Can covid-19 vaccinations come to function wrong way?

John Bjarne Grover

In this article I explain the essential detail which in the worst case could come to turn the global vaccination program against covid-19 into functioning wrong way - and I explain the mechanisms that probably obtain in such turnaround and suggest a way of finding a solution to it

I should apply for a green pass and an exemption from vaccination on the following exceptional basis:

The reason is that it seems to be inherent in the apparently british program on my person qua socalled 'PTRSIM PIK' to try and turn the vaccinations around in a controlled manner - to the effect that those who are vaccinated will be more prone to contract COVID-19 than those who are not. This program may have been established by the UK general election in 2001. The recent coup in Burma one month after the coup of my PO Box could be seen in the perspective of people's confidence in China turning around by a faulty logic suggesting that China had installed a junta in Burma.

Some modern mythology seems to recognize similarity of name of my younger sister Tone Helene Grøver with Shijing #91 and the name of my elder sister Vibeke Grøver with Shijing #89 - and the official custody mother born Ragna August Devold Eidsvig = 'rain and gusts and devil's treason' on background of Shijing #90 - to an extent which even could try and credit the two sisters with the deaths of Indira Gandhi and Mao - and furthermore that the birthname form 'Eidsvig Ragna' was the basis for Hitler's 'Aktion Reinhard' (Sobibor, Treblinka, Belcez for the three children) which claimed about a fourth or so of all jewish lives in the holocaust. 'Treblinka' is my name as 'jump jarnegg grover' - and hence it is Shijing which is the reason for the 'intelligence project' of attempted identity of my official mother with me - abusively in 'parallel' with the Mary-Jesus of the new testament. The 'Shijing' reason would be that the socalled 'Treblinka mystery' of the back page photo on my 'The Endmorgan Quartet' with the detail also of Botticelli's Birth of Venus described in this article, hence a mystery of some universal quality as described in this article, arose from the fall of the tree in a stormy night. It would have been this storm as described in Shijing #90 which is the link to the co-indexation of me with the official mother's name. On this background, Shijing 89-90-91 could be the reason for Hitler's three death camps Sobibor, Treblinka and Belcez - the socalled 'Aktion Reinhard'. Why should such abusive power be out for installing Shijing in such terror? That would be for a vain western hope of conquering China by its historic foundations - Shijing is a work of 305 ancient poems nearly 3000 years old. It is noticed also that the two females in the background scene of this New Yorker cartoon seem to resemble the names of the two sisters in the hairdo.

It is possible that John F.Kennedy were present when my skull was opened a few days after my birth in 1957 and that he masturbated a spurt on my cortex - for precisely the reason of me as 'PTRSIM PIK'. This is likely contained in Shijing #37 - which tells that the 'uncle' had to be a Great Warrior which could have been the reason why Kennedy got USA involved in the Vietnam war and he himself soon was shot like a soldier. When in addition as described in this file the Shijing #145 poem seems to include that back page photo of my book, as well as the rest of its cover, it is noticed that #91 is the mid point between #37 and #145 and hence the 'political' program of apparent attempt to coup my work over onto the authorship of my younger sister - on basis of the co-indexation of me with the official mother in #90. This is particularly unfortunate for me on background of the (hypothesized) child abuse of me on an apparently rather extensive basis.

'PTRSIM PIK' is (as I have understood it) a child constructed with Stammbaum wherein the indexes of the ancestors apply to verses of the Bible over a structure which imitates a technical Messiah in the relation between the old and new testament - and this is done for lending probably quasi 'majesty' to the royals (who got nervous after the french revolution) or coupable Messiah value to politicians. PTRSIM PIK is hebrew from the old testament - PTRSIM applies to the region just across the border to Egypt a little into the land, PIK means 'border', 'district', 'corner'. Ludwig Wittgenstein was probably a PTRSIM PIK and as victim of abuse the basis for Hitler's power. His 'Tractatus' is probably the basis for the eastern 1919 border of Austria while 'Jungholz' in the west (since 1854) is probably about my name. It is my theory that 'Pamhagen' probably is the reason for the name of the US defence center 'Pentagon' constructed in 1943.

There are already reasons to believe that there will or can come to be more vaccinated than unvaccinated people among those sick with covid, and the number of infections in Austria has risen dramatically after the vaccinations started. Recent data released from 'Folkhälsomyndigheten' in Sweden show that 74% of those who have died from covid-19 in recent weeks were vaccinated (while appr. 74% of the population is vaccinated), and among those above 64 years of age (for whom the vaccination rate probably is around 92%) the tendency was rather massive - in this excerpt the colour lilac are the vaccinated ones against the unvaccinated greens.

In short, if the 'intelligence project' succeeds, lending massive global power and control to England + probably the 'international secret intelligence services' (sharing possible abbreviation with 'ISIS' - the syrian first lady renounced on her british citizenship when the terror started in 2011, if I remember right) by way of a control of this turnaround, the effect would be obtained not the least by the role assigned to me in the socalled 'octogon' of marital infidelities 1977-1982 (probably, as suggests the circumstances, an 'intelligence project' on me qua PTRSIM PIK) whereby the story would have been that my penis had been across the border (like a PTRSIM PIK of biblical times Egypt) of the social institution of marriage and thereby harmed the institutionalized firmness of our reality. My penis had, though, possibly been subjected to a 'Kennedy curse' by (theoretic) rapes of me at the onset of my puberty in 1970 - and whose penis contents I could have got instead I dont know. One could speculate on Kennedy or Hitler or something like that. This 'insertion across the border to our reality' would then correspond to the theoretic injection of horror chemicals on me at my age 18 months in Hammerfest in 1959. (The official custody parents have admitted that I nearly died from an allergic attack in Hammerfest but say I had done it myself by putting a nut in the mouth). There could have been 8 such cases of child abuse of me which were interpreted in the names of the 8 Kennedys. A PTRSIM PIK is probably a child who has been subjected to abuse in precisely the most critical phases of child development and therefore is abnormally easy to abuse - for an effect of money and power to the abuser resulting therefrom.

The insertion of an 'organ' or syringe under the skin would then be about my jewish genetics injected into the bodies being credited with the disaster, while the trick of 'turning it around' could stem from my penis contents being from e.g. Hitler or Kennedy or something like that. The driving motor in an attempt to gain global terror control for the british monarchy would then be based essentially on antisemitism (apparently the basis for the establishment of the state of Norway in 1814) and receive public support by people's general anti-nazi attitudes.

Vaccines function by way of creating antibodies that contain the viruses in a way which resembles the semiotic function which I have discovered and described as 'function 14' in my 16-volume work 'The Endmorgan Quartet' (1997-2008). It must be understood that it is extremely difficult to detect the function and arrive at a definition for this which I could after the 11 years of work it took to write the work and it is probably not described anywhere else before I did it - and it is this description in a corpus of 1719 poems which leads to the detection of what seems to be traces of a poetic-phonological logic in natural language in the mirror site of the 'rainbow' over the 207 poems of book 14. Since Aristotle (syllogisms) there has been the development of semantically based logic but this 'rainbow' of mine seems to allow for the conclusion that a poetic-phonological logic exists in human language: This logic has nothing to do with the 'sausage logic' of power (telling e.g. that 'sausage' = 'pølse' derived from 'pøl se' = 'bloodpool see' because of female periods?) but it follows from the character of natural language that a poetic logic will leave phonetic traces on the surface of language - like a semantic logic in the human psyche leaves traces in natural regularities and causalities observed by science - which naturally comes to be subjected to abusive interpretations of power. In the example of function 14 of 'guitar', a word which gets is semantics assigned by poem #10 by the distribution of the word in the corpus of the 1719 poems, it is seen that the mirror poem #198 (in book 14) has approximately as many lines as there are phonemes in 'guitar', but the correlation of "It's love" with the letter 'G' does not mean that the poetic logic is of that type - that 'love' = 'the G-point' or something like that, but it means that there is enough evidence in such surface phonetic traces to conclude that such a logic probably exists in language. It is seen that abusive power easily can convert this evidence into a quasi-semantic logic - by e.g. taking the meaning of the word 'guitar' as being the same as a summary concept for the poem 190 - or, even more grotesque, to claim that it be about 'G-vi-tar' = 'G we take'. Clearly this poem could have been distributionally for the semantics of the word 'guitar' - but that would have had to be another historic distribution. Is it possible to alter the distribution in society (such as 'politics' or 'administration' is concerned with) for reaching this swaparound - so that the distribution of 'guitar' selects not poem #10 but poem #198 instead, the mirror poem in book 14 = the local function 14? Maybe to some extent that can be done across the 16 books - but clearly if the distribution is altered, so will book 14 be as well and then it is no longer the same. And, more importantly, each and every of the 16 books is in itself such a semiotic function and that will be disturbed if such a different distribution is forced onto it: The whole work rests in a semiotic balance which really cannot be altered without causing a bias to the 'world' it constitutes. This adds reason to the theory of the existence of a poetic logic.

As it is from the example of the word 'guitar', the distribution lets the occurrences cluster around and contain the poem #10 which thereby assigns a meaning in conjunction with the contexts of the word in the corpus: This semantic assignment by containment resembles the way that the immunity system contains viruses - and it can be assumed that the system reaches a balance between physics and metaphysics - a balance which by me is assumed to be the way that DNA can have a regulatory function - which is a shared trait of human language and the formation of viruses: The viruses will continue to take shape untill the balance is obtained.

It is when the poetic logic in the mirror point on the rainbow of function 14 is redefined into an abusive semantic logic for power that the vaccines could come to turn around and function the other way since the containment will grasp in air only and not succed in isolating any viruses thereby - and hence that covid-19 as a potential power project (of abusive power) will be inclined to try and define this poetic logic as the vehicle of power.

This would also be the basis for the anglophonic interest in the Burgenland border to Hungary in the sense of an anglophonic understanding of hungarian qua 'hymen' which also seems to have been the basis for Hitler's cabinet. I have postulated that there exists an 'ethnologic parametre' in human language (for 'our reality') which this is a special anglophonic case of (which means that 'hymen' is a defining trait of hungarian language only from an anglophonic viewpoint - cp. ideas of a 'penetrating' PIK). It is if this parametre can be turned around that the vaccines can come to turn around as well - on the assumption that viruses have a metaphysical origin and multiply in circumstances of misbalance between physics and metaphysics - that is, the border which determines 'our reality'. In the article My epidemiological theory (april 2020) - a theory explained in more detail in the article How to construct a medication against covid-19: What happened on 14 april 2020? - I discuss how a medication against viruses can be constructed on basis of my theory. It seemed that the first article could have created an immediate response in WHO to such an extent that Trump pulled USA out of WHO for a period of evaluation of what were they doing there really. It is possible that my 'function 14' and its relevance for the theoretical possibility of turning the vaccines around was the real theme: Those who support England and the international secret intelligence services for a global terror-orientated power and control would then be inclined to try and stop my theory and the possibility of constructing an efficient medication against covid-19 (as a pharmaceutic chemical substance and not as a vaccine), and if this happened in WHO, for example on request from Norway and former WHO chief Gro Harlem Brundtland who probably want to keep me low in the landscape (could be for the general interest of magnification of power thereby), it could have been the origin of the WHO crisis of 2020. There is probably work going on after my article for arriving at the chemical substance which I have postulated - but is my name mentioned - after those 11 years and much other work needed for reaching it? I would guess that my name is probably not mentioned which would mean monkey business which leads to more terror and more global 'intelligence service control' - and, one could guess, industries and power-orientated research institutions could be inclined to search for the solution in the jungle of abusive semantics since that is the language of power and money. (I am not an intelligence project!) It is almost impossible to detect 'function 14' (or the ethnologic parametre) in natural language and it is likely that my way of doing it (not writing anything before it is pronounced by itself in the mind of the poet) through the 11 years is the only possible way - that means that the inner poetic articulation must be based on the integrity which a 'poetic revelation' requires while power-orientated services could be inclined to credit their power manipulations as the source of such inner articulations, as if they were generated by Big Brother propaganda. But such power manipulations will rather enhance the turnaround effect instead of stopping them, and it is only an inner poetic articulation of a 'revelational' character which can lead to the formulation of that poetic logic which the story probably is about - while a bigbrother articulation will tend towards the opposite. Hence it is the 'revelational' inner poetic articulation and its logic which can manage to stop the turnaround effect of the vaccines - and the construction of such a medication as I have proposed would regain the integrity and intended effect of vaccinations generally and prevent political intrigue from gaining more power by abusing the confidence needed for human semiotics to function - the 'faculty of faith' (whereby 'faith' - also for the 'poetic revelations' - is conceived as a workable and recursively updatable subjective theory of reality - a reality theory which is a necessary prerequisite for consciousness, as is my theoretic framework) that is needed for any semiotic system of natural language to function. It is likely that this story finds its origins in the conflict between anglicanism and catholicism since Henry VIII.

I have guessed that the hottest potato of today's world is the problem that it has been concluded on basis of lab tests on white rodents and perhaps even secretly on isolated tribes of people that it is possible to manipulate immunity from vaccines with administrative power - and some administrations do perhaps dream about genocides by political decision only. This could have been the very essence of the coronavirus pandemic - and the panic is that it can come to lead to a total control of terror-orientated interests. What has been the response? It is likely that the response prescribed so far is the strategy of trying to ignore this fact and go for mass vaccinations (for reinforcing confidence and optimism) under the umbrella that vaccines function - and thereby 1) avoid that the people get access to the superhot potato information and 2) avoid that the people's confidence starts sliding into doubt which could shoot the mortality up and lead to total panic. My view is that this is unnecessary and exaggerated anxiety and that the solution is likely to be along the following lines:

If the immunity turns around to its opposite by way of abusive semantic interpretation of poetic-phonological logic, it corresponds to the situation whereby a left-branching entropy dependency (on aristotelian semantic basis) turns around with the commutative law of conditional entropy addition - H(A/B) + H(B) = H(B/A) + H(A) = H(AB) - so that the semantic logic in one half of the symmetric rainbow is shifted over onto a poetic logic in the other half for abusive replacement there. See the article on "The fundamental theorem of statistics" which suggests that symbolic manipulation is a valid format of knowledge on historic distribution to the extent that the distribution behaves as regularly as the semantic assignment of the symbols do. This problem (and it may be understood how important statistics is for the modern society to function - cp. also 'the fundamental idea of Nichita Stanescu') is what could lead to abusive assignment of semantics to poetic-phonological units - such as when 'guitar' is assigned a meaning on basis of 'G vi tar' and things like that. It may be that the role of international secret intelligence services has something to do with this problem.

As is seen from the article, deviations from equiprobable regularity in distribution can probably still allow for identity but then very special constraints must be imposed on the distribution - and it could be tentatively postulated that the difference from equiprobability is that gap which is filled with viruses during an epidemic - if equiprobability is a prerequisite for the symbolic format to function and hence the theories that apply to the real world. It is therefore possible that a turnaround can be avoided by using commutation data for modelling an artificial identity function. Commutation is the essence of the spread of epidemics.

It would be the commutative law of conditional entropies that grants validity to symbol manipulation in mathematics and logic - but that is only because the abstract symbols stick to each other with a historic glue of meaningfulness.

PTRSIM PIK could be a secret governmental program for 'sacrificing something', otherwise our math and computers wont perhaps function properly but start slowing down untill it stops completely. But clearly such ostrich policy cannot be permitted - it is much better to try and find a solution to the problem.

It is the difference between semantic and poetic-phonological logic - and when this is forced to obey the rules of semantic-logical mathematical calculation, the result is that the vaccines can tilt over onto their opposite because the commutative law of addition of conditional subset entropies can go either way, left or right.

In short, it is about the formation of a discrete symbol for use in the abstract art of calculation, just like my function 14 on the word level of natural language which behaves like the immunity system when it contains viruses and bacillae. That is when the problem can be solved.

Formerly this problem was perhaps cast in the art of PTRSIM PIK superstition and broomriding by the explanation that the greek of the new testament goes left-right while the hebrew of the old testament goes right-left, but such tragic logic cannot be permitted in serious science and administration. When the fundamental theorem is detached from the PTRSIM PIK, all that is left of the PTRSIM PIK is old freemasonry which has no value at all and cannot be used as pretext for anything.

The new data from Sweden suggest that the turnaround has started to become alarming. It could be kept in mind that the reason for this could be in a rape of poetic logic - possibly by the role of international secret intelligence services. The best strategy for stopping such a turnaround could be the following:

1) Terminate all intelligence projects (since most of these probably are criminal - otherwise they would have been under some other part of the administration)
2) Annul all extended authorities of the intelligence and related services to interact with the society
3) Stop all external financing (if that exists) of the intelligence and related services (such as 'external financing' of criminal acts protected by 'extended authorities')
4) Prohibit all advertisement in public space since that is probably mainly propaganda for the (international) secret intelligence services and their mythological reality

It is fully possible that a major driving force in the development of covid-19 is the people's growing uneasiness by these services - in particular if they are allowed by 'extended authorities' to carry out crimes under the umbrella paragraph of 'security of the state' and on basis of 'external financing': Then the whole intelligence business is quickly converted into a mafia which takes money for murderous services - and with advertisement running tough propaganda for these services the nerves are getting high and people lose their breath. Why is it called 'breakthrough' infection - as if it should be something positive? Could be the term comes from those services on background of the art group 'Gruppe Elg' asking me for suggestion on name of their next exhibition in Stockholm ('Moderna museet'?) in the late 70's or early 80's and I suggested 'The breakthrough'. It is that sort of propaganda which seems to be spread all over in advertisement. People get nervous when they discover that the government's own services could be their own enemies.

It must be understood that if covid-19 is a program for turning the vaccines around to their opposites, it could well be a secret intelligence project from 1970 or earlier - including maybe even the deaths of the three rocks stars Joplin, Hendrix, Morrison and the Jonestown suicide cult of 1978. In addition, these secret intelligences could be the enemies of poetry and poetic logic. That could be just precisely why people die from covid and by narrowing down these services as much as possible, it is likely that it will help.

Should I send this to medical authorities and ask for a green pass and exemption from vaccination on exceptional basis? It is probable that it could come to go the wrong way - if there is an ÖVP-voter who sits in the email reception and reads through it and declares it for paranoid nonsense only since it does not make sense relative to the reality we live in - 'our reality' - and the national intelligences will quickly be on the phone and instruct them on the topic and the rejection is tough and comes in the form of something else and the mortality rate of covid-19 rises and I am blamed for it: "Youu Mr.Grover are to blame for these problems...". What is needed for solving this covid crisis is that somebody else contacts the medical authorities and asks them to read through this in a serious manner and send me a green pass or an invitation to apply for it on an exceptional basis.

Likewise, it there are attempts to make me travel out of the country for the time being, it could be for the purpose of emptying my flat or the manuscripts therein for a 'post coup' much bigger than a year ago - and then the new coup could come to be much bigger than the one in Burma. That is when I need some assistance so that the world is not burdened too much with a lot of heavy and unnecessary problems.

The law of obligatory vaccination from february onwards could in theory be a way of forcing a vaccination onto me - in line with the british project since Jack Straw 2001.

It must be understood what an enormous work I have done which is behind the results that can be read from my 'The Endmorgan Quartet' - and it is very probable that this can come to lead to a major step forwards for epidemiological theory. Then one should not leave me as a prey for the 'intelligence project' that has been my problem throughout my life.

There has been and probably still is much plagiarist and power conversion of my poetic logic into abusive 'semantic logic' in media, advertisements, business, politics etc - and of course if all the abuse is compensated for with reparation money, then it is no problem for me to get a vaccine: Pay the reparation money first and I am happy to get a vaccine. Is Dan Brown's novels (which have cashed in for him some 1,5 billion dollars) running in more than coincidental parallel with my novel "The Dreamer" (1994-95) which I released for public attention in a kitchenbench edition of a few copies in 2008? His 'The lost symbol' looks in the beginning and perhaps end pages rather parallel to mine - cp. the "I can't breathe" from the first page. It is possible, as evaluated from a superficial inspection of mine on some examples, that plagiarisms on this novel and maybe also other of my books/manuscripts have come to develop into a 'subliterature' genre or literary form. Is such abusive use of my work even a background or driving motor of the pandemic?

Added 14 december 2021: WHO's dr. Mike Ryan comments

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