Summary of the corona epidemic theory

John Bjarne Grover

The following presents some ideas for a theory of the reason for the spread of the corona epidemic - in the discussion I do not make reservations for the uncertainty or dubiosity of these - these aspects have been discussed elsewere.

In july 1957 John F.Kennedy could have been (as goes the theory) present by the opening of my newborn skull and masturbated a spurt on my cortex. He had just got USA involved in the Vietnam war in 1963 when he exited. Shijing #37 seems to tell that a folk theory of gynaecomasty is that it is due to self-sucking (sucking on own gender organ), but the poem tells that this ('foxy tail wiping back and forth') is not really the reason - rather a Great Warrior type ('uncle') had masturbated on the infant brain and that was the reason. It is therefore possible that Kennedy got USA involved in Vietnam for being just that Great Warrior - and I can confirm that the leftsided gynaecomasty started developing while we lived in Kongensgate 8 - that is, in 1970-71, which was well before any such sexual event (in the autumn 1971). One could therefore say that the 'experiment' with the Vietnam war was 'successful'. (The gynaecomasty seems to be not really breast tissue, said the doctor who assessed it - rather, therefore, it is fat accumulated under the nipple).

This story is likely to have been the background of the formation of ÖVP in 1945 - 12 years and some days before the opening scene - an interval that seems to have been instantiated frequently in global news. This could have made ÖVP the root of the unconstitutional triangular structure of a global format. Since this 'power' is not constitutional, that is, not via laws decided by parliaments etc, how can it influence people's voting otherwise? By 'influences' that has a rooting in the story from 1957 - such as much monkey business on my life and work in public media etc.

It seems that the strategy has been to tap my life and work and turn essentials on the gender: An example is given in the story of how I made a 'button' on my home desk with the text 'I prefer female staff', a button I did not use but stored for possible need for it, and then some days later a campaign started with three ads which seemed to tell 'prefer' = 'respect' by a woman, 'female' = 'vielfalt' by a man, 'staff' = 'tolerance' by a woman. Hence it turns on the 'female' which is served as 'vielfalt' by a man.

There was a burglary in my house in Szolnok in may 2019 and the local election in Steiermark in Austria planned to be in 2020 was arranged earlier - it was moved to november 2019 which means that the election would come appr half a year after the burglary. ÖVP won the election. The date when the first votes could be given in the election was 15 november - and the first registered case of corona virus infection was in China on 17 november 2019. The theory says that the epidemic started spreading because of the abusive nature of the unconstitutional power and its 'influence' on the voters, by the logic

Tel, Rege, Ösz Utcas --> Öst-Tel-Rege = 'Österreich' in the same way as
Steiermark --> Ös-sterreich (I/R swap) means that
John F.Hitzerald Kennedy --> A-doll F.Hitler (via 'Villach' etc) which then means that
USA --> AUSch-witz

and hence the twin towers on Manhattan 2001.

It would have been the story - if one takes faith in it - with how Kennedy made a Vietnam war for making the fat accumulate under my leftside nipple.

My blue metre 'POLAKK English Bloggi' solves the Burgenland border power mystery by showing how 'HYMEN' is a concept which (NB! from an anglophonic viewpoint) resides in the first line of each of the 365 english-language 'sonnets'. The example is here the role of the hungarian word for 'path through fields/Mark' = 'ös-vény' = 'rege-old-ness', the 'olds-mobile' in the transform from 'Steiermark' to 'Ös-stereich'. The word 'ösvény' is earliest recorded in 1319 (according to Benkö) - although there is one occurrence also in 1222 in a latin text where it could have meant something else. For the 1319 occurrence 'ad unam via qua dicitur uswen' the PEB gives (2009-1319)*0,366 = 252,54 = PEB #253:

Sometimes the food will fall,
sometimes it is high up.
The food is what we call
our porcellain plate and cup.

Sometimes the food is cheese,
a yellow substance of
remarkable notice
positioned high above.

It happens that this food
is higher that the peach,
like hiding in the wood

for love withdrawn on shelf.
However high you reach
it's higher than yourself.

The first line transforms by 'ösvény':

Someti mes the food will fall
ösvény: [m]aot fud mil fsl

The "mouthful is a military 'fsl'", tells 'hymen'. This should then explain the 'patt' = 'path' under my left nipple - and the principle would in the Steiermark election be in the form of 'military fsl' - by the assumed rape at age 6 months.

Hence food is up there or down there (in the 'oste-reach' - or is it 'ostrich') in the collective consciousness of the blue metre which is modelled by my PEB - for a general confusion created by the Vietnam war and much other terror, such as on the 12 year interval.

This confusion would also invite the voters to feel sympathy for the terror and vote for it - as the principle for unconstitutional power - but the global spread of the epidemic suggests that people are not happy about their 'love' of 'gender relation' and 'spiritual attraction' being stepped upon by such gender-turning strategies.

The identity transcends the Steiermark border for reaching the borders of Austria and thereby spreads likewise in the global space - 'isomorphically', so to speak: It started out on 17 november 2019 from a place in southern China (a la Steiermark) and thereafter developed quickly in Wuhan in Hubei in China (see map) - which is 'isomorphic' with Wien (see map) in Austria in EU (see map). This isomorphic spread would then have been on basis of the abusive format of the 2019 election (burglary, abuse of surveillance data) with the roots of it in 1957 (the opening of the head). I notice also a recent ad such as this one for 'Billa' - it seems to be based on my notice in writing (on home computer or internet) of this word 'ösvény' for that rewrite function - via my PEB #253 - but there is no credit of me in the ad. It may be that the intelligence services spread the lie that 'this is an intelligence project' - it is absolutely not! I am in no relation whatsoever with such projects - but it may be that they abuse me - now as in 1957. Likewise, in this article I had to quote yet another poem from my PEB - which is so far not properly published. The reason is that I have to show how the theme can be just contagion in a metaphysical space:

Sometimes the food will fall = when people attract the disease
sometimes it is high up = when they dont attract the disease

The spread of the epidemic in the metaphysical space (rather than by direct physical contact) could therefore be simply because my work is abused (such as apparently in that Billa ad) - while I have not even the needed resources to move to another country and thereby escape that ÖVP phenomenon - and then the election in Steiermark was too bad.

It can mean that the hopes of gaining power by unconstitutional means such as this story since 1957 cannot really make it - if the 'power' only leads to diseases.

Should ÖVP be considered an illegal party if it is based essentially on such an abuse story from 1957? It seems (from my limited knowledge) that ÖVP could be the root of the global power structure with its bridge from Hitler to Kennedy - due to precisely the socalled 'Burgenland border power mystery.

Could be the solution therefore - if the epidemic does not go down even with quaranteens - would be 1) to credit my work, and 2) to redistribute the mandates for the constitutional assemblies in Austria and Steiermark without ÖVP.

PEB 253 (above) has parallel text from Genesis 10:18 - "And the Arvadite, and the Zemarite, and the Hamathite: and afterward were the families of the Canaanites spread abroad" (quoted from the King James version on The Billa ad was photographed by me on 4 march 2020 while the tranference of 10.000 NOK from Ragna Grřver with the comment 'litt arveforskudd' - which then could seem like a comment on this 'Arvadite' = 'arvalitt' - was on 11 february 2020. This transference would be conceived by me a part of the stalking activities with highly 'unwanted attention'. I broke the contact with her in 1988 and apart from two necessary telephones in 1993 there has not been any contact, and communications from her are highly unpleasant and can put me out of order for days. A theory could therefore be launched that the stalking of Ragna Grřver (who could have been present at the assumed head opening in 1957) could propel the epidemic in Italy like the idea of stalk fascies of Mussolini once did - and therefore the epidemic has spread rather uncontrolled in Italy even if national quaranteen has been imposed. The spread could then have been going in the metaphysical (the global collective historic consciousness, the field of the blue metre) rather than the physical space of immediate contact. It means that it could spread in the pane-ic. Such spread in the metaphysics could be called 'transcendent', like hands often are considered (Sri Lanka?).

For the idea of a role for 'Mariahilf' (the area of the Barnabitenkirche where I lost the notebooks), Ragna Gröver sent me first 10000 NOK with comment 'Litt arveforskudd' and thereafter the same sum by 'giro' - both were returned by the bank on my request. It is possible that the first could be seen to refer to 'Tarvisio Boscoverde' ('tarveli[g] forskudd var de[t]'?) and the second 'giroed' across the border to 'Villach' due to the idea of 'giro-comanty' of the 'Kreisleriana' concert where I lost the rucksack with the two notebooks, and the leftsided 'gynae-comasty' created by John F.Kennedy via the Vietnam war, as well as the political landscape in Norway in the 1980-90's that was rather dominated by 'Kĺre Willoch' whose name can invoke the name of 'Villach' - and 'Gro Harlem Brundtland' which is a name more resembling 'Tarvisio Boscoverde' - this austria-italian border on the other side of the 'magic' Burgenland border. There is perhaps a certain 'turning of the gender' in 'Villach' vs 'Tarvisio Boscoverde' - and 'Tarvisio' could then even mean a face mask against the contamination - like the 'lampshade' of the female archetype supposed to be the characteristic of the german language.

Added on 29 march 2020: On the phenomenon of isomorphy China/EU with Steiermark, it can be noticed that if the bombings of Sri Lanka in easter 2019 are considered relevant to the current situation, it can be added also that a satellite photo of the Maldives presents the peculiar form of man-on-wagon in a main archipelago. This could add weight to the idea of a 'scenario kurz' for 'Sebastian Kurz' who is chief of ÖVP and hence won the election in Steiermark in november 2019. If, therefore, Kurz' government from january 2020 exhibits traces of the names of the churches and hotels bombed on Sri Lanka in 2019, it could add to the mixmax function of Steiermark - in particular as far as the idea of 'pane-ic' in Italy could be concerned - when it comes to the 'dives' or 'divines' in the 'mal'. (180 degrees around the globe from the Maldives is in the pacific - the closests area seems to be the ecuadorian Galapagos Islands which in its outlines perhaps could resemble the female archetype. Would a 'girl of pack-us' - more german than hungarian probably - be a 'port of prince'?).

Added: The austrian infections of corona virus spread reportedly from an austrian 'patient 0' in Ischgl in Tirol which still is a socalled 'hotspot' for the epidemic. A barkeeper reportedly infected 15 people, according to the news. 'Troll av eske' is a norwegian expression for a sudden surprise - it means 'troll out of a box'. Here it could be about 'droll of fitzge' = 'Fitzgerald' = quasi 'F.Hitler' - a doll springs out of the box. (Gordon Brown or was it a lookalike carried a 'veske' = 'bag' when I opened the train compartment door berween Venice and Vienna in 2010 and there stood - surprise! - apparently the british PM). It is understood that if the construction with 'USA' --> 'AUSCH' when 'Steier-mark' --> 'Ös-sterreich', the role of ÖVP could be about an essential role for the WITZes of The New Yorker indexing the history 12 years in advance - in the interval between the 1945 foundation of ÖVP and the 1957 opening of my newborn skull with possibly John Fitzgerald (not Witzgenral) Kennedy present - hence AUSCHWITZ could mean political power in USA. It could be about that political power pump from the Burgenland power mystery which was the secret of Adolf Hitler's government (or at least his cabinet).

A continued discussion of the theme of the article is found in this article


Benkö, Lorand: "A magyar nyelv történeti-etimológiai szótára, I-III", Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest 1984.

Simon, R.: Shijing. Das altchinesische Buch der Lieder. Chinesisch/Deutsch. Übersetzt und herausgegeben von Rainald Simon. Reclam Bibliothek 2015.

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