Microsoft and modern international politics

John Bjarne Grover

Was the 389 cycle of Regula Benedicti known before I published it some days ago? Is this matter relevant for understanding the potential political role of Microsoft's Windows?

The diary background

In my diary for 25 september 1994, I wrote first some introductory lines and then the following:

Something strange happened here. As I wrote the previous paragraph, while in the course of the word 'explanation' in the first line, my fingers slipped on the keyboard and hit a function key of some sort, or maybe a macro. The cursor jumped up one page on the small screen and intruded into the car registration number BC 74666. On the bottom line, there was an 'e-' left, and, as I wrote the word out without looking at the screen, I now saw that the number had been expanded to 'BC 7466lanation 6'. The '-xp-' combination was lost: These keys must have attained the role of function keys somehow, or I have hit some other keys instead of these.

In those days it was not thinkable to me that the surprise trick had been installed by some burglar for the purpose of preparing for a later Windows XP version, but today that seems not impossible to me (see end of this article). In 1994 I considered if it could have been a 'prank' installed by some burglar, but I considered it more probable that my finger, when pressing for the 'x' had hit the 'ALT' and then the combination ALT-P had elicited a macro which I myself had made and forgotten. September 1994 was still on the first computer I bought, a wonder-machine with a mighty 20 MB hard drive, capable of using floppies of 1,44 MB - still only DOS driven, though. To fill such a floppy with text was many hundreds of pages, and therefore you could store your whole authorship on a few floppies which you could keep in your pocket in a plastic etui. I had written my MA thesis on this machine and maybe there was a macro in the text editor program called Word Perfect. (I recall Francis Sejersted at the Centre for studies in humanities and technology in Oslo in the autumn 1992 told me that they - or was it somebody else - had been on an expedition to Utah and the 'Word Perfect' headquarter there - he told this in a conversation wherein he also mentioned that the centre had been originally initiated by or planned for or by philosopher Dagfinn Føllesdal who, said Sejersted himself, perhaps could have felt that Sejersted had couped it from him). However that be, the story is true and it is not impossible that Windows XP could have got its name from it. My diary novel 'The dreamer' contains my diary notes on this machine from june 1994 to may 1995 - including this one, that means - but it was not released to the public untill 2008. However, I had printed it out and bound it and kept it in my bookshelf, a first book then called 'The dream' with a simple spine, and if a burglar had installed the macro, a burglar could also have seen this book and taken a copy and spread it to colleagues and publishers - for the 'rape of the authorship'.

After Windows 10 now has the introductory logo which looks like my book title "The Endmorgan Quartet" (1997-2008), there is the following logic which could apply: In 1994, it was my hand that elicited the macro and hence 'lifted' the 'lanation' up to intrude into the car number - and this could have been recognized as 'the same' as the hand that lifted the skull cap off my head in july 1957 (if this is the story) for leaving the 'lanation' to a 'car number' - or the intrigue could say vice versa. If Microsoft got hold of the story from a burglar, a mean thief that is, and used it for its Windows XP, the new logo for Windows 10 could then be seen as 'lifted' from my book title for reasons of this story. It could then mean that my hands that wrote on the keyboard in 1994 are recognized as the hands that lifted the skullcap - my 'KRONE' - in 1957.

The family background

It would mean a role-switch of Ragna Grøver (if she lifted it in 1957) with me. The FATCAs from the european banks could be in support of or at least relate to this phenomenon - in particular if it serves to lend a taint of 'VERGE' role for her relative to me - that is if my authority be considered limited and partly taken over by her.

Mean thieves and burglars would that mean.

Of course I also badly needed an eXPlanation to the whole circus in 1994 but had not got it (I still have not got it!) - and my fingers touched some combination of keys.

It seems that there is a possible intrigue structure on all the family members - could be around the 'Delitzsch' factor. I notice also the 'HB' logo to the book of Delitzsch - cp. the XP and the HP computer.

The mythos story goes that Vibeke Grøver is assigned the role of having murdered Mao in a daring expedition in 1976 - it could have been foreseen by Nixon in the late 60's and he had to travel to China to warn Mao - but one could not guess the day and the hour in advance - could be one could guess the year 1976. She would then have been rebuilt to look like an identical copy of Mao's wife, who later was credited with conspiratory ideas together with the 'gang of four' - and she could have been smuggled into China in a post sack or whatever and, while Mao's wife could have been hindered and held back, she would have entered the private premises of Mao as his wife and murdered him with an injection before she left. The pop group AhA has a lead singer called 'Morten Harket' which suggests that the corpse left behind 'coughed' or cleared its throat when she was on her way out, so maybe Mao could have guessed the day and hour nevertheless.

The story sounds improbable, of course, and is clearly mainly a mythos element - parts of which also could have been constructed later around the name of her husband Knut Aukrust whom I think she met in 1981 (they seem to have divorced some years ago). 'Knut' seems to be a part of the 'Delitzsch' construction while 'Aukrust' could have been taken to mean that the Mao even could have been only a copy. Not only had the injected chemicals been harmless, but it was even only a copy of Mao that had been waiting for her arrival! So her role as 'terrorist' is tuned down to a 'mean burglar' at the most. How far can it be tuned down? Could be to the level of 'fantasy' only.

My analysis of the Regula Benedicti shows that it can be possible to make 'cross-bearings' with two cycles for telling the year when a text was written - one tells the year, the other the millenium - and confirms the year. Clearly if my PEB can be read in parallel with any text, then any text can in principle be read in parallel with any other text - and therefore, no sooner was the principle discovered (and I would guess that it was not entirely new with my PEB - could be the books of Moses can be used in a similar way - and indeed I use Genesis as parallel to my PEB), one would also come to the conclusion that it would be possible to make 'cross-bearings' by combining general principles from different texts. With this giant discovery, that one could use my PEB plus another text as 'another bearing', the world should be overjoyed and send me letters of congratulations - but, alas, the poet does not get any letters at all! It is a 'brev-ik' - could be there is post censorship for reasons of 'limited authority' by Ragna Grøver and the hands that lifted the crown in 1957. 'Anders Behring Bre[i]vik' (of the Oslo terror) could then be the name of the situation of being deprived of the credits for the giant discovery - and so the source goes amok and is turned into a terrorist. Could the 'other Mao', a mere copy only, in 1976 be called an 'anders bearing'? Then the change of my status from poet to terrorist would be 'the same' as the change of Vibeke Grøver's status as terrorist.

Something similar could be constructed around the role of Tone Helene Grøver if she is associated with the murder of Indira Gandhi in a similar way. The construction would have been based on the concept of 'offspring' - she was born 9 months and 1 day after the world's biggest earthquake ever - at Concepzion in Chile few minutes after the arrest of Adolf Eichmann had been announced for Knesset. That could be taken to mean that she could have been an offspring of mine - and when the murderer of Gandhi finally was hanged on 6 january 1989, and indeed I do recall that christmas after the last silent telephone, if that was she who leapt in the gallows, it would have been the 'offspring'. It would have meant by administrative logic that it was I who was credited with the murder since it was my 'offspring' - therefore the silent telephones told that I still had the chance to confess ad regret - but when none of that surfaced, the offspring was a fact.

Ragna Grøver told me in the 1960's, if not a little into the '70's, that her brother's wife, my uncle Per's wife called 'Marte Eidsvig' had joined him on a mountaineering trip and had aborted due to the stress - probably while hanging in a rope from some cliff. This would have been the 'other bearing' than the excrements (unless that is what she talked of) that leave the body when it is hanged and the ring muscle (normally 'teit') relaxes instantaneously. Probably it would not have been I who was the father of the aborted foetus, even if that would not have been theoretically impossible, of course.

How could the role of terrorist be down-tuned from Tone Grøver if she is suspected of having shot Gandhi at point blank? Well, there is only that chance that would have troubled her when imprisoned later that it was a strangely weak 'recule' in the handgun: Could be the bullet had not been fired by enough or proper gunpowder but only a weak 'offspring' was fired and the bullet fell down on the ground before it reached Gandhi - who quickly pretended to be dead or quite simply fainted due to the surprise attack? Or somebody else who stood nearby shot her in the same moment? 'Ganske matt i reculen' (cp the name of 'Matt Damon'?) could have been the wording - 'quite faint in the recule' - turned into 'gan-ske mat i recoilen' - 'mat' = 'food' in the intestines and later leaves them through the ring-muscle. 'Gan[e]' is partly the word for 'velum' in the mouth, partly it is that art of throwing spells, a sort of local voodoo, exercised by the lapps of northern Norway at the border to and crossing into the Kola peninsula. The SAME land, the 'terra Kola'.

But what happened to Gandhi if she just fainted? Well, she lay there - and the construction could tell that my summer temp role as prison guard in Fredrikstad could be a part of the mythos world - as Hrdlicka's sculptures in Vienna could suggest. Or somebody else had shot Gandhi in the same moment - but clearly this is when the theories get into sheer nonsense.

Do you think Tone Grøver would have taken such a job - including the leap-out from the gallows? I would say that this account is a part of administrative logic which serves a function in a cultural mythos logic - who shot Gandhi is perhaps not essential for this. As is well known, it was said to be a sikh from her own security guard. (But one can point to the norwegian government of Jan P. Syse 1989-1990 in which there could be traces of a symbolism of an 'Amor & Psyche' - via 'Roma & Kypseli' - of Apuleius wherein a 'daughter of Nereu' is briefly mentioned to be at some odds with Psyche, the youngest of three sisters - but maybe that takes it into too farfetched reasonings to deserve any serious attention - although it can be added that Syse a few years later died in the immediate context of a parliamentary election and there were speculations, if I remember right, that he could have suicided in or for political circumstances - norwegian parliamentary elections now and then fall on the date 11 september - such as in 2001 when the votes were still counted when the twin towers fell on Manhattan. Atal Bihari Vajpayee was PM in India for 13 days in 1996 - and he later returned for a longer government).

Added 12 january 2018: If Syse should have suicided and still died fom a 'sudden cerebral haemorrhage', one can fancy that he (even in the election night?) drank a glass of natrium-wolframat which drains molybden from the body and thereby weakens the cell walls of the brain so much that they (after some minutes, hours, days - could be one knows not the hour or the day?) stop functioning because the fluids in the body penetrates the cell walls - inwards or outwards. Could be this 'sudden cerebral haemorrhage' could even go wrong way? 'Plutseli[g]' is norwegian for 'sudden[ly]', the word relates sort of wrong-way to 'kypseli'. Can 'cerebral' mean 'Roma'? Could be it can. When in 2014 I was quite weak for some time, I fancied that I could have got some natrium-wolframat inside which led to loss of molybden (at least I had used some 'Sensicutan' salve which could associate with a 'sensi-cut-an' of such brain deficit - and Obama had a war veteran minister of similar name). It is of course possible that this theoretic explanation to the death of Syse in 1997 could have been the reason for this fancy of mine. And what was the reason for my left-sided partwise 'paralysis' in 2002? Some links to China? If these periods of loss of force with an interval of 4444 days were due to an international political intrigue on my person, possibly including Windows versions etc, then one can conclude that it has a certain efficiency. Who would have been Syse's source for the knowledge of the story? As PM he could have been informed by more than only the local intelligence. One should expect that there had to be a standard version going around in the political world. Could be the simplest explanation is that Syse did not suicide but the rumour was made and his death was quite efficient for an intrigue on this story. It could have been the fall of the twin towers on Manhattan on 11 september 2001 which led to the ideas of Syse suiciding in the morning after the parliamentary election - and then my quasi paralysis in 2002 could be seen as related to such an intrigue after 11 september 2001. The question is perhaps whether there are real traces of the story in Syse's government.

So she is tuned down from terrorist to non-terrorist because the bullet did not reach its destination - and that is the same as the 're-coil' answers to letters I send that reach me perhaps not if there is an embargo phenomenon. 'Bre[i]v-ik' = 'no letters' that could be called.

'Ganske mat[t] i reculen' can then mean 'Kursk & Cole' and be the trick with which Hitler is planned to be going from Austria up into Germany for claiming his justified rights there etc.

Then only Grøver/'Mengele' is left - if he were Josef Mengele in Auschwitz, it would have been this which turns on the austrian constitution paragraph 10 on 'leftovers of the nazi regime' - and the need for getting me out of the country would find its rationale in this paragraph and hence it is 'the same' etc.

The overall structure would find its origins in Hitler's holocaust - with Auschwitz (Mengele), 'Aktion Reinhard' (meaning 'Eidsvig Ragna'?) = Sobibor ('Vibeke Grøver'?), Treblinka (for my name?), Belcez ('Tone Helene Grøver'?). See the ABC of politics (could be so called because the author knows very little about politics) - search for the section called 'Himmler's holocaust structure' (the second finding with that search string) as well as the search string 'The nazi death camps'.

Mengele with injection = 'noli me tangere' ('Roerick' = 'rør ikke') = to get the subject off the inner spot (khora) by injection of chemicals = 'idranu'. That could be for the total power of the 'international secret intelligence services'. In the house I bought in Szolnok in 2015 there is is no water or drain pipes - and I have understood that it can be difficult to have them installed. Norwegian for 'pipe' is 'rør' and 'Roerick' then means 'no pipes', while 'idranu' = 'hydro no' means that the pipes in question is for water in or drain out. The address to my house in 'Sziget Utca' ('Island Street', 'Øy-gaten', 'Øy-utca', 'Øy-út') in Szolnok could be seen in the name of 'Utøya' of the Oslo terror.

All this is a world of thinking which to me looks like bad habits only if it really has a dominating function in international politics. Nonsense, nunsense?

The historic background

To this comes the idea of 'self-sucking' and hence 'Melk' up in the 'velum' = 'gan[e]' which even could be a part of the reason for the outlines on the map of Austria since 1919 by the treaty of St.Germain en Laye - whereby Sopron was assigned to Hungary but in such a way that the white stone 'Fischamend' could be recognized in the map of Austria around 'Neusiedler See':

(Map source: Microsoft Encarta World Atlas 99).

Given this as mirrored on the map eastwards, the position of Melk with the Benedictine monastery (and Annaberg with the terror) just east or northeast of St.Pölten would be approximately around the velum or 'gan[e]' of e.g. a 'self-sucker' if the Austro-Hungary were to be conceived as the two 'fishes' of Venice - separated by the 'Canal Grande' at Sopron - that is around the border of HYMEN. (Cp. also the 'Canal Grande' as the channel between England and France in the cross of line 4 of the blue metre). These things could have been constitutive of the map-making in 1919 - and then the 'punishment' of Austria would have been in the form that the 'öster-reich'-ing Fischamend corresponds to a 'wester-reich'-ing self-sucker on the white stone - and the punishment would then be that the austrian 'intelligence' could not avoid being concerned or obsessed with 'turning it around on the gender' in order to get it right up in Melk - as a 'Ruf' of intelligence, calling for their devotion in the 'services'. And what tells the 'intelligence'? It would tell that 'Ceske Budejovice' in 'Jihocesky Kraj' or 'Jihocesky Ruf' (source 'Krarup Nielsen's book) - the czech lived nearby and could be seen through the Windows. (The flooding of Europe with refugees - the Ruf of Ceske? - from the Middle East in 2015 could have been about this). 'Bene-dikt-i' = 'the poetry is in the leg/foot' which reaches up into the Ruf of intelligence. Otherwise, if the white stone be turned around to face east, cp. the 'Bermuda' streets, then the 'Melk' would be found around Graz somewhere. However, it is not likely that the strategists behind this in 1919 would have known anything about a blue metre or an alternative cycle in the Regula Benedicti.

But when my PEB 164 contains the mystic message from an oracle that the numeral 86,3 contains three parts, it means that the 'eastern' digit '3' can be turned west for 386 and the final '6' can be turned upside-down for a Graz - that is a 9 - hence the cycle is 389 years - for units of 33 words in the Regula - lifting culture beyond the mythological world of the 33 lines. This would have been the real knowledge - and that is why the austrian 'intelligence' would have been obsessed by the idea of being right anyhow - however much they were pulled by the nose in the construction.

But where did I get this mystic number 389 years from? It can be read from PEB 164 - but how did I get it there? To my knowledge, I do not have it from anywhere - but it would be contained in the PEB itself if it is a fact of human semiotics. That is the most likely explanation. The year 529 is contained in the PEB: 520 * 0.366 = 190,32 - which is PEB 191 with the lines "I was cautioned / by the society. / Folks were portioned / at 190" which I had drafted - this 190 - long before I came to write it out in enumerated poems - and indeed that was when I left Venice for Vienna, at the moment when I wrote the poem 190 and then 191.

I refer also to Li Bai's poem on 'Thoughts in the Silent Night' - could be the most famous chinese poem - this poem (in its script logic) can be seen in the second half of PEB 164 - the elder man who leans forwards for putting food up into the mouth. Study the movement of the moonlight qua poet's own visual faculty as it sneaks out from under the bed to take up position on the floor (as 'Laren'?) in the logic of the signs in the first line, for example. In addition, and perhaps more importantly, it is (1009-529) * 0,366 = 480 * 0,366 = 175,68 = PEB 176, which is quite similar to Li Bai's poem. The secret seems to be 389 / 33 = 11,7878: This can be added twice to 175,68 and subtracted twice and on all occasions land on the concept of '3'. These are factors that contribute to a poetic understanding of this '389'.

Clearly this 'Ruf of Melk' with the white stone detail could be part of the story - I have earlier mentioned that Vibeke Grøver in 1973 or thereabout went to a dentist surgeon in Moss for help to adjust or pull out a wisdom tooth that was about to grow right out of the jaw through the skin, according to herself.

How can the world react to such plans of a new Hitler?

Well, since Microsoft's Windows patent seems to be the crux of the story, clearly the solution could be to lift the patent for Windows off Microsoft and turn it into a public domain which can be organized by the local governments on basis of a standard minimum tool. Official public domain Windowses can then be bought in bookshops and post offices. Microsoft can of course continue to sell their Windowses and it may be that many people will prefer to buy just those.

Nazi administrative logic then tells that the perfect solution for making the new nazi Hitler power is then not to lift the patent for Windows from Microsoft but rather to lift the patent (rights) from my The Endmorgan Quartet (contained in the logo for Windows 10?) from me instead. That would be perfect for making a new Hitler or corresponding power.

Hence the solution for avoiding a new Hitler is to find a publisher for my work - and publish the books as my authorship - and possibly also to lift the patent for Windows from Microsoft - because they cannot have such a monopoly when they abuse it in that way.

Monopoly? - they say perhaps. It is like somebody has a patent on pens and pencils - if you do not want to pay fees to 'Micropen' for writing a letter by hand, then you can of course write your letters with artist's or chinese calligraphy brushes - or use oldfashioned chalk - or scissor the alphabetic letters out from a newspaper and paste them on a paper. The chinese people wrote with such brushes for centuries and millenia - so why not try that if you do not want to pay fees to Micropen?

I recently bought a Windows 10 but it could not be activated - only over internet and I do not have and do not want internet on a computer I use for serious work. The package said that internet was needed but I did not notice this hen I bought it. In the licence text inside it says that you can activate it over telephone - but as soon as it is installed it becomes clear that it can only be activated via internet - and one also has to agree to the conditions explained in the licence. The licence obligations are probably mutual responsibility. In addition, I had to put my signature on a paper in the shop for getting hold of the software.

The shop was SATURN on top of the Gerngross supermarket warehouse in Mariahilferstrasse in Vienna. Did Gerngross use aspects of the title to my new and so far strictly unpublished poetry book for their marketing campaign before christmas? If they did, that would have been from a copy that had been illegally borrowed by surveillance or some burglar. I hope they had not installed aspects of the text of the book itself in their warehouse inside - I have not seen anything such, though, so the idea is probably not relevant.

The program cost 129 euros. Of course I have not with my signature agreed to anything beyond the right to purchase the software and install it on my computer.

The pack says also that a 'Microsoft-Konto' is needed. What is that? Is it about 'Membership in the International Microsoft Community' - the very White Flock?

The idea arises immediately that the Windows software, which is needed for making the computer function, could be a correlation to membership in the new Chosen People - those who are brain-adjusted ('lobotomized', sort of) by long-distance high-precision lasers which scissor a small glitsch in your brain and thereby you suddenly understand the world and its agreements in a new way. The new cognitive era could be full of such lasers that makes you change your mind and agree to all sorts of ideas and possibly also vote for e.g. Labour in the election. If you have your brain in original format, there can be things which are hard to understand - but only a small adjustment can be needed for you to see the point.

This would be called a sort of 'new circumcision' - cuts in the 'fore-skin', that is, the frontal lobe, with central control of the chosen people who arises as a united flock thereby.

It is fully possible that this is part of the political aim - if the plan is for Microsoft to gain more authority by way of an unjustful lifting of the patent of mine to The Endmorgan Quartet or other of my works and in addition require attachment to internet if you want to make use of the new information technology - which most people probably cannot do without.

Clearly this can be a very dangerous development if it be not stopped in time - not the least since or if the reason for such a monopoly patent to quite simply a new information technology - when combined with such abuse - would be for making a new Hitler who knows the art of getting people off the spot - and that would be for a massive increase in unconstitutional power of the type of International Secret Intelligence Services. Who would be using the lasers for brain-adjusting ('lobotomizing') people? I dont know who would or could be doing that - but unconstitutional power abuse it would be. A signature on a 'purchase contract' for Windows 10 is not enough for laser incisions - I have not agreed to that!

So, what do you think: Will they lift the patent off Microsoft?

Or will they take my authorship to my work INSTEAD and claim that it isnt mine?

If there were anything left of the sensibility of the world, there would rather be a folk movement for lifting the patent off Microsoft and detach it from the interest field of laser abusers and lobotomizers and find a publisher for my work, with my name on the front page.

French president Emmanuel Macron was recently in China - to Xian and Beijing which to me sounds like 'XP' and 'HB' from Delitzsch. He visited the Terracotta Warriors and the Forbidden City. The name of the french president sounds admittedly relevant to the story of the diary background from 1994. There could also be a certain 'querstrich' function (turning an 'L' into a 'T' and vice versa) which also could apply to the name of Trump for my own name John Bjarne Grover turned into 'Trump John Donald' or 'Trump tatt-ne[d] Grover/ghetto-vett'. 'Vett' is norwegian for 'intelligence'. This could also summa summarum serve to turn the name of 'China' into not only the 'lanation' or 'line-asian' of the macro story from 1994 (which could indicate that it was not only a trivial slip of the finger?) - vulnerable also to the potentially massive propaganda effect from the logo of Windows 10 - but perhaps much worse the 'liner' of the 33 odysseic and somewhat primitive lines per unit contra the 33 words per unit of Benedict. As such, the unfortunate propaganda effect could be a recognition of China as the hordes of rurals from the north that now and then flooded the continent at the times when the origins of the cistercians was formed (see below). It is my analysis which finds this distinction between 33 lines and 33 words. Whether e.g. a 'sister Jens' (assuming that 'Stoltenberg' means a female aspect) or 'bitcoins' are relevant to more than a 'Melk' politics I dont know. But I should not carry the burden for such a 'querstrich' effect in politics. Isnt it rather so that I have solved the problem with my poetry? Chinese for 'China' is 'Zhong' and the recent 'Dong Lang' border conflict with India could have served to emphasize the '33 bords' rather than the '33 china' - this tells that the problem has been perceptible in politics - but that does not immediately mean that one has understood what it was before I published my article a few days ago. But the Dong Lang border conflict is of course empirical proof in support of my theory.

My PEB 163 ends: "Soon we are dice / that roll like boughs / in storms of thrice". Isn't the semiotic boughs telling of the logic in the chinese signs in the poem of Li Bai?

With the querstrich function, the sleep hormone 'melatonin' turns into 'metalonin' which could be the last word 'metall' in the Oslo Report plus the numeral '9'. If Oslo = '3' and Report = '8' (or should it rather be '0'?), then one has the cycle 389 of the Regula Benedicti. Melatonin (a sleep hormone) was discovered by Aaron Bunsen Lerner in 1958. If there is a role for the name of Anais Nin in politics, it could be about the same. In short, it is not impossible that the cycle 389 of Regula Benedicti was known before I published my article some days ago - it could even have been the entire purpose with the socalled 'Oslo Report' of 1939. One adds that the 'lot of nonsense' in the above family constructions on a holocaust background could find its interpretation in the 'nunsens' of Aaron Bunsen Lerner. 'Oslo Terror' finds a 'querstrich' correlate in 'ost og lærer' (cheese and teacher) with 'Lerner' students.

But although these ideas could be a lot of nonsense for the family background, it is probably not nonsense with the ideas of an abuse history on me - at least I well remember the year 1975 and the 'octogon'. My guess is that the early child abuse was perhaps not pure nonsense ideas either. It is well possible that there are big terrorist ideas that attach to the two official sisters in politics but that these are nonsense only - and that this is the reason why an abuse history on me is ignored as 'nonsense' only. An economic compensation for abuse of my person in high international politics should not be harvested by a new Hitler going up into Germany to fetch his 'Kursk & Cole' rights there.

The real reasons

Clearly the whole program looks quite puerile and immature. Poetry arises also on basis of inspiration from absent intelligences, from the neighbours, from the monks in Tibet, buddhists in China, contemplatives in India, from the christians in the Vatican, from remote planets elsewhere in the universe. This adds to what makes it good poetry. But if the poet emphasizes this in the surroundings of 'nazis', the nazis will point their fingers at him with a HAH! so it wasnt you who wrote it! It was your source of inspiration (even Microsoft?) who thereby must be credited with the authorship. This is likely to be the reason for the whole construction - that we must get in contact with remote intelligences elsewhere in the universe - and the poet must therefore credit the sources as well as possible. But clearly abuse of the poet as punishment for lacking credits does not help much. On the contrary - the poet credits as much as is possible in a human framework.

Montecassino and the MELK monasteries - these are very important in history. The cistercians had their origins in the restauration movement on Benedict's Regula that sprang out from the Cluny monastery founded in 910. The year 918 = 529+389 seems to be a good year for this renovation of the spirits of the Regula - it would be one 389 cycle after the rule was written. The cistercians are apparently stricter on the rule than the benedictines themselves - at the time of their origins Europe was still much heathen land flooded every now and then with horned rural vikings from the north (Rootzén 1963) whose mythological world had a Paradise called VALHALLA where the heros were on mjødur binge from morning till evening and from evening till morning, enjoying battles perpetually. It was this mythological northern-odyssean 'service' world which Benedict wanted to lift to a higher culture with his christian Regula - which stresses the importance of crediting the source and understanding other people's needs.

This it is very important to understand - but it doesnt mean that Montecassino means 'gambling' or MELK 'self-sucking'.

But to strand on the idea of 'gambling' without getting off the spot is not a good reason to remain in that world of administrative mythos. It is important to understand that if the whole construction of more or less tragic-pathetic elements lead up to Montecassino and Melk, then it is because there is something important there - and in the moment when this is found, it is just to throw all that old horned mythos world aside.

Cross-bearings with my PEB could be the simple solution to all of this. Of course it is the second blue metre cycle which is the real story - including the one of the outline of the austrian map since 1919 - and not weird ideas of self-sucking with more or less 'recule' etc. But then it is time to get off the spot and not remain in the old intrigues of unconstitutional power - such as that one of getting off the spot with chemicals.


There are reasons to believe that the 389 cycle of Regula Benedicti could have been the real contents of the Oslo Report 1939 - could be the year serves to encode that number as well. But there is probably not enough evidence for this in neither the report nor in the name or discovery of Lerner - however, it is fully possible that the role of Lerner is to tell of the Oslo Report and a role for Aaron Eidsvig possibly relative to Adolf Hitler - that would be politically sensitive and worth a classified status - and it could also well branch over onto the 1919 format of Austria and its relation to the benedictines and their monasterial rule. Could be the number of Lerner would have been 309 rather than 389.

Admittedly, if Lerner means Eidsvig/Hitler and Oslo - and if the role of Melk in Austria is only for keeping them in a political leash etc - then the real story would have been the 389 cycle of a blue metre - although it is not certain that politics really had understood this. Oslo Report can mean the total scandal that Adolf Hitler continued to live in Norway after the war - rather than the encoded rebus for leaking that the cycle of 389 years of the Regula Benedicti was known before the war. Then clearly politics is 'sprelling in the garn' only - and the new level is found with my blue PEB - rather than the west keeping China down and pulling them by the nose by way of a '33 linea' rather than a '33 words' such as in the recent Dong Lang border conflict with India: It is possible that this means that the 389 cycle with words and lines was already known, but a more likely explanation is that this cycle is the real explanation while the political reality relates to other parametres but feel the effect of the 389 cycle phenomenon (lines and words) in such a way that they interpret it in the Dong Lang standoff. The role of line 4 in my blue PEB is telling that politics nowadays is vulnerable to a gradually fading authority relative to intrigues from the unconstitutional power of 'services' and 'programmers' - such as those once Hitler-makers of Microsoft - and that it is urgent with getting my book published rather than seeing the world drifting helplessly towards a new disaster.

It is then not permitted to relate to me as if I should be a Satan in a nonsensical family theatre. I have written this blue PEB and other things which can bring the world forwards and out of the swamps of gloomy theatre roles under control of totally unconstitutional powers.

There are also reasons to believe that the philosopher's white stone could be constitutive for politics to a considerable degree - such as for explaining country border outlines in e.g. Austria or Syria. Clearly that means that these important things should be taught in school or at least universities - but politics of modern 'intelligence intrigue' kind seems to swallow all the important things up in secrets which thereafter can be solved only via elaborate rebus work. Clearly the claim of the people must be that these secrets must be downgraded. Could be the Windows patent should be lifted from Microsoft as well due to abuse of a factual monopoly situation in a new information technology which people cannot do without - not to talk of alarming prospects for government of the 'flocks' of voters. Serious politics should not bite such tempting hooks - that would be precisely how their powers can slip away into the unconstitutional powers.

Downgrade the stone!


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