19 march 2021

John Bjarne Grover

On the background of the data in this file, I can report the following: I did get my old PO Box back again after it was closed on my return from Italy, and it should start functioning on 18 march 2021. In the PO Box this day, there were two letters, neither of which appeared to be authentic: One from my norwegian bank and one from my french bank. There were reasons to believe that these letters could be swindle - the account printout from the french bank even contained what must have been wrong numbers (a deficit, in fact), but there should have been well beyond zero there. But I could not find out what had happened since the printouts for the last 7 months were sent in return to the bank.

The letter from the norwegian bank had a strange address:

When I wrote the article Why I have stayed outside Austria since 27 july 2020, for setting up the data in the end of the article I had only an android machine which did not allow for opening the web page https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/italy in text EDITOR and therefore I had to follow the cumbersome procedure of fingerpointing to the data in the diagrams - but after I have come back to Vienna I now solved the problem with a normal machine - and it turns out that the data set revealed in the TXT format - when searching for the numbers of the curves for new infections and new deaths - shows a strange NULL in the beginning:


The NULL would be about the beginning of the curve, in principle it could be around the time of the beginning of the 2020 nomination process in the US democrat party.

Is it this NULL that is seen in the strange address alleged to be from the norwegian bank?

The french bank normally sends me printout letters to 00000 Autriche.

It happened in Venice in 2008 or 2009 when I used the Cassa di Risparmio di Venezia on Piazza Santa Margherita that the employee there filled in the BIC code for Erste Bank in Vienna with some trailing XXX's. When I was there this time, the bank closed down 'forever', as told the paper on the door: 'Per sempre'. (For some reason or other, the employee who filled in the trailing X's reminded me somewhat of Jacques Chirac - could be like the 'pram driver' of southern Sweden who turns and smiles to the cancan dancer in the 2nd photo from the Danube Island).

If this be the story, that the coup in Burma and my PO Box etc were all and only for that NULL in the norwegian address, and if these two letters came not from the two banks but from swindlers, it could in principle be about a wish to associate the data in my article Why I have stayed outside Austria since 27 july 2020 with swindle.

In particular if it should be shown by correlation analyses that there is a correlation between the coronavirus pandemic and abuse of my work through a decade or so in Vienna, could be also for decades before Vienna.

Mortality vs morality?

There was also some terror in Vienna - at Schwedenplatz near the lower end of Rotenturmstrasse - on the evening 2 november before the US election 3 november.

I was stopped by a policeman once when I crossed the street on red lights in Hütteldorferstrasse - along the route to the PO Box - even if the street was empty except for a car a good distance down the street. I was well across the street and into the other side when it passed.

It is probable or at least possible that my genetics is jewish.

Hopefully the plan is not to take my pension - by formalities a la the basis for the closure of the PO Box even if I had sent money: For keeping the pension up there is, in order to prevent contionued pension payment to persons no longer alive, the obligation of a pensioneer to send in the annual 'leveattest' = 'life certificate' = 'Lebenbescheinigung' - even if probably most countries have such things quite computerized and well registered - I mean, who is alive and who is not is normally electronically available and could be automated at least within the Schengen area and the oldfashioned system is probably not really very necessary any longer. The 'Lebenbescheinigung' has become more and more difficult to obtain as well - strictly speaking it is only that some person looks at you and compares with the photo in the passport and signs the paper that, yes, the person seems to be alive. Formerly it could be done in any post office, for example - if they can inspect an ID for reception of a letter then they could for this function as well, but nowadays this function has been relegated to normally only one single office and that is in the region where you live - which means that they factually consult the official registers to see if you are alive. I asked in the anagrafe office in Venice if they could help me but they could not since I was not formally registered as resident there - which is a part of the reason why I had to go back to Vienna. (It is true that two private persons with own authority can sign instead of the signature from official authority but in reality it may be difficult to find two such private persons since there is a certain aura of responsibility therein). But if the official signature is based on a lookup in an official register, this lookup could of course in principle be done automatically, at least inside the Schengen area. The information from the pensions office (NAV) in Norway tells that life certificate forms will be sent to you - it is many years since I got anything such in the post, I think it was only in the very first years of the millenium - but I have always sent an annual life certificated anyhow since it was mentioned in the obligations when I got the pension. The info on the web tells that the obligation was omitted last year because of the corona crisis but this year it seems to be reinforced. I should assume that the info from NAV available to me on the internet is not subject to intermediate swindle manipulation - but it may perhaps be possible to go inbetween with 'extra' info. The strange behaviour of the telephone numbers to austrian Post available on the internet in Venice was alarming: It changed from time to time and none of the numbers gave any results. With more and more dependent on the internet, this could be quite alarming. I returned to Vienna on 2 march and the info from NAV (if I got it right, but the data on the web could have been changed?) tells that life certificate forms were sent out on 5 march - but since my PO Box did not reopen before 18 march (after my quarantine was ended) it is probable that it was returned to sender in the mean time.

If the planners of the intrigue (say, as an 'intelligence project' or something like that) try to get me on the street again, homeless and without any money, and with my books and manuscripts and papers lost (that could make it easier for them to conduct a complete coup of my authorship), they could perhaps have nourished plans of taking my pension payments by formal tricks on the Lebensbescheinigung - I mean, if the postal connection does not function then it is easy to obtain this. If the Lebensbescheinigung does not arrive, the pensions office sends out one warning by post, and if that does not help then the pension is terminated - tells the formal law, even if electronic databases could have been consulted. But of course if the post does not function, then there is a certain danger that the pension is not safe.

Zinckgasse seems to constitute a swastika arm a la the 'Natolewice-Gryfice' propeller (for which the mid point could be seen to constitute a 'nave' in a role assigned to me - a highly unwanted role that is for me): Intersecting with this there was in 2011 the police car crash on the corner to Schweglerstrasse (on the upper side of Zinckgasse) and around the same time a burnout of a shop selling wallpaper and carpets on the corner to the Gürtel (on the lower side of Zinckgasse). Zinckgasse itself is the other arm of this swastika or propeller: In the lower end there is an istrian (not austrian) restaurant on the corner to Felberstrasse and in the upper end there is the intersecting Hütteldorferstrasse at Wien Stadthalle where there is the red lights on the way to the PO Box - with the announced repair of 'Schienen'. This means that the Lebenbescheinigung with istrian/austrian comes out as 'Lebens-på-skinnegang' = 'Lebens on the rails'. Could be the plans were that I should masturbate in Zinckgasse? Rilkes fourth elegy, which was the basis for an imporptant part of my PhD dissertation which was rejected in 1998, starts: 'O Bäume Lebens, o wann winterlich' = 'o boy me[d] lebens...' The rejection was rather timed with appointment of Gro Brundtland to chief of WHO - which then could be seen to be about a 'Lopianow' = 'WHO-piano' arm on the propeller going up to 'Gry-fice' (cp. 'grob rundtland').

From Vilnius I sent my letter of 27 september 2000 to Lucia, the visionary of Fatima. I included a part of my TEQ and a part of the 'Pilot Study' wherein I also elaborated somewhat on a theory of a new world economy based not on payment for work but on donations to victims of monkey business - by such donations your rating would increase and you would be credited more economically. This would create four parametres for the economy: Goodness, bitreversal, arbitrarity - and the fourth parametre called 'opening the subsets of humanity' which thereby should have an anti-racist (anti nazi) effect. A few details remained to be cleared out before it would function properly - and I recall an element in the theory which was perhaps not appropriate - that was the definition of a new electronic currency called 'RONK' (for the electronic impulse returning info to the sender) rather than the norwegian 'KRONe'. A 'ronk' in norwegian means 'a masturbation'. (There is also the 'corona crisis'). I dont know if it is this economic theory which is the background of the current ado - with 'Lebens-på-skinnegang' and the anti nazi 'opening the [young?] subsets of humanity' etc. If so, it would perhaps be better to not experiment with me as the origin of these ideas.

I am dependent for my survival on my pension and such istrian/austrian 'Lebensbescheinigung' with post delivery problems and ideas of 'derailing' or offroad LKW (coup in Burma = Myanmar, cp. 'my Landmark' and 'Ragna Landmark' - similar to Gro Brundtland?) are somewhat felt.

It may be that the socalled 'intelligence business' is a new eldorado opening up for rollerboarders and hiphopers, a new vast market of employment. The chaps could have been working bisili for years and reached really impressive results, a construction which rested solidly and stably on the ground, but then daddy went away for a longer time and the whole thing started to crumble - and they had to hurry up with getting him back again - sawing down trees and preventing the letter with money I sent from reaching the post office im Vienna. Even the thermometres installed in italian post offices (around the same time, in fact) could have been such an 'international intelligence project' (on my 'aperta' PO Box?) for all I know. (In 2019 the 'intelligence project' could have been to put telephones out of order as soon as my person lifted a receiver for dialling a number, and when all contacts had to go via termin preappointed over telephone, there were little chances left for me and I had to go back to Vienna - and the corona crisis eventually broke out). It is high time that my work be credited and that abuse of it be admitted and reparation made - otherwise it could only lead to new blossoming of 'intelligence projects' (with 'extended authorities' onto post and telephone and internet functionality etc) of this kind. Reference to a 'curve' is no reason at all - such intrigues for demolishing my income and working conditions must of course be stopped anyhow.

I have a big problem called 'Frau Grøver'.

I cannot have a telephone because I risk hearing that voice in the receiver.

That is why I do not get an answer anywhere and all my life is one-way communication only - since if I could get an answer, I risked hearing that voice again. The hungarian bank is probably not going to answer my question at all - that is for being nice because if I got an answer I risked hearing that voice again.

In the mean time, it is this telephone boxes and 30 euros in coins in the pocket and 10 degrees below zero while fumbling with the coins and a paper on top of a public telephone.

The world is very sick.

Could be it is the 'intelligence services' (who sniff up any phone number and disrespect my integrity) who are that sick. Or I have to keep on throwing dirt untill the problem is solved. A career-less dirt-thrower.

It is this sort of problem which I do not want to relate to. But if everybody continue with being as nice as the hungarian bank, it sooner or later cannot continue any longer.

Now I am back in oldtime problems and it seems that I have a lost a lot.

Added 21 march 2021: When I opened the Pf.15 in 2009, or could be it was on the next payment occasion, I asked what would happen if I forgot to pay the annual fee in time: Would I risk losing the post? You would not, they ensured - but you would have to pay the fee later if you are delayed.

Spindelegger and Kurz

© John Bjarne Grover
On the web 19 march 2021