Nichita Stanescu

John Bjarne Grover

In my younger days (probably the 1980's, probably not the 1990's) I read the swedish translation of the romanian poet Nichita Stanescu's 'Kampen mellan inälvor och verklighet' = 'The struggle between innards and reality', an extraordinarily good work of poetry. When I now read it again I can recognize in it the modern story of those who may have believed in the PTRSIM PIK - or simply wanted to re-establish a good basis for his poetic work, could be to repair the damage from Wittgenstein. Most specifically I recognize the title in my medical condition for the time bing.

I recently discovered that terror of type aircrash in Karachi, the assumed destruction of the Let Kar village in Myanmar and the Beirut bomb could be traced to a detail of handwriting of mine in a poetry notebook - the detail of 'opphav' vs 'oppkar'. Could be the plan was to make a John Grover 1823 annotation story out of it.

The observation is on page 28 in the 47 page edition:

Oceanen häver sig, naturligtvis, kommer att häva sig
ända tills varje molekyl
liknar hindens öga
mycket större
en val.

Jag kommer att dyka ned i ett så förstorat vatten,
stötande emot brownska sjölandskap,
i en rörelse av spor etc

In my translation:

The oceans rise, naturally, will come to rise
untill every molecule
resemble the hind's eye
much bigger
a whale.

I will come to dive down into a magnified water,
plunging against brownian sea landscapes,
in a movement of tracks etc

This is the 'opphav' = 'up-ocean', but properly 'opphav' means 'genetic origins'.

It is noticed that 'brownska sjö-landskap' also could be misread 'brownska sjöl-andskap' = 'brownian self-respiration' (or 'self-respirativeness' or something like that), as for my 'Stillhetens åndedrag'. Erik Brown was among those who rejected my obligatory lecture in the theory of science in Bergen.

Looking up the mirror site in the book, that means page 20, there is the explanation to the 'oppkar' = 'up-blood-vessel', such as the cavalo going up towards the throat. The page starts the fourth elegy, the title elegy 'The struggle between innards and reality':

Utåt besegrad
har Medeltiden dragit sig tilbaka
i mitt blods röda och vita klosterceller.
I katedralen med skälvande väggar
har den dragit sig tillbaka


Outwardly defeated
the medieval time has withdrawn
in[to] my blood's red and white monasterial cells.
In the cathedral with trembling walls
it has withdrawn

It is likely that the Medieval times could be the real theme of the story with Beirut bomb, Melk etc - that means the defining documents of the doublebottomed suitcase - 'Heimskringla' claiming to be from 1225 and the 'Schenkungs-Urkunde' allegedly from 996. The Beirut bomb could mean that they do not want to admit that it was an error to take faith in these, even if it should be an error.

The bomb was in the harbour = LIMAN of Beirut. If 'eczemas' result from a 'struggle between innards and reality', the Beirut bomb could even be a desperate attempt to re-coup the authenticity of these allegedly medieval documents.

The book has a photo of Stanescu on the back inside leaf - it could resemble a certain 'Moltzau' factor in Gusenbauer's government, so to speak.

The front page shows what resembles the 'leikar-ring' (folk dance) effect of an application for copyright registration after Literar Mechana moved up to Mariahilferstrasse in the summer 2021 after drilling works had been going on for some months outside the Barnabiten church.

There are two new shops in Goldschlagstrasse: LINIRA NUTS selling nuts in the intersection to Zinckgasse and KRAN WIEN ('Hub für Hub gemeinsam weiter' - in the intersection to Hackengasse. It is not impossible that these could interpret the names of the romenian poet - by 'Linira' = 'Nichita' and 'Kran-Wien' = 'Stanescu' via the Bergsundstrand address of Nelly Sachs who probably was the EGG to my existence - at the time when Celan lived in Rue de Longchamp.

If the Beirut bomb is an expression of despair about the fragility of the medieval data, there could be looming gefühls in the air about the possibility that the old territorial rights could come to dissolve into nothing. And perhaps even more so if the whole PTRSIM PIK program dissolves into nothing. There is a primary school visavis the nuts shop.

But it is not probable that the 'political intrigue' has been aware of this book or its contents. It is, however, certain that I had read the book in younger days and found it a very good book of poetry.

There was a 'coup' of the contents of my PO Box at new year 2020-2021 (I lost 7 months of post) which could have been the reason, even if I was not aware of it, why I had to go back to Vienna in early march.

There is also a potential element by the interesting observation on the poetic qualities of the swedish language - here in the translation of Pierre Zekeli. I mention an example from the third elegy, page 15:

Plötsligt blir ögat tomt inifrån
som en tunnel, blicken
blir ett med dig.

Suddenly the eye becomes void from inside
like a tunnel, the look
is unified with you.

Plutselig blir øyet tomt innifra [fra innsiden]
som en tunnel, blikket
blir ett med deg.

Why is the norwegian language/version, even if it on the surface resembles the swedish very much, still so very different? That is likely to be just about the 'medieval' crisis.

The story of the 'political intrigue' with its examples of terror (Beirut etc) could perhaps suggest that the relevant society is in a mass psychotic state, hunting high and low with nearly any means for what turned out to be a book read (by the PIK) decades ago - at a time when the poet (or here society that thinks itself into the same situation) harboured hopes for an enthusiastic future - which means that the bubble of illusion could come to break. If the sudden death of the prior Kowarik of Melk, for example, were a piece of terror, for example because the PIK had been there with a book, it is possible that this terror tried to keep that old hope up for the society via the faith in the integrity and unity of the youthful aspirations of the 'Golden Age', say, before WWII or something like that, and this could in principle come to lead to desperate expressions (the 'post putsch'?) in order to prevent that somebody runs off with the hope and integrity if the bubble otherwise could come to break. The PIK can now hardly even go to the shop without the society getting nervous that the bubble of illusion could come to break. But 'eg gjekk på skule' cannot be a solution to this. Clearly a mass psychotic condition should be avoided.

3 january 2020,   7 january 2020,   8 january 2020.

The 'DUREX' event could have meant a danger for the shopwoman by my presence on background of the 'bubble of illusion' when secretary of state 'due Rex Tillerson' had to bite the dust, and even Trump had to give up a second term - which could mean that no power on earth can stand up against the austrian leadership?

7/12-21: Stanescu's book is 47 pages + blank last page (without 'el password'). Page 25 ('Sjätte elegin - Afasi') starts: "Jag står mellan två idoler och kan inte välja" = "I stand between two idols and cannot choose".

Colin Powell,   Kåre Willoch.  

If a mass psychotic condition - with people running meaningfully in the street in the hope of breaking the bubble of illusion - existed recently, that is, during or extending into the Schallenberg government which lasted untill yesterday 6 december, if the train stops at Villach so that it is not possible to escape from the atrium, then one must 'callin powel' to have it up, but if the 'powel' does not answer and if one is confined within the 'atrium of illusion', how to get out in time before the 'cognitive bubble' breaks? Hopefully the new Nehammer government functions before darkness is lowered over the landscape if the idea of a 'schaltenberg' turns into a 'schattenberg' - and it is not certain that my socalled 'benefit' behaves like 'pension' from a taxation viewpoint in e.g. Italy or Hungary. I emphasize that I have never been told a word about all these ideas, but since this is mainly ÖVP, it is possible that it be about me and my skull - just like in 1957. Then it could be important to get these data out of the confinement of secrecy, but not the contents of my head out of my head. When Olaf Scholtz starts in Germany tomorrow, it should not mean 'egg-jekk på skulle', 'egg-jack on skull' or by saw around it. But how can I escape to Italy? (The house in Szolnok cannot be inhabited before the water pipes in the walls are plugged). Because of practical problems (7 months of post was 'stolen' in conflict with the agreement made and I have no reason to believe that the same could not apply to email or telephone) and meagre economic means and my career of grandiose unsuccessfulness in solving such problems, I need help to find a place to be in e.g. Italy at least to the end of the pandemic so that the world is not united in the call for suppressing the origins of covid by suppressing me in a 'ned-trekker' instead of stopping the potential spell of ÖVP on me - since it could well be that this '1223 spell' is a driving motor in the pandemic. It could be urgent with having ÖVP outlawed if the background of this apparent '1223 spell' applies - before I am 'outlawed': There comes a law of 'forced vaccination' which could concern also my apparently unique role. It is of course a much better solution for the world, if there is a reason of personal persecution for it, to outlaw a party founded 80 days after the closure of Auschwitz (do they think of this today as closure of 'a-tri-um' due to octogon guilt-eye-switching?) than to close down me as 'scapegoat' for the story. There seem still to be people running around in the streets - I had associated the 'bier-trager' of today with 'birt-rager' before the bald man appeared around the corner and lifted his hand, but it was because I (in the 10th of a second one has for the choice) believed that he recognized me that I believed he lifted his hand in recognition and therefore I lifted mine in return, a little up, as for a normal greeting, it was not because I was drawn into a mass psychosis of heil Hitler signs. It seems that however one twists and turns it (without considering the 'cleft tongue' of the 'short' appendix vs the longer intestine where an intramental a-tri-um beerhallputsch could take place - but I do not think of my head as a 'beer hall' because of the apparent 1957 story), the best solution is that I move out of the country before I am taken by a 'ned-trekker' ('down-puller') and have to be carried out. But will anybody be able to provide the needed assistance or are everybody afraid of being taken by the intrigue?

The Concorde crash of 2000 and the later Costa Concordia could apply to the name of 'Ni-chita Stanescu' for the idea of somebody in Norway giving permission to somebody by the bad expression "ja, du kan skyte pølsa" = "yes, you can shoot the sausage" as a theoretic background of the death of Indira Gandhi in 1984. If the war in Chechnya and the bombing campaign in Kosovo should have been conceived as being against Norway 'on the other side', for example for preventing a resurrection after a later invasion of the country, then a theoretic third 'other side' is found in the 'doublebottomed suitcase' - and this would be a much heavier 'ned-trekker' which could call for the need for a 'scapegoat ned-trekker' with some potential public appeal. (In my background family there are also the 'Nedregård's with 5 children). But all this is mainly a lot of names only and the political reality can of course be much better than the names suggest.

For the time being I am still in a reduced medical condition of the righthand side of the hip - could be my name suggests 'GrandPrix/kramper-i-e-meg/møg-røver' for just that appendix beerhallputsching vs cramps in the muscles in the hip and thigh which could be contained in the swedish title to Stanescu's book - and hence in a potential mass panic about the political situation - finding a relief in the idea that 'this is about names only'. I dont know if Stanescu's book were known to the intrigue or not - after a few days of search for evidence it certainly looks like, with Concordes etc - but it is possible that it were not known and this could have led to a mass panic or psychosis. Hopefully administrative interests (and the new situation) can manage to get under control any thirst for powerful intrigue that can be whipped up by such strange redundancies in the landscape.

8/12-21: A.Bendiksen's hit from the 1960's seem to tell in its 5 stanzas of four lines each: Ö-V-P-political-party.

The political trick of the appendix seems to be to swap male and female 'intramental' features by way of chinese 'man' = 人 and 'woman' = 女 - which then could lead to a left-right 'foldover' in the abdomen (of Stanescu's 'inälvor'), for lending pressure onto 'appendixen', could be in accompaniment of a leftsided gynaecomasty as an aftereffect of the 'intramental' story from 1957. Were the 'Kennedys' even name-compared with the 'intramental zombies' in some necessary sense of it? The strongest theory could suggest that the Kennedy clan even could have been constructed (as a part of the international secret intelligence services, that would probably have been) on basis of Wittgenstein's 'Wörterbuch' on a 'schoolboy toilet graffiti' pattern basis for the purpose of being that 'zombie' on my brain - although most people will probably go for a less strong theory. The story suggests anyhow that 'chinese' could be the real theme - including A.Bendiksen's hit song - cp. also Apenes and Aldo Moro in 1978 swipswap relation - and the pandemic broke out in Wuhan in China. It is probably wise to not ignore this possibility of interpretation.

A green pass for me on an exceptional basis could be a relief for the pressure that could lend a driving force to the pandemic - even to the extent of the disease defying vaccinations? If vaccination of me could lead to reduced efficiency of the vaccines on a global scale, while exempting me from vaccination duty lifts the level of general efficiency of the vaccines, should I have to vaccinate because "we all have to follow the rules, Mr.Grover"? That would not be intelligent reasoning.

I repeat and add a factor: Europe could perhaps escape the disease of a looming nazism by four prohibitions as a political program for reducing the power of the (international) secret intelligence services:

1) terminate all intelligence projects (since most of these probably are criminal - otherwise they would have been under some other part of the administration)
2) annul all extended authorities of the intelligence and related services to interact with the society
3) stop all external financing (if that exists) of the intelligence and related services (such as 'external financing' of criminal acts protected by 'extended authorities')
4) prohibit all advertisement in public space since that is probably mainly propaganda for the (international) secret intelligence services and their mythological reality

My internet connection has grown worse and worse and it seems that I now have to do most or many things twice before they function properly - there are very frequent fallouts and constipations etc. It is possible that it is a plan that this is a 'schaltenberg' which hopefully will not turn into a complete 'schattenberg' within some time - with black web page, no connection etc. The Yahoo web hosting service to my page was sold to Verizon some time (some weeks, or a few months) ago - I hope that was not for just that purpose.

It must be recalled that the PTRSIM PIK program could have been made more than 200 years ago by England in an attempt to fulfil their ageold desire of seeing the complete and final annihilation of the state of Austria - on basis of e.g. the strategy that 'austrians cannot resist temptations' (cp. 'Ringo Starr' of the british Beatles?) - such as a 'schattenberg' of my web page because that 'blocks for the PTRSIM PIK program' - and it may be that England will see the fulfilment of their hopes within some time. It could perhaps count as a piece of high treason in Austria to participate in this intrigue for the time being. I am not participating in this intrigue - on the contrary I do what I can to stop it. But why should I then have to flee the country?


Stanescu, N.: Kampen mellan inälvor och verklighet. Svensk tolkning av Pierre Zekeli. Introduction by Artur Lundkvist. 'Tuppen på berget 4', Coeckelberghs 1975.

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