. A/I turns 'farts' into 'firps' and then little remains for 'firps' = 'pesp'. Grřver/'Mengele' worked for a year (1969-1970 probably) at Gudmund Harlem's (!) institute SAO in Oslo (Statens Attfřringsinstitutt i Oslo - there were such in Bergen = SAB and Trondheim = SAT as well). There is a FAO (UN's Food and Agriculture Organization) in Rome - I dont know whether these had a role to play during the Great Leap Forwards in China under MAO around the time of my birth in 1957. 'Pope' turns into 'mope' - and that could be the washing-ton/washing-man parametre. Cp. also the idea of 3 careers (Bill Clinton underwent a 'bypass' operation only few weeks after I had come to Vienna in the summer 2004) and China as the fourth of the world's population - while my Nono study has shown that this 'political' role of 25% could be something quite different. I notice that Simon Walther Hauge, the neighbour on Rekustad in 1977-78, seems to have jumped from a high hospital window in late 1978 and died in 1980 - these two events could have been around the time when some claim that the AIDSHIV epidemic was set in circulation. For the 'jump-out' when the assassins on Indira Gandhi were hanged on 6 januar 1989, possibly also for the two years of telephone terror on me that preceded this date, there is the mid point in december 1983 when I was in Rome. There have been ideas around that I could have been a sleep-drugged victim of a 'third man' rape (with the rapist being a political agent who had agreed to let himself be shot dead by a third man - hence a series of men in a room - in the moment of ejaculation) in that december 1983 - a part of the idea in this being that the criminal got his just and fair punishment immediately and therefore the victim does not discover the rape after having woken up - I personally have difficulties with believing such a story but see how it could adjust to the idea of this 'ROM-pesp-REKKEN'. The story suggests perhaps also how it could be a little difficult for me to accomodate to the placename 'Wien'. (A 'Mecca' of intelligence?)

I mention also the idea which has presented itself to me - without me being able to verify it - that Himmler's socalled 'Aktion Reinhard' - the three holocaust death camps Sobibor, Treblinka and Belcez - are the real reason for a potential political interest in the area - which would mean that the placename parametre would have only a pretext value. 'Aktion Reinhold' would mean 'action cleaning/washing', such as with a MOP, and then the streetname Vasgereben would suggest 'vaske-grepet' = the washing person's handgrip around the broom of the mop. 'Aktion Reinhard' would then mean the back and forth of the MOPe on the floor - contrasting POPE in the alleged medieval history of Norway. The reason for this idea is that 'Sobibor' could be combined of the 'sobs' from a neighbouring hotel room and the huge drill I saw going up and down in Szolnok in the summer 2015. Rilke writes early in his first Duino elegy - lines that invoke the idea of such 'sob-i-bor':

Und so verhalt ich mich denn und verschlucke den Lockruf
dunkelen Schluchzens. [...] Uns bleibt uns vielleicht
irgend ein Baum an dem Abhang, daß wir ihn täglich

It could be a famous and central aspect of the story that this mystery - which could be of much value for understanding the fundamental semiotic constitution of humans - can be understood in that region. This 'sob-i-bor' could be a central element of jewish mysticism, for all I know. 'Belcez' would likely mean the 'wings' or 'jets' of water thrown aside by the bow of a boat - and hence refer to the placename 'Szolnok' by the 'szárnyak' = 'wings' of a bird. That would leave the mid 'Treblinka' for my person - for a discussion of this see also my socalled 'ABC' - and it means the wound left by the forester's axe in the bark of a tree that is supposed to be cut down = 'jump-jarnegg-grover'. If so, the placenames such as 'Telemses' are only a pretext - and the real interest would be in the deep jewish mysteries - turned into the intensest form of terror - converging on the concept of 'ROM-pesp-REKKEN'. Of course all this pathetic mythos and quasi ideology should not be continued - and I think it is high time to tell the people about these parametres if they are constitutive for the history or even plans for the future. Ibsen's 'Bygmester Solnes' = 'Master builder Solnes' - was that for a 'Bygmester Szolnok'? 'Synkmester Paulnes' ('Zinck-mester Paul-Gasse'?) could then perhaps even be telling of the real name of Hitler in Berlin if he were not the authentic one born in Austria. These are things which should no longer be wiped under the historic rug - so many decades later - and the people have the right to get the details.

Put differently, if these streetnames in the region of Szolnok (the washingbroom/MOPe-grip = 'Vas-gereben' = 'Eisen-hower', 'Tél' = 'winter' = 'the white') were the reason for the name of Dwight David Eisenhower who was 5-star general during WWII and state chief of Germany after their surrender and later president of USA with the mid point of his period on that day when I could have suffered the assumed chemical blood abuse in Hammerfest (Celan's '20 Jänner' in his 'Meridian lecture'), Eisenhower being born down in the 19th century could then suggest that the story is older than 1970, and with the placename strategy being only a pretext for the deeper mysteries converted into nazi terror, if this were for me as 'Treblinka' to arrive there - what is the purpose? I think I have solved that mystery - it was to write the blue metre and the gigantissimo control of my world which all this history entails would have been for reasons of fear that a blue metre means a totally new time conception and that could come to trigger a Big Bang 2 - the whole universe exploding for a second time. Well, the blue metre is already completed, it is quite nice but there will not be any explosion, and whatever the reason for all this I think it is time to get the history out of the murky recesses where the 'services' have stored it and bring the details to daylight. In particular it is urgent to get the books published - not the least to prevent that they be reserved for the power manipulations of the 'intelligence services'. Clearly the pragmatic reasons which the administration tells itself for all this history looks perhaps not so good - but it is likely that it looks worse than it has to be - since there otherwise could not have been made such big arrangements around a single poet for writing that single book. Which also means that many of the worst plans can probably simply be packed down.

Added on 25 july 2017:

It seems, as is my guess on basis of the following speculations, that TREBLINKA is the key word for the whole intrigue - it is likely to be a jewish-mystic concept for the metaphysical formation of the ontological reality. The 'intelligence services' could probably have designed the intrigue on basis of the following hebrew elements:

= abdominal fat (forbidden)
= intentional '(in order) to' in some form (?)
= to suck

for the combined effect of 'to suck at/above the abdominal fat' - and when that is forbidden, the fat will smuggle itself up to the lefthand nipple where it is more permitted to be sucked.

This would then by A/I expectedly cause me (John Bjarne) to attain the form of a 'Gene BIRNE' ('genetic pear') - for whom young 'au pairs' ('to the pear') are the perfect counterpoint - and then these young people will later in life come to confess or realize that they have BeeN DIRNE = 'been a prostitute' for the services.

That is, the aim of the whole intrigue (through a century or more? including the holocaust?) was to create a magnificent drive which would drive young people into working for the secret intelligence services - and that would be the same drive as gives a form to the ontological reality.

Such a pity.

It cannot be that naive. Therefore it is likely that the real story was for me to write the blue metre.

The world's governments can now unite in an International Public Government Union (IPGU) in order to support each other in the struggle against the 'international services', mutually help and assist each other when the services have managed to threaten a new law through in the parliament which grants them even more power etc - for a complete global renovation of the 'intelligence services' for returning them to what they really should have been and for the uprooting of every secret agency function or 'service interaction' with the society generally. Every author who is an agent will be called back, every employee in a public role who is an agent, every copy of an original, every self-preserving mythos function that serves to reinforce the power and control of the 'intelligence services' will be closed down.

And the blue metre and my other books can now be published. IPGU can certainly help me find a publisher.

© John Bjarne Grover
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