The Clintons and my name

John Bjarne Grover

On a close relation between my name and the Clinton names and how that can invoke the history back to the times of Hitler.

One can construct a name-relation between my three names and the three Clintons - whereby the innocent teen 'Habsburg' story from the outskirts of the forest in 1972-73 (not foreshadowed by 'Bob Woodward' of the Watergate scandal? - not to speak of the 'Pimstein'?) could have been activated by the idea of a Mr.X - in a purely mythos-political role, I do not mean the situation itself in 1972 - for the idea of jealous suspicion of a sexual intercourse that theoretically could have taken place in the winter darkness of the forests. It would not have been me - the Clinton name would have been more relevant to me than a 'Cu-' variant of it - but maybe it was too dark to tell? This 'Mr.X' could then be recognized as the core of the impeachment ('indictment' would sound more like 'in-poetry-ment') against Bill Clinton for reasons of 'oral sex' in the copyroom (White House xerox machines) thereby (by his acquittal) being turned into 'moral sex' = 'Mr.X'.

It is this conceptual framework - and the 'octogon' of mine could have served to add reason to suspecting me of being in the role of Mr.X - which could be seen as a background of a 'gender-conversion' mechanism in the relation between my name and the Clintons:

'John': 'J' turns by gender-conversion into 'Clint' or even rather the 'CU-' variant, the 'OH' turns by russian-conversion ('Kursk'?) into the '-on' of 'Clinton', and the final 'N' ('Cole'?) could then be turned into the opposite of an 'end', as in the 'bill' of birds in 'Szárnyak' = 'Szolnok' ('Hungary' = 'Magyarország' = 'Madárország' = 'Birdland'), could be also the 'bil' = 'car' of the KUKA collecting garbage in Sziget Utca. The Kursk-and-Cole that means, and that selects me uniquely and globally.

'Grover': 'Grow' is upwards and turns into 'hang' downwards, adding the 'of' of 'grow-of/up' there could be the 'hillary' landscape, and when 'vér' = 'blood' in hungarian, such as in 'test-vér' = 'brother', there is the 'opposite' to the blood in the 'Clinton' name. Could be a 'Mr.X' would not be recognized there.

'Bjarne': 'Barne[t]' (the final 't' is mute) means 'the child' = (for the Clintons) the child Chelsea Clinton. I dont know if the name Bjarne means that there had been a J in the child's B, but Barne would mean that there had not been a J in the child's B.

'Barn' = 'child', close to 'Bam' in Iran as target of the devastating earthquake of 2003. In late 2002 I sent some handwritten manuscripts (to TEQ books 11-12) to copyright registration in Library of Congress in Washington - these were registered for copyright on 26 december 2002. Exactly one year later, on 26 december 2003, there was the earthquake of Bam, and one year after that again, on 26 december 2004, there was the enormously disastrous quake of Banda Aceh which claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. I add to this the peculiarity that russian poet Olga Sedakova is born on a 26 december. The original form of my name was 'Grøver' before I changed it to 'Grover' in 1999. This 'Banda Aceh' could be a play on the CU- form of the Clinton name.

Now when the third disastrous quake shook Sendai in Japan a decade or so later, there is the natural recognition of the address of Literaturhaus in Vienna which is in the intersection of Seidengasse ('Sendai'-gasse) and 'Band-gasse' = 'Banda Aceh'. In this intersection there is 1) Literaturhaus, and 2) a playground for childen = Barn = Bam. This means that if the 'CU-' variant of the name of Bill Clinton be applied for recognizing the 'bound a skje/sheh/shah' = 'bound a spoon' by Mr.X of the 'moral sex' of the impeachment, then the three giant and disastrous earthquakes apply to the Clinton triad:

Banda Aceh = Bill Clinton
Bam = Chelsea Clinton
Sendai = Hillary Clinton

It must then be noticed that the 'Seidengasse' of Literaturhaus has a counterpoint in the Sziget Utca of Szolnok with the 'ripped' garbage bags of the 'sub-purpose' of Kursk and Cole. 'Sziget Utca' = 'Sighet toucha' = 'the sigh touched' could then be that 'clinton' rather than the 'Cu-' variant which makes for the assumed 'silken gefühl'.

See under this file for the word 'sub-purpose' on the background of Kursk & Cole and terror in Africa etc.

If I remember right, my younger sister Tone Helene Gröver once lived in Ribstonveien in Oslo - that was long before any Kursk & Cole. ('Ribu' was also one of the names of the 'octogon' story). I notice also the associations to the three Himmler death camps Sobibor, Treblinka and Belcez in the three Gröver children from Labråten. See the 'ABC' for details of this association.

This would also be consonant with the idea of a SOB-i-BOR allusion in the 'vision' (and 'hearing'!) I had after I had bought the place. Could be 'Aktion Reinhard' (Sobibor, Treblinka, Belcez death camps) of Heinrich Himmler is recognized as relevant? But my new poetry book 'Og lønn vi fikk avstanden fra' or rather 'Stillhetens åndedrag' shows that although these are parametres that could have a standard misinterpretation in 'the reaction', there is a healthy poetic-linguistic basis (for understanding what is beyond the border to human reality) which should not corrupted into nazi death camp programs and things like that.

Could be the real historic background is the misinterpretation of what the parallelisms of Rigveda with Moses means - while this misinterpretation has been shifted into the philosophical field of what 'matter ex nihilo' means, such as in the classic philosophical difference between the anglican and the catholic churches since Henry VIII - as far as the issue of transubstantiation is concerned.

Now this suggests that a gender-turning factor could be essential for the Clinton names relative to my name. In light especially of the potential role of Literaturhaus in Vienna by the three earthquakes, it can be noticed that there is an upcoming 'stem-um' = 're-vote' (4 december) in the austrian presidential election. In light of the fact that the name of one of the candidates is Alexander van der Bellen, one could speculate if a certain gender-turn of mine is included in the form of a dog barking down the 'sternum' = 'breastbone' from which Gard Nykvist (= 'rendör'?) once (in 1975) pulled out a bone-marrow-test of mine - that was allegedly for testing the level of mononucleosis but clearly it could also be used as a safe sample for a gene-test on a Mr.Eichmann which by a 'stem-um' from the 'sternum' could come out as an 'Eidrmann' - for the transcendent 'spider'-man with potentially unpleasant potions to offer. (It means that if this breast-bone sample is used for testing genetic relations of me to other people, the value of this would depend on the integrity of Nykvist who carried the sample out). Such a potentially massive instantiation of a 'rendör'-'eidrmann' in a Black Sea Loop from Turkey up to Hungary etc (for a 90 degrees turn down on Italy for generating fascism there, as could have been the program 100 years ago) could then come to function as a massive gender-turn on my name - and hence come to install the triad of Clinton names thereby. I certainly do not support any clintonean program - in extension from 'Aktion Reinhard' of Heinrich Himmler.

I notice also that the current chief of Literaturhaus, Robert Huez, wrote his thesis (if I have understood it right) on a local south-Tirol poet called Norbert Conrad Kacer - not to be confused with the other candidate for the austrian 'stem-um' called Norbert Gerwald Hofer (Freedom Party). One could guess that Hofer was on the political arena before Kacer was [re]-discovered for the poetic? Kacer seems to have suffered from alcoholism from an early age and wrote perhaps not so much, but travelled somewhat. His poems are published and his letters as well. I personally find it a little enigmatic that he occurs among the 100 most thundering cannons of poetry of the 20th century in on the internet. The standard photo of him shows him looking up into something - like Gröver/'Mengele' in the photo in the directory 'Norways's Doctors').

If I have understood it right, Bellen is more 'clintonean' than Hofer?

After Trump won in USA he said that he would return 3 million (that is quite a number!) illegal immigrants to where they come from and defined them exemplary as 'gang members and drug dealers', which could mean simply 'secret agents'. A letter is stopped by an agent in a bottleneck and another agent launches its contents elsewhere - hence the understanding of the true character of the 'nazi politics' which clintoneanism seems to surf on or at least relate to goes not easily through to the public surface. A high number of agents in bottleneck positions spread fog on the landscape which means that the driving forces of terror are not easily understood by the people. The 'Freedom party' opposes (if I have understood it right) that sort of immigration - and are 'anti nazi' thereby - hence their name due to austrian constitutional paragraph 10 from 1955 which tells that 'Österreich verpflichtet sich [...] auf die Liquidierung der Überreste des Naziregimes' as a precondition for the independence - the freedom - of Austria.

Is the tragedy of Syria in recent years engineered for the political purpose of installing massive historic weight for this program on 'Aleppo' by the form 'Beppo' which seems to serve as a codeword for 'Josef Mengele'? Biographies claim that Mengele was called 'Beppo'. If so, the real reason behind this could be simply about a 188 Catull or 188 Mengele or sth similar. But clearly that would mean nothing but the blue metre PEB which could be the whole story - and the massive reaction against this progress in knowledge.

Aleppo, Beppo, Chappa-qiddick of Edward Kennedy: 'Chap in the garden' alternates with 'water-tap' in the garden for 'csap a kertben' in hungarian = 'Chappak-Erben' which comes out as quite similar to 'Chappak-iddick'. But this 'Cheppo-kiddick' (cp. the 'Piccol Pare' = 'small papa' of the Menegel story from Venice 1313) could be telling of quite extensive plans for a recognition of me in Josef Mengele (with his famous 'eidrs' from Auschwitz) and things like that - in particular if they have planned to run the whole alphabet through. 'Klepådæ' (cp. 'Klaipeda' in Lithuania) is norwegian for 'put your clothes on' etc.

'Chappah' could even mean the little place 'Starbah' in Syria - some 111 km from Aleppo - with Idlib ('Iddick'!) in the precise mid point. Ah ja, there seems to be some of this. Could be it simply means that the international mafia wants to coup the world's oldest state - and from there the rest of the world's states - for making that equation of Eich turned into Eidr. The world should be overly happy about the election result of USA in 2016.

Briefly: Clintons could (by the above 'formulas') be defined as the opposite of my name, while the 'services' could have been aiming at taking my place of 'Eichmann' work (cultural work which is so far not published but possibly has been victim of some degree of imitation and plagiarism organized from somewhere) and dump on me the responsibility of the 'Eidrmann' terror - and the Clintons emerge in the public propaganda as 'the opposite of this terror and the friends of the culture traditions of the jewish diaspora services'. (I saw a report on orthodox jews supporting Trump before the election). Could be also, by names relative to mine, the Clintons thereby could emerge as 'the opposite of the intelligence services' - which could be services with a certain more or less involvement in the organization of the international terror. The great tragedy of the Banda Aceh earthquake could be telling of the world's poorest people paying for this 'nazi' strategy. It cannot be more unfair or less 'socialist'. It is likely that this tradition is more or less unbroken back to Adolf Eichmann (responsible for 2 million jewish lives) and Adolf Hitler - then both 'Vienna' types. This could also be the contents of a 'Habsburg' element which could have been in the background of the Clinton campaign.

"Yes, we agree that it is possible to make it look this way, but this nazism is not consonant with our political views", say perhaps the Clintons. Rightrightright - that could be the reason why many people are hard on supporting the Clintons explicitly for their political programs - but not for the driving forces behind the political winds that fill their sails. It is important to notice that if clintoneanism should have won the historic race, then it would perhaps have been required of them to find a historic rationale for the terror that gave them the winds in their sails - and such reasons do not exist except under strong doubts in the most extreme cases of danger against the security of the state from strong external and internal enemies. It means that if enemies do not exist, then the use of terror or violence generally cannot be defended. This could be an important part of the reason why there has been little public opposition (enemies) to the Clintons - and why communism had been tuned down to almost zero in the years up to Bill Clinton in the White House. It was the strongest party in Italy for decades after the war and today it hardly exists. It means that 1) there is no longer any historic rationale for use of terror as a political means, and 2) the world does not support the nazi winds in the political sails of the Clintons. But of course if their official public programs sound well and just and fair, which could be easy under such conditions, many people could support just these - if they can go without terror support.

But the terror which seems to have been pro-Clinton since Bill Clinton in the White House was perhaps the reason why Hillary Clinton could not be elected. And my work is so far not published - and hence a certain mixmax relative to the 'services' could have taken place. But do I have any role at all or is it just that the name happens to be like that? Well, the evidence is something.

And clearly it is important to turn Vienna and Austria and Hungary off the tracks of being in the potential roles of generating new facism and nazism in Europe.

An important element in this rejection of the terror and the 'service control' could be to avoid an Eidrmann role for me and to publish my books - under my name. 'Eidr' could be that horror chemicals in the blood for a 'Black Sea Loop' - and if there are certain exposed cultural names who are genetic descendants from me as an 'Eichmann' (as genetic offspring from the jewish diaspora culture) since 1960, a certain rewrite of Eich into Eidr could have been planned to be a part of the 'service' mix with my (or jewish-genetic!) identity or authorship. Clearly nobody would be served by such politics pretending that horror chemicals in the blood - running from Turkey towards Paris - should be the same as 'jewish culture traditions'. Could be that was the trick for making anti-semitism in Germany 100 years ago as well - after the eastern arm from Turkey to Paris had been turned 90 degrees down on Italy for generating fascism there? Well, that is precisely what should not be repeated!

(Norw. 'bjeffe' = germ. 'bellen', cp. Kacer, Clinton, my name)

Added on 4 december 2016:

Alexander van der Bellen is said to have received the majority of votes in the austrian presidential election on 4 december 2016.

There could exist a certain problem with abuse of my authorship, notably The Endmorgan Quartet by the last poem #1719 when a tree was sawed down in the nearby schoolyard a few days before the election and the poem contains the line 'Certainly these young folks want to play for themselves' - as if my presence were unwanted. I am not pedo but there seems to have been some prop on that - could be for 'Jung Röver' being less accessible to the name intrigue than 'John Grover'. If that line were the reason for a saw-down it could be in an attempt to set me off from my own authorship - for getting it under other's control. EICH-mann, EIDR-mann, AIDS-HIV could be the program. tells of a name-relation between the form 'Belcea' and the parallel 'Hitler' on Hitler's postcard. (Or is it 'Nelly X' he wrote?) In a jewish library in Venice in I think 2007 - I had given them a copy of my book - there was a person looking at the back page photo when a sudden sharp snapping sound was heard in the air and a tip of a broom fell down on the floor under the book he held in his hands.

There could have been some 'smegma' in the news before the election day - as for that 'tip of the broom'.

'Belze-bub' turns on gender relative to 'Belce-A', such a also 'Belce-n' by typical grammatical forms.

Häupl had launched an election campaign poster "Wir brauchen einen Präsidenten der verbindet" - cp. 'jag fatlar innte hur/där det är möjligt' - which could make for this 'beltsen' vs 'bellen' - like in a window.

In short, if the austrian people have voted for the making of a new Hitler, they have been cheated - I do not believe that the austrian people want another Hitler. I would have voted Hofer if I had the right to vote.

I do not want another Hitler. And I do not want my authorship abused for such purposes.

I do not know if there is a new Hitler in the making but it is of course possible that this is what the election really was about - somebody else than me can have an opinion on that. Plans of a new Hitler would mean the dream of Vienna as a Mecca for the international secret intelligence services who could be eager for the power in such plans - the control with the governments and the newcoming politicians. Those international services are probably also the ones who want to make 'aliens' that are put as copies under the surface of normal people - and that could be precisely what the Freedom Party opposes.

If so, it could be about who will give the needed permissions for the making of the new Hitler - and that program would probably be a TOP SECRET service project - cp. the TIP SOCK-[c]ret of a Belzebub - and hard to discuss openly in an election campaign.

But then the abuse of my work could be the dirty trick which serves to present to the people what it be about. As if "the people were fully informed about all details in these plans in advance and they voted for Bellen with a clear majority. It is the people of Austria who must carry the full responsibility for the making of a new Hitler if that comes about".

The austrian people have by their constitution not the right to vote for a new Hitler if they want to remain an independent country. There is a referendum on constitutional matters in Italy on the same day 4 dec.

If there is such an international mafia who wants to abuse Austria and Vienna for new nazi programs, the people should protest against this. A possible idea could be to make a referendum or collection of votes against the making of a new Hitler and against top secret programs on that, if that goes on, to make it crystal clear that the people does not support that. But then somebody would need to know something.

Added on 5 december 2016:

The austrian and italian votes both ended appr 40-60% and Renzi resigned.

It was a year or two ago that I worked with a theory on Kavafis' early poetry in comparison with parts of my own TEQ - one of the reasons for this was the trivial wish to show that my TEQ is not only 'garble' but ordinary poetic language and cognition, for those who could be in doubt of that. I had managed to keep the theory undiscovered by the tappers for weeks when one day I suddenly felt how it leaked out - it is probable that one of the tappers had discovered a redundancy in my own lookups in my TEQ against the poem of Kavafis I was into and discovered the theory I was working with - and very quickly it seemed to be all over the media world. This was a heavy blow to my own optimism on being able to work undisturbed and I put the Kavafis work aside and have not looked at it since then.

One of the wellknown poems of Kavafis is his 'Praise of Alexander Bala', which in german sounds somewhat like 'Alexander von der Bala'. I dont know if this poem could have been the reason why 'Alexander von der Bellen' was one of the candidates for presidency in Austria - and after a few revotes since the first in april now got a clear majority of votes yesterday. There is also a poem on the 'tobacco shop window' which could have been in use, for all I know. Here is a translation of mine of the poem about 'Alexander Bala/Vala' (source is the greek original in 'Das Gesamtwerk' on Amman) - whereby I highlight some potential ambiguities which I think could be present in the greek original - and possibly also in the political interpretation:

Lob von Alexander Bala

Empört bin ich nicht vom Zerbrechen des Rades
meines Wagens - nicht von der Weiche dieses kleines Siegens.
Mir ist die Konstitution schön, und in des Rades Schönheit
die Übergang der Nacht. Mir ist sie wichtig, diese Antiokia.

Ich bin der Neue von den besten Schätzen/Herrlichen.

Der Fehler bin ich von dem Bala, der Bewundernswerte.
Morgen, so ists, werden sie sagen dass der Wettkampf nicht gerecht war.
Das würde doch ganz geschmacklos sein, eben wenn in Geheimnis ich die Führung hätte,
wenn diese Schmeichler erst den Wagen hoben, danach das Rad davon entfernten.

(Could be there are political traditions on couping things by lifting or track-switching them into side tracks, cp. It is the despair about being unable to work unsurveyed and unabused which is the crisis of mine since some years. They quite simply seem to ignore the copyright law and the 'services' seem to just lift copies off the desk as they like and spread them around to the administration from where it leaks out to the media world. And the work is not even half finished! It is often even only in handwriting when it 'goes out' - and such working conditions are of course totally untenable and constantly drain me of my chances to put the work into income and reality. Since 2014 I have been giving up working undisturbed in Vienna and had to find a place to work outside the country.

When I started the work on my new book in norwegian language on 11 january 2016 in Szolnok, there soon came a burglary in the house, only a handful or so days later, and it came to police investigation and interrogation. When the work was about to be completed in september, there came to another two police interrogations on another matter. This means 3 police interrogations, the same number as the 3 police who came on my door in Bergen in 1999 for bringing me to forced psychiatric treatment. Along with these 3 there were the owner of the house called Erik Berstad and a doctor (who inspected the 'patient' there and then in the moment when the door opened and said 'du er syk!' to which I replied 'du får sparken') called Johan Fredrik Krohn. The austrian presidential elections have gone into the number of 3 - accompanied with referendums in Hungary on 2 october (when an austrian revote was scheduled but postponed untill 4 december) and in Italy on this 4 december. The hungarian ended with nothing since the turnout was 49% and 50% was needed fore making it valid, so it did not carry through, while the italian was on constitutional matters.

I was driven to psychiatric custody which means that I was considered 'mentally ill' = 'sinnsyk'. Under the conditions of unrestricted theft of illegal copies, could be accompanied by much plagiarisms, the result is a lot of eczemas which is 'skin sick' = 'skinnsyk', a word which also means 'jealous', 'envious' - as if I should have been envious on the plagiarisms that could have been published even before I have completed my own work, tapped in the progress.

In short, this means 'sinnsyk/skinnsyk'. It is an interesting observation that the current french president Francois Hollande has a name which could rewrite phonologically to 'sinnsyk/skinnsyk Syria' - as if Syria could be 'sinnsyk' or 'skinnsyk' such as Hollande is 'Francois'. In 2002 I applied for political asylum in France, although I did not get it.

It is the norwegian language of my new book which is the story - the difficulties of writing poetry in norwegian language. This could be due to the story with Heimskringla apparently constructed on basis of norwegian-hebrew word pairs probably with some 'excrement' meanings in the hebrew, for which reason jewish culture traditions could have been somewhat unpopular in the years after 1814. That 'state formation' is long ago - but is that relatied to Syria as the world's oldest state?

It is of course tragic for my work if it be turned into a tumbling place or 'playground' (such as in the intersection Seidengasse/Bandgasse) for politicians and services.

('Forsk[n]ingsparken' is a research park in Oslo).

(German 'Gang' is masculine or feminine, with different meanings - cp. Trump on 3 million 'gang members and drug dealers' to be sent 'back to where they come from').

Added on 11 december 2016:


I have to add also the following details. I have fancied, could be rightly, that a mythos role for me is the 'Eichmann', that is the jewish-genetic source for the offspring that has made up a good number of well-exposed cultural people (this is the theory, as it goes), for the 'mythos organizers' to swap this role of mine with themselves and leave me as the 'Eidrmann' filled with hatefullness, so to speak - like that 'eddr' = the unpleasant potion contained in the 'offspring' of some spiders. (If that relates also to the alleged old norse 'Edda' and 'Rigveda' I dont know). The swap of Eich with Eidr could then have been reason for what I have recognized as abuse of surveillance data from my life and work - and potential plagiarisms on basis of such data could have served to swap mythos-role place with me. The world's biggest earthquake ever took place near Concepzion in Chile a few minutes after the arrest of Eichmann had been announced for Knesset in 1960 - Eichmann had been arrested by Mossad on my official mother's official birthday 12 may 1960 (with time lag to GMT) and Nelly Sachs died ten years later. My younger sister Tone Helene Gröver was born 9 months and 1 day after the earthquake of Concepzion - which could mean that they had got the biological material out of me at age 3 and it was fertile. (Her birthday would perhaps have been a day earlier if she had been my genetic daughter - and the date 23 [february] could be seen as a part of the construction of the 10 years interval between the beginnings of the two Gulf wars of Saddam Hussein).

'The cuban missile crisis' could have been about how they got the fertile material out of the young child - the days of the cuban nuclear-weapon crisis was 'dirrende spenene' = 'tremblingly exciting/nipples'. What are male nipples for? They are, tells a theory, a part of the navigation system of the females - their nipples send out small pulses - or 'pølses' - which hit the male nipples which return an echo of smaller pulses which are sensed by the radar system of the female who thereby can conclude that the body position is right and that the right organ fits into the right opening. The tragedy of Adam and Eve could have been due to some right-left mixmax connected with their cognitive endowment - relying on senses and things like that. (It is said that the eye really sees the world upside-down, but most people discard such ideas as pure nonsense). The male nipples have smaller echo 'pølses' than the female, which is the reason why the system functions. 'Trembling nipples' of the cuban missile crisis for telling of the ejaculation of a 3 year old could then be about the small 'pulse' of a child. 'Kuben' ('cow-leg') is norwegian for 'crowbar' - as if the 'crowbar missile crisis' could have been pointing 10 years ahead for the oaken coffins of the genetic parents - that is, when 3+10 years = the 13 years age of normal sexual maturation - and the 'genetic offspring' of the 'Eichmann'. The political joke could then be that the only 'offspring' one can expect from such a crowbar-opened 10 year old oaken coffin could be a spider running out of it - an 'Eidrmann'.

The plan seems - as tells ideas arising from somewhat coincidental rather than systematic studies of mine - to have been to make many cultural people out of it and then turn this Eichmann into an Eidrmann by way of strategies on the greek formula

zooph----oria = creation of life
zooph-th-oria = destruction of life, sodomy

Some (such as the Vatican, if I have got it right) consider homosexual praxis 'the same' as sodomy.

I sent a letter (a bomb went off in Jerusalem even before the postbox I had put it into was emptied) and there came no reply - except for an event (which was no 'reply' but could have taken the place of a reply due to other factors) that took place in Märzstrasse in Vienna when I came walking upwards before turning into Zinckgasse: First I passed an outdoor restaurant where a man was talking in a mobile phone and said into it (as I believed that I could not avoid noticing) in the moment when I passed "no, we dont know this person here in the shtetl". (A shtetl is a small jewish community or village, so small that everybody knows everybody). I then continued a few metres on and a (bearded, if I remember right) man carrying a chain hanging from his outstretched hand crossed the street in the direction towards me, and then I reached the corner for turning into Zinckgasse and a man came walking down Märzstrasse throwing some keys up and down in his palm. As I came home, this small event started working on my mind with an impressive force, and I just refused believing that it could have been the 'reply' to the letter I had sent - so terrible was the inner feeling. It is that sort of feeling nobody wants to experience. It is likely to be a construction on the 'greek formula' via a norwegian expression:

zooph-th-oria = destruction of life
så ofte her ja = saw often here, yes = the recognition in the shtetl

zoophoria = creation of life
så offer ja = saw victim, yes
så ferja = saw the ferry

The 'destruction of life' in the greek formula has its counterpoint in the 'creation of life' symbolized in the keys, but the order could be reversed by the 'chain' being on or hanging down from the 'man' - as for an archetype conversion if the long tube in front of the female archetype face is recognized on a man. I dont know if 'pulses' (or nipples etc) could be part of such ideas. The tube could be a 'vagina', or the Wolken-'Wagen, ja' which sometimes is recognized as a part of the political construction of Adolf Hitler - or is used in political constructions generally. Man-on-wagon is the corresponding male archetype. 'Melissa' archetype is of another kind. Archetypes are a part of the human reality - existing somewhere between humans and angels? - and should not be abused by politics.

Clearly if post should be censored (or occasional theft could of course happen) and arrive in this street event form only, the effect could be formidable in the feel of turning of an Eichmann into an Eidrmann.

The house in Zinckgasse is administered by 'IMV' who was founded in january 1993 - which means in that period of time when I was at the 'TMV' centre ('Teknologi og menneskelige verdier', centre for studies in technology and human values) in Oslo - which was from 1 november 1992 out the year, and when I applied for on additional month to complete my study (the article called 'The history of linguistics and information technology', published in their research paper series and included as part of my doctoral dissertation in 1997 - it could be noticed that this sensible study of mine was an actual and normal publication of a piece of prose of mine), I got it extended untill the end of january 1993. Due to some problems with office place, I had to wait a few days, approximately a week or so, with installing myself in the office at the centre because the guest scholar Nils-Ole Finnemann needed to extend his presence with yet a few days before he left the place. This means that my presence at the TMV centre coincided quite well with the time period between the election of Bill Clinton in 1992 and his taking office at 20 january 1993.

Shimon Peres died in the second half of september 2016, and the administration of the house was moved to another from 1 october onwards. Clearly a 'shtetl person' could have been an unfortunate and undiplomatic idea just before the american presidential election.

Fidel Castro (once involved in the 'cuban missile crisis') died not long before the austrian presidential election on 4 december. It is of course possible to see a certain 'link' to the key-throwing man in the Märzstrasse event several years earlier. But I dont know if there were any systematic connection between these people in the street or if it were only my 'poetic intuition' which recognized these ideas as salient or telling somehow - could be even because I waited for a reply. My own understanding those years ago of the highly unpleasant feeling it led to could theoretically be connected with the titles of 'Modern Language Review' (which I looked up) for the time of birth of the person I had written to, but this is of course highly speculative only. It is likely to be about a complex of some more general type.

For this question of the relevance of 'Eichmann' to my person, I add that my official grandfather Bjarne Eidsvig was said to have been to the nazi concentration camp called 'Grini' at Eiksmarka outside Oslo in a period of the war. He did not want to talk about those bad memories, he said. Ideas that Bjarne Eidsvig could be the same person as Adolf Eichmann in Vienna could of course come from those data. As far as I know, there exist no good photos of Eichmann from that time. If an Eichmann-Eidrmann conversion is the theme, this Eids-vig/Eidr-mann function would have been strongly emphasized by the role of the AIDS-HIV epidemic, which started out as an epidemic among male homosexuals only - cp. the 'sodomy' factor in the greek formula above.

I add the memory from 1965 or 1966 when Gröver/'Mengele' took over the role of making dinners - initiating his career with soups created from the 'suppe-pose' (cp. the 'sub-purpose' of Kursk etc) produced by the dried soup readymades from the norwegian peroducer 'Toro[s]' - which could allow for the idea of a 'brand-chef-Toros' dinner cook. The greek correlate 'brankhephthoros' relates in a similar way to 'brankhephoros' which means 'having gills' (cp. the norwegian poet 'Claes Gill'), while greek 'brankhe' means 'hoarseness of the voice' (I recall the pop singer Gilbert o'Sullivan from the early 1970's). 'Brankhephthoros' could then, I would guess, mean something like 'destruction of gills'. Wasnt the 'Deep Throat' newspieces from about the time of the beginning of Gröver/'Mengele's career as dinner cook around the mid 60's? 'Destruction of girls' is a bad idea indeed.

I think I mentioned the event in Märzstrasse once on my internet homepage some years ago.

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