Why should unconstitutional power want a new Mussolini?

John Bjarne Grover

This question can be answered. It seems to rest upon two important points, the uncertainty of which is the driving motor. These two points of uncertainty are the following:

1) Is the catholic church an opponent of ex nihilo matter - and do they call it the work of Satan?

2) Are the jews more essentially relating to ex nihilo matter - but do not want to talk about it for fear of new persecutions?

My view is that matter ex nihilo is a part of the self - and then I dont call it Satan.

The reasoning is the following simple one: If the catholic church fears that accepting ex nihilo matter is the same as reducing Jesus Christ to 'lapis philosophorum' as a subject of scientific study of a more or less murky character, for upholding their status among believers they may join interests with the political interests who want to use 'lapis philosophorum' and its variants (Vollkornbrot, potato peel filter etc) for political manipulation of the masses only. This creates a class division between those who know about it as the rulers and the great masses who have learnt in school to discard it as nonsense and superstition - and those great masses can then take confidence in the teachings of the catholic church as being more than a technical Jesus.

If judaism rests on a philosophical foundation which accepts and understands ex nihilo matter, then anti-semitism and persecution programs against jews can find their explanation in these interests shared between mafia power and the fears of the catholic church.

Therefore it should be known by the people, the voters of elections, what are the philosophical stances of the catholic church and the jews in these matters.

Look at this 'tempting' derivation:

1) Two lapises reduce by the pressure of three dimensions to something resembling a Vollkornbrot.

2) Two Vollkornbrots in 180 degrees turn - with a copy in 90 degrees - turn (a la a swastika) into a potato peel filter when the 'sunrays' of the devanagari 'A' are folded in along the origami lines of a 'spåmann':

3) This 'drainhole' potato filter (T-expanded from 'poet-o feeler'?) resembles what I call a model of the human language faculty in terms of the zifferblatt.

I do not believe that this is the whole story of the human language faculty, but it is arguable interesting.

When the Fatima revelations look like a divine explanation to the human language faculty, for example by the occurrence every 13th in the months (for the '31' version of the devanagari sunray 'A') and the half year may-october 1917 for the difference between the hebrew and sanskrit halves of the zifferblatt, it was taken to mean that the linguistic basis for this would be in a projection backwards in time from a later literary work - and this would form the basis for a metaphysical logic with which we could come to communicate with the remote intelligences in a reliable way - not in the self-deceptive way of power-based logic. It would be of utmost importance that this literary work be of level 4 and not of level 2.

But the problem for the catholic church could then be that Jesus comes to be a computable thing on the border to eternity - that is, in the edge of the kitchenbench drainhole between eternity and history. Jacob Böhme said that 'lapis philosophorum' is essentially the same as Jesus Christ, tell mystic sources - it should be in his Aurora but I havent found it yet. Could be this is a modern mafia version of B�hme - or it tells the problem of the catholic church when Jesus as The Word comes to rest on the zifferblatt brink to the human language faculty.

My studies in the history of formal grammar and information technology tells that the morpheme or word boundary was reached at the time of Christ. This could be the natural reason for the fears of the catholic church - that a new level of formal grammar has been reached which puts the christian Word out of use.

It is not so difficult: Humans have a limited reality - and birds and angels are evidence thereof - and hence there are things outside this reality, inaccessible to human perception and cognition - which suddenly can fall over the border of the drainhole and into the historic reality below.

It is your own self, the borders to it - tells my view - and that is why it is so difficult to understand the reality beyond in terms of the reality below. Only if Satan has made it, it has a true transcendence - tells perhaps catholicism.

No wait wait wait - why not Jesus has made it?

The problem is that if Jesus made it, it could make Jesus so computable. Better with a computable Satan?

Fatima 1917 seems to have led to Adolf Hitler and the holocaust against the jewish philosophy - resembling the state-formation in Norway 1814 on basis of the hilarious joke of the Glorious Past - with Norway geographically on the horn of the Vollkornbrot covering the Atlantic of current-day NATO - and it was told to the farmers and fishermen up there that they once had been world superpower #1, ruling the oceans from Washington to Konstantinopel, and therefore deserved to be re-established. For preventing that the Vollkornbrot as the basis for this hilarious joke came to be discovered by the farmers and fishermen, the new state had to be anti-semitic - so that only the constructors of the intrigue possessed the knowledge and the 'masses' did not.

It seems that the world is steering towards such a pitiful solution. A great pity that is. It seems that the basis for the state-formation in Norway 1814 is the basis for modern 'politics' based on homophonic swindle. When I studied this, I found that homophonic forms in hebrew and norwegian could have been used for making the semantic units from which the stories seemed to be constructed, and one had even used semantic units of maximally uncomfortable kind ('excrements between the toes' and things like that) in order to prevent that the swindle came to be discovered. Today this seems to have gone into the working of the functionality of the modern administrative machines - such as when my lecture in the theory of science in Bergen was rejected in 1996, that is 'the same' as the sinking of the 'lekter' Hableany after the collision with the Viking Sigyn on the Danube soon after my discovery of the burglary in Szolnok (cp. 'Berglen' University). It may be critically important to have the secrets of the constitution of Heimskringla downgraded and published before this pitiful principle comes to rule the world totally.

The following I wrote some years ago when I studied the apparent homophonic swindle of Heimskringla: An example could be the grotesque name 'Bjorn Eiterkveisa in Skaun' from Olav Trygvasons saga - a few lines which look rather toilet/twilight-orientated. "...towards evening they reached a domain called Skaun. Here they saw a large mansion, towards which they went, and begged a night's lodging. For the sake of concealment they were clad in mean clothing. There dwelt here a bonde called Bjorn Eiterkveisa, who was very rich, but very inhospitable. He drove them away; and therefore, towards dark, they went to another domain close by that was called Vidar". The name 'Bjorn Eiterkveisa' means a (bad-smelling?) yellow-ochre-fluid-flowing pimple on the brim of probably the anus, about the most undelicate appearance one can think of - and approximately where 'kringla' could be seen to originate and get its form. A study of the hebrew to the same phonologies reveals a related context: AITheR = one with a disabled right hand, a left-handed person, KVISaH = washing, lye-water, and it seems that BJØRN could mean appr 'on the corner' even in hebrew, in some contexts. BIRaNIT = castle, palace, court-woman - hence Eiterkveisa's big mansion in the forest - and his inhospitality, which could be about this court-woman making it difficult for him to receive unexpected guests. BIDEt in hebrew seems to be about 'fiction', 'lies'. Another grotesque name is 'Halkel Huk, son of Jon Smiorbalte'. 'Hålke' = norwegian for 'hard ice on the road/field', while 'hal-kel[er]' = 'half-basement' and 'huk' = 'to squat', hence 'squatting with the basement door half open', thereby possibly allowing for a low 'look' at the 'hålke'. One naturally speculates if it could have been Smiorbalte himself who had sent the 'hålke', quite simply in terms of his look - which is when it is getting metaphysical. This grotesque name seems to have a reflex in the corresponding hebrew forms: HLHL = to penetrate into cavities, perforate, hollow, loosely filled, HUQ = to round, hollow, circle, engraving, HIQ = lap, bosom, cavity, bottom, HUK = to rub, scratch, hawk, laugh, while 'hLK' = to walk, tax, traveller, HLQ = to be smooth, viscous, blank, lot, field, to honour. In short, there is a close affinity between the norwegian and hebrew in these forms, and if the reader is teased by the ridiculous norwegian associations, these are prone to attach to the hebrew as well, by the close phonological and semantic affinity. This interpretation seems to be present in the 'old norse saga' text as well - it is from Sigurd Crusader saga: "Halkel Huk, a son of Jon Smiorbalte, who was lenderman in More, made a voyage in the West sea, all the way to the South Hebudes. A man came to him out of Ireland called Gillikrist, and gave himself out for a son of King Magnus Barefoot. His mother came with him, and said his other name was Harald. Halkel received the man, brought him to Norway with him, and went immediately to King Sigurd with Harald and his mother" etc. 'Lende' = loin, 'm�re' = word used for ripened flesh, ready for consumption. 'Gillikrist' could be the carrier of that mystic metaphysics of Smiorbalte and his look. It seems that the story follows the grotesques of the names. Could be a closer study of the sagas could reveal this as a general principle of construction. This means that if people laugh at the grotesque old norse name in Heimskringla, they laugh at the hebrew language and thereby culture - which could be the purpose with this Iceland-Israel (and Ireland) which relate also in the european swastika around Paris. The vikings went BERSERK while hebrew BZQ = thunderbolt, to break, crush, scatter. To go BESØK in modern norwegian = to go for a visit (Besuch). Could be the whole Kringla and other grotesque sagas are constructed for making people laugh at the israelis - and for making the swastika turn.

My view is that nobody would be called 'Bjorn Eiterkveisa', however uncivilized the culture could be, and therefore that the saga in question could be a piece of fraud constructed on basis of hebrew-norwegian homophony. It seems that there exists only one copy of the famous 'Heimskringla' and there is little evidence of the 'superpower' beyond this document. I have dated the sagas therein to be about the life of Alexander Pope - and one naturally guesses that it could have been an anglican attack on the catholic pope. It is this fraud which should not be allowed to continue.

Matter ex nihilo seems often to be associated with matter ejected from the intestines. It is such a pity with that excrement-orientation. Could be the whole Heimskringla is an attempt to associate the catholic Jesus qua 'lapis philosophorum' with excrements - cp. the 'T-expansion' on the 'drainhole'. And the catholic church natually rejects this - could be the story.

I think the catholic church, in particular if this account is the story, should regain their faith in Jesus Christ enough to not look upon him as a slice of such vollkorn-bread served in the holy communion.

It is that old story of what happens when this bread of the holy communion glides down the gullet: Catholics say that it is transformed into the body of Christ in the transubstantiation, while anglican or protestants generally say that it is symbolic for this only - the breadslice has been consecrated by rituals and religious authority and that is enough for its symbolic value.

The message of Madonna in Fatima was clear - after the two first secrets had been quickly told and the two youngest visionary children quickly died, the third secret was held secret and the third visionary child lived for nearly a hundred years: This means, tells Heaven, that humans must learn to tell the secrets. (It could even mean 'tell the secrets of heim-skrin-gla[d]'). It means not that International Secret Intelligence Services shall rule the world. Rather, the catholic church and the jewish philosophers must hurry up and tell their secrets on ex nihilo matter to the people of the earth. No sooner are they told, new and inspiring secrets will be revealed, tells the revelations of Fatima 1917.

Transubstantiation (cp. also 'BLEKKE SI LUP' = 'New York Times'?) seems to be the secret code word of italian language and culture, and the catholic church is the italian church. This may be the reason why the international secret intelligence mafia wants a new Mussolini just there - in order to prevent that the secrets be told and possibly to create an unsuitable liaison with the catholic church against the jewish philosophers. But that is to be maximally hostile towards the foundations of the italian culture.

On 10 september 2011 (it is still stored on my computer at 23:31 on that day), I published on my internet page the article Lucius Apuleius 'Africanus' - The Golden Asse. I later removed it again but put it out again now with the present article - for historic reasons, even if it contains some material which I would not have written today.

Added on 24-25 june 2019:

Through some years I read the chinese online newspaper 'People's Daily' and followed the phenomenon of apparent borrowing of material from my workdesk, apparently often quite fresh things, that apparently could be spotted behind some of the articles, albeit without creditingg of any source. I continued my reading under the umbrella that these were things that had been tapped from my workdesk by western 'services' and circulated to western media who often turned it into bad-looking things - while the apparent chinese borrowing served to give it an upwards tilt instead, thereby contributing to enhance the public impression and evaluation of my work. These are perhaps the only circumstances under which one could perhaps let such apparent uncredited borrowing go on for yet some time. Some time ago, or a year or more ago, I therefore wrote on my 'recommendations' page a reference to this chinese online newspaper 'People's Daily' and included the wording 'excellent photo journalism'. The newspaper responded quickly with a journalistic photo of a syringe into the back of a shoulder - and I understood that it was wise to withdraw it quickly. (Could be they suffered from bad conscience even if their intentions were good). I wrote my vol.4 and went to Italy and fell ill but received excellent treatment at the hospital there. I suffered from a trombosis in my left leg, the trombosis being situated as a cork in the hip just where the leg is attached to the body. I have now understood what it was: It was a FOT 0, FOT 1, FOT 2 = 'tre-ben' (a wooden leg, like the pirates have) which turns around on my fundamental theorem of linguistics. In the hospital I discovered on Youtube.com Yuja Wang's recording of Rachmaninov's 3rd piano concerto with a chinese conductor whose name is not given but occurs briefly on the screen during the performance. It is a recording of great humility, great art - on the mystery 'man is a meetingplace of many realities'. I went back to Vienna and there was the annual Sch�nbrunn concert which normally is announced on an advertisement rotunda at the school - but this year there was only a photo of a 'Samson'. The concert had already been held (it seems that the 'Samson' photo disappeared the next morning) and there were next day front page news of Wang who had been at Sch�nbrunn and played Gerschwin's 'Rhapsody in blue' in a concert including other non-russian = american elements such as Sousa's March etc. The newspapers told that 85.000 people had been present - but I had not discovered the concert - except for this 'Samson' FOT 0, FOT 1, FOT 2. The conclusion is that politics takes me to be a piece of politics and rejects my world of esthetics and poetic mysticism - that is, if e.g. China does not want e.g. Mussolini in Italy, they seem to reject me because of that. But that means the question what the 20th century was: Either it was all about the Fatima mystery and the question of a technology for communication with the universe on basis of a new metaphysical logic, in which case the rest of what happened in the 20th century were only cover stories for not discovering in time that it was all about me writing the text of Fatima 80 years later, or these cover stories were not covering anything but were the factual contents of the century and then it was all and only about Hitler making the foundations for the logic of the new third millenium. Rejecting my book on the Fatima mystery is then to call for Adolf Hitler as the new millenium. Of course the 'secret intelligence services' could want Hitler's logic and not Fatima - and could strongly recommend that e.g. the Vatican does not publish my book too quickly. In Italy a REKOMMANDERT letter (= 'recorded mail', but it sounds like 'letter of recommendation' - like the one Celan brought with him to Paris from Albert Margul-Sperber, as was in fact the name of the giant man) is stored for a month only before it is returned to sender. My work is not politics - it is poetic mysticism - and my vol.4 is about Fatima and the question whether there is a divine or poetic revelation in my The Endmorgan Quartet enough for a metaphysical logic. I do not recommend Hitler. Do not reject me if you do not want another Mussolini or Hitler. Or, even more generally: Do not reject expressions of great art if you do not want certain 'nazi' politics.

It should be added that I started reading People's Daily in probably 2009, when they had a brief article with presentation/recommendation of 'Angelababy'.

The story seems to be that the world in 1917 or 1918 discovered that the Fatima revelations were about the human language faculty and that a literary work would be written later which turned out to have been the source of the Fatima revelations that came before it, and hence that the future work would contain a divine revelation in the text. This quickly led to the development of the leading role of the secret intelligence services - in order for these to function in the role of the remote intelligences (far away in the universe) with which humans should learn to communicate, and the International Secret Intelligence Services gave themselves the job of encapsulating me - thereby putting me in the role of the humans isolated in the universe, inside a bubble of Einstein's relativity theory, communicating with the 'remote intelligences' of the International Secret Intelligence Services - and then one could study the details in their communications and recommendations and develop a logic on basis of this. For example, it seems that my PhD dissertation was rejected because these 'services' wanted to install the 'keys to heaven' (!) in the form of a 'Hole in the wall' of the house built in 1970 and therefore bass player 'Jens Erland Braarwig' of 1971 later was in the 3-man committee who rejected my PhD dissertation in 1998 - for the formula 'private suburban basement'. It is, as is my guess, this sort of tragic sausage logic which the International Secret Intelligence Services have tried to develop in order to 'model' the logic of the strange and remote intelligences in the universe-ity.

It must be understood how tragically naive this is: It is, as is my guess, this program of modelling the remote intelligence which was the real reason for Hitler - sending 6 million jews off for being the 'other side' in the remote universe and things like that - and Hitler's way of thinking has seemingly been about to become the standard in the international political space. But it is nothing but tragically naive - in the remote university there are secret intelligences etc. Humans are informationally encapsulated (if signal transmission is the only communicative means) and therefore they seem to have made me informationally encapsulated in order to communicate telepathically with me from the remote university - such as by 'services' tapping my work illegally and forwarding it to 'media' and scholarly networks where scientific advisors (as as my guess) can suggest them to the students who thereby get them 'telephatically' etc. It is not permitted to be that naive! Do I get post - or are my post and email censored by the International Secret Intelligence Services in order to model the human species on Tellus? 'We are encapsulated within the confinements of the speed of light', said Einstein - but the services seemingly hope to break this barrier by smuggling the info out via illegal tapping and forwarding it to advisors. That is the reason for the insane tapping of the humans. But it is not permitted to be that naive! The International Secret Intelligence Services may have concluded that they must put themselves in the role of God for solving these problems of communication science - which is that Very Old Story.

I have now completed vol.4 which tries to find the deeper logic behind the barrier of the human reality - or, rather, I try to determine whether such a metaphysical logic can be shown to exist via 'divine revelation' (technically speaking) in my 'The Endmorgan Quartet'. If it can be established, then humans can also start constructing the metaphysical (utterly transcendent) logic that applies to the reality beyond the borders of the limited human reality - and in particular if the work TEQ is the long-awaited literary work that should or could be the origins of the Fatima revelations 80 years earlier, then this work and my vol.4 must of course be published in order to reach thinking individuals outside the limited reality of the International Secret Intelligence Services. But those services probably do not want that - they do perhaps want to continue the tragically naive construction of a new world with themselves in the role of God - and they probably tell to the Vatican (!) that 'this TEQ is our work and we have made this project', for which reason the Vatican does not want it, of course. But that would be a lot of lie - my work is the opposite of the International Secret Intelligence Services - and therefore if a sensible and serious publisher like the one in the Vatican rejects my work it means endorsing the alternative hitlerite 'scholarship' of sausage logic, which would mean that the Fatima revelations were emenations from the God in the Heaven of the International Secret Intelligence Services. It is important that the real matter comes to the surface before the 'services' have pumped the 'remote university' full of their 'secret agents' with which they hope to control the communication of God.

The 'octogon' seems to be a project built by those services on the 'keys to heaven' - breaking the borders to the limited sausage reality of humans by cross-reading from verse 2 to verse 5 etc. The 'octogon' seems to be made by those International Secret Intelligence Services in order to try and reach a logic with which humans can communicate with remote planets - but it is not permitted to be that naive - to believe that secret agents can model the remote intelligences for the chance to study the logic in the communicational interface. It is high time to downgrade and pack down that 'octogon' project - not by putting people in the freezer but by publishing the data and the history.

Example: In the portuguese original of the third secret of Fatima, written on 3 january 1944, the 'rough-hewn trunks as of a cork-tree with the bark' is called 'TRONCOS TORSOS' which onset-truncated as 'RONCOS ORSOS' appears like 'Johng Røver' = 'Ronk Røver' = 'Polt Anusen' = 'Pål Danielsen', the gynaecologist who worked with 'creation of life' = 'zoophoria' - which by T-insertion turns into 'zooph-Th-oria' = 'creation of death, sodomy' when 'RONCOS ORSOS' ('ronk anusen' would probably be the form closest to 'roncos orsos') thereby turns into 'TRONCOS TORSOS'. Is there evidence of this in the third secret of Fatima? There is - in the story of the Holy Father who passed through a big city half in ruins and half trembling with halting step, afflicted with pain and sorrow, he prayed for the souls of the corpses he met on his way. When the third secret of Fatima was written on 3 january 1944 and Saul Bellow (!) published his first novel 'Dangling Man' (= 'Danielsen, Pål' - in Norway = nasal?) in 1944, if it were the International Secret Intelligence Services who constructed this name for the 'octogon', it would look as if it were those International Secret Intelligence Services who had constructed or given shape to the third secret of Fatima qua 'divine origin'. Which of course it would not have been - that 'divine origin' would have been just a piece of swindle.

But the most precise form of 'roncos orsos' is probably 'ronk anusen', which could 'explain' the story with a background in the children's talk in Fatima. 'Ronk anusen' = 'masturbate the anus' which could be taken to mean 'ytterst kjedelig' ('at the end of the chain', 'extremely boring/chainy') and if this is taken to mean 'chemical torture' (which of course it need not mean, and most people probably mean that it does not), such plans (for example for a Black Sea Loop) could be for consolidating the systematic role of this 'roncos orsos'. It is this (onset-truncated, not 'orsos-runcated') form which (falsely!) suggests that the organizers of the intrigue controlled the form of the revelations. Clearly nobody want that.

(I dont know how old the fourletter norwegian word 'ronk' is - it is not impossible that it is from after 1944).

It is just this 'TRONCOS TORSOS' which could have been eaves-dropped from the 3 visionary children of Fatima, for example when tending sheep in the fields, and been the basis for Hitler's death camps Sobibor, Treblinka and Belcez. This eaves-dropped element could then have been leaked to a wider scope of the 'secret intelligences' (and intellectuals a la Bellow) after the secret had been written down in 1944. The norwegian politician 'Reiulf Steen' (cp. the 'S-ob-reiro' of the portuguese original) was born in 1933 in Hurum in Buskerud and is a proof that there could have been spies among the bushes of Fatima after the revelations. It is because of the very strange form 'Reiulf' that it can be a proof. (It is observed that 'sobreiro' is the mid word in Lucia's written account of the third secret - but that could be because it is the central element. Steen was a 'central' politician for Labour when Per Borten of the 'Center Party' made my 11th birthday the mid point in his government 1965-71).

'We dont want more than one Jesus', could be the logic of the controlling International Secret Intelligence Services - who thereby could try to prevent other talents from developing, or at least control their development. It is urgently important that the politicians downgrade the documents needed for understanding this history. On my view, all extended authorities of the International Secret Intelligence Services should be withdrawn and the people must be warned against taking too much confidence in their interaction with the society. They must be reduced to what they once were - a tool for providing information to the administration.

PS The role of the ZOOPH-th-ORIA could perhaps be spotted in the nomination letter for the peace prize to Mahatma Gandhi by C.Oftedal.

Added on 26 june 2019:

A summary conclusion on the two articles on the 'Mussolini' issue and the material referred to:

1) If somebody masturbated on my rather newborn brain in july 1957 (see Modern Language Review july 1957 - whether that could give the basis for such an idea), or, more generally, if a representative of the International Secret Intelligence Services did so (I notice that the name of John Fitzgerald Kennedy could apply to the role - while his two brothers' names Robert Frances and 'Ted' are more relevant to step 2 and 3 in a socalled 1-2-3 of child abuse), that could have been for making the correlate on my cortex to a divine revelation in the text after Fatima (my idea here of such a connection is somewhat inspired by this source) - and that could have been for some such 'representative' to be recognized as The Divine - in ultimate quasi control of the revelations in Fatima 1917. This could be a project of e.g. International Secret Intelligence Services or whoever is in charge of the program - Very Old Story it could be.

2) This is a very dangerous development when the global program really is about developing a new metaphysical logic which can communicate with the remote universe - while the solution of the International Secret Intelligence Services (or whoever is in charge of these programs - such as the 'octogon' etc) seems to be constructed on the principle of homophonic swindle in order to gain the power and control for cheating the people into believing that it is the remote universe when it really only is the remote university where agents for or representatives of e.g. the International Secret Intelligence Services could be working.

3) My fundamental theorem of linguistics- the theme of my vol.4 - is probably capable of opening up a new knowledge-space beyond the limited human reality - and therefore probably can form the basis for a new metaphysical logic which can communicate with the remote universe. That is the very opposite of the 'project' of the International Secret Intelligence Services or whoever is in charge of the program. It may be that this new knowledge-space and its metaphysical logic could have been the background of the Fatima revelations - while the organizers of the intrigue could have masturbated on my young brain (if that were the story) in an attempt to turn this into political power instead - power based on 'sausage logic' on basis of e.g. 'homophonic swindle'.

A divine revelation in the text is necessary for developing the new logic because otherwise the logic can come out wrong and it must be done all over again, and that may call forth war and destruction in order to get it down again. The divine revelation in the text serves to prevent war and destruction and is articulated by the human capacity for faith.

It is very easy to see the situation: This is the reason why my book must be published, and this is the reason why e.g. the International Secret Intelligence Services (or whoever is in charge of the program) probably want to prevent that. It is important that the people in the democratic elections do not elect politicians affiliated with the International Secret Intelligence Services (or whoever is in charge of the program) - however much these could be presented as 'divine'.

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