NB!       Why I stayed outside Austria since 27 july 2020 untill my return to Vienna on 2 march 2021

Glumy story: I left Austria on 27 july 2020 for the sake of the wellbeing of the european community - and the mortality in Italy sank from 15-20% to 2-3%. As I argue in the article, it is well possible that the very substantial reduction in mortality was because I had left Austria. I had paid my PO Box 15, 1152 Vienna untill 31 december 2020 - and when the thermometres were installed in italian post offices around 12 december 2020, and professor Giandomenico Porto died and would be buried around the same time (cp. also the port-o story of Eidsvig - Bjarne - and the question whether he were the austrian Eichmann). I understood that I could not get stamps to a letter to the post office in Vienna without passing a test - so I bought enough stamps in a tabaccheria and sent my letter with 140 euros in banknotes included. This was sent on 14 december - I dropped it in a mailbox at the railway station. Somebody could have computed that this was my only chance to send money for the 2021 rent - and when I tried to find the telephone number to the austrian post office, it turned out to differ from time to time when I looked it up - as if some webmaster controlled it whenever I tried to find it. I tried several times, various versions, to no avail. I sent also two emails and one of them was returned without comment - and my email address was in the letter which would arrive before 20 december. I had the best reasons there could be for being in Italy, and should have reasons to believe that they would give me a friendly handling of the payment of the PO Box. However, when I returned on 2 march and found this letter from the post office in my home postbox, after 10 days quarantine (an electrician had been in on 4 march for a repair of a the main fuse which was kaputt on my return from Italy, even if it had been in order when I left) I could go to the post office for getting my 7 months of mail on the 15 march - but the PO Box was empty and the post returned to sender. 'You had not paid', was the reason. But isnt it the other way round really - I had paid and they have not paid for the abuse of the illegal surveillance material from my life and work through a decade? I luckily got the same PO Box (with a new schlüssel) so the address remains the same from 18 march 2021 onwards. On my way home I passed first this message on a pole outside Wien Stadthalle and across the Hütteldorfer (!) street they had sawed down a tree outside the XXXL: I recalled the story with Wolfgang Schüssel who headed towards me at the end loop of the tramline, at the parliament, but bent off his course ('A-Wein'?) just before he reached me - and some days later a tree had been sawed down on just this spot. If you put an extra large L into the Schüssel story, you get the new schlüssel. The tram line repairs are between XXXL and the parliament. On my return home, an announcement told that TOP D&D would do cleaning on the roof and garage.

(There was also a not so heavy young female there once).

If Trump's program were to be the best supporter of my interests in his first period but postpone any mention of me or publication of my work untill his second period, that could have been why he lost the election - since the voters could not take faith in those intentions without at least a small reason to believe it. It should anyhow mean that a book of mine should be published after the election in any case, whatever the outcome of the election - and the letter from that publisher should have been in my PO Box when I came to get it today 15 march 2021. But the PO Box had been closed and the letters returned to senders - and the publisher would have had to conclude that I was not interested. So maybe this postpones the conclusion on Trump (well, I suppose it should be possible to make the publisher send the letter again). But there was on 1 february a putsch in Burma as well - in 'PO Box'? - and we must hope that will not last too long. See also this file - would an LKW with my things from Vienna elsewhere go 'A-Wein' = 'off the road'?

People may pehaps believe that I am a gigantic power machine who controls the white house and pentagon and all the world's superpowers - and so they feel entitled to think out clever strategies (tram line repairs etc) for taking that power mystery by formalities. What a pitiful world - apparently all politicians competing on being the most low-level quality. There is no reason why my name should not be mentioned, and my books can well be published. If that creates difficulties for a scapegoating program, that is no reason: Scapegoating is a very mean and primitive principle which deserves no respect at all.

It is very disappointing. I paid the 7 months in Italy myself, from my own humble pension. It is not impossible that many lives were saved thereby. Many people seem to be quite sick nowadays.

The undated letter to Mr.Bjarne (I found it in an undated envelope in my home postbox on my return on 2 march) could perhaps be telling of a 'domenica' in the handling of the post? I had overstamped the letter quite substantially for being certain that lack of postage would not be a reason for holding it back. When I tried to explain that I had tried to telephone and had sent emails and this letter of 14 december, and showed the photo of the stamped envelope, they said that the address was not exactly right and hence would not have reached them - but is that really true? I would say it should have reached them and been opened by them.

It happened once before - in 2006 or rather 2007 - that I returned from Vilnius where I had stayed for more than a month for not being a factor in the parliamentary election - and on my return - after Schüssel had lost massively in the election - I found that the PO Box (this was on Simmering) had been emptied and the letters returned to sender. It is the second time that this happens in Vienna now in 2021. It is very disappointing. I had paid in 2006 but I think they said that the box had to be 'in constant use', sth like that. I had then been away for probably 7 weeks or so. I complained but they said that nothing had been done wrong.

Is it that Daddy was away too long - they got scared and tried to find a trick to force him to come home again? "Let's saw down a tree". Pappa betaler.

They have not paid for the apparent abuse of the surveillance data. I think that could be the story. There have been periods throughout the decade when I have been here in Vienna when advertisement in public space (huge posters everywhere) seem to have been quite massively loaded with material resembling my workdesk from the recent days. An example is discussed in this file - search for 'Billa' and see the discussion of the hungarian word 'ösvény' = 'path'. There were times when these types of ads seemed to be the trend more than the exception - and normally it was my workdesk from the most recent days. Such violations of copyright and privacy are normally very expensive - but the austrian society hasnt paid for it yet. That could be the real problem. "We must follow the rules", is then the music. I do agree.

It is now almost impossible to buy a Semmel without a man popping up to sell it. Could be the same story. It feels insulting - as if they show this part because I had written poetry in the bakers shops. Why not understand that it is not me who is that superpower pentagon problem? Things feel like they are turned very much around here nowadays - but I dont think there can be much power to harvest therefrom.

I sent an inquiry whether 'Vomp-Hinterriss, Mittelberg (Kleinwalsertal) and Jungholz' - those who travel into these regions are excepted from travel restrictions these days - refers to my name and hence if it means that I could skip the quarantine, but there came no answer. There came an email from a literary organization, though - it looked 'instead of' a response (because of the timing) but was hopefully not.

The story is quite disappointing - my work through many decades should have led to more progress for me in the society, not to such an outsider role defined by unrespectable political forces.

I would suspect that it could be about socalled 'intelligence' interests. The main fuse that was kaputt on my return from Italy resembles perhaps the gas metre that was kaputt in Szolnok last year, while the many letters that were removed from the PO Box would resemble the burglary of the house in Szolnok in 2019 when many valuable things were stolen and doors broken up with crowbar - the story is that ÖVP progressed a lot in the Steiermark election 6 months later. Were even the burglary in Szolnok organized by some national 'intelligence' services? Hopefully the purpose with the present loss of post is not to win another election in e.g. 6 months time. The interval could be about my age in 1957 if I were raped 6 months after birth.

18/3-21: On tuesday 16/3-21 I looked up 'bignonia suaveolens' = sanskrit 'ambu-vasini' on the internet and noticed the written similarity of the devanagari with 'pi' = 3,14159... . I speculated also if the plant that grew up in my garden in Szolnok could have been such a 'trumpet flower'. I see today news - not about my granduncle. I did not organize it. (I dont know if my lookup on internet was before or after the events referred to in the news).

In short, if you have sent me a letter to the following address in the period between 27 july 2020 and 17 march 2021, it will not have reached me but will have been returned to sender by the post office, not by me.

Now for the address which has been out of order (see above) from 1 january 2021 untill 17 march 2021, but which starts functioning again on 18 march 2021:

John Bjarne Grover
Pf. 15
1152 Wien

This mail address is new from about Christmas 2009.

For the question as to whether post to me could be censored or not, which means the question whether post sent to me could be forwarded to others who even could come to answer in my name, see this article. I cannot determine to what extent there is a factual basis for believing that censorship of my post could be going on.

I also have an email address, but there has been almost only bulk mail which are sent to email addresses found arbitrarily on the internet by search methods of various kinds. These bulk mails go into a folder which is emptied automatically and if a mail ends erroneously up in that folder (as has happened) it can be deleted before I find it. To try and avoid so much bulk mail (this method really also worked out well and the amount has been much reduced little by little) I explain the address as follows: The username is composed of seven letters, the three first from 'john' plus the four first from 'grover', in one word and in small letters. Then follows the curly at sign plus yahoo and then a dot and a com.

While in Italy, the postal address was this - although I would recommend using email instead since I could be unable to access the post on this address - and for the time being I am back in Vienna and it is very uncertain when or if I come to return to Italy again - it is very possible that a third massive wave is in the coming in Italy for the time being:

John Bjarne Grover
Casella Postale Aperta
Ufficio Venezia 12
Calle dello Spezier 233/D
30121 Venezia

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