Open letter to UN:

Jerusalem and white stone esoterism

John Bjarne Grover

The letter tells of a new discovery which can be of utmost importance not the least in its potential for global peace and cultural progress - a theoretic discovery taking the possible feeling of divine sanction out of terror and nazism - and which also can have some relevance for understanding the current issue of Jerusalem as israeli capital

The story is probably this: The white philosopher's stone ('lapis philosophorum') has probably existed as long as there have been humans on earth - it forms 'ex nihilo' and is probably always the same form and size and has patterns that seem to tell of a christian symbolism (Calvary, resurrection, Virgin Mary etc) - it is simply the form of the human psyche - and then chistianity is a proof that the human psyche is characterized by aspects like these. Many centuries ago, as is my assumption, there started the 'campaign' which tried to pretend that it was the other way round - that the stone was primary and that the story of Christ was constructed on basis of the patterns on it - in principle Christ could have been a story cooked up by some 'service' folks in the middle ages on basis of the white stone - for constructing a sect to rule the minds of the people and it was a mighty successful project. This version of Christ is what made Luther throw his inkbottle after a shadow on the wall - it is the version of Christ told by 'Satan'. Some time after Luther it may have been (if not before) that the historically real campaign started of collecting all evidence there was to be found around the world of this ex nihilo white stone - for constructing the political initiative which later came to lead up to Adolf Hitler - with 'Virgin Mary' on the border between Hungary and Austria - Hitler's government was named after the placenames just across that border ('Kimle', 'Györ'-ing, 'Lebény-Mosonszentmiklós' = 'a doll fitler' etc). This 'nazi' movement was based on the possibility of keeping all evidence of the white stone under the stamp of high secrecy - also for being able to denounce claims of its existence as 'swindle'. The counter-initiative to the program of locking down all evidence of the ex nihilo 'lapis philosophorum' was the development of modern materialism - typically marxism - which tells of a systematic connection between mind and matter and is the best theoretic tool one can find for proving that the white stone principly must exist somehow: Materialism probably cannot prove that the 'lapis philosophorum' exists but it can prove that it probably can exist. This is or was the east-west dichotomy - the intrigue of secrecy on the stone is the tool of 'International Secret Intelligence Services' which probably constructed Hitler for enhancing their own unconstitutional power globally. The white stone which I myself made in 2014 is 2,718... cm long from which I have concluded that the global metric of the centimetre probably is defined in such a way that it makes the diagonal of the white stone exactly the length of Euler's constant measured in centimetres. The accept of this unit of measurement automatically lends some power to the 'International Secret Intelligence Services' - it is mainly England with its anglophony who have resisted this uniformation - but, on the other hand, it is possible that the flag of Great Britain (the two diagonals and a cross) is modelled on the basics of the look of the white stone - and/or the traditional 'pirate flag' could be a mock on the same.

The assumption that the 'lapis philosophorum' always looks the same and always is the same size is made by me - who have no access to high secrecies - but it follows naturally from its nature when one understands the history that way.

Now the 'Virgin Mary' symbolism seems to be essential for at least one aspect of the political abuse of the human psyche in the form of the white stone - and it is the border between Austria and Hungary (by Habsburg traditions) which has been assigned the burden of carrying the workload of this strategy. The secret reason seems to be found in one significant pattern on the white stone which seems to show a naked woman pointing towards her own genitals - her own 'hymen': This pattern seems to be exactly the basis for the ancient egyptian hieroglyph which looks like an owl:

If you study the shadows of this patterning, it does indeed look like a hieroglyphic owl - and the other hieroglyphs in the main alphabetic inventory of 24 signs can likewise be found in other aspects of the white stone. The ancient egyptian hieroglyphs are a sort of proof that the white stone which I made in 2014 is like the white stones they probably made 'ex nihilo' many thousand years ago - in Egypt, India (in ritual 'soma' drink) etc - even if, of course, the ancient egyptian script in principle could have developed on basis of the human psyche even if they had not studied the white stone. It is probable that this owl was the reason why one chose Euler's constant for defining the unit of the centimetre in Europe in the 18th-19th century - that one thought that there hides a deep mystic secret as the source of unconstitutional power in just this complex of the 'hymen' on the hungarian border.

It is this mystic secret (which led to the formation of nazism) which I now have solved - and it turns out to be not so very mystic after all - and that means that by my discovery we are likely to see the end of nazism and those 'secret intelligence' intrigues which led to the formation of nazism in Europe 100 years ago - and, alas, which seem possibly to be active with constructing it once again on the same basis. Therefore there is all reason to rejoice by this great breakthrough for peace and renewed cultural development which my discovery entails - even if many politicians may feel that the plans they had for building new power could be running out like sand between the fingers.

What is the mystic secret which I now have solved? It is that there exists a linguistic redundancy in the hungarian language relative to the english language which lends to the hungarian (when seen from anglophony) a flavour of possession with the idea of 'hymen' - this is a linguistic redundancy which can be discovered only via a somewhat elaborate theoretic apparatus (developed by me through 25 years of work) and etymological data (there exists a magnificent 4-volume hungarian etymological dictionary with exact data on year of first attested occurrence of words - that precision is very special for hungarian and probably only a few other languages). Hungary is special by having a system of 'édesanya' = 'sweetmother', a field to be filled in on every official document form - and one can also say that they have this cultural phenomenon of 'kislány' - the young underage woman. Combined something like 'Virgin Mary' - these are facts which suggest that the discovery probably has a rooting in reality. I refer also to Caravaggio's two (1601, 1606) Emmaus revelation artworks which seem to be based on the form of the white stone - including the 'feminine' version of Christ with the 'chick' on the table in the 1601 version. I would guess that university courses in art history does not mention the white stone when they discuss this artwork - that would be very telling of the desperate secrecy on the phenomenon.

It follows that the discovery touches upon very great political movements and frontiers - if, say, postwar materialism and communism and the catholic-protestant conflict of Northern Ireland and elsewhere were telling of this old story - while the paradoxes of nazism were cooling down after the war. Not many days after I on my internet homepage had published the discovery in the autumn 2017, including the line "With my blue PEB it seems that the entire basis for a european program on a repeat of Hitler falls away - and it is time to find a new course", Trump declared that USA supports Jerusalem as Israel's capital - that could be for telling of an equally profound and old historic event - could be historically comparable in some respects. It is of course possible that some of the reason for the massive reactions against this new stance of USA could be found in a suspicion that Trump's announcement was an attempt to hijack my happy newspiece of chances for a future of peace and cultural progress - even the jewish shops in Jerusalem closed in protest (how paradoxical can it be?) against this announcement of Trump: Clearly to hijack this discovery of mine could be very unfortunate for the global community if it should lead to a closedown of the happy newspiece.

It is important to see this clearly - not the least in order to prevent that the one announcement overshadows the other. If UN reject Trump's announcement because they really support mine, then it is important that they come to know what mine is about. Otherwise there could be much bogeymen running around in the corridors in the hope of closing even my work down and for spreading much confusion from which they can make new sources of unconstitutional abusive power: Clearly the more or less unpronounced gospel of these will be that nearly every single nation on earth now stand up in massive protest against this discovery of mine - in united flock they protest against peace and progress - what a pity that would be.

In particular Israel should be happy about my discovery. Why they now talk about exiting from UNESCO - in an apparent response to the UN rejection of the Jerusalem plans - is not known to me.

UNESCO could of course be the right source of economic support for a publication of my book - which still is unpublished except for the few dozens of handbound home-laser-printed copies I have made myself since it was completed in 2010. It is likely that the 'International Secret Intelligence Services' had planned to keep my books as secret and locked-down as they may have done with the white stone itself - that could be a very tragic development for the global community.

Certainly many more or less power-perverse variants could be in circulation of what this discovery of mine really is - for whom, by whom etc etc. That is easily told: It is my lonely and private discovery after 25 years of lonely work and I have no affiliations or obligations relative to anybody or any political or power organization. My private theory is that History could have developed my person and my special story (as a 'mythologically loaded' person) in order to make it possible for me to write this 'blue metre' (as I call it) which cracks the riddle of the political power in the philosopher's white stone - without the world thereby collapsing into new maelstroms of power-struggle. But then it is of utmost importance that the discovery comes to be published and not locked down for even more of the same. I am no supporter of esoterism - in neither politics nor religious mysticism.

The 'blue metre' has the potential of revolutionizing every academic study at universities - it establishes a new form of time conception which can date texts like Carbon-14 can date organic material with about the same degree of precision - and probably every academic student will need a copy of the book (physics, theology, linguistics etc etc), so it should be a safe project for a publisher. It is the possible political resistance which is the problem - but that should also be solvable. (A publisher should probably not use a poet as a reviewer - those are concerned with other aspects than scientific rigor).

Now for the crux of this story: If even UNESCO should find it an interesting discovery, then the one and only and universally important point to observe is that one must not start projects and work on this matter without mentioning my name. It cannot be strongly enough emphasized how important just that is: My person must not be kept secret - and my lonely work must not be subjected to plagiarisms. Many politicians can have built their power on the mythos on my person and may feel their powers threatened by the chance that my name should come up in daylight - these will opt for all sorts of halfway solutions of doing 'the same' while suppressing my name and work. That is just the way into new rounds of apocalyptic nazi powermaking again.

See the blue metre line 4 (the section 'Political theory') on names in global power structures - many could feel that the art of politics has come to be a little compromised thereby.

It is very important to understand that the world of politics may be radically changed by my discovery - and then there is nothing to gain from trying to remain in the same old playground wherein battles were fought and new frontiers were established. My guess is that the whole political landscape that has been built through the last centuries since at least Luther and the discovery of America (with its eventual anglophony which also created that owlerish hungarian 'hymen' story) will come to be radically changed.

It is extremely important that the books I have written be published in a sufficient amount to reach the intelligent public who can understand the matter by own thought.

Clearly a lot of politicians will now perhaps come running for telling do this and do that - what is called 'International Secret Intelligence Services' and political parties who get their powers therefrom are probably the worst enemies of my work and will probably say that it is the other way round - and pretend that I have been working on their behalf (or even that I have got the ideas from them) and that they are the right to take care of the further development of these things. Do not listen to those. I never was an agent and never worked for the projects of those services and their parties - just ignore all such allegations. There may have been plans that I should have the role of Satan so that everybody else could be bathing in wellness and popularity when suppressing me as much as they can - that is apparently an old game of just those 'service' orientations. Therefore it is important that the UN does not stand up in united protest against that 'Satan' which those 'bogeymen' or 'services' could be talking of - my discovery has nothing to do with that 'Satan' and clearly the UN would not want to protest against such a discovery that can lead to a peaceful and culturally progressive future.

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 24 december 2017